Eve Incursion In November

So Eve’s next big update – the 14th such expansion – will hit in November. It’s called in Incursion, because one of the big features is, well, an incursion of NPC zombie-ships into the galaxy. The situation will create lots more co-op PvE in the normally PvP-focused universe. The update also includes a new character creator system, which will allow everyone to redo their avatar and portraits, and the first part of EveGate, which will act as the game’s new social functionality centre.

There will also be some new spaceships. I must not be tempted.


  1. James says:

    I’m waiting until Incarna, and even then I don’t know how long I’ll stay. Every time I go back it feels more like a club for people with more time than I have…and I have a lot.

  2. sexyresults says:

    Can you walk in stations yet? I remember that being touted a long time ago.

  3. orangedragon10 says:

    Sweet, finally Incarna is coming out!…oh wait…

  4. Choca says:

    Haven’t played in a while, some people are hunting for me.

  5. Batolemaeus says:

    In other news, the unfinished and broken on release sov system has been abandoned, just like any other previous feature.

    So yeah, I’m highly underwhelmed.

    • vildmule says:

      Oh please, for the past 5 months the player base have been screaming for CCP to go over existing content and stop pushing new one until the old one was finished.

      Now they may actually be doing that, and you whine?

      CSM contributions, AI updates, and fixes to improve player lag is exactly what we could’ve hoped for.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      I will cheer when they finish what they started.

      And while I applaud the UI improvements that are going to hit TQ, there are a ton of features that are in dire need of attention with no help in sight. Incursions doesn’t help with any of them. No, not even PI, as evidenced by what is currently on Sisi.

    • mandrill says:

      Nothing that will be in Incursion is on SiSi yet.

    • teo says:

      Wow, they’re fixing rockets after how many years, and how much whining about it? (I say whining but there’s been tons of articulate complaints). If they wanted to ‘commit to excellence’ they’d do more than fix the most basic shit like a weapon system that’s completely broken, and a new game system (PI) that was not released in a finished state.

  6. happydays says:

    Obviously you can’t lead an alliance or even be a high ranking officer in one if you’re on a casual schedule where you can’t play more than a few days a week, but aside from that eve-online is probably the most casual friendly MMO available.

    It’s all about the choices you make but there frankly isn’t a single part of the gameplay you can’t be part of as a casual gamer as long as you hook up with the right people.

    I know because I’ve lived in both wormholes and 0.0 and I’m frankly only playing a few hours each weekend.

    • Kelduum Revaan says:

      Well, I’m the leader of both an alliance and the largest corporation in the game with over 1500 active members, and I don’t actually spend that much time logged in.

      It’s all about the delegation.

    • happydays says:

      Was actually a reply to the first poster, not sure how it ended up down here.

    • James says:

      That’s a bit subjective…I can think of several games that I’d recommend to “casual” gamers, but Eve wouldn’t be one of them. Eve is a giant, complex game and it lacks most of the qualities that make up a “casual game” in the first place, but if you want to limit it to MMOs then everything you mentioned could be applied to any other MMO as well. I get your points, but they sound like special pleading to me.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      You can be in a leadership position without even logging in for weeks. Contrary to popular belief, doing stuff for a corp can often be done completely via mails, forum and instant messaging. Obviously it all depends on your role, but leading doesn’t equal undocking.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      @Kelduum — how many hours a week do you spend reading forums, crunching numbers, making executive decisions and talking to your underlings about your strategy? Because those are actually hours spent playing EVE; you don’t actually have to be logged and piloting a ship to be playing the game. :P

    • user@example.com says:

      That’s more asynchronous play, though. There’s less active second-to-second attention required than if you’re doing something in a ship.

      Something other than mining, at least, because mining ops require you to split your attention between the screen and your drinking (much like being an fc!)

    • Aganazer says:

      “Eve is a giant, complex game and it lacks most of the qualities that make up a “casual game””

      I wouldn’t characterize casual gamers as those that want a small simple game. Casual gamers want as much complexity as anyone else, but just have less time to spend doing it.

      Its really easy in Eve to log in and run a mission or two, scan down an anomaly, or take a stroll through low sec in as short as 30 minutes.

  7. oddshrub says:

    It’s not incarna and I bet CCP will get a lot of grief over this, but if you read the notes they seem to be taking the angry player base seriously. They’re going to include fixes and changes that are brought to them from the CSM and they’re looking into fixing the lag in fleet warfare.

    Aside from that they’re giving us a salvage ship which won’t mean a whole lot to level 4 mission grinders flying marauders (although I’m sure some of them will whine). But it’s actually a great way for newer players to join up with their friends in things like level 5 missions and wormholes.

    • user@example.com says:

      A newbie can be in a salvaging thrasher in no time, really, and a salvaging frigate is perfectly doable as the newbiest-of-newbies.

      It helps if you’re in 0.0 and friendly ratters let you loot their sites, though.

    • Atrocious says:

      Agreed on all points.

      The salvaging ship is ideal for newbies as a starting profession – either to have a role in their corp or to make money from people who share their wrecks.

      The lag issue has been around for too long and if they manage to fix that, the existing player-base will be much more relaxed with CCP’s other development plans.

      So there is something for everyone – even though it doesn’t have an impressive amount of new features.

  8. Xercies says:

    i thought we already had an EveGate…oh wait different kind of Gate

  9. President Weasel says:

    I would say “Joinn ussss, it’s blisssss”, but since I am currently taking a Dwarf Fortress and Blood Bowl inspired break (soon to be a Civ 5 break) I can’t.
    Besides, it’s not really bliss right now. Sov war is broken, lag is highly likely for any kind of fleet fight above about 30 a side, and bored mothership pilots are hot dropping on battlecruisers just for something to do.

    Joinnn RPSH, they’re a great bunch of space guysssss, I can say that.

    • Nallen says:

      Before I unsubbed my 3 accounts I looked for RPSH for one last gasp at having some fun after a period of limbo due to the folding of State.

      Due to massive stupidity I never found them, so after about 4.5 years I waved good by to New Eden. This expansion wont be bringing me back.

    • jconnop says:

      A week or so ago I read in an alliance evemail that we must be ever vigilant in keeping these “RPS Holdings” guys out of our claimed 0.0 space. Suffice to say my jaw dropped when I realised I had joined an alliance who just so happened to be at ends with the RPS corp.

      But then I’m both quite new to the game and an industrialist and as such won’t be firing upon my true bretheren any time soon; just wow – small universe.

    • mpk says:

      Are you in Jovian Empire?

    • user@example.com says:

      jconnop: You just gave out enough clues to narrow down your alliance and possibly identify you, but you could still probably be an effective agent! If RPS doesn’t have an intelligence program, you should totally start one.

    • user@example.com says:

      Narrow it down from the point of view of your current alliance’s intelligence people, that is. If they have any, which they really should. It makes the game much more fun.

    • President Weasel says:


      It’s *our* space.
      All of it.

  10. mpk says:

    I seem to remember a comment in a dev blog or interview a while back that suggested that you’d be able to tell when the EVE devs were running out of ideas when they fell back on the “alien invasion” scenarios. This tells me a lot.

  11. mandrill says:

    Its not the first part of EVE Gate, That appeared with Tyrannis and no-one uses it. This ‘iteration’ of EVE gate will probably include updated forums.

    • Kelduum Revaan says:

      We use it in E-UNI, but only the calendar element really (its the only bit which is near finished at the moment), and have stuff posted publicly.

  12. the wiseass says:

    Wow, so much negativity for one of the best MMO’s currently in existence (bdesides Guild Wars of course). I’ve got to admit the lag sucks, especially on Sundays where everybody seems to be playing. But the new expansions looks nice, can’t wait for some coop PvE.

    But the new feature I’m most interested about is the new dual screen support currently running on Singularity:

    link to eve-jbc.de

    That’s gonna be fantastic and it isn’t even featured in the expansions feature list! Besides all the problems, I still think that CCP is one of the best, close to the community, innovative game companies. That alone deserves my money.

    • mpk says:

      Not enough bitterness in this post tbh.

      Christ, look at me. I stop playing for a week and I’ve already turned into an SHC troll…

  13. DevilSShadoW says:

    i’ve been playing (read training skills) eve for some 2 years now. Waiting till incarna before i fully devote my life to the game again. Till then, just paying to train

  14. Tei says:

    Have you guys played with a maxed character, with a maxed ISK account?

    I have played something similar.

    Plonetsomething (whatever is called the EVE with robots mmo) ended a phase of closed beta giving everyone 400.000 training points, and lowering the cost of everything to 10 credits. So everyone was around in the equivalent of whatever the most interesting looking giganteous monster want to use.

  15. Billzor says:

    How cool will flying a Sansha mothership around be? Let me answer by saying this: “Very cool.”

    • Manley Pointer says:

      More overpowered motherships are just what Eve needs! Sign up for Eve today — after a couple months, you’ll be in a ship good enough to attack a ratting mothership with 50 of your friends, until he CTRL + Qs with his mods hot and disappears in 15 minutes after you’ve gotten him to 30% structure.

  16. WindowsGamer says:

    In other news, that header blends in rather nicely with the RPS background :D

  17. mono says:

    Maxed Character? Last I heard it was 26 years of training to max your character. Real time years. As far as isk, titans are going to $6999 each, do the math. (Albeit I can’t imagine how they would deliver titan given the in game requirements to transfer them.)

  18. Jason Hardwick says:

    Can i have your stuff? Ingame Name: Jason Hardwick