Dead Rising 2’s Weirdo Japanese Ad

Minister Drillcock's cousin.

Dead Rising 2 is out in but six days (on PC – the consoles get it in two), and in the run up appears a deeply peculiar Japanese trailer for the game. It seems to be a sort of American daytime magazine show, dubbed in mad-shouted Japanese, with on-screen nonsense and the occasional clips of the game. And most importantly, two people (well, one person and one zombie) taping a chainsaw to a paddle. There’s also a couple of “outtake” videos, which appear to show only how little fun was had while recording.

So, here’s the ad.

And here are two extremely awkward scenes that seem to only show the tension on set, which is an odd choice:


  1. Bald Space Marine says:

    Stay classy Japan!

  2. Koozer says:

    Indeed, that is both weird and Japanese.

  3. Soundofvictory says:

    Most people might be a little zombied out by now, but actually I am a bit excited for this one. Plus: I demand more awkward videogame commercials! Mostly those Serious Sam HD ads come to mind.

  4. Tyshalle says:

    Does anyone have any idea if this is going to be any good on the PC, or just a bad console port?

    • Nick says:

      Most of Capcoms recent cross platform games have been great in that respect.

  5. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    Dead Rising was a[n excellent] look at American gluttony and waste from a Japanese standpoint, and I imagine that the sequel will continue this theme.

    So this makes perfect sense. Really.

    • Sander Bos says:

      Dead Rising was created by a Japanese development team, Dead Rising 2 is made by an American team. From what I have heard this in effect has meant that the social commentary undertone of the game is gone. These (stupid, not necessarily weird) ads do point in the same direction.

    • President Weasel says:


    • Saiko Kila says:

      So Canadians are not Americans?

  6. Oozo says:

    No one, and I repeat, NO ONE single game ad will ever out-awkward the awkwardness of the mighty God Hand!

  7. Coins says:

    In the first picture. Is that a chainsaw with harpoons strapped to it? Harpoonsaw or Chainpoon?

  8. disperse says:

    Tape it, tape it, tape it.

  9. Trans says:

    To avoid disappointment I will be trading in a pile of console games (I rarely played), dust off the …ahem… PS3 and play it on that. Besides I think it is a game worthy of putting on tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt, buying in beer and pot then doing nothing but getting stoned and drunk whilst playing the game on a huge telly, reclined on a comfortable sofa and giving monosyllabic answers to anyone who comes to the house. I may even take some time off work to extend this blatant consolery!

    Dunno about the PC port but I won’t risk it :(

  10. Oisin says:

    Blame Tim and Eric for awkward comedy. I like it though.

  11. The Pink Ninja says:

    Can we get the Hawaii Five-O version please?

  12. internetman says:

    o rly?

  13. Tacroy says:

    … why is the guy all wet? I don’t understand!

    And the captcha is “dwut”, which is quite apropos.

  14. aerozol says:


  15. Random dude says:

    No one enjoys criticizing America more then the Canadians, we should be in good hands.