Eurogamer Expo RPS Meet-o-chat Details

You may remember us setting up some lovely polls to see whether people wanted to hook up at the Eurogamer Expo. And you do! So, I’ve OBEYED YOUR WILL and done some phoning around and actually booked a room for RPS’ EVIL USES on Friday October 1st. Full details follow, including what I suggest folk do on the other nights.

EDIT: There’s a second map with a guide from the expo…

Basically, I have the function room booked at the O’Neill’s near Earl’s Court from 7pm. It’s at 326 Earls Court Road, Kensington, London, SW5 9BQ. Or, via the medium of googlemaps…

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And here’s how to get from Earl’s Court to the O’Neill’s…

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In other words, 2 minutes walk according to google. So a distance so small that even RPS’ portliest readers should be able to walk it, and directions so simple even Walker could follow them.

EDIT: That’s from Earl’s court station. Here it is from the show, according to mtrc….

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Let’s go to FAQ mode!

What are we going to do?

Well, meet up is the plan. We’ll probably improvise a few things, but there’s not going to be a formal event. Quinns and I will be there, and Alec will be too. Jim won’t and I don’t believe John will. The function room is limited to 80 people, so abstractly fits everyone who said they’ll want to come, but I suspect we’ll sort of spill out into the pub a little when we inevitably attract a HOT GAMING CROWD.

Are you an indie-dev?

Feel free to bring a laptop and sort of improvise a micro-show there.

Why O’Neill’s?

Frankly, if 80-odd gamers are turning up, we need to make sure the place can accommodate people and this is the best I was able to get on a Friday night.

What time does it start again?

7pm. As in, when the Expo closes.

I’m only going on Saturday/Sunday/Monday! Boo!

That’s not a question. While we won’t be booking anywhere, I suspect they’ll be RPS-readers coming on all three nights who’d fancy hanging around in the pub afterwards for a bit. I’m going to suggest that we make O’Neill’s the “Official” RPS pub for the event. There’s other pubs in the area, but this would keep it all simple.

In short: if you’re bored and looking for RPS-folk, go to O’Neill’s.

How do I recognise other RPS-ers?

Well, Friday night is easy. Find the function room. Go inside. RPSers!

The other nights are trickier. I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to be there – Quinns is for the whole weekend, and I know Cameron/Denby/Proctor are. I’ll fill in more details here if people have ideas.

Frankly, if you look for geeky blokes and ask if they’re RPS folk, it’s not a bad bet. Yes, there’s a lot of geeky blokes at expo. However, geeky blokes probably won’t punch you for asking either. And maybe you’ll make a new friend. Hurrah!

I’m scared. Will you hold me?



  1. Out Reach says:

    Obvious Solution for finding elusive RPS’s on the other nights, When you enter O’Neill’s start playing Rock Paper (scissors) Shotgun with yourself.

  2. DJ Phantoon says:

    I’m not scared. Would you hold me anyways?

  3. Demon Beaver says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish I were a brit…

  4. fearian says:

    whoop! I think I shall drop by to say hello!

  5. Collic says:

    Damn, this isn’t even that far away, if I wasn’t completely broke, I’d be there. Ah well, next time perhaps.

  6. terry says:

    London? Boo!

    /tarry northerner

  7. LewieP says:

    Quinns is going to be in the function room the entire weekend? That’s dedication.

    I’ll be there on Friday, and possibly other nights/times, if I have time/get sick of it all.

  8. brog says:

    Cool, see you guys there. Might even bring a laptop.

  9. mondomau says:

    Woo! There’s a bunch of us going on friday, so we’ll definitely come along. H

  10. Gothnak says:

    I’ll come along and you can ask me about Fable 3 considering i’ll have been nattering about it all day anyway… :p

  11. Gunsmith AKA NanosuitNinja says:

    oh this HAD to be in bloody london didnt it?

    The arsepit of England.

  12. The Hammer says:

    I hope everyone has a lot of fun! TAKE SCREENSHOTS.


    Oh, and for the identification: how about you get a table and pop up a paper sign or something saying “Rock Paper Shotgun unite!” or similar? Us Newcastle lads and lasses do that for NaNoWriMo, and in previous years it’s been sorta effective!

    • AndrewC says:

      People could bring with them an item of PC memorabilia as identification, like a rose in the lapel. Deus Ex’s instruction manual, a cloth map, a crowbar. Not only will this easily identify you as an RPSer, it will make everyone else move far away from you, which can be very useful when trying to get space at the bar.

    • BigJonno says:

      I was in B&Q the other day and I really wanted to buy a crowbar, just in case of alien invasion.

  13. Stense says:

    I shall pop along hopefully on the Friday. I’ll have to make sure I have some suitable geek-wear to serve as my nerd-I.D.

  14. BigJonno says:

    Due to the general incompetence of the Student Loan Company, I have not been able to obtain a ticket for the Expo on Friday, but I’m still going to head to the pub because I think it will be fun. See you there, you loveable bunch of filthy reprobates.

  15. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’d have been fun to be there, but alas. I remember when one day a guy from my WoW guild (pre-WoW, we hoped servers could be cross-continental) messaged me to ask whether he could come by. Having him show up IRL was odd, but fun.

    London isn’t that far away as the crow flies, actually.

  16. Shodan says:

    I’ll be there. Private bar?

  17. sexyresults says:

    Can we plan something around November December? As I will be travelling overseas around that time.

  18. crozon says:

    cool see you then

  19. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    open bar?

  20. Spence says:

    Going on the Saturday, can’t say I’ll pop into the pub for sure because I’m not a Londoner and need to get home on the train. Posted to ask what time is it worth arriving to get a chance to play some games? Are the queues bad for the bigger games, cheaper train will get me into London for lunch but I can always get the horrible coach in at an earlier hour.

  21. Spence says:

    Oh scratch that I got a ticket for Friday apparently, I might come then.

  22. James G says:

    Just trying to sort out a bed for Friday night, but I hope to be there otherwise, or wise rather I suppose.

    • BigJonno says:

      This might be a bit random, but I can offer a spare room with a camp bed in it on Friday night.

  23. Kid A says:

    I’m terrfied but in Swansea. No keiron t holdm e

  24. Mashakosha says:

    I’m afraid I’ll only be at the expo itself. Feel free to find me, though. I will respond to being called “Mash” so if you see me around, say hi. Will be wearing my Muse tour t-shirt. May also be hanging around with a few of the guys from the PC Gamer steam chat room.

    • Mashakosha says:

      Alternately, I will be wearing my L4D2 shirt from last year’s Eurogamer. Either way, I’ll be there Friday.

  25. Tom OBedlam says:

    I’m there with bells on, me. Me and Brendy are down for all three days so we’ll be in the pub afterwards all the while. If you spot a twenty odd year old with wolverine’s sideburns that’ll be me.

  26. James G says:

    Thanks for the offer. However I’ve just realised that Friday is sold out, so I’ll only be doing Saturday after all, and will thus unfortunately miss the RPS pub meet, which is a shame. Part of me is still tempted to head along, but the hassle involved means that it would be quite a chore.

  27. Bobiroka says:

    Hello. I’m new, but I might come along.

    Only recently discovered where all my favourite writers from the golden age of PC Gamer UK hang out :)

    • jeremypeel says:

      Weird, ain’t it?

      But I assure you this place is real, Stop pinching yourself like that, you’ll bruise.

    • Auspex says:

      So where’s this place where Mark Donald and Richard Cobbett hang out then?

      Don’t keep it to yourself!

  28. Lewis says:

    Yeah, I expect I’ll be in the pub all three nights. I’ll be the guy in the corner, rocking backwards and forwards, quietly sobbing the word “deadline”.

  29. SpinalJack says:

    I’m only there on Saturday and Sunday and I don’t like pubs so I probably wont go on the off chance I’ll meet some internet people in a noisy room. I’ll be meeting them in a noisy room filled with games anyway so I’m good.

  30. Robomutt says:

    Ticket for Friday – CHECK
    Somewhere to stay – CHECK (ha I live in London)
    Business Cards – HUH?
    Updated CVs targetted at specific companies – ER…
    Indie game Wot I’ve Done to show off my AI programming skills – THAT’S A NOPE
    Drinking? – God I hope so.

  31. Laps3d says:

    RPSH drinking crew best drinking crew represent! Job’s a Good’Un!


    I’ll try and be there after work on Friday, and definately drop by on Sunday.

  32. Goodnessme says:

    Hmm, going on Sunday but since I’m London-town based I may nip down after work for a drink on Friday.

  33. Fourth Man says:

    By happy chance I’ll be in London that night on my way back from The France, so I will do my best to pop along.

  34. brog says:

    This was totally awesome. Expo itself I was pretty indifferent about (apart from indie section which was totally sweet), but the after-party was quite special; every single person I talked to was both lovely and awesome.