IGN To Give Free Office Space To Indie Devs

This is where the magic happens.

In a move industry spokespeople are calling “literally quite nice”, IGN Entertainment, the company whose portfolio of sites includes GameSpy, GameStats and- yes! IGN, is going to offer six months of free office space beside its editorial staff in IGN San Francisco to independent game developers. IGN will get no subsequent stake in either the developers themselves nor the games they make, though presumably the IGN staffers will be peering over the cubicle dividers like Hollywood spies, not to mention getting exclusive reveals, interviews and so on. Any developer with seven employees or less can apply.

Here at Rock Paper Shotgun, we don’t like to be outdone. Upon hearing this news we had a shadowy meeting in the highest tower of the Fortress of RPSolitude, and have decided to make the following offer: Independent PC developers! We want to help. If you are interested in receiving a biscuit, compliments of RPS, no strings attached, email your name and postal address to the address at the top of this post with the subject line “I am poor, and would love a biscuit!”

There is only one packet of biscuits. The biscuits will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a real offer. That is all.

EDIT: The biscuit recipients have been selected. Maybe IGN can help the rest of you.


  1. Ging says:

    Would applicants have to prove their indie development status to receive said biscuit?

  2. pakoito says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand LOL

  3. Lu-Tze says:

    Goddammit, if only we developed for the PC… curse our console compliance!

  4. the wiseass says:

    I envy you for that cardboard hut as I have lived in worse conditions. My student apartment for example.

  5. The_B says:

    I’m afraid I prefer my biscuits to have at least one string attached, so I can keep track of it’s location. A McVitiePS if you will, any chance of this happening?

  6. zipdrive says:

    Can I have two bicuits, as I’m REALLY poor?
    Maybe a cup of tea?
    A scone?
    A bath?

    • Shockedder says:

      This concept of bicuits is intriguing to me.
      I’d like to subscribe to your weekly bicuit feed.

  7. TotalBiscuit says:

    As a living avatar of biscuits everywhere I would like to one-up RPS’s lackluster offering by providing not one, but TWO packets of biscuits. They will also be better biscuits, since RPS no doubt buys ASDA own-brand.

  8. Pandaemonius says:

    Don’t forget they own D2D as well. I am sure there is some digital distribution exclusive-related skullduggery going on here

  9. ShaunCG says:

    I once made a rubbish text adventure in QBASIC and would like a biscuit. Preferably one in CGA.

  10. LewieP says:

    The also own GameGamer.com

  11. Nathan says:

    Further details regarding the composition of this biscuit are vital before we can further consider committing to this venture. Is the biscuit large enough for two to share? Will there be any ginger nuts? Can we be assured that we will be Rich before Tea time? Will you ship to Nice?

    I hope we can pursue this opportunity further.

  12. airtekh says:

    The real issue here is that RPS have yet to disclose what type of biscuit said developers will be receiving.

    The complete lack of biscuit-related information leads me to believe that developers are being deceived by RPS, and said biscuit will probably be of imitation Rich Tea standard, or worse.

  13. Ian says:

    I have a tube of chocolate Hobnobs that are all for me next to my work desk.

    Envy me, comments thread-ers.

    • P7uen says:

      Can you clarify this for me please as it’s making me uneasy.

      I’ve been away from the UK for years so have Hobnobs gone to a plastic tube like Pringles? Or are you describing a regular cylindrical packet of biscuits as a tube of biscuits?

      If it’s the former, well what is the world coming to. If it’s the latter, then you are dead wrong, sir, and should repent.

    • Andy says:

      I can confirm that HobNobs do indeed come in tubes in the UK now…dark times indeed

    • P7uen says:

      I have just torn up my passport. I have no need for a country that allows such a travesty.

    • cliffski says:

      When I was young and working on boats, I once shared tea and hobnobs with a folk band called fairport convention whilst they took a break from work, on pink floyds boat.
      I am the king of schmooze.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Then you dolphin raced aliens yes?

  14. strangeed says:

    All hail the biscuit fund! I may be able to add a packet of Belgian waffles.

    I think we will need to have photographic evidence of said biscuits, as well as evidence of the biscuits being consumed. Other relevant information to be posted by the consumer of the biscuit should include:

    – With or without tea (incl. type)
    – time of day
    – colour of slippers worn at the time

    and yes auto dictionary, that’s “colour” not color

  15. Steven Batchelor-Manning says:

    We are four young hungry indie devs in a shed somewhere in nottingham , desperately in need of food in a cookie like mass. Any assistance with this in the form of a biscuits would allow us to survive another harsh winter as we begin to hibernate.

  16. Quintin Smith says:

    Look alive, indie devs! That’s five biscuits gone already! This offer is slipping through your fingers.

    (How many biscuits are in a pack of biscuits?)

  17. Weylund says:

    I’d ask for one, but being in the States I expect it would be cheaper to simply say you wanted to send one but can’t, and call it even.

  18. Jerricho says:

    To all those who would question the particulars of a free biscuit could I remind you that said biscuit is free? The only situation wherein its ingredients could be pertinent to this offer is if it were a poisonous biscuit. RPS wouldn’t want to poison indie devs, or ANY of us. RPS loves us. They told me so!

    Never look a gift-biscuit in the … filling?

  19. strangeed says:

    This thread needs more confectionery

  20. The_B says:

    I hope the matter of this comment thread possibly deterioating into biscuit puns isn’t a bourbon conclusion.

  21. KieranD says:

    If I don’t receive a biscuit, I’ll be taking legal action young man.

    …free PC gaemz is acceptable too.

  22. Rob Sandbach says:

    Crumbs, I might have missed out.

  23. Vague-rant says:

    Gosh this is an awful lot of comments to digest(ive) in a hurry.

  24. SpinalJack says:

    I make PC games and I’m poor! Send me the circular nutrition!

  25. Kirrus says:

    Err.. Are you sure the IGN link is what you meant to link to?

  26. colinmarc says:


    • Ian says:

      We don’t like your sort around here.

      (Well, that’s not true. Just don’t question our biscuits.)

  27. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    If I start hobnobbing with indie devs, can I get a biscuit too?

  28. Radiant says:

    Colinmarc is right a lot of indie devs are hoping for what we would call ‘scones’

  29. LewieP's Mummy says:

    I bake very yummy biscuits … I may well have to bring some to Eurogamer and give them to the poor indie developers there.

  30. Ginger Yellow says:

    Yes, Hobnobs come in cardboard tubes now. It’s a big improvement (well, maybe apart from the cost) as you can’t eat a lot of Hobnobs at once. So they have a tendency to go stale. But now they can be easily sealed! They’ve done the same with Jaffa Cakes, but it’s not really necessary for them as I tend to eat an entire pack at once.

    • James G says:

      I have friends who are very surprised by my ability to scarf down an entire pack of Jaffa Cakes in a single sitting. Frankly I’m more surprised by their ability to resist. Few biscuits (or honoury biscuits) survive long around me though.

  31. steve says:

    My game company current has donated office space to indie developers for years. One has already left to their own digs and two others are still here. Yet no one writes articles about us, bah.

  32. Navagon says:

    My first non biscuit related thought was Arcen and whether or not this would reduce their expenditure enough to keep the company viable.

  33. MountainShouter says:

    Somebody call Frictional Games up!

  34. PaulMode7 says:

    I can’t believe we missed the biscuits.

    • jeremypeel says:

      Chin up Paul, who needs biscuits when you’ve got a future glowing Wot I Think for Frozen Synapse to look forward to?

      (P.S. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing Jagged Alliance 2 and Flotilla. I think I understand where your game is coming from.)

  35. cliffski says:

    If anyone should get the biscuits it’s me. I live about 15 minutes drive from half of rock paper shotgun. The biscuit shipping costs would be lower, so it just makes sense. Come on guys, send me biccies.

    • jeremypeel says:

      This post displays two things you can rely on cliffski for – statistics-supported logic and no bullshit attitude.

      Give the man a biscuit.

      (Better yet, offer him the choice of a biscuit for free or the same biscuit at a nominal fee to support RPS.)

    • Dozer says:

      Fifteen minutes from half of Rock Paper Shotgun? So you live near Rock Pape?

  36. Bottes UGG says:

    Votre article m’a donné beaucoup de reflexions. Allez-vous faire des folies sur une paire de bottes ugg cette saison ? Ces bottes sont très belles.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I thought this thread smelled like cheese. Then I realized the bots are now French.

      Don’t you guys (the English) make fun of the French too?

    • jeremypeel says:

      Oh yes, but after hundreds of year at war with them on and off it becomes kind of passé, don’tcha know.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I never quite understood (other than the Hundred Years’ War and the Battle of Hastings) why English-speaking people have this dislike or at least tendency to negatively speak about the French.

      I mean, English is half French anyway. *ahem*

      –Captcha is: LBRS (Anyone played WoW around here?)–

  37. Hideous says:

    Woo, RPS is sending me a biscuit!

  38. SpinalJack says:

    woop woop
    gonna get my biccy in the post… probably crushed into tiny crumbs in the clumsy hands of the scouse post delivery service

  39. zoombapup says:

    Now I’m wondering what exactly the biscuit of choice is. I’m thinking “jammy dodger”, but hoping against hope its not a rich tea.