My! My!: Waterloo In Mount & Blade

These are redcoats, so called due to the fact they all share the surname 'redcoat'.

I woke up to Fredrik Wester‘s twitter about the Waterloo event for Mount & Blade. Which is actually based around a load of people playing Mount & Blade: Warband with the Mount & Musket mod, which sounds like the sort of thing we should encourage. Also, linking to the last post, it strikes me that the most RPS mod in the world would be someone modding Zoats into Mount & Blade. We have thrown down the gauntlet. Do not fail us, Internet.

Frankly, if you soundtrack your video with Abba rather than really bad metal, we’ll probably link to you just on the principle of it. Also, the Doobie Brothers.


  1. stahlwerk says:

    I’d really like to see this, but
    “This video contains content from UMG. It is not available in your country.”

    Thanks, abba. Thabba.

  2. haircute says:

    This looks so fucking great. 2010: What a time to be alive!

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      You know, you were so unvarnishedly happy, I presumed you had to be one of the cleverer spam-bots and checked whether you were linking to something.

      But no: you are merely filled with righteousness.


    • westyfield says:

      Or sarcasm.

      Righteous sarcasm.

  3. Freiheit says:

    You just gotta love M&B Warband. One of my favorites.
    This mod is awesome, I might download it.

  4. Dain says:

    I released the OSP which MM based all their uniforms off (Horrible old meshes I had knocking about). What an idiot I was! Created my own rivals who now get RPS posts dedicated to them :(

  5. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Frankly, if you soundtrack your video with Abba rather than really bad metal, we’ll probably link to you just on the principle of it.

    Yes, it’s a rare day when such a video can’t be improved by soundtracking it to the Hawaii Five-O theme.

    In fact the only thing it’s missing is infantry squares.

  6. rebb says:

    I really really hate VIDEOBLOCKEDBECAUSEOFDRMBULLSHIT-tube these days.

  7. says:

    I never really liked Napoleonics. Clearly, I should force the local Lasalle players to put an Abba album on in the background and sit in on a few games until I start enjoying the period!

  8. Rich says:

    Reminds me of Sharpe episodes. Great battles to capture massive bridges over raging torrents, with whole battalions of infantry and cavalry, plus loads of artillery… represented by three guys, a cardboard horse and a few firecrackers.

  9. Wellington says:

    It is awesome our event gets mentioned on RPS :D

    If any of your lot want to participate in future battles we are going to try and organise some more, get yourselves on the Mount and Musket sub-forum on Taleworlds if you wanna stay up to date. This one was great fun and future ones will only get better!

  10. theleif says:

    Zoats? Zoats!!!???

    You mourn the loss of Zoats? We should all mourn the loss of the biker dwarves. They where actually cool. Especially in Epic/Space Marine. Land Train. Goliath Mega Cannon. Gyrochopters. Bikers!

  11. Torgen says:

    Holy crap that was awesome.

    How about some Victorian “thin red line” vs Afghans, Fuzzy-Wuzzys and Zulu impis?

  12. pupsikaso says:

    Reminds me of this mod for Half-Life 2, can’t remember the name. It was with muskets, too. And like, if you could somehow manage people to form into a line to shoot it would be awesome, and a lot more effective, but of course most of the time people just jump around like monkeys or quake and never hit anything.

  13. Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:


  14. Danarchist says:

    I have gone through downloading the demo for this game twice, played it through the tutorial both times and a couple hours after, and I still can’t figure out how so many people I know like it =P
    Seriously the graphics never look this good on my g74 laptop, there must be a setting I am missing in the options or something somewhere!
    Is the game much more fun multiplayer than solo or something?

  15. tigershuffle says:

    nice work…..

    oh and it works with Empire by Kasabian too ;)

  16. Mikail Yazbeck Designer @ TaleWorlds says:

    Our community is all giddy over this little article Kieron made.
    This event is just one of many player mod nights that we have, 2 weeks ago we had Peasant Rebellion Night(you can guess how many Monty Python quotes were flying around in chat) and it was hilarious :)

    Anyways, just stopping by to say ‘cheers’ from our community.

  17. That says:

    This was indeed one of the best events on M&B Warband. Cheers to the mod developers and everyone who took part in it.

  18. Squizz says:

    The Battle Grounds is/was the musket HL1/HL2 mod. You’re correct about the description though, pupsikaso, rarely when I played it was proper line battles, usually it’s just fire the musket then sprint at the enemy with your sword/bayonet !

  19. rokema says:

    Me Tking 5 teammates with a canonball XD

    • rokema says:

      You can see the canonball fly into the building XD

    • Mikail Yazbeck Designer @ TaleWorlds says:

      Rokema was a right littl’ basterd with his unholy TK’ing, but I have to hand it to him he did do well overall :)

      I managed to get a paltry 6 kills in the 2 hours this event lasted, maybe better luck next time. Waterlootwooo :oD

  20. Biteme says:

    Wow, really amazed it got this much attention, thanks to all the good stuff said!
    The mod team was ecstatic the event turned out so well, you can be assured there will be more, we are already planning the next two factions and what battle to fight them with, so stay tuned for more info!

    • Davee says:

      Aha! Neither did I expect RPS to pick this up, Biteme, but I’m happy I was wrong!

      I was the commander of the 7e Hussards on the French side.
      My computer could not render the battle with very good performance, but it was non the less an epic battle. Server-to-client latency wasn’t that bad though.

      I think I will always remember shooting my own head off with the very captured howitzer I was attempting to fire (without knowing it). Hussars should stick with horses, as I know now. ;)

  21. Biteme says:

    Hehee yes I was rather impressed with some of the artillery crews skills, Rokema was already mentioned I think ^