Dead Space 2: Necromorph Gameplay Reveal

Footage from Dead Space 2‘s new multiplayer beta has come crawling out of the overly large air-ducts of Castle Shotgun. Why did we have those installed again? I forget. Kieron quickly subdued the video it with a pool cue and I’ve posted it beneath for your viewing pleasure. Finally, we get to see what they’re doing with this humans-versus-Necromorphs multiplayer mode without the shield of fancy editing and cinematic camera angles.

And it looks… well… a bit boring, I think. Go see for yourself.

I’m not particularly convinced by those animations, or how entertaining the aliens look to play. Traditionally, in any asymmetrical multiplayer game I’m always desperate to control the non-humans. But this? Why would you choose this over Dead Space’s excellent array of weaponry? I just can’t see it.


  1. logizomechanophobe says:

    If this is what it was like for those necromorphs that were killing me in the first game, then I feel a bit of respite in knowing they were so utterly bored in doing so!

  2. Huggster says:

    Left 4 Dead was honed to perfection and balanced for enjoyment on either side – this does not looked honed or fun for both sides.

  3. LewieP says:

    It mainly looks a little slow and fiddly.

    I guess it would work as a “if you die you no longer get to be a human” thing.

    To be fair, I almost certainly wouldn’t touch the multiplayer anyway.

  4. RiptoR says:

    Doesn’t look that bad.

    The seemingly random spawnpoints look annoying though. I hope they implement a system like Left4Dead has, where you can choose your own spawnpoint outside a certain radius around the human players.

  5. monkeybreadman says:

    Left 4 Dead – it ain’t

  6. Melf_Himself says:

    This << L4D.

  7. jti says:

    Just how uninspired you can get?

  8. CMaster says:

    I’m seeing a distinct lack of any “strategic (or otherwise) dismemberment” looks like in multi its just a straight up HP system for the necromorphs.
    And yeah, it looks like it manages to make playing something inhuman less different than natural Selection did 9 years ago. “You’re just like a human player, only with less HP and melee weapons.”

  9. Lilliput King says:

    I do hope there’s some trick or depth to this that I’m missing.

    The NS deathmatch game mode did this a lot better, and that was ages ago now.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Well, it’s a beta, for one. For another, half the trailer is spent as a boring spitter necromorph, which doesn’t help either.

      But yes, it’s not looking that awesome, which saddens me. I really, really liked DS1 and it’d be a shame if DS2 included MP for the sake of it and that MP ended up subpar.

  10. Astalano says:

    Looks like something I would touch for 5 minutes and wonder why the developers wasted time and resources on something so bland, uninspired and dull.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Isn’t that pretty much every PC game released in the last five years?

    • Lars Westergren says:


      Uh-huh. And your suggestion for a really good game, would be…?

  11. Zogtee says:

    So, all the snarling, spitting, raging, face-eating, flesh-tearing monstrosities from the first game have been reduced to these slow, floaty, stiff, vaguely robotic critters that shuffle after people waving their appendages in the air?

    Weak. Feeble, even.

  12. Mr Ak says:

    I think at least part of the awfulness is the poor trailer, though. I mean, it’s just melee, melee, die, again and again, all to shitty music.

    • suibhne says:

      But what if that’s all the MP has to offer? I.e.: melee, die, spawn, melee, die, spawn, ad infinitum.

      It looks dreadfully boring, and I’m not sure you can peg that on the trailer. The lack of interesting special attacks for the Necromorphs is particularly surprising. If the game had anything else, don’t you think the trailer would showcase it?

  13. jsdn says:

    It looks like everyone is just flailing around in a lethargic attempt to kill each other.
    Dead Space does not have a control scheme fit for multiplayer deathmatch of any sort. I don’t know why they’re bothering.

  14. Gary W says:

    I think a deathmatch mode where you spawn as a cloud of angry midges will be slightly more interesting than this. Tacked-on?

  15. fabamatic says:

    I’d like to play as one of the cool bosses, I think that in some way they are what defines Dead Space. Playing as the bosses would also be pretty cool in that Capcom game, the one with snow, mechs and giant monsters. Instead of trying to balance the gameplay so that necromorphs play the same as the issacs, favor some asymmetrical gameplay!

    • Dominic White says:

      “I’d like to play as one of the cool bosses, I think that in some way they are what defines Dead Space. Playing as the bosses would also be pretty cool in that Capcom game, the one with snow, mechs and giant monsters.”

      If you’re talking about Lost Planet, then the re-release version of the first game actually had exactly that. An asymmetrical multiplayer mode where one team are humans, the other team are a whole bunch of boss-class Akrid.

  16. tomwaitsfornoman says:

    So the devs that somehow managed to castrate the suspense of what should have been one of the most frightening games ever are now tacking mediocre multiplayer onto the sequel?

    I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

  17. pupsikaso says:

    It’s a console game. Being shown played on a console. Just because it’s getting a PC port doesn’t mean it’s magically going to be any better than a console game. What the heck did you expect? Haven’t you played the first one?

  18. hamster says:

    So far, seems like there are a couple of necromorphs.

    The Spitter guy spits slow moving gobs of acid. Boring.
    The Grunt with the waving arms seems to be the shock troop.
    Le Mis Enfant can leap far distances.
    One other critter that can hang onto surfaces.

    holy crap for some reason i feel an odd sense of deja vu…something about dead space and a bunch of people going “deja vu” as well. And even that time, I was like, DEJA VU wtf? You can understand how confused I am right now.

  19. Nathanael Phillip Cole says:

    Having actually been playing in the beta, I can attest that the trailers here are kinda weak. There are three different necromorphs available. You can wait 6 second after death and respawn as a sougher and more powerful slasher, or you can instantly respawn at any variety of service vents as a Pack (the children) or Lurker (the abortion-looking fetus monsters). You get to pick from a good number of spawn points, many of which are right next to the engineers.

    Most of the time, the necromorphs actually win, at least in the games I’ve played and watched. When they work together as a team, they just rip the engineers apart. The Lurkers are a LOT of fun to play, since they can leap, slash, pounce, shoot, and even run smoothly across walls and ceilings. The Slashers are fun, and tough, and kick a lot of ass when the opponent is currently swarmed by Lurkers and Pack. The pack… eh, they’re kind of lame. Would be better if the Pack actually was two or more units together, like a herd.

    I’m sad that the videos here are so weak. They don’t do the game justice. So far it’s actually a lot of fun.

    One complaint: strategic dismemberment is pointless in multiplayer, and I hope they fix it. All shots to damage to all locations, and dismemberment is only useful for slightly slowing your opponent down. Because of this, the pulse rifle and spear gun seem to be the most useful, with the once-awesome plasma cutter being totally forgotten.

    Actually, another complaint: when playing as an engineer, seeing the names of the real-player enemy necromorphs (there are also bots, mind you) kinda kills a lot of the suspense. I wish they’d turn that off.

  20. Nathanael Phillip Cole says:

    A rundown of the three types

    Slashers: These guys are the “stock” necros from game 1. They have scythes for attacking, can charge short distances, and can spit corrosive bile. They also take more damage

    Lurkers: These abortion looking things can sprout tendrils and spit projectiles from them. They can run along ceilings and walls with ease. They can pounce on an engineer, grappling and stabbing him and taking his attention while he tries to fend it off.

    Pack: These guys are my least fave. They can run really fast, attack really fast, and can also do the same pounce attack, but they damage and soak poorly.

  21. Darth Dialup says:

    Quite honestly, this looks about as fun as watching a Russel Brand comedy hour. This is your typically generic, half-assed multiplayer – a poor man’s version of L4D at that – that should have been scrapped altogether.

    The original trailer for GT TV didn’t make it look appealing at all, and I couldn’t understand why anybody was getting excited about it. It begs the question as to who thought adding multiplayer to a survival-horror game would be a good idea. It didn’t work for Resident Evil 5. In fact, the multiplayer portion for Resident Evil 5 was about as enticing as Rosie O’Donnell’s snatch – not that I’ve ever seen the thing, but I hear stories.

    The control scheme for Dead Space was rather clunky – on top of having horrendously shitty mouse support, but that’s beside the point – and I cannot imagine it doing well in a competitive game with real people. It will blow and no one will bother to play it after the release hype dies down. That my 2 cents, anyway.

  22. yourgrandma says:

    this looks terrible. seriously not all games need mulitplayer… especially extremely crappy tacked on multiplayer.

  23. Redford says:

    Perhaps the trailers ARE terrible, but you can play Tremulous or Natural Selection for free, right now, and it looks like you’d get a better Marine versus Alien experience then Dead Space 2 has to offer.