Foot-to-ball: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Demo

The men gathered in the enormous stadium to stare at the tiny pig.

Fans of demos of football games are in for a treat today. The rapture is happening, and it seems that the whole 10 commandments things was just some stuff Moses made up for a bet and the real thing that gets you eternal life in the kingdom of Heaven is playing foot-to-ball demos. Until you ascend into the sky, you can pass the time playing the new demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, which allows to play AI or local multiplayer, with four teams, arranged into two pairs. Barcelona vs Bayern Munich and Copa Libertadores vs Chivas Guadalajara. At least, I think that’s what they mean. They say “Chivas Guadalajara and Internacional” and that confuses me. Why can’t all games be about orcs? Non-foot-to-ball players may think download and playing would be a good way to get into Heaven, but – no – it’s too late for us now. Still, as we wait to die, we can sit and watch some footage…

That’s footage of PES. Not Heaven. We will never see Heaven. We are doomed.


  1. AndrewC says:

    Heaven is a small, poorly appointed living room, with a huge TV along one wall that cost your next three holidays and your wife’s eternal scorn, the space between greying sofa and flecked wall filled with tinnies filled with rollie butts, a controller in one hand and a cooling, congealing donner in the other.

    This is my impression of football game demo players. It is right, no?

  2. Janek says:

    Praise be to the great lord Pez, who shall lift us unto the blessed land! But be wary those who would open their ears, for this also is the day appointed for the followers of the false god Feefa to come forth!

    Heed not their heretical song, I say to thee! For thou shalt surely be doomed!

    (Is it really necessary to play a five minute unskippable movie after every game, Konami? REALLY?)

  3. Richard Beer says:

    Haha! You silly non-foot-to-ball person!

    The Copa Libertadores is South America’s version of the Champions League. The winners of this year’s Copa were Internacional (who are a football team!).

    So presumably in the demo you can play either Barcelona vs Bayern Munich (a Champions League game) or Internacional vs Chivas Guadalajara (a Copa Libertadores game).

  4. Oshada says:

    Slightly painful to see Ibra still at Barcelona. Considering the game itself, PES has been far better on the PC than FIFA. Maybe that will change this year?

    • Janek says:

      Allegedly this year the PC is getting the “next-gen” version. As opposed to the lobotomised versions in the past. We shall see, though.

    • Ian says:

      Has PES been better on the PC in spite of it being generally worse than FIFA for the past few iterations?

      I’m never sure whether their respective pantsness translates through to the PC port/version or not.

    • drewski says:

      FIFA-on-PC hasn’t really progressed past 2006, so even though new-PES isn’t better than new-FIFA, it’s still better than FIFA-from-2006-pretending-to-be-new-FIFA-on-PC-because-EA-hate-PC-gamers.

    • itsallcrap says:

      Well really, graphical prettyness and updated teams aside, Pro Evo hasn’t really progressed since around that sort of time either.

      I will, however, always go for PES games over FIFA ones due to long-held prejudices that date back to the days of International Superstar Socces, at which time playing FIFA was like trying to win at Subbuteo wearing mittens.

  5. Monchberter says:

    Still no foot-to-ball games on Steam?


  6. theleif says:

    I thought heaven is a place on eath?

    Oh well.

  7. Lambchops says:

    Since this is a foot-to-ball comment thread I’ll use the opportunity to suggest that anyone with a Fantasy football Team (and those without -it’s never too late to join!) get themselves into the RPS league

    link to

    League code is 1717528-367043

  8. Po0py says:

    Copa Libertadores vs Chivas Guadalajara

    Oh dear.

  9. Ian says:

    Not to get foot-to-bally on RPS, but there’s clearly a pretty major glitch in the game just evident from that video.

    They have Ibrahimovic sprinting.

  10. tigershuffle says:

    Ibra has gone on season long loan to AC Milan ;)

    PES is great once you get the modded versions…… Im still dabbling with the 2010 South Africa World Cup mod …..

    This years Fifa is ‘just’ a nextgen port of last years offering. So we finally get ‘next gen’ but still lag a year behind?! if what I read is to be believed

    You now have permission to fanboy flame eachother till doomsday like every other PES v FIFA forum
    enjoy :D

  11. Pnikosis says:

    Ibrahimovic in Barcelona… Hope they update the roosters before launch.

    • Pnikosis says:

      Roster, I meant roster :$

    • Ian says:

      Oh, I got my hopes up there that the game has roosters in it. :(

    • Moni says:

      The demo version is usually out of date, because they usually just fork off a fairly early development build for demos.

      For the last game they were quite good with keeping teams up to date, releasing free DLC to patch teams after all the transfer windows, even after the Cup of the World they updated the international teams.

  12. Jere says:

    Looks ok, but I’d like a new football-played-with-hands for PC.

  13. Pijama says:


    Copa Libertadores is to Latin America what the UEFA Champions Leage is to Europe.

    Internacional is the Brazilian team who won the championship this year over Chivas Guadalajara from Mexico.

    mr. Richard Beer above answered it, but WE MUST EDUCATE THE MASSES.


    (joking) =D

  14. lolfang says:

    Played it. I did not like it that much. I mean, they always do the same thing. Hype the game A LOT for a year, “hear” feedbacks, etc., then they release a slightly better version that the last one.

    Horrible, horrible “bugs”:
    – Still the same engine as previous iteration – this means, the same zombie-like face expressions and such.
    – Through pass has the power of Thor – this means, you barely touch the Y button, the ball might cross 1/4th of the field. It does work for counter attacks, though.
    – The whole new feints system – I still don’t get it.

    Good Points:
    – New passing system: It’s really easy to learn, and for once, my passes DO go where I want to. Great upgrade from PES 2010.
    – Defense system: It’s slightly better/easier than PES 2010, I hope it doesn’t balance-out the whole game, p.e. making the game easier (it’s easy, even on the hardest mode).

    Yes, it’s better, yes. I won’t say otherwise, there are some minor gameplay modifications that make the whole game a little bit playable.
    But, for me this is still Pro Soccer 2011, there is no Evolution in here.

  15. Moth Bones says:

    I have never touched foot-to-ball on the PC (well, apart from spending many many time units in the FM world). How do the games compare to their console versions?

  16. Shazbut says:

    The crowd don’t seem particularly excited when players score goals, in fact they seem to get quiter, like they’ve all been told some horrible news. Why’s that?

  17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Option File says:

    The full game is finally here!

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  19. Beat-tastic says:

    Pes 2011, brilliant game. The best yet in the series, but it does have flaws. The attempts that konami try and rectify these by patches says something, but they have a long way to becoming the best in terms of football/soccer gaming. I am still avid about PES though, and regardless of the flaws, it will always be top of my list.

  20. PES 2012 Option File says:

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