Death, Spanked: New Dead Rising 2 Trailer

Be a sport.

I spent this weekend playing mentalcakes zombie apocalypse simulator Dead Rising 2 on my console-toy, since it’s not out on PC until Friday. Guess what? It’s great! I have yet to stop laughing at the use of highly ineffectual weapons (rolled-up newspapers, bottles of orange juice) against zombies to no effect. It’s better than the first game, too.

Are you excited? If not, there’s a new developer walkthrough trailer you can see right after the jump. It’s a kind of whistle-stop 4 minute tour of some of the game’s features, climaxing with a neat trick involving a propane tank, some fireworks, a box of nails and a lizard mask.

Actually, that’s a lie. It climaxes with protagonist Chuck admitting he “Knows his way around a zombie or two.” Ew. CHUCK!

Still unconvinced? Alec’s Wot I Think will be with us on Friday, by the looks of things. Relax, get yourself a cup of tea, and wait for that fine tide of judgement to come washing over you.


  1. TotalBiscuit says:

    Oooh nice, books are back! :D

    Dead Rising is still one of the best games on the 360, despite all it’s flaws, it’s so unique. By the looks of it, the new devs haven’t deviated too far from the formula.

    • Dominic White says:

      EVERYTHING is back, with two minor exceptions.

      Photography is lost – you earn XP by crafting special weapons that give more points. Vehicles are given a bit more love, too – you can upgrade motorbikes into deadly engines of destruction that let you traverse NotVegas much faster.

      Survival mode is gone (for no apparent reason), but you carry all area-keys back with you when you restart story mode, and the entire plot is optional.. so there’s your sandbox mode right there. There’s also co-op and competitive multiplayer, which is ace.

  2. Dominic White says:

    Dead Rising 2 has been an enormously pleasant surprise for me. I was initially aghast when I found out that Capcom had given the license to a third-party developer. Even worse, one that specalized in baseball sims, of all things. I expected it to be a hollow shell of a game, a weak imitation at best.

    Upon playing DR2, my fears almost entirely evaporated. It’s Dead Rising all over again. They have retained almost everything – every sound, every effect, every bizarre-yet-brilliant gameplay quirk, and refined it. They understood what made the original game a genius bit of design, and improved on it. It’ is the best goddamn Romero-style zombie horror game ever, and I say that without any hesitation.

    For those wondering what they’re missing, and what to look forward to (most of this review still holds true – the core gameplay in DR2 is almost identical, minus the photography element, but more varied combat to make up for it), check out this beautiful little dissection by RPS’s very own Robert Florence.

    link to

    To slip into base vernacular for a moment: Dead Rising 2 owns bones.

    • jeremypeel says:

      I’ve never played a Dead Rising game. Sounds like I should after all.

      Dominic, can you confirm that the exportation of the game to a Baseball developer has dramatically improved the realism and satisfaction of destroying a zombie’s head with a baseball bat?

    • Dominic White says:

      I must admit, bashing zombies with baseball bats is pretty satisfying. I’ve found two base kinds, too – one of which is a projectile weapon (home run of justice!). The basic wooden ones can be upgraded to brain-smashing nail-bats, too.

      That said, my go-to weapon is a fun little toy called the Defiler. Take a sledgehammer, and attach a fire-axe perpendicular to the hammer-head for super-heavy chopping action with a bit more range than a regular axe.

    • UsF says:

      My favorite one so far is definately the MMA gloves plus nails. Long lasting close combat weapon that can deal with hordes of zombies.

      The chainsaw paddles on the cover of the box literally makes you wade through zombies, but it doesn’t last too long with that (about 100 to 200 zombies), when you are on a crowded street. Good PP though. :D

  3. Tony M says:

    “climaxing with a neat trick involving a propane tank, some fireworks, a box of nails and a lizard mask”. That sounds just like my weekend

  4. AndrewC says:

    I’m one of those people that got naffed off with the awkwardness of the first Dead Rising.

    I’m also one of those people who talks a lot of faff about how Dead Rising is great for genuinely being different in base structure instead of just surface appearance, and that it is one of those games that seperates the ‘just want to play games how I want’ boys from the ‘willing to let a game tell me how to play it differently’ men.

    But god-damn did I get naffed off with Dead Rising. It was really awkward.

    • Dominic White says:

      What parts annoyed you? Most of the stuff that was awkward in the first game has been smoothed out, but none of the fundamentals have changed. There’s still a time-sensitive main plot, you’ve still only got 72 hours to get everything done, there’s largely the same save system (although you can use three save slots this time). It’s still a game that marches to the beat of its own drum, and that’s a great thing in my book.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Speaking as someone who got rather pissed off with the first game. They haven’t changed any of the irritating bits. And by adding in a daughter who needs antidote they have possibly made it even more frustrating.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good fun game. But I can’t see me being bothered to play through any of the plot this time.

    • Dominic White says:

      Dude, what? You make it sound like it’s a game-long escort quest or something. You literally need to visit the safehouse once every 2-3 hours of gameplay. And if you’re rescuing people at all along the way, you’ll be doing that anyhow.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Oh I’m not rescuing people. The first survivor ran into a group of zombies and proceeded to just stand there while I tried to save her, she just waited to be eaten.

      I just still find that this game is telling me to do too many things at once. Which makes me lose focus, and in the end I just run around in a dress putting hats on zombies.

      Also, URGENT MESSAGE BEEP!!! I answer and get eaten alive as it doesn’t pause the game. I think it’s really cool, but it would have been nice to be warned it doesn’t pause considering saving is so awkward. I had to redo a good 40 minutes of progress after that.

      Really fun game, most of the time, but I’m sure most of it is designed to irritate you.

    • Dominic White says:

      To quote the wise Mr Florence, in a vague typed approximation of his accent:

      “Ye fergot aboot tha zombies!”

    • DrGonzo says:


      Does the game stop if I let the daughter die? I’m thinking I need to level up and start the game again to finish the story proper as I completely suck at the game.

    • Dominic White says:

      I honestly don’t know – guess I’ll try letting her die next time I play. Literally every other character is expendable, though.

      But what you find frustrating, I find is what makes Dead Rising work. It’s Romero-style zombie horror. The zombies are slow moving, shambling corpses that aren’t really much of a threat so long as you remain even vaguely focused and mobile, but the entire game is designed to distract you, to make you let your guard down, and that’s when they get ya.

    • AndrewC says:

      All the usual stuff put forward as criticisms annoyed me – the shonky controls, obtuse structure, the save system, the bizarre tone of the story, the too-many-things-at-once, the zombies who aren’t so much enemies as constantly-annoying-barriers to progress and so on – the usual stuff. Half down to me not wanting to play the game the way the designers intended and half down to the usual Capcom decisions (controls and plot!).

    • Dominic White says:

      The controls are largely unchanged, although shooting is a bit easier now (you can strafe slowly while aiming guns). The plot is still as insane as ever – possibly moreso. The psychos are completely goddamn insane this time. You’re always having to prioritize and the clock is constantly ticking, and you are highly unlikely to rescue even half the survivors on your first play. The zombies are classic walking corpses (although there are some variants later on…), and only a threat when you make mistakes. Sounds like everything you disliked (and I loved) is still in.

    • UsF says:

      Use the Q key, to make people follow you, if they stop after traversing to another location.
      If they stop following you, another zombie has grabbed them, which rarely happens, if you keep moving and dont stop to slaugther them. Just run through the horde and your survivors will follow you.

      You do not need to care for anyone, although I suggest caring for your daugther the first time, or you won’t get to experience the combo weapons. You do not need to do that on the second or any other playthrough though, since your progress will stay.

      Opening the map will pause the game. Pressing X will open the message tab and show you all messages. Also don’t stop in the middle of zombies to read it, sheesh.

      You cannot do everything the first playthrough. I am not sure if you can do everything at one playthrough anyway.

      Running around in a dress, putting hats on zombies is a core game mechanic, that has been improved from DR1. :D

      The zombies are objects of your amusement unless you become careless. That is of course the fun in this game, otherwise you’d be flooded with endless amounts of deadly enemies. Maybe there will be a mod that turns them into the 28 days later kind of zombies, so you get insta-killed once you leave the savehouse.

    • The_B says:

      Dr Gonzo – all the reviews I’ve read thus far have actually advised you don’t try and finish the story in your first playthrough at all, just let the three days run out and play with the sandbox, then take your levelled up character into a second playthrough with your newly upgraded self to actually get through the story.

    • AndrewC says:

      How long is a 72hour run through?

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      Ooh… about three days?

      I’ll see myself out.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well I will have a mess about in my first playthrough then methinks.

      As for making the survivors follow you. The problem with it is, they get surrounded and attacked. They can’t move, so you have to clear some zombies away. Now they are next to you so they won’t follow, by the time I move away and ask them to follow me they are surrounded again.

    • Dominic White says:

      Survivors move slower if they’re trying to follow you. Use the aim+command action to tell them where to go, instead, and they’ll prioritize forcing their way to that direction over everything. They’re far more likely to push through zombies than get caught by the swarm that way.

  5. Snall says:

    One of the few games that freaks me out- not really because of the zombies but just because the enemies never end…so you have to deal with them but can never really defeat them- good times.

  6. Rick says:

    Just for half a second I thought you were going to give me info on a PC version of DeathSpank.

  7. The_B says:

    Hopefully when I get home from work tonight I can finally upgrade this from Dead Rising 2: Coffee Coaster edition, as GFWL has kept me locked out until (supposedly, I have yet to confirm) 1am this morning. I did enjoy Case Zero on the 360, but was frustrated by the original game, but have heard good things about the sequel.

    I just hope GFWL doesn’t annoy me any further by making the multiplayer a chore as it has done so many times before. Which overall makes this read as a bit of a negative comment but I do want it to be good, if only so there’ll be plenty of people playing the mutliplayer when I inevitably need the help.

    • The_B says:

      I should say as well, I really don’t understand what the week’s delay on PC has achieved at all. I’m guessing it may be a piracy thing, but it seems a bit much to have both the GFWL protection AND that as well, and yet I’ve still seen evidence of it being pirated.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Not sure how a delay would do anything other than encourage piracy. If you don’t like the GFWL and aren’t interested in achievements there is already a crack to remove it.

  8. Mungrul says:

    I played through the game on my PS3 over the weekend, and it really is “more Dead Rising”, yet improved subtly in a few places.
    The biggest and most welcome change is in rescued survivor behaviour. You don’t have to baby-sit them anywhere near as much as in the first game.

    The multiplayer is superb. TIR competitive multiplayer is fantastically implemented.
    Is your single-player Chuck too broke to afford that much-needed dose of Zombrex from the pawn shop? Simply play a round of Terror Is Reality, and all the cash you win will be transferred to the saved game of your choice, even if you don’t win the round.

    And drop-in co-op is brilliant. Anyone can ask to join your game at any time if you let them, and having a second player along eases the load significantly. Granted, there’s also huge potential for griefing, but that’s more than balanced out by being able to have a high level player enter your game and help you rescue survivors and beat bosses. Plus, running around in stupid outfits plonking novelty masks on zombies’ heads in a pair never gets old :D

  9. UsF says:

    It’s out in Europe, yay.

    If you play the PC version, turn off Blur, because that is a resource hog, bugged and has no really noticable effect as far as I have seen.
    It runs smooth, coop does not lag (it does pause if one person goes into the menu/map though) and best of all, the controls (albeit not remapable outside of the config files) feel very well, with one exception: precise mouse aiming is wonky and feels a bit weired.

    I love that I can get PP from playing coop on other players servers. I can help them and get help for my current game, so I do not really need to restart over and over again. :D

    • aldo_14 says:

      What sort of system spec are you running it on, might I ask?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I’ve found that Blur does cause quite a bit of a performance hit. But it definitely makes the game look nicer, you get motion blur on all attacks and it adds DoF too I think. I got a nice fps increase through turning off V-Sync.

    • UsF says:

      Core2Duo 6600
      Nvidia 275GTX
      2GB RAM
      Windows 7 64bit

      I got that Windows Version preemptively once I do upgrade.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well that’s strange. I have almost the same set up as you. Only I’m on 32bit Vista and only have a Radeon 4850. Turning zombie detail and shadows down to medium gave me a significant boost too, as did switching off the AA.

    • aldo_14 says:

      Core2Duo 6600
      Nvidia 275GTX
      2GB RAM
      Windows 7 64bit

      I got that Windows Version preemptively once I do upgrade.

      hmm, sounds pretty similar to my creaky desktop, ‘cept for the 275GTX. Maybe there is hope after all, then – it’s a shame there’s no benchmark et al for this one.

  10. Dominic White says:

    Oh yeah, Capcom apparently liked the work Blue Castle did on DR2 so much that they bought out the studio. A damn fine move, far as I can see.

  11. iainl says:

    Is the loading as completely abominable as it appeared from the first 20 minutes or so?

    • UsF says:

      Loading on PC is really fast. I heard its very slow on console. On PC, it takes less than 10 seconds to switch the location, if your system is running smooth otherwise.

  12. Flappybat says:

    Is anyone sure of the release date? Steam claims 28th, which is the US PC release, despite Europe already having had it since the 24th. That’s possible but all UK retailers claim 1st October which would be a normal friday release. Steam has been wrong several times before so I’m dreading it will be a week after the Europeans have been playing (and pirates).

  13. Andreas says:

    So, if I had teh choice between teh 360 version and the PC version – is the PC port worth the cash? Ports from 360 scare me.

    • DrGonzo says:

      As long as you have a dual core or better and a 360 controller then the PC version is better.

    • ZombieSmasher says:

      PC : Trainers to unlock actually fun ways of play, potentially mods to come, the ability to have an infinite amount of saves if you are willing to manually copy the savegame via alt-tab. Also anti-aliasing and nice GFX @ 1920×1080, mouse precision if a mission should require shooting briefly or just for nicer camera control. Load times as fast as your own hardware will make them.

      Console: You’re screwed consoletard. Eat what’s there.

      Dunno, it’s a tough call :p
      I totally understand how people actually need to think about this for a while and love consoles.


    • ZombieSmasher says:

      Small P.S.: you can also use any controller for the PC version as long as you set up x360ce (it’s an emu) with the game, not just the Xbox360 one.

      Works for a Thrustmaster PS2-ish Gamepad here.

  14. Dao Jones says:

    Anyone play this with a gamepad? This feels like a couch game to me. :)

  15. Ezhar says:

    Every household should have a dual chainsaw paddle.

  16. Spacewalk says:

    Does Chuck make nailed gloves to deal with zombies or does he do it because he’s really into black metal?

  17. crooon says:

    I’m still pretty much as annoyed as I was with the first one. There’s still the time limit, which I inherently don’t like, and on top of that a counter on the missions, again, do not want. So you have two factors keeping you from exploring thoroughly, and on top of on top of that, they kept the ridiculously weak items, breaking at the slightest use. What kind of cheap-ass bat would break after a few zombies? I want to explore, taking my time, stop around and poking a few zombies with a broom, and play the slot machines, and try on hats… and they have all these arbitrary restrictions on MY playstyle… Not trying to sound racist… but it’s very japanese. This is a game I’d gladly play with a cheat that disables timer and with fixed durability on items.
    Note: I hate games that require cheats to let you play a game the way you want to play it… (I’m looking at you, Rock Band/Guitar Hero multiplayer with 5 songs unlocked by the default, and car games with 2 cars/maps by default in multiplayer). It’s whackdonkular.

    • Dominic White says:

      The time limit is entirely optional (don’t want to follow the plot? Then don’t – the game doesn’t end). The weapons get a lot tougher when you find the requisite skill-book or upgrade them.

      You want to just chill out and play slots while occasionally clubbing a zombie? Go do that. Stop whining about being limited when you’re not.

      It sounds like you don’t even want a zombie game (with all the high-pressure, fight-or-flight situations it entails) – you want a mall/vegas simulator with optional combat.

    • Dominic White says:

      I’d just like to repeat for anyone still unable to cope with time limits:

      You can ignore it. The only thing stopping you from saying ‘fuck humanity’ and going on a three-day vegas zombie bender is your conscience. You don’t have to do any of the plot missions. You can walk away from any boss fight. You can do whatever you want, so don’t say that you want to play the game ‘your way’ but can’t, because you’re wrong.

    • ZombieSmasher says:

      Get PC version, use +15 trainer, turn on time freeze(check watch to reset mission timers) and infinite durability.
      Voila, epic fun.

  18. Antistar says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time now, and found this week-long lag between the console and PC release pretty aggravating; particularly as the [Australian electronics chain] I went into on the 24th were advertising on their website that all versions were available that day. (Actually – just checked and they’re still saying that.)

    They even had boxes for the PC version out in big flashy stands in the store. I took the box to the counter, and watched with a sinking feeling as the woman there rummaged around for the disc, disappeared ‘out the back’ to see if it was there, then eventually came back and asked, looking confused:

    “Did… did you want to pre-order it?”

  19. Gorgeras says:

    Is it worth getting on Steam for £30 then or should I wait for a likely crimbo sale discount? I can wait three months.

    • -Spooky- says:

      When you like zombie stuff, romero, gore n guts and on the end, more brainz .. this is for you. ;)

    • Gorgeras says:

      I know you’re only trying to help, but I get the theme. I’m not going to be sold on the theme.

  20. Dominic White says:

    Just did a quick test – started a new story mode, and completely failed to get Katey her Zombrex on time. Chuck was too busy getting drunk, crossdressing (badly), beating up slot machines, and vomiting on zombies. Standard Vegas behaviour, really.

    The game continues as normal. You get a cutscene and a notification that the main plot thread has broken, but you immediately start getting side-missions, and the sheriff will still give you the key to the maintenance rooms as well.

    So, to anyone wondering if there’s anything you HAVE to do? Anything at all? No, you can just cut loose and rampage for three days solid, and you’ll still be able to play most of the side-missions as you go. The game forces you into nothing. The time limit only really applies if you want to play along with it.

    • ZombieSmasher says:

      Actually the game ended with a “Game Over” for me after not getting K the Zombrex.
      Maybe this was because I had already started the cases and this was her second dose. Don’t know.

      Either way, it does not seem to be some sort of secret workaround like in Recettear.
      Accordingly the constant time pressure is terribly annoying, since everything you did, I love to do, too.
      It’s what the game is really for.

  21. dethtoll says:

    I’ll be picking up the 360 version of this eventually, but not for a while. I don’t have money :(

    360 version’s important to me ‘cuz your stats from Case Zero carry over and there’s also Case West.

    I’m also holding off on the game for the same reason I won’t be playing Fallout New Vegas right out the box- Dead Rising is one of those games you kind of need a guide for.

    (Though in FONV’s case it’s also ‘cuz I’m on to Obsidian and I’m waiting for a patch or five.)

    • Mungrul says:

      dethtoll, 5 levels makes no difference at all. You’ve gone up five levels almost by the time you start the game proper. I enjoyed Case Zero on the 360, but I bought the main game on the PS3 and don’t regret it one iota, especially as multiplayer is free on the PS3.

  22. Mechorpheus says:

    I’m confused a bit by the release date. Everywhere said 28th release for PC (tuesday), does that mean it’ll be tuesday for every sane country and friday for us? Amazon seem to think so as my pre-order was bumped back to 1st oct. Yet Steam still says 28th. If I were to buy it on steam now, my guess would be it’d either jump to friday at the last minute (ALA L4D2/MW2) or unlock ok tuesday evening, then GWFL wouldn’t let me play.

    You wouldn’t think it were this hard to give them some money to play a game!

    • mwoody says:

      In the US, I preordered the PC version last night from Amazon. Though the site says it will be released Tuesday, with 1-day shipping it claims I won’t see it until Thursday. It’s a pity they don’t do release date delivery for PC titles, as while I generally buy from Steam these days, occasionally their $10 or $20 coupons for preordering are too much to pass up.

    • Mechorpheus says:

      Well when I had an order with UK Amazon last week, when the release was still set for 24th, they promiced 24th deliver (I have amazon prime btw), but that suddenly switched to Oct 1st, release and delivery dates….. 28th seems to have vanished entirely, now everywhere other than steam is quoting 1st oct release.

  23. Linfosoma says:

    Wow, that’s really cool! I can’t wait for my pre-order to unlock tomorrow. I love everything Capcom does.

  24. the wiseass says:

    My first death in this game occurred when I was low on health and then shot by that Texan cowboy dude with his shotgun while trying to rescue him. The first survivor I tried to rescue (that girl from the pharmacy) tried to kill me after I accidentally hit her while trying to free her from a horde of zombies. Also the controls are pretty sluggish. Chuck moves like a drunken duck on stilts and the constant feeling of pressure from the multiple time limits sucks a little bit.

    Apart from that the game is pretty funny tough but it can`t get rid of that certain console feeling that leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. But the killing hordes of zombies with funky weapons part of the game is really fulfilling. I seriously doubt tough that I`ll play it through. Maybe once but sure as hell not twice or even more.

  25. ZombieSmasher says:

    This game has an issue vaguely similiar to Mafia II:
    It spawns a wide open, infinitely tempting world, full of color and wonder and possibilities, and then takes all of the options to explore from you by sicking the stopwatch dogs on you and shouting KILL!

    You have to literally – and I’m not kidding – run from mission to mission without stopping for more than a minute if you want to escape the inevitable death of survivors in 90% of all side missions, and if you dabble more than two minutes and still expect to even DO a side mission, your main story quest will fail and it’s game over.
    It’s only a small upshot that instead of 1 save where you ruin ALL of your playtime at once by getting stuck in a position where you ran out of time you now get 3 save slots.
    I would still STRONGLY recommend manually copying the savegame file to have multiple versions, because you WILL realize that you messed up and now get to replay 1-5 hours worth again.

    And speaking of pointless redoing of the same hour you just played: since you are constantly forced to run to quests in a straight line, you often tend to forget that you should make brief stints to bathrooms to save, as well. Accordingly it just takes one bad zombie amassing mistake after completing 2 missions and boom, you die just 50 meters from the next save spot and lose the complete progress since the last save. And that can be A LOT.
    Gamepad throwing anger fits are definitely lurking in this game.

    I understand that some rabid fans actually demanded and LIKED this about the game. I understand.
    I see why. Survival, game plot relevant pressure, etc.
    But here the same question pops up that Yahtzee posed about Mafia II – aren’t games supposed to be about FUN, not WORK?
    I for one want to get away from work and have some fun, not the other way around, when starting a game.

    If they gave you some, ANY option at all to influence the speed by which time ticks away(say normal, 20% faster, 25% slower, 50% slower, something like that), you would already be facing a much more sympathetic game.
    Because in itself, the zombies aren’t that harsh, even if bosses can be terribly unfair. It’s the time pressure that ruins your progress.

    Weapon durability is also at times annoyingly low, and your just crafted weapon falls apart barely killing the first couple of dozen zombies before you stand semi-naked in front of the next 50 approaching. This, too, could use a small mod or option.

    An “easy” mode for twice the durability and half the speed of time passing, and I would say heck yes.
    As it stands, it feels like a lot of “Yea, but this is how WE want to force you to play it, so suck it down!” instead of a “Wouldn’t it be fun, if..” approach. And please don’t point to the TIR playmode. The actual game should be fun, too.
    It’s odd though, because literally everything else is geared towards humor, mayhem and enjoyment, and then a lead harness is thrown on top of all. Bit of a shame.

    If you can live with yourself, I strongly recommend getting the +15 trainer that’s out there and using the freeze time to 7:00 hack(note: you must check your watch to reset mission times!) together with the infinite durability hack.
    I had a blast!
    Felt like I was for the first time actually playing the game I had wanted to play. Zombie mayhem in a world of wonder, lights and sound, instead of yet-another-run-courier-run, thecheckpoints-a-waiting bollocks.

    One last tip: only play slot machines with cash in front of them, look for the gambling mag and ATMs, try to time your slot lever pulls and get combo-cash.

    • AndrewC says:

      Fun is doing what you enjoy doing. Fun is not limited to ‘consequenceless pissing about’, as joyful as that is.

      Work is focused activity towards a specific goal. Work is not joyless grinding, much as it often feels like it in the real world.

      It’s alright, John Walker likes to make this distinction a lot too, but it is my opinion that it is an entirely specious one.