Unforgettable: Amnesia SFX Makeitude


Between finishing Amnesia and watching the final Twin Peaks episode, I had something of a nerve-racking day yesterday. Thankfully, Tom Chick at Fidgit has found a way to take the edge off the former. In short, he’s found Frictional’s footage of making various sound-effects in games. You’ll find it below…

This sort of stuff always reminds me when I first visited CCP and found them dripping blobs of jam into the bottom of a fish tank, filled with milk. It was how they generated naturalistic shapes for planet textures.


  1. subedii says:

    Not to be unappreciative, but this is actually something I thoroughly intend not to watch.

    Knowing the process behind “how they did that” usually takes some of the wonder out of it. It’s the reason I also avoided watching the making of BladeRunner thing that was posted on Sunday.

    I remember watching some of the making of pieces for Aliens. For years the film had still impressed me visually, but now whenever I watch it, it’s hard not to see models everywhere.

    • Jambe says:

      Wow, I’m at the other end of the spectrum, being a conceptual artist and magic & skepticism buff. Knowing how art is produced and illusions are generated makes them all the more interesting to me. Having watched something like this my immediate reaction is to want to load up the game and search for effects — the nuanced, muted sounds, the overt crackling, the many variations on rain… ofc, the creepiness makes it kinda hard. Maybe if I turn all the lights in the house on?

      Foley stuff like this is particularly cool, I think.

    • subedii says:

      For a game where sound is so crucial to the atmosphere, knowing that the creepy noise is actually just Greg singing into a tin bath would detract from the experience for me, yes.

      That isn’t to say I don’t find such things interesting as well, but it’s not something I really want to know until I’ve finished the game. Being able to see the stagehands and the wires tends to deflate the effect a little.

    • Vandelay says:

      I agree with your last comment there, Subedii. I love finding out how this stuff is done, but I want to experience whatever it is without that knowledge first, which is why I haven’t watched this video.

      Then again, I don’t think anyone really wants to know how something is done before they experience.

  2. Quintin Smith says:

    No, they /told/ you it was how they generated naturalistic shapes for planet textures, because it was /easier/ than explaining certain Icelandic pastimes.

  3. CheetahMen says:

    I need to finish playing this game, if I wasnt so scared by it I probably would.
    I kind of wish Frictional’s next game isn’t also a horror game. I like the stealth, but I would also like to be able to solve puzzles without feeling like something will come out and grab me at any time.

    • Jambe says:

      I couldn’t possibly disagree more.

      That’s not to say I wouldn’t play a non-horror Frictional game, but rather that the tension and moodiness and terror of Amnesia make it enjoyable and different from most other games out there atm. And I could do with more stuff in a similar vein.

  4. Brumisator says:

    I love love LOVE sound-effect recording making-of videos!
    Thank you! Only that rain effect was rather weak. nut maybe that’s becaue I’m actually listening to the rain slplishsplashing right outside my window IRL atm.

    Also, the typically Finnish setting is cute to me.

  5. Vandelay says:

    No way! You watched the final episode of Twin Peaks the other day! I watched that last weekend and then Fire Walk With Me on Friday (me and my brother have been doing a bit of Lynch season, just Inland Empire to go.) Unbelievable episode of television, although I was left a little annoyed with the ending as I thought it actually had a conclusion. The brief moment with Annie in the film didn’t really help matters.

    Looking forward to playing this. Downloaded it yesterday, but wanted to get through Penumbra before moving on. I just completed the moment in Black Plague in the computer room, which gave me a taste of what I imagine Amnesia will be like. Have to say, in terms of the scares, Black Plague is a big step up from Overture, even though I preferred the more claustrophobic feel of the original.

  6. Ignorant Texan says:

    I first thought the picture was of some Nordic uber-bong.

    And by ‘found’ the video, I assume you’re referring to his discovering this obscure site, KG?

    link to frictionalgames.com

  7. Jules says:

    The end to Twin Peaks is so horrifying. I was afraid to brush my teeth for years.

  8. Bungle says:

    There is no video anywhere on this page. Why would you keep saying there’s video when there clearly isn’t?

  9. Thirith says:

    I love that song that plays when Cooper enters the Black Lodge (“Under the Sycamore Trees”). It’s one of the saddest songs I know.

  10. clive dunn says:

    hmm, spooky twin peaks coincedences continue. I was playing the soundtrack in my cafe the other day and this guy with a heavy limp comes over and goes ‘woah, i just watched Fire walk with me last night’.
    Obviously something in the air!

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      Did he walk out backwards, clicking his fingers?

  11. Sarkhan Lol says:

    Damn, who would have suspected that the sound of doors opening in-game was the product of ACTUAL DOORS, BEING OPENED?

    • Andy says:

      Yeah to be honest I was expecting some magic, but this just seems to be a guy doing the thing that he wants the same thing in the game to sound like. (words failed me)

    • NukeLord says:

      Lovecraftian horrors doing voice acting are pretty easy to come by these days, and cheap to boot. So long as you don’t mind the whole sanity thing.

  12. Dreamhacker says:

    Sound effects making seem so darn fun! :D

  13. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    Christ KG, Twin Peaks and Amnesia – your nerves must be shot to pieces.

    My wife’s been somewhat amused as I wrench the headphones from my head and turn the screen off with a yell of “Fuck!” or somesuch. I can only play in hourly chunks. I’m enjoying the game very much – I’m in the sewers currently – but I’m finding the suggestion (and sound effects) of child torture very hard to take. Perhaps they over-egged the pudding with this? Or maybe, as a parent, I’m hypersensitive to it.

    Anyone else like their art to avoid such topics if possible?

  14. panther says:

    Thought the picture was a guy smoking a long ass bong

  15. DKingdom says:

    If you like Twin Peaks and live in London you may want to have a look at this link to twinpeaksukfestival.com

  16. Nehacoo says:

    Just wondering, what specifically are you referring to? I don’t remember any such sound effects.
    (in case this fails it’s directed to Edgar the Peaceful)

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      Hi Nehacoo,

      In the level just before the Cistern (i can’t remember the name of the level) you can hear the cries of a child (or a very young woman perhaps?) and little snippets of speech, “Why?!” etc. Very upsetting.

  17. TomSmizzle says:

    the end of twin peaks was such a shame.
    it wasn’t a bad episode in itself, but with the context of how good the show was at first and how dull it was after amanda palmer’s killer was revealed and before heather graham’s character came in, it just made me feel sad about the potential that the show had.
    If The Man didn’t get involved, that show would have been perfect.

    As for the amnesia stuff, I am excited to play that game, but I gotta wait until my student loan comes in.