On A Pale Horse: Six Gun Saga Revealed

Late breaking news is that Cryptic Comet, creators of Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum, have just announced their new project. It’s Six Gun Saga , a primarily single-player game which span off his continuing attempts to make an old-west Rogue-like. “It will remind you of some games like Race For the Galaxy, Dominion and of course Poker,” says Vic Davis. The mention of Dominions is splendid, as I’ve been hoping someone would draw some more inspiration from the German-style card game. The first shot is above – click through for the full size one – and will hopefully be out in a couple of months. “If you have played any of my previous games you’ll find a lot that is familiar and hopefully that feeling that you can’t always quite do what you want and a bunch of hard choices,” he adds. Phew.

Worth reading the full, short post for all the details including saying the rogue-like is still in development, along with a Solium Infernum mini-expansion. And perhaps predictably, we’ve hit up Vic for more details. You’ll know when we know.


  1. Xercies says:

    I really got to start playing SI again, kind of stopped playing(i’m sure many people are pissed off because of my dropping out of my last two games, i’m sorry!) and really got to get back into it again. How is the RPS group doing?

    This sounds interesting is this the same or different game he was talking about before? It kind fo sounds like it and it kind of doesn’t But I will be interested in it anyway.

    • Dinger says:

      The RPSatan steam group has been flatlining lately, but I’ll try to hang out there evenings if someone wants to try the batsignal.

  2. andrew says:

    I approve of westerns

    I thought that last card said “Reymundo a Guitar”.


  3. Wolfox says:

    Awesome. I loved AE and SI, and I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. I’m a HUGE fan of Vic Davis.

  4. brog says:

    Race for the Galaxy and Dominion are both all kinds of awesome. Quite interested to see Vic’s take on them.

  5. kyynis says:

    Blondie is nine of clubs??? I mean, who the hell is ace of hearts? Or even ten?

  6. Vinraith says:

    I’m not much of a western fan, but it’s Vic doing a single player game again and on those merits alone it’s worth following. Mention of “difficult choices” is always very, very welcome as well.

    • jaheira says:

      Yep. “Difficult choices” is code for “awesome game”

  7. Shazbut says:

    Somebody mention Doomtown.

    • Wolfox says:


      There, you happy? ;)

    • Auspex says:

      That’s what immediately sprang to mind for me too.

      Though it looks significantly less barmy than Doomtown, which may be surprising considering Solium Infernum, but it’s probably for the best.

  8. suibhne says:

    Looking forward to the game, but I really don’t get the writeup – how in heck is this a Rogue-like?

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      “It’s Six Gun Saga , a primarily single-player game which span off his continuing attempts to make an old-west Rogue-like.”

    • Oak says:

      You play as a dashing rogue.

    • suibhne says:

      Aha, reading comp fail. Samuel Jackson would duly chastise me.

      Glad to hear his Rogue-like is still in development, too.

  9. postx says:

    I’m a sucker for cards, I guess that’s the main reason I’m always anticipating Vic’s games hehe..

    • postx says:

      Just checked the link and in the scrshot there’s a guy that looks just like Indio! It must be coincidence but it reminds me of the good old western movies.

    • Recomposer says:

      God Damn your right – just like Gian Maria Volonte – the question is El Indio or Ramon Rojo (yes I am a Spaghetti Western geek). If its El Indio then this needs The Watch in it, if its Ramon then it needs a ‘bullet proof vest’.

    • postx says:

      :D I prefer the madness and sorrow of Indio, but then again the vest is so tempting. I hope Vic adds some characters like Tigrero too, and of course plenty of dynamite.

  10. The Pink Ninja says:

    I have faith in the devs enough that I’m looking forward to this and the inevitable RPS game diary.

  11. drewski says:

    Primarily single player, you say? THIS PLEASES ME

    Also Dominion’s pretty cool.

  12. jeremypeel says:

    It’s a good time for long form strategy from the looks of things. I’ve just joined the RPS Solium Infernum group for a tentative leap into the madness. Neptune’s Pride is, however, a step too far for me from what I’ve heard of it. I value my relationships too much.

  13. Kelron says:

    So this is separate from the exploration-based game he was talking about a while ago?

  14. Rob says:

    Goddamn, yes.

    A couple weeks back I stumbled on RPS’ stuff on SI and AE (I think in the Elemental write-up)

    Huge, huge, huge fan of Cryptic Comet, now. Anything Vic drops will be picked up post-haste by yours truly. And a mini-expansion for SI? Shit yes.

    Now, if I could just keep from Dwarf Fortressing my way into Armageddon Empires one of these days….

  15. The One and Only says:


    Wasn’t too happy about Solium Infernum due to the multiplayer focus (bought it anyway) but this sounds great!

  16. Dom says:

    Dominion’s an American card game, not a German one. Unless you’re referring to styles, and then that’s a whole murky pool.

  17. Babs says:

    I was another person who would have loved to have bought Solium Inferno, but I was put off by the multiplayer focus.

    It wasn’t just that multiplayer was the focus, it was that it was so clumsily implemented. I had been done more like FrozenSynapse with a central server running the games and an option for match-making I would have jumped at it.

    Loking forward to this. Shame it looks like he’s still using Director.

  18. Ian says:

    I wonder if I’m as well cutting the pretence and just pre-ordering this now?

  19. Tetragrammaton says:

    Vic is a god amoung men. Whimper, puny consumers, for your wallets are doomed.

  20. Angryinternetman says:

    I can haz yet another retartedly slow tutorial

  21. FreezerBag says:

    If you’re interested in more Dominion type gameplay, I hear that David Sirlin’s new ‘board’ game Puzzle Strike is good (if expensive and hard to get hold of in the UK).

  22. MWoody says:

    So will this be using his same engine, resulting in a non-fullscreen-able, slow, feature-limited, and frequently buggy Adobe Director app? That’s the buy/sell breaker there for me. The guys’ games are great, but I refuse to pay (the typically relatively high) price for something just to, as I have for both Armageddon Empire and Solium Infernum before it, be stuck marveling at something I’d sure play the hell out of if it were written in a real language.

    I don’t mean to be a dick, as he is a fantastic designer and he’s always responded to my scripting errors promptly and personally (he’s even written me a special hotfix so I could keep playing before the official patch a few days later – how many devs will do THAT!?). But I just can’t do it any more. It’s like the better the game is, the more its technical shortcomings depress me.

  23. ulix says:

    I love how you use “German style” as a description of a relatively simple, elegant yet deep Boardgame (Cardgame, whatever). Good contemporary American Boardgames are often highly complex (Fantasy Flight… I’m looking at you – with love & adoration of course). But an American game designer as amazing and genius as a Knizia? Nowhere.

  24. Gothnak says:

    We play Dominion and Race For The Galaxy all the time…

    If you like them, i suggest seeking out the RFTG AI which is a free download, and there is a less professional Dominion one too. Also, check out Thunderstone, it’s an RPG style Dominion…

    As for this game, i expect i’ll buy it the day it’s released :)…