Space Biff: Dead Space 2’s Multiplayer

Blimey, this is a bit more interesting than I was expecting. Dead Space 2‘s multiplayer is a sort of Left 4 Dead type affair, with multiple visored Isaac characters taking on swarms of the nasty necromorph thingies. It’s looking suitably violent and gruesome, with a “coming out of the goddamn walls” aspect that makes these games work. If the team can iron out the flaws from the original and make this multiplayer a smooth ride then we could be in for a treat. Trailer south of here, obviously.

We like to think we’re always playing co-op with you, GameTrailers.


  1. ZeroByte says:


    • subedii says:

      Stop that. There’s no echoes in space.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:


      Also, this strikes me as Left 4 Dead meets Alienswarm.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah I got a sort of Alien Swarm vibe from that trailer as well,given the angles they chose to show things from.

      Wonder how it’s going to work. L4D made teamwork necessary because the hordes were so numerous that having even one less player made things much harder to deal with. And you needed a team-mate to help you out when you were in trouble.

      Alien Swarm had different classes with different specialisations. In theory you could suffice with just one or two, but it was usually better to bring the whole set.

      DS2 is going to need something along those lines to promote teamwork. Because before mechanics like that became the norm, most coop FPS’s pretty much degenerated into everyone playing their own game, and just happening to be in the same level whilst doing it.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Well lucky for Dead Space it’s not an FPS then.

      Also, multi-WHAAAAAAAAAA? This is the first time I’d heard of it!

    • Zogtee says:

      If this is going to work the PC, then they better get the controls right this time.

    • subedii says:

      Neither is Alien Swarm. I just meant that the game’s going to need some mechanics in play if it’s going to encourage teamwork. Unless it’s just a case of keeping things very cramped.

    • Spliter says:

      It doesn’t matter, in space noone can hear him scream anyways.

  2. Rich says:

    Left 4 Dead-ish. There were only as many nasties as there were members of the non-human team.
    A bit like a proper team game of AvP though.

    Also, the blue glowing vein effect that the necromajiggers can see is pretty cool. Again, a bit like the glowing pheromones in AvP.

  3. Fringe says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect that. I think it really has some potential!

  4. Alexander Norris says:

    The music in this trailer is surprisingly good. I wonder which post-rock band I know did it.

    • iax says:

      Alexander Norris: Mogwai did it – Glasgow Mega-Snake

    • Alexander Norris says:

      @iax — there we go, thanks. I was trying to riddle it out, since it’s too rock-ish for Explosions in the Sky or Red Sparrowes, I know for a fact it isn’t If These Trees Could Talk or Maybeshewill, and it’s not electro enough for God is an Astronaut.

  5. Fergus says:

    Isn’t there a danger that the Necromorphs will simply cease being scary as soon as you place them into such an environment? Horror games don’t work in multiplayer, not for the purpose of being horror games at least.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Well it doesn’t look like it’s all open, that’s just one arena dominating the vid footage, I think

    • Baka says:

      For what it’s worth, my first multiplayer encounter with a hunter in Left 4 Dead pushed my adrenaline beyond any limits. But it’s a good point, their scaryness will wear out pretty quickly, so playing the singleplayer campaign first is going to be a must.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Depending on your definition of a horror game, multiplayer can work, just not in the shocking/visceral/disgusting way of most horror games. Hidden: Source was absolutely shit-your-pants scary at every waking moment – it pitted a single invisible player with a knife and a pipebomb against a full military response unit of, like, ten guys.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      Hidden Source wasnt that scary, unless you were against a truly excellent hidden who was trying to mess with people, not just pig stick them.

      Its a very good game, though. Wasnt really about the fright, though.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I never found the first game scary to be honest. Nearly all the scares in it felt like they were ripped out of other games. Plus once you figured out the patterns to fighting all the enemies all the fear was gone.

      But then I thought the first was very pretty but also rather disappointing.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Fucking with people as the hidden was one of the most fun things ever.

  6. Toyoch says:

    I hope they implement a first person view this time, at least in mp. The game was surprisingly good but I never fully got used to the over-the-shoulder view, can’t see it working in mp either..

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Seriously? The best thing they did with Dead space was implement the third-person, HUD-less perspective.

      Not seeing numbers just plastered on the screen made the game far more immersive than it would otherwise.

      Thank GoD they didn’t turn ir into another FPS.

    • Toyoch says:

      I could live with a real third person view but the camera as it was always felt like it was blocking 1/4 of my screen with Isaacs body

    • Hidden_7 says:

      I was always sort of confused by that arguement. Dead Space DID have a HUD, it just wasn’t your HUD, it was Isaacs. When he popped up his inventory screen he was seeing exactly the same thing you’d be seeing in, say, System Shock 2.

      The difference is that you aren’t in Isaac’s head, so the HUD looks like it exists more in the game world. The thing is, it does this by pulling you out of Isaac’s head, by having you looking over his shoulder all the time from a detached floating camera. I don’t really understand how that makes things more immersive, as far as gameplay conceits go, controlling someone from third-person seems about as artificial as a heads-up display, that is usually explained in these sorts of games as being something the protagonist is seeing through some sort of optic implant, helmet display, holographic projection or otherwise. Personally, I find the third person camera MORE artificial.

      I’m sure it worked really well for you, I’m just always a little surprised for people that it did work for. I enjoyed what I’ve played of Dead Space (I’ve still got to get around to finishing it), and it was certainly very atmospheric, I just didn’t find the HUD tricks they used to aid in immersion in anyway. They were little more than neat gimmicks for me.

  7. subedii says:

    Dead Space 1 was one of my games of the year when it released, without a doubt.

    Not sure how I feel about the multiplayer, it’s not exactly something I felt was lacking in the first game, Isolation was all part of the atmosphere. Still, at least it looks as if they aren’t taking any half-measures with it, and thought through how to get something that should work.

  8. ChaK_ says:

    I don’t want MP in Dead space. Period.

    I’dr ather have twice the solo lenght

  9. Tarqon says:

    Speaking of dead space, I tried playing the PC version the other day, but not ten minutes in there is a door that I can open but Isaac refuses to pass through. :( Smells of bad port to me.

  10. squirrel says:

    So co-op only? I think competitive multiplayer would be of much more fun.

    • Dominic White says:

      That WAS a competitive video – notice the player-names above four of the Necromorphs?

  11. squirrel says:

    @ Dominic White

    Oh, I am too stupid to miss that part. Interesting to see that we can now play as those monster in the new game. Seems to be a new trend for multiplayer games as Epic Games also plan something like that for Gear of War 3 (sadly, it is a non-PC game).

  12. Navagon says:

    Why the hell do companies always have to inject a multiplayer into games that clearly don’t suit it? That just looked like Alien Swarm done badly.

    It brought the quality of the game down with it too. Why? Because how are you supposed to see these mutant freaks as scary when you’ve just seen them bunny hopping about the place swearing in a high pitched 8 year old’s voice? You can’t. It turns them into meaningless puppets to see them out of context like that.

    • Grey_Ghost says:

      Don’t play online then, as it is not mandatory. I only plan to play the single player till I’ve drained as much enjoyment from it as possible, then tackle multiplayer if I am still jazzed up about the game.

      Like I did with Resident Evil 5 PC basically. Which by the way I had a terrible experience with (RE5) online. I’d still love to play that online, but all the people I’ve tried to do it with… blegh,

  13. starclaws says:

    I love how trailers always show 4 players back to back but hardly ever happens properly in multiplayer. Eventually someone turns to shoot at something in another players path and they overwhelm that player.

  14. Bungle says:

    Looks like a really bad imitation of L4D. Honestly, it could hurt the reputation of the whole game, like Bioshock 2’s multiplayer.

  15. Crack_momma says:

    Alien Swarm *done badly*? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  16. Kevbo says:

    While I like the idea of L4D in space, the videos showed only 4 vs 4 and no other random AI enemies. Basically like VS in L4D but without the hoards and just the specials which I wouldn’t prefer. I hope its more than that but it should be interesting to see how they develop this… I just hope the controls are much better for the PC this time and that they it doesn’t use GFWL for online :)

  17. Allan Trammel says:

    IF there was not a MP, the single player campaign wouldnt be any better. Its not like they cut the team in half and said you are SP and you are MP. Its additional people making an additional feature.