Remembrance Day – C&C3: The Forgotten

With C&C4 leaving some big huge gaps in Tiberium-town’s long-running lore, it seems only right that the series’ fans would fill in the gaps. Better to do it with new game-stuff than with long, rambling fanfic, too. C&C3 mod the Forgotten is a three years in the making tale of a rag-tag band of space crystal-mutated lost souls, and the part they played in the Third Tiberium War. Introduced in Tiberian Sun: Firestorm, they basically got dropped from the story from thereon in. Forgotten, if you will.

An 863Mb endeavour, offering new HD cutscenes as well as a slew of new units, levels and icky mutation graphics, it’s a meaty old project. There’s a release trailer below, and you can download it here.

And here’s one from last year, showing off the cutscenes they’re on about, plus in-game unit death-bang-bang-splode fun.

It’s made by a bunch of chaps known as CNClabs, and they’ve provided a ton of detail on units, buildings and backstory right over here.


  1. Mark O'Brien says:

    Might want to check the spelling of “Remembrance” there, Alec, unless I’m missing a pun or something.

  2. bleeters says:

    It just couldn’t be Command & Conquer without corny CGI cutscenes.

  3. Fwiffo says:

    It looks like it’s been lovingly made with a genuine love for the Tiberium universe – one of the more interesting fictional worlds in gaming if you ask me. While I can tolerate the no-budget production of the FMV these fan-made creations always blow immersion and suspension of disbelief out of the water by using pale, pudgy or skinny geeks (the creators themselves most likely.)

    The vast majority of these mod and fanfilm makers are around college and uni age, so why not round up some appropriately built people from the performing arts department or something? The people there usually have a lot of free time and will relish any excuse to act to a camera. Nitpicky, I know but it’s always been a bugbear of mine.

    Aside: C&C3 in retrospect was a fantastic sequel with excellent prodution, direction and fun gameplay. The single player was engaging and the plot was meaty and reverent to the series’ past even if it did ignore some previous plot points such as the mutants. The cutscenes had the perfect amount of required cheese and well known B-list actors and the game itself was lean and quick to begin with, streamlined and satisfying at the end.

    It’s a crying shame the fanbase did nothing but slate EA LA for their hard work with the same petulant script about Westwood Studios not making the game and Frank Klepacki not making the music. Hollow words too, since most were toddlers when the first game was released back in ’95 if they were born at all, having no idea of what made the series great at the time. They bit the hand that fed a bit too much if you ask me and got what they deserved with C&C4, a literal manual of how to destroy a game franchise.

    • Samuel Bass says:

      As the only CNC3 designer still here at EALA, thanks!

      While CNC4 was, for all the good intentions of its creators, a misfire, I think tour work on CNC3 holds up pretty well – it’s a fun game and one of the better moments in the franchise. It’s up there with Battle for Middle Earth 2 on my personal best of.

    • dash says:

      Yeah. 4 was an obvious disaster from the second it was announced, but I really liked 3.

    • JurassicPork says:

      @ Samuel Bass.

      Well thanks for a great and underrated game in CnC3. I really enjoyed BFME2 as well.

    • Rosti says:

      This is the truth – I can’t say that C&C3 was truly remarkable, but there’s a special place in my heart for it, alongside Tiberian Sun. Good, solid RTSes and a fun place to visit from time to time. Plus, they run on my dinky netbook. Sort of.

      [Although (Alec’s?) comment on the series always rings in my ears these days: Left click command, right click conquer. Not strictly a bad thing, mind.]

  4. IncredibleBulk92 says:

    sounds good but its too close to civ5 day for me to download this. It says something that I’m more interested in playing this mod than a single second more of c&c 4. 4 was terrible

  5. Alistar says:

    I wonder if it’s called “The Forgotten” because they modded a game that everyone forgot! Hey-oh!

  6. Nick Allain says:

    While you’re right about the budget (we shot in an unheated garage – in February – in massachusetts) you’re a little incorrect about the actors. Rick Desilets is a burgeoning comedian and has an award winning film under his belt (link to and Matt Heron-Duranti (link to has appeared in Paul Blart and Brotherhood (among others).

    Nick Allain,
    Producer – Broken Wall Films, LLC.

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Introduced in Tiberian Sun: Firestorm, they basically got dropped from the story from thereon in. Forgotten, if you will.

    I think they showed up in Tib Sun itself too. That they were dropped has, I suspect, a lot to do with them being a little bit wanky.

    • Samuel Bass says:

      …and HD camera not being so kind to “Native American / Mutant” costumes and makeup.

  8. Samuel Bass says:

    This is a great mod…even with the SDK we put together, creating content for SAGE engine games is a pretty tough road to hoe, let alone putting together a full faction and campaign (with video!).

    It’s amazing what people with dedication can do. Kudos!

  9. cacknoob says:

    Excellent !! Im glad i re-installed CC3 for it. A masterful mod by some very talented programmers/designers/fans

  10. Starky says:

    Going to add that it is a shame that C&C ended the way it did, I thought C&C3 + KW were both excellent – great cheesy sci-fi single player with a decent B-movie plot and acting too. Pretty decent competitive multiplayer – even if the balance was awful, which I blame firmly on the devs listening far to much to the crying of the community. Listening too much to that angry ranty minority on your forums is never a good thing for balance (just ask Blizzard).

    RA3 was also fun, but not quite as good. Though I did greatly enjoy those missions in the expand-alone with the japanese schoolgirl Yuriko.

    C&C 4, I’ve not played and probably never will due to the DRM system which I refuse to support, but by almost every account is awful.
    I might buy it when I find it on sale for some stupidly low price, and then proceed to crack the DRM right out of it.

  11. x25killa says:

    Had a hankering to play some C&C 3 couple a weeks ago since the tiberium lore seems interesting. I shall be downloading this mod and try it out.