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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Anaemic


Things are a bit anaemic this week. D2D have got daily specials on right now that include a PDF with pictures of ladies from video games, and a game that has just gone free to play. Impulse have got a fantastic deal on Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and not much else. GamersGate have reduced their ridiculously overpriced Ubisoft games to be only slightly overpriced. Steam’s weekend special is a game that’s going to be superseded by a better version some point very soon. It’s the bargain bucket. Hooray. This is probably the worst week for deals I can recall in the entire time I’ve been doing the bargain bucket, so perhaps your wallets can get some respite. If you’re eager for more cheap gaming across the entire spectrum of formats, is your friend.
Tidalis – £5.59/€6.29/$6.99
A saving of about a quid, nothing to set the world of fire, but if you were planning on grabbing this anyway, then now is your chance to save a tiny amount of money. This is a block matching puzzle game from Arcen games, the brains behind AI War, and it looks a bit clever. This video shows it off. Kudos to them for putting some thought into making it friendly to the 8% of males and 0.5% of females that have some kind of colourblindness. Demo here.

Blood Bowl [Dark Elves Edition] – £4.25/€7,50/$10
American football and Warhammer are both outside my area of expertise, but Kieron’s got you covered. He documented an entire season of the game here, and from the looks of things he scored lots of points, kicked and threw the ball lots of times, and did a punch at some of the other players. Whilst it’s pretty cheap, there is a “better than this” version coming out at some point, so it might be worth holding out for that. RPS coverage here.

Caesar 3 + Call to Power 2 – £5.46/€6.61/$8.38
A pair of ‘looking at cities from far above and controlling them’ games are on offer at GOG this week. 30% off if you buy both, or 20% off individually. Activision engaged their generosity subroutines a while back and released the source code to Civilisation: Call to Power 2, and the industrious modders at have been tinkering with it. The end result is a big old comunity patch, with various enhancements. You could (in theory) grab it here, but they appear to be mid server migration, and I can’t find a mirror. GOG have also got a paypal promotion going on, but it’s not very good, and I’d prefer to show solidarity with Notch by not linking to it.

Deal of the week
Steam – £3.59/€4.49/$4.49
GamersGate – £3.49/€4.49/$4.49
Distractionware – £3.96/€4.08/$5
This only just recently got a Steam release, and a heavy perma-discount across several outlets, including direct from Terry. This is nearly half what the previous cheapest price had been, and it’s a must play, rather than a hearty recommendation, at that price. It’s a lovely little platformer with a big grin on it’s face, and a wicked laugh. I loved it, Kieron loved it, and you can play the demo here to see if you love it. It comes in both PC and Mac flavours.

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