Free World: Need For Speed World Free-er

Decades of videogames have left me with a total fear of getting into an automobile.

When John described Need For Speed World as a free MMO, it was a little over-generous. It was an MMO with a free trial, with a level 10 cap you needed to pay for a twenty dollar price-kit to progress past. However, that’s been changed, with EA moving it to a more true-Free-to-play model. Basically, you can play the whole game for free, with the game being paid via microtransactions which give you – say – rental cars, power-ups or 2x experience points. Those who previously threw down that 20 dollars will get a mass of free rental vouchers. You can get the client here or read John’s Wot I Think for the low-down. And here’s a trailer…


  1. Bungle says:

    From what I heard, it still might not be worth the price of admission…

  2. clive dunn says:

    They should go one step further and actually pay me to play it. I’ll even accept micro-transactions.

  3. SquareWheel says:

    I think it’s pretty fun, actually. The racing was fairly well done.

    Also, do I really still need to fill out a capcha? I’ve been posting here for ages.

    • Bungle says:

      Register and log in! That’s what I did and the captcha disappeared.

    • Drexer says:

      I do believe that his problem might eb that the RPS login is extremelly finicky. Sometimes I have to press the login button 5 times, because the first four times when I get back to the topic it has me logged out already for some reason…

    • SquareWheel says:

      Hmm, I appear to be logged in now. The whole WordPress login system is confusing, I don’t know why they don’t just use Disqus or Instant Debate.

  4. tomeoftom says:

    That modem dial-up noise 18 seconds in is a nice touch, I thought, seeing as it’s in key.

  5. sleepygamer says:

    As I posted elsewhere…

    I decided I would give it a go.

    I downloaded the installer.

    I installed to to G:, as I had 10GB of space there, and not much on my 64GB SSD.

    I ran the launcher.

    It tries to download the game to C: without any option of changing.

    Broken installer gets to F asterisk asterisk asterisk Off.

    I give you one goddamn chance EA, and you can’t even do an installer right.

    • SquareWheel says:

      I installed my game to the D drive. =o

    • frymaster says:

      yes, but I think the issue is it was downloading the installed to C

      to be fair, is your user profile – and thus all your temp and app-working directories – on C, or were they on D as well?

  6. C. Todd says:

    I gave it a shot. It’s definitely got all the trappings of a Need For Speed game – dumb cop that get progressively more daring and desperate as you wreck the city, oversimplified physics that urge you to go for thrills instead of technical prowess, and really nice production values.

    It kinda boxes you in though, all the spoiled-ness that i’ve had with Forza 3’s ability to customize and fill a garage full of exotic cars makes this look like a demo… a demo that you can slowly unlock by buying things with ‘boost’, which costs money.

    Problem is, as is, there’s not enough variety in the game to make me want to play it for more than say an hour a week. Worth keeping an eye on though, it seems like they could flesh it out eventually. But by then, being EA, you’ll probably have to shove some advertisements up your butt and give them your first two children to play for free.

  7. tommilator says:

    yeah. Having a somewhat strained relationship with EA games I’ve given the NFS series the cold shoulder the last couple of years.. But hey, FREE is a powerful argument.

    sign up, download and go…. Undefined error. Check out the ultraslow EA forums to find out that I need not waste time troubleshooting my end of the problem, as others where merrily posting screenshots of the same error.

    As a beta participant in the bungled MotorcityOnline experiment some years ago, I thought EA at least understood the requirements of hosting a MMO racing game. Apparently EA has the short term memory to match its loyal customers.

    Oh well.. As Willie Nelson wrote, nothing is worth nothing but its free. At least they still call it a beta.

  8. battles_atlas says:

    The auto-log only seems to work for a week or two, then you have to log in manually. Again. Its a disgrace.

  9. sleepygamer says:

    Okay, EA gets a begrudging seco… thir… eighth chance. After reinstalling the launcher about 5 times, checking every step along the way each time, the last time it decided to work. Hooray!

    Silly launcher. :P

  10. Gamma says:

    Make it free so paying costumers have loosing opponents to play against… and massage their deflating money’s worth. It’s a killer!