Hadokan’t: No Super Street Fighter IV For PC

This shot reminds me of the time an enormous oily red man picked me up and turned me upside-down.

Gamasutra reports that despite strong sales of Street Fighter IV on the PC and the game being built on DirectX technology, Capcom has no intention of gracing our beloved platform with Super Street Fighter IV. The reason? Piracy. Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that the company “cannot allow a situation” where the game is available for free on any platform, and that a PC port will only be a possibility if Capcom discover a decent copy protection solution.

Ready for the weird bit? Ono went on to say that a Steam-only release was out of the question because it would be “unfair to PC players who are unable to buy games via the digital distribution platform.” What, as opposed to it being unfair for every single one of us? DAMMIT, CAPCOM.

The guy in the screenshot is Hakan, by the way. A new character in SSFIV and Turkish oil wrestler. Since we won’t be able to play with Hakan, I’ve put a documentary about actual Turkish oil wrestlers below. Maybe we can play with them, instead. They seem nice.


  1. stahlwerk says:

    Those damn freeloaders with their dual cassette decks, always copying, ever pirating.

    Wait, wrong century..

  2. Blargh. says:

    Bad news, worrying footage.

  3. John Smith says:

    lol. I gave up on Capcom, but they had a few guys working there that seemed relatively intelligent. This guy is just a retard though, and I’ll be SURE to pirate it on the 360.

    Actually this is all it takes for me to never buy a Capcom game again. I did the same with EA games, and have never looked back.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I thought Dead Rising 2 was by Capcom and was coming out on the PC?

      I think SF4 did come out on the PC and Super SF4 isn’t going to. Is what he meant.

    • Spliter says:

      Aye, I hear you.
      Seems the only company we can have any faith whatsoever to not let PC gamers down are Valve. Even Epic made Gears of War 2 Console exclusive, which considering their strong PC background and fandom was a dick move.

    • squirrel says:

      360 is not well-known for preventing pirated single player games, but Microsoft is definitely effectively for shuting pirated gamers out of online platforms.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Most console (xbox) gamers I know have two consoles – one is modified an often banned (but not always), the other is unmodified, to play online (and these are usually not their first consoles, thanks to high failure rate and release of never versions). All of them pirate like crazy. Sure, for SF you probably want to have online version…Wait, maybe not so sure. You can play on LAN after all, and maybe prefer to fight with a friend than with some random guy picked by matchmakers. Xbox as alternative to piracy is a joke.

  4. Barman1942 says:

    Hold up, the first sentence of this article doesn’t make sense. Despite Street Fighter IV selling well on the PC, Capcom has decided not to release Street Fighter IV on PC? Say whaaaa?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      There’s a “Super” you’re not seeing, man. I don’t blame you. Everybody forgets to call me Super Quinns.

    • Cat says:

      It makes perfect sense! Due to the awesome sales it has got on the PC they have realised they don’t need to release it on the PC, because they’ve already released it on the PC and had good sales from it!

    • Schrodinger's Lolcat says:

      Just like their grammatical structure, Japanese logic works backwards.


    • luminosity says:

      I thought it was “Iron Quinns.”

    • Barman1942 says:

      Super Iron Quinns.

    • Raum says:

      Heh, the Taito X2 it’s running on is a PC running Win XP, so yeah.

      Capcom is basically refusing to print money. Just for the hell of it.

  5. Tom OBedlam says:

    well… that was fucking weird :)

  6. pkt-zer0 says:

    Note: an arcade version of SSF4 is also coming out, despite the fact that’s also been hacked. Might even be playable on home PCs like BlazBlue: Continuum Shift was.

    It’s not as if the X360 is free from piracy, either.

    • UW says:

      Well.. no current home gaming platform is free from piracy.

      The big difference is I think that to pirate on PC, you need a PC. If you pirate, you can also play legitimate games online without fear.

      With the 360 and PS3, you jeopardise your ability to go online and use their additional services, as well as the additional effort/knowledge it takes to make the console run pirated software. You would need two separate consoles in order to pirate and use online services without risk. But that would still be cheaper than buying a “gaming PC”, hahahaha am I right?

    • Koozer says:


    • Binman88 says:


      From the article, Yoshinori Ono seems to specifically say they can’t release the game on any platform with piracy concerns. Do you see why there might be a bit of confusion? I don’t know where your rant about the relative difficulty to pirate on one platform or another comes into the equation. Mr Ono makes no mention of those issues. People can get their hands on a bootleg copy of SSFIV on the 360 either online or at some dodgy market – therefore his statement sounds a bit stupid.

    • DrGonzo says:

      What was that no to? It would be cheaper to buy two xbox’s and get one chipped. You can pick up a 360 for 70 quid now at game.

  7. DrGonzo says:

    I wish I hadn’t bought the 360 version now. I don’t want to support Capcom if they are going to be arse’s like this. Don’t release it if you don’t want to, but this announcement is just infuriating. Well done Capcom you’ve successfully made me dislike you.

    The sad thing is that SSF4 is really rather good.

  8. LMN8R says:

    This is beyond retarded. The game sold well. But despite it selling well, they won’t bring it to PC because a bunch of others pirated it.

    No one why Capcom is in the shithole lately. Stupid stupid business decisions. If everyone followed their model, no one would produce any content for anything.

    This is the exact ass-backwards mindset that Valve and Stardock have been fighting against for years. Ignore the pirates, treat your customers well, and you will be successful. Sad that, even with success from legitimate customers who are ready and willing to give them money, they still care more about pirates who will never ever buy their game in the first place.

  9. Hasbean says:

    Any news on a Blazblue PC release instead? Haven’t seen word on that one for a while.

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      It’s been out for a while, actually. Calamity Trigger, at least. I’d guess we’ll only be getting Continuum Shift 2 in the future (the upcoming arcade release), if anything.

  10. ChampionHyena says:

    Odd, considering how much Capcom USA wanted SSFIV on PC (and how gung-ho they’ve been for digital distribution in total).

    But hey, I guess it’s up to the creators what they want to do with it. That’s their prerogative. Mine’s just to say “hell with you” and not buy SSFIV for any platform. Simple, right?

    Now where’s Dead Rising 2?

    • DrGonzo says:

      Exactly, though SSFIV is going incredibly cheap on the consoles at the moment if you were tempted.

  11. UW says:

    Piracy is just the catch-all excuse for not releasing a game on PC, but it seems a pretty terrible one to me. I really just don’t get it, SFIV sold well and is popular on the PC. SSFIV already EXISTS and I can’t imagine it would even cost all that much to port it across; even if sales aren’t magnificent it doesn’t seem feasible that they wouldn’t profit. This just doesn’t seem logical from a business perspective.

  12. the wiseass says:

    I’m just gonna leave this article here:. Read it, it’s good for your braincells:

    link to edition.cnn.com

    I say the main reason why there won’t be a super street fighter IV despite the good sales is because CAPCOM can’t nickel-&-dime the average PC consumer as much as the average console gamer.

    With companies like Valve that are supporting their games and giving shit away for free, that would otherwise cost money on a console, there is no money to be made for a short-sighted company like CAPCOM.

    Give us a good reason to buy your games instead of shafting us for every penny and you might make more sales in the long term. Stop giving us that lame piracy excuse. Why not publish the game on steam if that was a real concern?

    • Saiko Kila says:

      This is really an investment. You loose some money now, sure, but if the PC platform is dead (or sick, or they only heard that’s the case) what would the gamers do? Go walking? Maybe visit museum? No, they’ll buy (or dust) they xboxes or what-was-this-japanese-brick-called and give their monies to the dealer. Dealer of one of the most controlled substance, with prices and rules of service as crafted as they want.

  13. Brenton says:

    This just in: Any platform can be hacked to allow piracy.

  14. Wipa says:

    Best post title yet. :D

  15. Mondomau says:

    Ono went on to say that a Steam-only release was out of the question because it would be “unfair to PC players who are unable to buy games via the digital distribution platform.”

    That’s just fucking insulting. Does he really expect us to swallow that this is about piracy rather than extra profit, when that’s the best excuse for not using steam? Jog on, Capcom.

  16. Robin says:

    Seems they are concerned with piracy on one platform eating into sales on the others. If so, they could just do what everyone else does and be coy about the PC version, eventually announce it and release it late after everyone who was going to has bought it on console.
    With the arcade hardware being so similar, it seems like a port that is mainly digitally distributed should really just be bonus revenue at that point.

  17. Commander Gun says:

    Very bad news this is. As a fanatic SF4 player who has only the pc (and no intention at all to change that), i’ve been paying close attention to the mega-thread on capcom about this:

    link to capcom-unity.com!!!?pg=56

    As you can see, there was quite some interest and the community’s hope was largely put on steam. The argument to NOT release this on steam is pathetic really.

    Anyway, guess i’ll have to do with SF4 (without the extra s) then. If anyone wants a game, lmk :)

  18. Oak says:

    I’ve never been so fond of a game yet so miserably, hopelessly bad at it.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Same. The worst thing is I show no signs of improvement on any character I play, and I continue to get owned by every Ken with a crappy connection at the bottom level of the league system. Imagine a jumping high-kick stomping Chun Li’s face forever.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well if you are using a standard 360 controller that could explain why you suck. The game really needs something with a decent D-pad. Also, stick with one character for months and months, completely dedicate yourself to learning them. Also, don’t believe people that an arcade stick is the best method, for some people it’s excellent. However, I learned SF on consoles not at the arcade, so I play better with a controller.

  19. the wiseass says:

    By the way, HANDS DOWN PANTS!!!

  20. Nick says:

    They’d better not release it on the 360 then, or that reason would be bullshit.


  21. LewieP says:

    This situation is bloody ridiculous.

    They have literally already developed a PC port of the game. The cost to release it would be minimal. They have it sat somewhere in the mega-server, and instead of putting it on Steam, even for £1, and getting some money, they are choosing to not release it on PC at all and get no money.

    Because they would prefer than no one pirates it than they make more money.

    Also, the Xbox 360 version was up on torrents before release.

    The only sensible reasoning I can see for this is if it is actually not true, and they are just saying that to make people who would potentially pirate the PC version buy it on consoles instead.

    • LewieP says:

      To clarify: The arcade version runs on a windows PC.

    • Starky says:

      Maybe, but running it on a specific windows PC set up with specific hardware and specific specs and control method is NOT the same as a PC port.

      Not that Capcom are any less dumb.

      They should sell the game on PC as hardware – build the game into a 8GB flash memory arcade stick for £40 – and sell me that.
      Piracy solution solved (no hardware, no game – sure some people might manage to emulate it somehow, but it won’t be as simple as an EXE crack – and I get an arcade controller for use in other games too hehe.

    • subedii says:

      You’d get an awful lot of complaints from the 360 / PS3 about being gouged on price. Not entirely unreasonable since you’re effectively selling the game itself at a very low price when you factor in the cost of a decent pad.

    • Starky says:

      Okay then I’d pay maybe £60 – so long as the controller was the same USB 360 compatible one.

      Yeah that seems fair, £60 for a USB Arcade stick with a built in USB security dongle authenticator thingy – linked to a steam account install.

      Make the game only playable with the Arcade stick plugged in + steam, and there you go (though player 2+ can use any controller they like).

  22. DevilSShadoW says:

    so what the hell happened to all the “SSFIV on the pc with ladders tournaments achievements yada yada yada” ?
    I read somewhere that the game was 99% completed for the PC. So then, is piracy really the problem, dear CAPCOM? Or did you just fuck up in some way that is so embarrassing that you had to pull out a product from on of your platforms?

  23. pkt-zer0 says:

    Oh, another funny thing is that this almost directly contradicts what Capcom US folks have said:

    link to capcom-unity.com

  24. Skusey says:

    Lovely pun, lovely documentary, silly Capcom.

  25. Android8675 says:

    I’d of felt better if they had said, “We didn’t like that PC users modded the game to use different models with fighters.”

    Piracy is a lame excuse for not bringing a game to a platform. If you think XBox doesn’t have it’s share of piracy you’re smokin Uno.

  26. minipixel says:

    yawn :p

  27. Dominic White says:

    I’m convinced that Capcoms PC wing hates money.

    Ever hear about Monster Hunter Frontier? PC MMO spinoff of their super-popular action RPG series. It has minimal text, so that it would be dead easy to translate, and it runs peer-to-peer netcode outsite of towns, so bandwidth costs would be miniscule compared to most games in the genre. Easy money to localize and sell worldwide, right?

    Years later, there’s no sign of it. And not too long ago, they started hunting non-Japanese players. Paying customers. They had previously IP-blocked everyone not Japanese from the game, but some people had gotten around this, so they actually have GMs listening out for anyone not speaking Japanese. Don’t speak it fluently? You’re banned.

    I repeat: They are paying people to actively get rid of paying customers.

    • Nick says:

      Wow, that is pretty special

    • DrGonzo says:

      They also pay their employees less than minimum wage in the UK. They really shouldn’t be supported at all, pretty much anyway you look at it they are a terrible company.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Maybe their management staff was touched bad in childhood.

  28. CMaster says:

    Wow. Someone at Capcom needs to learn some basic business I think.
    “We’re abandoning millions of dollars worth of sales, because we can’t tolerate that any person might play for free” doesn’t seem well, sane,

    • Robin says:

      I somehow don’t imagine that even the highest ever grossing PC fighting game made all that much money.

      Maybe this decision is related to whether Microsoft are still throwing free money at PC games publishers to ruin their games with GFWL? Or whether SFIV’s downloadable gewgaws made any money.

    • subedii says:

      Were they throwing money at companies to do that in the first place?

  29. GoldenNugget says:

    Well I’m glad I didn’t wait for RE5 Gold to appear on PC and got the regular version during a steam sale. I had a lot of fun with RE5 despite the shitty plot. Too bad I’ll be missing the extra side quests and costumes but w/e…

  30. Berm says:

    So… will Capcom resign from the PC Gamers Alliance now? Heck, won’t the PGA resign altogether?

    What a sham this is…

    • the wiseass says:

      On another note, what has the PC Gamers Alliance every done for us anyway?

  31. Carra says:

    That makes little sense.

    There’s piracy on the XBOX360. Stop creating games there until you find a proper anti piracy measure.

  32. Calabi says:

    Well you’ve gotta admire there logic rather than get some sales there gonna have no sales at all. Good on them for sticking it to the man.

  33. Nemon says:

    Yoshinori Ono, spelled r-e-t-a-r-d.

  34. sonofsanta says:

    Stupid Logic. Awesome Pun.

    That is all.

  35. Heliocentric says:

    Shame, i was tempted to buy it.

  36. Bungle says:

    Super Street Fighter 4 was released on my torrent network 4 and a half months ago for the X360.

    I’d like to repeat that.

    It was released on my torrent network over four months ago.

    Now, what was your excuse again?

  37. DoucheMullet says:

    I like how developers seem to not realize how easy and growing piracy is on consoles.

    Hell, all you need to pirate games in a ps3 is a usb stick.

  38. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    And now I’m even more stunned.

    Well, I guess Capcom didn’t want the money. That explains it.

  39. blargh says:

    While sales of the PC version of the first game, Street Fighter IV, had been strong worldwide, the platform was also “number one in piracy,” said Ono in an interview with the Japanese site 4gamer.net.

    So, it sold well, but because it was pirated there isn’t going to be a Super version on PC despite it being a potential strong seller like the first?

    So, no profits at all is better than strong sales with some potentially lost profits? Does that make sense to anyone?

    The PC version is, and I quote, “99% ready” so even despite the fact that there is pretty much barely any amount of work involved to make it 100% ready, the investment is somehow not worth it because some people grab it for free? Even when it’s very likely that there would be strong worldwide sales like the first on PC? Really? It’s almost like a free investment, for crying out loud.

    Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that the company “cannot allow a situation” where the game is available for free on any platform, and that a PC port will only be a possibility if Capcom discover a decent copy protection solution.

    Yet it’s being released on both 360 and the now jailbroken PS3. Hypocrisy anyone?

    Piracy is part of the platform/s. Piracy does not necessarily mean lost sales. Live with it and move on. I don’t see the point in looking at the piracy numbers instead of focusing on sales. It’s not very smart. If they had weak sales with SFIV, I’d have no issue with them not bothering with a PC version, but it was the exact opposite. I just don’t get it.

    Not that I care, TBH. I bought SFIV, but don’t think it’s worth getting SSFIV for some minor tweaks and some new characters, all of which could have been released as an expansion or something. Plus, I suck at it.

  40. Kdansky says:

    I will have to save that video for the next time a sports fan calls us nerds “fags”. As for the game: We’ll have to contend with BlazBlu then, which is better anyway.

    • Buemba says:

      Did Arc System Works announce a PC version of Continuum Shift yet? I was under the impression that only Calamity Trigger was getting a PC port.

      As for SSFIV, pity. I’ll be sure to buy a used copy for the PS3 then.

    • a says:

      And I’ll have to save that video for my alone time. Well, maybe not the bit with the young boys.

  41. pilouuuu says:

    Just when they started doing things right… they mess it up! I think now I’ll boycott all of their games beginning with Dead Rising 2. Shame, now we won’t get Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 either.

  42. rocketman71 says:

    “Producer Yoshinori Ono has stated that the company “cannot allow a situation” where the game is available for free on any platform, and that a PC port will only be a possibility if Capcom discover a decent copy protection solution.”

    So they’re not going to release the game for the 360 & PS3 either?. BS.

    Fucking idiots. Yet more proof of Capcom’s false love for the PC.

  43. Radiant says:

    The pc version of vanilla was absolutely caned on torrents.
    So you can understand this.
    It was touch and go whether there was going to be an arcade version.
    Capcom are very cautious with this ip as it’s very important to them.
    This and Marvel vs Capcom 3 are proper tent poles.

  44. Renzatic says:

    Does this also mean they won’t be releasing Bionic Command Rearmed 2 for the PC?


    • pkt-zer0 says:

      They’ve announced five or so console-exclusive titles in the past 12 months that are sequels/expansions to a game that had a PC release – BC:R 2 is one of them.


  45. Urglburgl says:


    “Ono has stated that the company “cannot allow a situation” where the game is available for free on any platform, and that a PC port will only be a possibility if Capcom discover a decent copy protection solution”

    Where has this guy been the last 30 years?

    Just because PC piracy can be easier to measure(and is more “visible”, perhaps) doesn’t mean console piracy isn’t rampant (Xbox and 360 for a while now, and just recently we have the trifecta of all PS1-3 cracked as well, hello!!!).

    Higher piracy quotas tend to correlate strongly with higher actual sale figures(correlate, not causate), i.e. crap games don’t get copied, and good games seem to have higher piracy.
    Interest is interest, wake the f**k up!

    Goes to show, never trust someone called Ono.
    And I was just thinking how well done RE5 seemed for a PC port compared to the nightmares almost all REs before it. Beh.

    Either way, I sincerely hope this outlandish malperspective(a copied game is a lost sale) of the gaming world disappears some day.

    also, inb4copyingistheft

    • Lilliput King says:

      “also, inb4copyingistheft”

      Kind of a side issue, isn’t it? This decision is still stupid no matter how we see piracy. I’d be amazed if SF4 didn’t make a fair bit of dosh on the PC release, too. Seemed really well received.

  46. Jetsetlemming says:

    Maybe because I don’t care about Street Fighter or really any fighting game that isn’t Smash Bros, but I’m not really upset by this, I just find it really incredibly funny.

  47. SuperNashwan says:

    This is ripe with the smell of nearsighted Japanese management. Someone has decided this isn’t getting released and that’s that, wheel out the old piracy excuse so you can demonstrate how stupid you think your customers are.

  48. catska says:

    Makes sense. Whether you lot want to believe it or not a PC version is basically like releasing a free version of the game to a LOT of people. People who will see a PC version exists and opt not to buy the 360 or ps3 version.

    But of course since it mentioned piracy PC gamers will throw logic out the window and get thrown into an all consuming rage that blames Capcom for trying to make money and furiously points out that piracy also happens on the consoles, conveniently ignoring the fact it happens at 1/10th the scale.

    • pilouuuu says:

      They made a lot of money with SF4 on PC! There’s no point in focusing in the losses if on the other side you’re winning much more. Especially after they released such horrible ports as in the case of Resident Evil 4 they should thank PC gamers for buying their games.

      And also there may be a lot of piracy on PC due to the fact that PC gamers like to “try” their games first and if the game is not a complete piece of garbage only then they buy the game. So the numbers are not reliable.

    • Pessimal says:

      Yerah you’re absolutely right….
      OH SHIT

      Super Street Fighter 4 IV Xbox 360 ISO Stealth Patched PLUS OTHE

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      Yes, because people who don’t want to buy the game will wait six months after the console release for the PC version, rather than just grabbing a leaked copy for X360 a month before release. Makes sense.

    • Newblade says:

      The arcade version runs in a Taito Type X2, which is esentially a PC with Windows XP, so it will eventually be cracked and converted to PC.

      They can choose between making some money or not making any money at all, but the game will be pirated anyway.

    • Lilliput King says:

      “Whether you lot want to believe it or not a PC version is basically like releasing a free version of the game to a LOT of people.”

      “People who will see a PC version exists and opt not to buy the 360 or ps3 version.”

      “conveniently ignoring the fact it happens at 1/10th the scale.”

      Do you have any evidence whatsoever to back any of this up?

    • Raum says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  49. catmorbid says:

    Fuck them. If they’re not aware of what’s going on in their business, and how to adapt to it, that’s their own fault – dumb fucks. Sorry for the language, but this makes me fucking hilarious every fucking time. Hypocritical dumbfucks. ;)

  50. Navagon says:

    Only total morons overlook actual sales in favour of dwelling on the sales you didn’t – nor ever would – have. Capcom clearly employ that kind of moron.

    That said, Capcom seem to have been extremely below average lately anyway.