RPS Poll: The EG Expo — Are You Going?

As we’ve been thinking about the Indie Arcade, the hivemind’s thoughts wandered to the whole issue of the Expo. We’ll probably be there for a bit. I suspect a load of you lot will be too. We should try and do something, or at least create an easy way for everyone to meet up. Or just select a suitable nearby pub as the RPS CON PUB for people to gather at. So, to try and get an idea about the possibility of this, there’s some polls below to try and get a sense of your interest in such things…

EDIT: Right! New polls! Which should work properly and allow everyone to re-vote. GO!

[poll id=”6″]
[poll id=”7″]

It’s probably too late to pull something together on par with the Thinkosium, but depending on numbers we may be able to work out some kind of space to gather. Or select a pub. Let’s be honest: it’s probably going to be the pub.

A few useful facts!

1) You can still buy tickets for the expo, though Saturday’s sold out.
2) If you’re not going to the expo, but are London based and would pop along to an event on the night, click.
3) If we do anything, it’ll be in the rough vicinity of the actual event. So near Earl’s Court. Or nearish, anyway. Probably.

Obviously, anyone who knows the area or has suggestions feel free to put ’em in the comment thread.


  1. Seniath says:


    (c.f. this. Not that I’m bitter.)

  2. DMcCool says:

    Wouldn’ let me vote for both days of the weekend, but thats my (prefered) response for both. Saturday or Sunday and I’ll be there.

  3. BaronWR says:

    Pubbage sounds good to me, but then I am reasonably close by and always up for a drink, not sure whether I’m actually that keen for the expo: the currently announced line-up doesn’t have a lot to interest me.

  4. CMaster says:

    Went when it was in Leeds.
    Didn’t really think it was good enough to head to London for.
    (Not that it wasn’t good – just nothing that special and not worth the £60 train tickets, lungful of smog and hours of travelling involved. especially as a PC gamer, who most of the games there seemed to think didn’t exist)/

    • Rhythm says:

      This. Went to Leeds and had a great time but London requires to much time/money to travel to

    • The Codicier says:

      I remember them saying something on the Eurogamer podcast about having to hold it in London to get publishers interested.
      Same feelings from me as allot of the people on the thread, london is the most expensive city in the country and its not exactly central.
      In the end london as a location feels like its justifiable in terms of media/publishers not in terms of the gamers.
      Really was hoping this would evolve into something closer to a UK version of PAX rather than a E3

  5. MonkeyMonster says:

    there are huge volume of clickaholics on this site – think there might be some therapy needed :D

    • President Weasel says:

      Occasional polls like this are all the therapy we need, thank you.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I click to express my being. Therefore I am, and all that.

  6. sana says:

    If you pay for my flight from Germany, sure!

  7. Kelron says:

    Went last year, there was a distinct lack of interesting games. As such I’m not going this year.

  8. Jae Armstrong says:

    Tempting, but train fare there and back is £89 at the very least and total travel time is something like twenty-one hours.

    :'( dammit London, why couldn’t you be closer to the centre of the country?

  9. Alex Bakke says:


    There is already a meetup, at the Kings head. Check the forum for details.

  10. drillerman says:

    Well I’m taking my son on Saturday because I’m a nice Dad! It has nothing to do with me actually liking computer games. I’m a nice Dad!!

  11. DrGonzo says:

    Damned London elitism. Stop putting everything in London! It’s not exactly the centre of the country, an neither cheap nor practical for most of us to go to.

    Bring some love to the Midlands, preferably Nottingham, if another Game City ever happens. Eh?

    • Kast says:

      Ah, GameCity. Had a great time back in 2007, I think it was. Don’t they do it every year?

  12. Kieron Gillen says:

    And fixed it so you can select multiple boxes if poeple want to change their answers. Assuming they can.

    And you can’t. I’m going to have to re-do all the polls again.


    • The Codicier says:

      don’t worry about redoing the polls, all that means is there is more clicking for people to do & eveidently we looooooooove that :D

    • The Codicier says:

      don’t worry about redoing the polls, all that means is there is more clicking for people to do & evidently we looooooooove that :D

  13. Jacques says:

    Not sure if I’m going yet, would like to though.

  14. Jacques says:

    I’ve made my mind up, going on Sunday.

  15. Xercies says:

    Unfortunately i can’t go even though i would love to go. Uni starts around now so yeah. But maybe next year…and if not after i’ve gone out of Uni because i should be near London if its still going to stay there.

  16. Greg Wild says:

    Can’t make it myself :(

    Post-grad budgets suck for such events :F

  17. Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:

    Can’t get enough of that click clack, hear?

  18. Flimgoblin says:

    If it was one month later I’d be there, ah well. I demand drunken karaoke!

  19. westyfield says:

    Most of the time when I’m reading something online, I frenziedly click on random blocks of text, highlighting them over and over.

    Can’t get me enough of that clicking.

  20. Auspex says:

    Vote Saturday people because I’m going to an Arrested Development party on the Friday so I’d only be able to be there briefly… dressed as a banana.

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      As the Banana Grabber™? I’d be careful if I were you, the rights holders can be pretty litigious.

    • RedFred says:

      I would go as Gob.

  21. wiper says:

    Not going to the EG expo (thanks to a triumph of planning my girlfriend and I have successfully managed to ensure we’re apart for a complete month – as of two weekends ago up until the weekend of the 1st. I’m not about to make it five weeks), but I could manage a night, as Earl’s Court’s 35-50 minutes away from her by public transport. Specifically, I could manage Saturday night. Which is to say, you’re fucking pubbing it on Saturday, you cunts.

  22. pipman3000 says:

    no i only go to expos if they have orgies and the even then the last one i went too was full of dudes so it sucked (and blew and [censored] and [censored] and [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored]).

  23. Deston says:

    Bugger. I’d love to go, especially for the pub part, but I’m heading up to Edinburger on Saturday morning. Ah canne do it cap’n. :(

    I hope everyone that goes along has a good time. Remember: each embarrassing and / or incriminating drunken photo of the RPS crew wins at least five thousand points and eleventy internets.

  24. panther says:

    Can’t get enough of that clicking

  25. Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:


  26. Gothnak says:

    I’ll be manning one of the games being shown there so i feel my mysterious identity will be revealed… Although i think i’ve done pretty well and never bigged up any games i have worked on.

    Meeting some of you other ne’erdowells might be a plan though…

    Mind you a quick look for my name will reveal who i am anyway, as i use Gothnak everywhere.

  27. Harbour Master says:

    I may or may not go. It all depends when The Second Baby arrives on our doorstep, deposited by stork because that’s what momma told me what happens.

    If I don’t attend, I’ll hire a cheap imposter to pretend to be me. And you know what, you’ll all bloody fall for it. “Man, he’s as ugly as I thought.”

  28. Llamageddon says:

    I’m gona be there but I notice a lot of people think it’s too expensive to get to London so I just thought I’d suggest Megabus, it’s not too awful and it can be ludicrously cheap. Might be worth checking out.

  29. Kid A says:

    I’d love to hook up, Kieron. Call it 8pm, my pla-Oh. You meant… ah.
    Never mind.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Back off!


    • Kid A says:

      You wound me.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I was also thinking that his special lady friend must already know he’s looking to hook up with other people and must be okay with it or she never ever looks at RPS. It’d have to be in a hotel room though, I don’t live in England.

  30. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Can we get you drunk? If so I’ll be there…

  31. iamseb says:

    Sounds like fun. Or at least a reasonable facsimile of it.

  32. mondomau says:

    I like your style.

    Friday for me though, as the saturday’s bleedin’ sold out innit?

  33. Mr_Day says:

    If the Lost forums taught me one thing, it is that the comedy option always wins.

    Well, Lost and real life elections.

  34. kael13 says:

    Well I hadn’t known about ’til this post, but I might come with a pal or two.

    More likely Friday, but perhaps Sunday. Sat’s only gone and sold out!

  35. James G says:

    Booked in for Saturday at the moment, but will be willing to do another day as well for the sake of an RPS pubmeet. Once of the small benifits of not currently being in gainful empkoyment.

  36. Shodan says:

    Yes, I’m going on friday. Would love to go to pub afterwards and meet the last PC gamers on earth.

  37. crozon says:

    Yeah gonna book tickets for Friday so i am game going to the pub on Friday. And we can all get drunk and bitch about how they fucked crysis 2 for the consoles :)

  38. Dante says:

    I’ll be going if GD can swing another press pass. Anyone know somewhere cheap and convenient to stay in London?

  39. Cas says:

    I’m going! I’ll be lurking around the Indie Arcade section trying to get people to play Revenge of the Titans which is being exhibited.

  40. Blackberries says:

    I was too slow off the mark to get tickets for Saturday, but I’ll be going on Friday and Sunday. I could do any day for drinks, though I’m lectures from 4-6pm on the Friday.

  41. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    I’d go, but being on the opposite side of the planet makes it difficult :C

  42. drewski says:

    Clickity click.

  43. Lewis says:

    I’m down in London from the Thursday ’til the Sunday night. Er. Can I sleep on someone’s sofa? Man, I should really sort this shit sooner.

  44. Tom O'Bedlam says:

    Looking forward to it heartily, especially getting my grubby paws on Brink.

  45. Kast says:

    Looks like I will be, yup. Got my Sunday ticket and train sorted, assuming I can find a bed at one of Earl Court’s many hostels on the night.

    I’ve really got to go to more of these things and find out about them BEFORE all the weekend tickets are gone. And drag someone else along with me, for that matter. Hate travelling alone, so boring.

  46. Drug Crazed Dropkick says:

    I’m covering it (ish) for EON Gaming. Just as a peon as I don’t think I’ll get a press pass. Lucky me. Then drinks with the PCG chat lot :D

  47. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Fuck me living in the Antipodes.

  48. Yargh says:

    KG, has this come to anything? The fateful weekend is getting closer…
    I’m booked in to the Expo for the Sunday but being a Londoner I can visit a local pub on one of the other days with little trouble.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      I haven’t found an actual room for this yet, but in terms of the “official” meet, we’re probably looking at Friday.

      (It had the most votes, and there’s another Indie event on the Saturday which I’d avoid clashing with if I can)

      I suspect we’ll name a pub to be the basic RPS-friendly pub for the other two days, so people who are there can pop along and hook up.


    • Yargh says:

      Thanks, just knowing this hasn’t been dropped puts the mind at rest.