A Quick Question: LAN Gaming

Are any of you lot LAN attendees? You know, when you use shorter tubes than the ones the internet is made of to link your PCs? That’s a question we would rather like an answer to. Please formalise your response to this excellent query via the polling system below.

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  1. CMaster says:

    No, small house-party type things.

    Yes, I may attend an RPS-LAN, depending on timing, pricing and location.

  2. Xercies says:

    Oo if RPS is doing a LAN gaming event and its at a sutible month and at a sutible place i wouldn’t mind going to it. And totally get beaten by you lot.

  3. Ging says:

    Went to early i series events as a normal peon, then got on as part of the staff, not been to any recently but the majority of my working day takes place in rooms designed for allowing lan play, if that counts?

  4. Davee says:

    Yes and No, but I might be attending Dreamhack this winter though! Not much reason not to, since it’s pretty close to where I live :)

  5. Thingus says:

    Third (or whatever number this thread is up to now)-ed. Especially if it’s around London or Reading.

    • Skiddings says:

      Incidently, when are you next in Reading for a LAN party round mine again?
      (I know there are many better ways to ask you this but hey :P)

    • Joe says:

      Thingus and Skiddings have the best LAN parties. If you don’t believe me, go up to a policeman in Reading and ask him where to find Thingus and Skiddings.

    • wakayoda says:

      Lanparty in Reading? If your accepting any extra people then count me in! I’m not some crazy person, its just gamer base is lacking in PC players right now.

  6. Mechorpheus says:

    Me and a mate did i36 and i37 last year. Great way to spend a weekeng, inspite of the COD/CS player, who acted more like football hooligans than actual people after a few beers.

    A more sedate affair with RPS types could be very interesting though, assuming some StarCraft 2 or L4D would be on the menu.

  7. James says:

    I answered no, but the house I lived at during school almost qualified as an event, and there was certainly a LAN. My cable was second shortest, if you know what I’m talking about.

    I also thought of gaming centers, or net cafes or whatever you limeys call them. Are you going to have people over to play?

    • MD says:

      “My cable was second shortest, if you know what I’m talking about.”

      I don’t, at all, but I’m certainly intrigued.

  8. Trip says:

    I used to attend the i-series regularly (i6 to i30 something), but it’s gotten too big/corporate for me. I tend to hold smaller LANs with with friends now, a group of 6-12 people every few months.

    Generally more fun when you’ve got a good group of people all playing the same thing.

  9. misterk says:

    Been to several with friends, but no big events.

  10. misterk says:

    Sleep is Death/Solinium Infernum/Sims with only Kieron Gillen LAN party?

    • JB says:

      @misterk – of course, as well as the sims it’s possible to play sleep is death with only KG characters too. A frightening thought.

  11. Jarmo says:

    I regularly go to an all-weekend 14-to-20 person LAN with my friends, arranged four times a year (over ten years in the running, now). We have a kitchen, sauna and lots of bedrooms. I have no interest whatsoever in impersonal large-scale events.

    • fallingmagpie says:

      “We have a kitchen, sauna and lots of bedrooms.”

      I think you’re confusing LAN with orgy.

    • TeeJay says:

      I am guessing that Jarmo is a Finnish name where I’ve heard that saunas are the national passtime (whilst beating yourself down with twigs?).

  12. Gorzan says:

    Yeas, I have attended to 3 Lan events here in spain, including the biggest of the northwest, still, nothing comparable to quakecon

  13. Robert says:

    Only the smaller (10ish) ones with people I actually know. That’s perfect to me really.

  14. Brumisator says:

    I only use Hamachi, so technically, my OS is in a LAN, but I can still stay away from other humans.

    Actually, I know very few gamers in real life, so I wouldn’t have anyone to LAN with.

    • GenBanks says:

      I didn’t really know any gamers in real life until I went to a LAN for the first time. It all starts with becoming a regular on your favourite game server, then registering to their forum and becoming steam friends with the other regulars…

  15. Scott Kevill says:

    Yep, been to many, but just with friends and random friends of friends that get roped into it.

    Of course, GameRanger has been a much easier solution for us, but sadly lacks the pizza and beer.

  16. ErikM says:

    Me and a couple of friends used to sit in a friend’s garage and throw popcorn at each other. In between the popcorn we’d play strategy games and the occasional FPS.

    Went to Dreamhack once but it wasn’t as much fun as the garage.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Ditto this, our garage was the only place with enough power strips / outlets to get together half a dozen PC setups on make-shift tables made from work benches, garbage cans, milk crates, and spare car parts.

      We played lots of counter strike, star craft, diablo II, quake, and unreal tournament. Half the time I would have to steal network cards from work for the weekend because most of our PC’s at the time lacked them.

  17. Tunips says:

    I’ve been to a few bunch-of-friends affairs. I generally get stuck wrangling the router and rappelling down the side of the house with the ethernet cable.

  18. Schaulustiger says:

    Back in our school days we often had LANs with some friends, about 8 to 10 people. That was enormous fun but everyone moved away for their jobs or education, so I’m stuck with Internet-only multiplayer now.
    I also attended some bigger LANs (100-200 people) but they didn’t cater to my specific gaming preferences.

  19. mlaskus says:

    Why are there no options for people who just like clicking in this survey? This is an outrage!

  20. Gunsmith says:

    I’m at a lot of lans, used to go to the i-series a lot to the point where I was staff for a while, as soon as it became a retarded kiddie-fest I dropped it and moved over to a smaller event called epic.LAN.

    less retards

  21. GenBanks says:

    I’ve been to two LANs. Not big affairs like those i-series events, the ones I’ve been to were organized by a community of TF2 players and had about 20-25 people.

    It’s a lot of fun: all sorts of games, camping, drinking, big takeout orders, BBQ, guitar hero area with a big couch, and rounders. It’s nice to be able to put faces to steam usernames.

  22. Tentsalesman says:

    My gaming community (www.deadmen.co.uk) run our own LAN’s twice a year. We usually get about 50 guys show so it’s a good laugh.

    That said, it’s becoming harder and harder these days to find games that fully support LAN gaming. Bad Company 2 has issues with players using the same external IP address, L4D2 is a total nightmare and alot of titles don’t even support LAN servers and/or require a significant amount of internet bandwith per player.

    It’s a trend that means smaller LAN events like ours are going to be killed off, purely because we can’t afford to pay for a hefty 100meg link that we’d only use a few times per year :(

  23. Butler` says:

    I went to i30. Great weekend all things told, if only to laugh at the 15 year old CS players. (I was one once, so I’m allowed.)

    Though I’m a bit beyond 18 hour straight gaming stints these days I’d come to a smaller RPS one in a heartbeat.

  24. Malagate says:

    I feel sorrowful for not having anything to do with lan gaming, ever. The nearest I’ve gotten is playing an internet game of L4D/Zombie Panic Source in the same room as my best mate, oh and playing CS in the same internet cafe as some guys whilst in China. They were very chinese.

    Is it just like internet gaming except for less/zero lag and you can look around at each other?

  25. rocketman71 says:

    LAN gaming rules. Nothing better than spending a weekend playing with 20-30 close friends.

    Any developer that drops LAN support is automatically added to my no-buy list (and theirs).

    (except MMOs, obviously, which don’t interest me in the least)

  26. h3iki says:

    I’ve been to plenty of LANs for competitive gaming, lots of i series, plenty of smaller lans around europe and UK too.

    I wouldn’t go to a “big” lan unless I was in a competition though, while a lot of the people there are OK there’s too many complete social idiots, piss and shit all over the toilet floor at iseries is all too common.

    For “fun” gaming, i just usually meet up with 3 mates with PCs round at a house for a weekend of casual coop games…

  27. Norskov says:

    I think the largest LAN I’ve attended had around 100 attendees, but it was too large and impersonal for my taste. I prefer smaller LANs with 10-20 people, but that usually include quite an amount of alcohol too.

  28. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Yes, but mostly small-house type gatherings of about 6-15 people in the garage with way too much beer and junk food. And Counter-Strike, MW2 or any other quick competitive games…

  29. Meneth says:

    I’ve been to The Gathering, the world’s second largest computer party (only Dreamhack beats it), 3 times so far. It’s great fun.
    I’ve also hosted many LANs, usually of half a dozen to a dozen people.

  30. Alexander Norris says:

    I used to throw 4-5 player LANs all the time back at uni, and for a while the society I ended up heading organised 20-60+ member LANs (until the cunting uni decided that since we weren’t a sports society we didn’t matter and decided not to let anyone other than sports teams use university rooms). Some day, I intend to go to something like QCon, I swear.

  31. Phinor says:

    Proper LAN party with 10-20 people all of whom are PC gamers is probably the best way to spend time with games. And to emphasize this, I’ll say it again. T-H-E best way.

  32. FiX says:

    Lots of beer, plenty of junk food, 4 people Borderlands, Serious Sam, Diablo 2. Best week ever.

  33. Gosh says:

    Dreamhack World record holder Wooo!

  34. Die Happy says:

    i attend mostly smaller privately organized lans with at max 30 players there.
    lots of fun but the increasing lack of lan modus in newer games is continuing to cut into this experience.
    so we tend to fall back to “the good old games” like CS 1.6, cod 2, age of empires 2, etc

    it is a shame since most of the new games offer great small player number experiences over the internet but dont support lan gaming :(

  35. jon_hill987 says:

    I have had LAN games of Quake, Serious Sam, UT2004 and Total Annihilation/SupCom at home before. Does that count?

  36. Ovno says:

    Everyone of my student houses used to have a lan party room where we had 3-6 pcs setup at any one time, it was wicked, just a pity my missus has no interest in Lan gaming….

  37. ApaKaka says:

    I have attended bigger LANs in the past, in an age when tubes were more clogged and LAN gaming was a way for everyone to actually be able to play “online” at all, but I’m too old for the “in-crowd” of events like DreamHack these days.

    These days my friends and I get together for a bi-annual “Nerd LAN” where we play only retro games like GTA2 – (it’s free abandonware these days!), Quake, Warcraft, and the like, also mixed in with excellent new titles like L4D, L4D2. And beer, lots of beer!

    We do it as an all day, all night event and it’s amazing how the time flies, you generally only have time to play two, three different games before it’s 5-6 am and your eyes start to melt.

  38. AcidCrashX says:

    Never attended a LAN, would be happy to attend one with nice folk like the RPS users.

  39. Turin Turambar says:

    Yes, No.

    But about the first yes, the last LAN party i i did was like… 6 years ago.

  40. Snidesworth says:

    Yes, of the “dozen guys stuffed into a basement for a week” variety back when we were young and had a week where we could disappear from reality. Never been to a big event, got no real desire to.

  41. Trollololololo says:

    I’d rather play on the Internet, I’m timid

  42. Zanchito says:

    I used to organize “unapproved” LAN events at college, using the science lab computers to play DOOM II deathmatch. The sysadmin had his mouse model number (which was printed on the empty mouse box faithfully kept by the main computer, calling all kinds of undue attention to it) as a password, so it was a breeze to set them with all privileges and delete the tracks.

    Oh, boy, those were the times!

  43. Nathan says:

    I couple of i-series, which were good fun, despite being there with a COD clan.
    But mainly lots of twice-termly 40+ people LANs at Uni. Those are some great LANs :D

  44. drewski says:

    LANs are awesome. I used to spend most Saturday’s at my mate’s place Quakeing and Vietconging and Rogue Spearing and various other titles-ing over a LAN.

  45. Gap Gen says:

    Haven’t been to a LAN party for ages. Most people I know use unix-based laptops now, so they typically don’t run Windows games without some faff, and desktop PCs are heavy.

  46. Deanb says:

    Woops I hit no, under the impression ‘LAN Gaming Event’ is the big stuff, 1000’s of guys all playing Doom in a sweaty room. But reading comments a fair few have translated it as LAN gaming at all. Which for me is a Yes. I’ve done a bunch with mates all huddled up in a lounge with a tangle of cables running into a cheap HUB from ebuyer that’s busting from the strain. Ah them were the days. Not done it for a while though. Uni likes to throw a spanner in the works.

  47. Vanderdecken says:

    The PC Gamer Showdown (I uploaded the videos of Never Mind the Games, Cocks to YouTube, link to youtube.com), and my uni’s gaming society (link to fragsoc.co.uk) hold three a term, usually 30-100 people a time.

    I’d be interested in an RPS LAN, assuming it’d be quite sedate (no marketing cocks yelling at people trying to lift heavy buckets to win some RAM while hired costume goons with fake MP5s hover around looking minimum wage) and smallish. Of course location and accessibility from Uni/home would be a big factor. If you contact FragSoc with more info when things are decided we might send a delegation, helping with transport etc.

  48. Gurnu says:

    I remember setting up very small LAN parties with maybe one or two friends at my friend’s house. I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. My friend lived pretty close, maybe 1km between our houses, so I could transport my desktop computer by pulling it in a sled in winter and putting wheels on the sled in summer.

    After that I regularly started hosting/attending to max. 10 people parties in random intervals. I also had a “neverending LAN party” with my ex-flatmate, since our computers were in the same room and most of the free time we used to play games like TF2, SupCom, ArmA2, but our favourite LAN game with 3-4 players was indisputably Half-Life 1 DM in Crossfire.

    I’ve also attended some bigger events with around 100 people in the last 6-7 years, with a 3 year gap between the latest and the one before it. I used to love them, with all the excitement of BF1942 and other shooters with a load of people without any lag. Now that I attended the latest, I didn’t feel anymore that it was my thing. Mostly because 70% of the attendees were annoying and loud CS/WoW/whatever they play nowadays kids.

  49. cncplyr says:

    I hit no, but quite a few times we’ve played LAN games in our flat (4 uni students + a couple of friends with laptops) until silly hours in the morning. Like some other people reading the comments I guess this counts too? One of our more memorable nights was starting a sins of a solar empire game at around 9pm (for most of us, our first time playing it too), and playing the same game until 7am, just because we wanted to finish! It was crazy.

  50. Chizu says:

    Have you ever attended a LAN gaming event?
    Total Voters: 893
    * Yes (59%, 528 Votes)

    If so, was a big LAN event like one of the i events, or Dreamhack, or QuakeCon? Anything like that?
    Total Voters: 638

    My brain. It hurts.