GPG Still Improving SupCom 2, Apparently

Gas Powered Games are still working on improving Supreme Commander 2‘s AI, and there will be another overhaul with the next patch. You can see this explained in the video I’ve embedded below. The custom AI menu is particularly nerd-happy-making, with options to tweak exactly how it will behave/cheat. It almost makes me want to go back to the game. I don’t know about you lot, but it puts a warmness in my heart when devs spend time and resources working on this stuff after release. It’s a shame it can’t happen for all games. Go take a look at the full AI reveal below, it’s full of clever stuff.

Cheers, BigDownload.


  1. Oreot says:

    *cough* Demigod support? *cough*
    Oh, that right you were too busy making SupCom 2 to support that game…

    • goodgimp says:

      Demigod updates are funded/requested by the publisher, Stardock. If you want to see Demigod updates, go yell at them to pay GPG to do some.

  2. Miker says:

    I believe it’s $10 on Newegg in the states right now. If I hadn’t just bought Lara Croft, I might’ve bought it.

  3. Sardaukar says:

    We humble Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance players would still like our performance-devouring bugged AI fixed. Or at the very least an official release of the last beta patch. Or any support at all. Please?

    C.Taylor said that if we wanted the patch, support SupCom2. Apparently SupCom2 sold well enough to continue to receive support. Where’s ours?

    • Thants says:

      I do wish we could have all the engine improvements of SupCom 2 with the gameplay of the first one.

  4. My Name says:

    Beating a dead horse..

  5. Dominic White says:

    4/4 comments so far in response to a developer providing major post-release support and free DLC? Complaining.

    Welcome to PC gaming, where nothing is ever enough.

    • Sardaukar says:

      It’s great that they’re supporting the game, but the widely-considered better game- SCFA- is still unplayable offline. I gave up hope long ago and haven’t checked if the mod community is still at work on it, but last I read, it was known that something about the AI processes bugged out after thirty minutes or so, slowing the games speed down more and more after that. Even the best PC’s end up with railgun slugs traveling slower molasses.

    • Navagon says:

      Well that might have something to do with the complete lack of support they game Forged Alliance and Demigod, despite promises to the contrary.

      It might also have something to do with the sacrifices they made to squeeze SC2 onto a platform that doesn’t want it, resulting in a game that’s universally worse than its predecessor.

      In other words, this isn’t one they should have released, never mind be patching.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Unplayable offline? It’s unplayable online for me, never get a ping of less than 500 which makes the game slow down to a crawl.

  6. GenBanks says:

    I was happy to see patch notes for SC2 in my steam news feed. I’m hoping for a sale, and then I’ll definitely buy the game. I like that they give post release support like this.

    • Jimmy says:

      My first impression was, “how did starcraft 2 get onto Steam?

  7. Jakkar says:

    The flavour of this is ‘fixing what is broken’ more than ‘improving a game’. Admirable post-release support, but dishonest wording.

  8. Caleb367 says:

    The only way one could fix SupCom2 is to throw it out of the window and redo it from scratch. Seriously, I’m a huge SupCom addict, loved the original, Forged Alliance was a thing of beauty, but this? Worst 16 euros (Midweek Madness on Steam… ) ever spent.

    Oh well. Thank the elder gods for Sorian’s AI mods for FA.

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      This. SupCom 2 smells of console. SCFA has the depth of the styggian abyss, SupCom 2 has the depth of Katie Price.

      And whoever came up with all the “comedy” names for the Illuminate units needs a throughly good poke in the eye.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I don’t mind the joke names. In fact I think it may be necessary to stop SC from being cringingly geeky. The game was definitely over simplified though. However, it would only take a bit of tweaking to make it excellent. That’s why it made me so disappointed.

      Up the scale of the maps, and stop us from having to pay for things upfront. Just that would have made the game significantly better in my opinion.

  9. TotalBiscuit says:

    Shame the game is fundamentally broken in terms of mechanics and design philosophy. No amount of patching will fix it.

    • Severian says:

      As someone who is genuinely interested in maybe picking up Supreme Commander 2 at some point in the future (it’s getting very cheap), can you give a brief rundown of how the game is fundamentally broken? I’m not being confrontational here, either, I’m genuinely interested to get viewpoints from people who’ve played (and who know RTS’s).

    • jsdn says:

      Just play the demo of Supreme Commander, then the demo of Supreme Commander 2. If you don’t notice the complete lack of (strategic or otherwise) depth in the second, then you’re their demographic.
      If you only plan on playing the campaign though, then I wouldn’t bother with either game. I’ve played and completed the campaign of almost every RTS in the past 10 years, and Supreme Commander is one of the very few that I couldn’t bear to finish. From what I saw of the second, they somehow made it even worse.

    • Dominic White says:

      In other words, it’s not broken, you just don’t like it, and try to scare off people by spewing bullshit like this.

    • LintMan says:

      IMHO, SupCom 1’s campaign was decent. The story was quite thin, but the missions were OK, and I really liked the “expanding map” mechanism where as you accomplished major goals the map grew and new threats and goals were introduced for the next phase.

      SupCom2’s campaign was really disappointing. The story didn’t get any better, but like so much else about SupCom2’s gameplay, the missions became more “streamlined”… An entire mission in SupCom2 seemed to be about the same length and complexity as a single phase of a SupCom1 mission. And IIRC, there weren’t really any more missions in SupCom2 than in SupCom1.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Really Dominic, you know me better than to think I say things without backing them up.

      link to < about 5,000 words on why SupCom2 is broken, with handy audio reading too.

    • dangel says:

      …but that’s still an opinion at best, not irrevocable truth by any means.

      I don’t think the game is broken – I do think it’s a very different game – and that article and I see eye to eye on that one. To say it’s broken implies it’s utterly unplayable, technically in distress or has no value to anyone and yet it’s well played and liked by some. Again your link points at a guy backing this up – it will divide people (and has done here). Again, that’s one guys opinion, this is mine and you have yours. See my post later for an expansion on my view.

    • DrGonzo says:

      My problem was that you had to pay for things upfront in Sup Com 2. Whereas Sup Com 1 didn’t ask you too.

  10. Lucas says:

    I like SupCom2 and was happy my friends picked it up with the price drops and that it’s getting good support. We’ll be playing it for quite a while.

    SupCom, Demigod, and SupCom2 all have had different publishers, different distribution, and different online systems, and despite being 3 RTS games from one developer, each succeeds or fails on its own.

    I would like to see a shift (mods?) back toward the FA-style (endless robots of doom), but regardless SquareEnix is succeeding by supporting GPG where the others fell short (whether by lack of money or time or ill design).

  11. Sharkticon says:


    SupCom2 is fundamentally broken in the sense that its less grand RTS and more super-unit spam. Everything from resource acquisition and the tech tree and construction has been steamlined/dumbed-down. In typical consoletard fashion, more focus has been put on ‘the battles’ and ‘the spectacle’ rather than the actual game beneath.

  12. Phinor says:

    I’m also still hoping and waiting for them to fix the original SupCom AI. We have two LAN RTS games and those are SupCom:FA and Company of Heroes. Always playing with AI players and SupCom is still unplayable three years after it’s release. 30-50 minutes into the game everything slows down and it takes a minute to simulate five seconds of gameplay. I guess it’s nice if they keep on improving SupCom2 but I was really hoping for one more patch for the original.

  13. dangel says:

    Meh, moaners – SupCom2 is excellent fun and still head a shoulders better than any other RTS currently on release. I loved the originals but really my only bone of contention with it is the lack of a map editor (and perhaps official mod support – but mods and maps do exist nonetheless). If you want bugger all depth then go play StarCraft 2 – enjoyable but cartoon like and as deep as A4 paper by comparison.

    Yeah I agree with the earlier sentiment – whatever you do (14 patches, DLC) people just bitch regardless – I feel sorry for the devs (as one myself) supporting this – thankless task. Like it or not SupCom/FA was too big a scale for most PCs (and so people slammed it) and all the uber-clever economy stuff (adjacency etc) was a hard grasp from the dumb-as-rocks C&C/Starcraft background for many. Big learning curve. Yeah they had to make compromises for XBOX support (my guess is map size being the biggest one there) too but did all the game-mechanic decisions purely come from this too? Or were they trying to make something with wider appeal? You pick, either way you’ve got to nod to the fact that GPG are a commercial entity with bills to pay and a publisher to please like anyone else. I actually think they struck a pretty good balance, and I certainly agree the work on the AI is paying off because i’ve had some epic battles against it of late :)

    • Commissar says:

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re trying to troll and not legally retarded.

    • Thants says:

      dangel: Do you know the phrase “damning with faint praise”?

    • dangel says:

      Wow. Friendly place – I’m just giving my opinion folks and that makes me a troll? legally retarded? Commissar if you’ve got something to add to the debate, great. If you disagree with me – fine too – i’m not in the business of converting anybody. But.. quit being childish and throwing out he insults – it really doesn’t make you look better in the eyes of your fellow man – does it really urk you so much that someone can have a different view from your own that you need to stoop quite so low? Shame.

      Thants: lol – well I’m not claiming anything is perfect here, i’m just sticking up for something I enjoy but i’m grounded enough to admit it’s faults (and there are some for sure). Would I like to have seen a SupCom2 with the complexity of the first? Sure!

    • sebmojo says:

      Dangel, I just bought it and have been having a fine time playing through the first few missions. Ignore the smug, preening nerd macho bullshit above, it’s a sad blot on the often excellent community here. Something about being a PC games site, perhaps.

  14. morbid says:

    @dangel – regarding the commercial success bit

    SupComm was a million seller and it got an expansion. SupComm2 was selling for £9.99 less than three months after release and I haven’t heard anything about an expansion. If they were trying to appeal to a wider audience..I don’t think they succeeded.

    English is my third language so please excuse all the grammar/spelling errors.

    • dangel says:

      (Your English is just fine don’t apologise!)

      I’d be interested in the numbers too. I’d suggest both games were/are niche products though – SupCom1 was much maligned for performance issues (IMHO it was simply before it’s time hardware wise as it plays pretty well today) as well as it’s sheer complexity (which I personally loved). The combination of the two narrowed it’s appeal if you ask me, but with the FA expansion it became a fabulous game (FA fixed a lot of issues in my eyes). It annoys me that something like StarCraft 2 which is immeasurably shallower than even SupCom2 will sell in buckets by comparison. Again I ask a simple question here, what other RTS currently on sale is better than SupCom2?

      Did GPG make compromises for the 360 – yes. Was that the only motivation for cutting things back? I’m not so sure – maybe, probably, dunno (and neither do you) :^) Did this result in a massive success versus the first? I’d like to know. I doubt it too though.

      The DLC expansion has been announced and thought to be out on the 28th AFAIK.

      For those that have the game can I suggest taking a look at the mods – I’m a big fan of the Revamp Mod for example (I can’t recommend it enough), or the mod that unlocks the research tree for the whole campaign. Here’s the link:

      link to