Rally, Rally Good News: WRC Demo Available

A car, in the snow, yesterday.

Here is a demo. It is of WRC, the official 2010 FIA World Rally Championship game. It’s just shy of 1GB. There are details of what it contains below. There, now those haunting crying eyes aren’t at the top of the site.

Developers Black Bean say this of the demo:

“From the dusty deserts of Jordan to the legendary fast, gravel roads of Finland, challenge yourself through this single stage mode. It’s you pitted against the clock and elements. Start your engine and feel the thrill of stepping into the shoes of some of the worlds’ greatest drivers, including six times World Champion Sébastien Loeb representing Citroën Total World Rally Team and the 2009 WRC runner-up and BP Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team driver Mikko Hirvonen.”

The game is out on 8th October.


  1. pupsikaso says:

    “There, now those haunting crying eyes aren’t at the top of the site.”

    Are you kidding? =(
    I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop staring at that child for like 15 minutes.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      What eyes? Where?? There is exactly one image in this article, a red background, and some icons. And on the WRC page, there is the logo, the video, and some teaser images below. None of them contain haunting deadly eyes.
      Or did someone forget to block the Adterrorism?

  2. John Peat says:

    The demo has been on 360 for a week-or-so now and all I can say is “save your download allowance”.

    It’s been a long, long time since I played a game which felt less like driving a rally car – this is a return to those awful Rally games of the 90s where you rotate a car on a beachball as it fails to notice surface changes etc.

    Also – the demo tracks appear to be corridors/gutters with almost no run-off and – oh it’s really hard to explain how shit this actually plays…

    It’s not even remotely in the same league as Dirt or Dirt2 – the co-driver is grating, repetitive and annoying (he shouts ouch almost every time you hit anything bigger than a wasp) etc. etc.

    Unless there’s something very wrong I guess you can extrapolate that onto the full game and save money there too…

    • P7uen says:

      The best feeling I’ve ever got from a rally game is Rally Sport for DOS, which I still play a fair bit.

      You should be able to find it for download on your internet.

    • Binman88 says:

      I can’t help but feel your entire post employs a tad too much hyperbole. I just downloaded the demo, raced one of the stages twice and never once heard my co-driver say “ouch” or make any sort of exclamatory noises, despite rolling slightly off the track in some parts and bumping into a couple of ditches (mistakes made while getting used to a rally car again after playing a lot of F1 over the last few days).

      I actually intentionally crashed on another run, and your co-driver certainly does shout when you’ve run head on into a boulder – something I can’t really fault him for, to be honest, given the reckless driving required to do such a thing.

      The controls seem perfectly normal to me, having been a long time fan of rally games, ranging from Vrally on the N64, all the way through the Colin McRae and WRC series, and most recently Dirt 2. The handling feels very similar to the handling in Dirt 2, for me at least.

      As for the tracks being corridor/gutter-like – again, not entirely true. Some sections are indeed bordered by raised ditches, but a lot of sections are wide open to run off. Rally is not really a sport that encourages driving off the track, so the fact that there’s barriers refraining you from doing so isn’t really much of an issue, especially considering a lot of real life tracks would be designed in this way.

      Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’m posting this just in case people are making up their minds without trying the demo, and possibly missing out on a game they might enjoy. I almost didn’t bother with it because of the negative points posted here, but gave it a go and realised it wasn’t that bad at all. I’m not saying everyone’s going to love it, but I hope people try it out and make up their own minds about it.

  3. BAReFOOt says:

    Oh, and: PLEASE let this be the successor to Richard Burns Rally! In terms of car physics.

    I can’t stand the Codemasters engine. It still falls for the same old unrealistic and lame trick to get around corners, that already worked in Colin McRae Rally 2.0. And it still feels way too soft.
    But there is no other acceptably rally game I know of. :/

  4. Robert says:

    Oh dear, this pun hurts my soul. I love it.

  5. MD says:

    Thankyou, you’ve been a great audience. I’ll be here all week.

  6. ulix says:

    Why would I even try this if Gran Turismo 5 comes with a WRC licence?

    Ah well…

    • Heliocentric says:

      The PS3 exclusive?
      Eh, wow i’m judgemental recently i hear a game compares poorly to a game i really rather enjoyed (dirt 2) and immediately decide i don’t even need to bother with the demo.

      I’ve turned into one of those people without enough a sparetime, soon i’ll ditch rps and rely on the metacritic rating, i won’t have time to click through to reviews.

    • P7uen says:

      Pfshh, you have time for Metacritic?

      I judge purely on the name.

    • MD says:

      You guys are no-lifers. The guy I employ to buy games for me is too busy to read the titles, so he chooses based on the colour of the box.

  7. Indy says:

    Because Gran Turismo 5 isn’t coming out for PC. I wish it was though :(

  8. DdCno1 says:

    I have to say, I somehow like the PC-demo. The visuals are good and although the cars should have more grip the driving doesn’t feel as awful as in Dirt 2. The two tracks of the demo offer quite a challenge while looking good and organic. I especially liked the comments of the copilot. He also gives information on damage.
    It’s not amazing in any way, but I think the final game will be solid. Since Codemasters doesn’t seem to have any intention to make a “real” Rally title in the near future, there is no alternative right now.

    • John Peat says:

      “as awful as Dirt 2” – when you criticise the best off-road driving experience there is, I have to wonder what value your comments have.

      WRC’s handling feels NOTHING like driving a car – there’s no feeling of 4 wheels under you – the car reacts to steering like a beachball.

      That’s before you realise you’re driving down trenches/corridors rather than the more ‘real world’ nature of Dirt’s stages. Cur a corner in Dirt and you might crash or not – cut one here and you’ll hit the dirtbank or whatever has been put there to disguise the ‘wall’ of the trench.

      There are people who rate Dirt2 purely on it’s demo – I did for a short while – the demo sadly focuses on the the rather crap/loose/leery raid/trucks rather than the rather splendid rally cars and (especially) rallycross stuff. Reality is tho that Dirt2 is a landmark game which does more for offroad racing than anything since the sublime Rallisport Challenge 2 on XBOX.

      This – unless the demo is highly unrepresentative – feels more like a relative of the Rally Championship games complete with their trench stages and crap handling.

      Oh – again this may just be the demo but the diff. settings appear to be

      Easy – all the aids on
      Medium – most of the aids on
      Hard – still some aids on
      Expert – described by the game along the lines of “you are unlikely to finish the stage without much practice”

      So I need driving aids to play your game properly then? Hmmmmm

  9. Pufflekun says:

    Barefoot, you may want to brush up on your reading comprehension and logical deduction. If this post mentions that the eyes are no longer at the top of the site, that means that this post replaced them. Therefore, the eyes are part of the post that was made just before this one.

  10. Bozzley says:

    I love lamp.

  11. Gaytard Fondue says:

    Mr.Peat made it clear that he never played RBR, congratulations on missing the greatest Rallye game ever, at least to this point, and playing Colin McArcade instead.

    • John Peat says:

      I played RBR on PS2 and XBOX and whilst I admire the intent, the reality was that as a game just did not work with a pad – it was too fiddly/too hard ‘just for the sake of it’.

      I’d never even noticed it had a PC incarnation tho as I longsince gave up on owning a decent wheel, I doubt it would be much better…

      People talk about realism – sorry, but I’ve driven a rally car on a rally stage (Rally School) and I can assure you that you will never even get close to even that tame experience on a PC. On that basis, I’m happy with the ‘Sensible Soccer’ approach of making a game ‘feel’ like it should – and Dirt2 does that for me in spades. If WRC does it for you that’s fine – tho I suspect you think a car drives like a space hopper :)

  12. Angryinternetman says:

    I loved RBR’s realism. From the second I start my race to the horrifying moment I make my car a raisin by flicking it agaist multiple trees. I mostly didn’t get to the finish line, but it was fun.

  13. John Peat says:

    p.s. I realise a lot of people resent Dirt’s move into the ‘Yo Brah! – Kenny B DUDE!!!’ universe, but it’s a refreshing change from the prevalence of Scottish accents and anoraks that rally games were weighted-down with upto that point.

    If nothing else, Dirt2 is a masterclass in how to make a multiplayer offroad racing game – I await Dirt3 with some anticipation…

  14. Bremze says:

    Its not about hard or easy, RBR is quite easy if you don’t push yourself . Despite what most people think, driving on gravel doesn’t feel like driving on soap with slicks; you actually have quite a bit of grip.

  15. RaytraceRat says:

    What colour gives the best games then?

  16. Phinor says:

    Waste of a license this game. Might just be the worst driving experience I’ve ever had and lately I’ve even softened to these arcade driving games. I actually like Dirt 2 even though it’s full on arcade but it still feels somewhat natural.

    Richard Burns Rally remains the king. Long live the king or better yet, hopefully a better game comes along during the next decade. Unlikely but I can always dream..

  17. Gaytard Fondue says:

    I own a M3 30 and competed in the first round of the german rallye championship this year, so yes, I know how driving a rallye car feels, Señor Peat. And while of course there hasn’t been a simulation that felt 100% like driving a real car yet, there are quite a few that come close to that.

    • John Peat says:

      Even those semi-hydraulic rigs with triple screens they ran for Forza 3 is NOTHING like driving a car and no game or ‘simulator’ I’ve played remotely brings across the feeling of driving a car in the real world.

      Mud/Gravel/Tarmac don’t have a consistent feel – they vary all the time (mud and gravel more than most) – so you need every sense from your ears and eyes to your fingertips and arsecheeks telling you what the car is doing at all times.

      No game/sim will EVER do that – at best they simulate what you THINK racing would be like.

      I’m not even sure I want a game/sim to be that realistic – the reality of racing (which I’ve done a wee bit of too) is that it’s peaks of boredom and intensity which usually ends in disaster/unfair exit – not a great basis for a game really :)

  18. utzelgrutzel says:

    I only played Dirt 1 and nearly finished it. I think I stopped playing on the third step of the pyramid from the top, and I skipped most non-rally races if I had enough points. Most of the time though I played with a keyboard, as it always felt awkward with the wheel, no matter what settings I tried, and the force feedback just plain sucks.
    Is there any reason to search my Dirt 2 coupon that I never bothered to use yet? The demo (with keyboard again) showed no real advancement, reviews reported even less rally and Steam did the rest for me. Did the successor become better with a wheel and FF or is it still the same?

    After trying the WRC demo I see another game with cumbersome handling with a wheel (though in a different way) and shitty FF. The sound is awful, but at least it’s a real rally game.
    The colors are not as bad as in Dirt, but still washed out on the Finland stage. Both demo stages seem a bit spacious to me and the track too smooth, maybe the missing FF again.

    So again RBR remains the best rally game by far, but I can only play it that much. When you start memorizing all the stages it’s not rally anymore.
    What I like about it most, it challenges you all the time to go faster on that narrow, bumpy road and when going for a good time you’re always on the edge of chaos, not sure what’s behind the next corner. Dirt sometimes came near, but not as often. I even played RBR on the laptop with keyboard and managed to beat some times, and I’m a crappy driver :D
    Remember, it’s only hard if you drive too fast ;)

  19. Jason Moyer says:

    Controller configuration is broken and apparently they run rallies on 4 lane highways now. Other than that it’s not really that bad I guess.

  20. Dhatz says:

    why should the x demo have to be equal to the PC?

  21. horse says:

    in the PS3 demo you can set up your own controls but it doesn’t let me use the left arrow button to steer, this mean you cant steer with the arrow buttons will this be the same in the real game or is it just the demo!!!!