WH40k:DOWII – Retribution, Eldar Campaign

We’ve been sitting about for weeks, listlessly bouncing a squig against the wall, waiting for the other playable race to be revealed, and now there’s a breakthrough: it seems that Dawn Of War II’s expansion, Retribution, will feature Eldar. This is the second race with which you can play through the events of the single player campaign. There’s a trailer below, with some good footage of the new chaos stuff, too. Eldar make for a fairly predictable second team, I suppose, but it will be fun to get your Bloody Handed God out. Missus.

Whatever happened to Zoats? That’s what I want to know. Poor old Zoats.


  1. Nick says:

    Oh god not another GUO, that was the most tedious badly thought out and stupidly long boss fight ever.

    • Gurrah says:

      ESPECIALLY if you beat the mother and the game crashes during the cut-scene and does not recognise your win, I wept.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Oh. Was taking me a bit to understand that GUO is an acronym for the Great Unclean One. Mostly because the guy after called it a mother, so that confused it a bit.

      I thought the fight, while a bit long, was fine. I basically had men made out of Mr. T that sweat beef jerky just punching the hell out of him.

    • dancingcrab says:

      I finished CR for the first time the other day, and that really wasn’t a very tough boss fight. I used all four Terminator squads (Commander, Assault, Tactical and Devastator) and simply retreated back to the nearest requisition point every time a squad weakened, usually dropping an orbital strike on the daemon’s head as I evacuated. Finished it on my first attempt.

    • Joe G. says:

      That fight got a lot easier after they patched the bug that made him randomly insta-heal to full health.

    • Nick says:

      I didn’t say it was hard, I said it was tedious and long, it took me about 30 minutes just to kill him. He was insta killing anyone he hit so it was a natter of using invulnerable thaddeus and tarkus one after the other with Cyrus reviving them if they got caught when they weren’t immune. Very boring.

  2. Archonsod says:

    So there’s no actual new races in the expansion? Meh, can’t see much point in buying it. Wish Relic would realise that their scripted campaigns are simply dull and move to something closer approaching Dark Crusade.

    • Rich says:

      “Wish Relic would realise that their scripted campaigns are simply dull…”

      “…move to something closer approaching Dark Crusade”
      Well, OK then. As long as they don’t go to far and end up with Soulstorm.

    • subedii says:

      Um, they’ve said right from the very beginning that they’re adding in a new race with this addon pack. It just hasn’t been revealed yet. Speculation is for Inquisition, but nobody’s certain yet.

      The difference compared to last time is that you’ll be able to play through the campaign as different races, as opposed to simply the Blood Ravens like before.

    • Pete says:

      The Dark Crusade campaign structure was indeed awesome. I love the macho story stuff though, should be great fun to play through as races other than Marines.

    • mrmud says:

      Im on the completel opposite of the spectrum.
      I liked the scripted campaign (in particular in the dow2 expansion as the maps were less skirmish) while I found the campaign structure in the last dow1 expansions to be a complete bore.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah the scripted campaign in Chaos Rising worked far better I felt. They still gave it some interesting choices with the whole corruption mechanic.

    • Archonsod says:

      Meh, if I wanted a linear story I’d read one of the books. The writings better and I don’t get forced to sit through endless blether beforehand.

    • subedii says:

      You’re not forced to sit through ‘endless blether’ here either. :S

  3. Rich says:

    Did they confirm an Ork campaign, or did I imagine that?

  4. Theblazeuk says:

    The Ork Campaign was confirmed on launch.

    And I quite like Relics single player campaigns for DoW2 much better than those in the first games.

  5. subedii says:

    Zoats? I hope you’re not going to start pining over Squats next.

    • Davie says:

      The Hivemind’s Zoat obsession is legendary.

    • oatish says:

      I know right!

      Games Workshop has used Tyranids to tie up every loose end in the 40k universe – until the invention of the necrons…

  6. Asehujiko says:

    I spy, with my little eye, some Necron iconography about 30 seconds in.

    Like the massive amounts of pyramids all over the previous 2 campaigns weren’t a giant giveaway.

    • JonFitt says:

      Bah! Necron can go away with the Tau in the “not-a-real-race-if-it’s-not-in-rogue-trader-or-at-least-2nd-edition” pile.

    • HDCrab says:

      Necrons were in RT, actually.

    • Little Tohya says:

      Necrons got a 2e list in White Dwarf :p

    • jeremypeel says:

      Tau were my first army! I felt an affinity with them, as both I and them were new to the galaxy at the time. Shame Fire Warrior was a shitty Halo.

      And Halo’s pretty shitty.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      The Tau are a lie.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      @HDCrab The hell they were! Seriously though, were they?

  7. TotalBiscuit says:

    Dark Crusade’s campaign mode sucked, you’re crazy. DoW2 and Chaos Rising did it right.

    • Rich says:

      Must get Chaos Rising at some point.

    • Danarchist says:

      I have always been sort of torn between the two. Being able to customize my squads and my wargear was a big advantage of dow2 but I still find myself playing dow1 more often. There is just something about those first 15 minutes on any map in dow1 where you dont have the forced to curb stomp the enemy and every wave you repel feels like a victory all its own. In dow2 I never failed a mission once, it was just too easy to send my boys scrambling back to the last cap if things got hairy. In dow1 I not only occasionally lost, I got beat so bad my future children will likely be born with bruises.
      I like base building I guess, but the dow2 multiplayer is just not my cup-o-tea. Some kind of hybrid between the two would either be epically awesome or complete abomination. I am willing to take the chance.

    • subedii says:

      DoW2 really came into its own when you upped the difficulty a little and played it co-op. Controlling two squads each was just the right amount, you tended to use all of the abilities at your disposal, and do a lot more flanking.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Crikey, Dow 2 vanillas campaign was monstrously dull. I had to force myself to complete it before CR

  8. Skurmedel says:

    I knew a guy who had a Necron army back when they had no codex. He was constantly on about how they should get a codex and what not. Also remember his army being the most garishly painted in the whole town as well.

    • Archonsod says:

      You should have seen one of the Dark Eldar players at our local GW. All painted a horrendous fluorescent pink.

    • Danarchist says:

      One of the rule-lawyer types at our local gaming hot spot back when I lived in boise claimed that you couldn’t field any space marine’s that were not painted with the appropriate color scheme for that chapter. This was during one of the iterations of the rule sets where Space Wolves had some mega heavy awesomesauce shield or something and everyones Black Templar and Emperor’s Fist armies suddenly became space wolves. Just to cheese him off I bought a bunch of the cheap plastic models off a guy on ebay and painted them light purple with green smiley faces on the shoulder pads. Then I made him show me in the rules, any rules, where it mentions how you must color your models. He left in a rage and never showed up again. I got free Mountain Dew from the owner for the rest of the year ;)

    • Skurmedel says:

      Haha, that is awesome. I’ve seen some horrendous Dark Eldars as well, like a rejected C & C Music Factory video colour wise. I guess it is people who buy those weird Citadel colours you find in the margins of the colour charts and feel they have to put them to use.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    Great Unclean One!


  10. RobH says:

    Yes, fairly predictable for the Eldar. I’d really like to see another race included, always enjoyed the Tau in the previous DoW games, and they Relic do seem to have indicated there would be another race, so I’m holding out for that.

    Think I’ll go and play some DoW2 again.

  11. Azhrarn says:

    Did anyone notice that the “Retribution” subtitle at the end used the Inquisition’s trademark I symbol? Guess that would make an inquisition side a bit more likely, perhaps Ordo Xenos (what with the 2 alien race campaigns and all that).

  12. Londonistan says:

    Pretty underwhelming trailer, everyone and their various pets knew that the Eldar was going to be another campaign choice. Oh well, this is how the Chaos Rising reveal went too, some bad trailers and not any substantial information until about three months before it’s release. Then again Relic did drop that bombshell that GFWL would be disappeared from Retribution, so I guess that makes up for the lack of any new information.

    • Steven Hutton says:

      I actually like GFWL. It lets me split ingame voice chat onto my headset while keeping ingame sounds through my speakers. Which Steam inexplicably wont do, much to my frustration.

    • subedii says:

      That is a good feature. Unfortunately GFWL was all round bad for the multiplayer on a number of levels.

      My experience with online Steamworks games has been much better generally. Can’t say whether that’ll be the case here (it’s down to how well Relic implement it), but if nothing else it at least means we’re likely to see much faster patching.

    • Steven Hutton says:

      I guess that’s the difference. I don’t see it as a good feature. I see it as a mandatory feature. I just drives me berserk that I can’t do it. It out right ruined left 4 dead for me.

      Honestly I’d find a bigger problem less annoying. It’s because it’s such a small thing that I’m so obsessed.

  13. Digit says:

    This is going to be epic, I can’t wait for it. The first two games were fab, and I have been hankering for a new campaign :D

  14. JonFitt says:

    With the prevalence of them in the previous two campaigns, I think the Imperial Gourd will be the new playable race.

  15. Vinraith says:

    I’m hoping for playable Guard, and very pleased to be getting Eldar and Ork campaigns. I’m hoping they’ll be more open/non-linear than past campaigns, and of course retain the co-op feature.

  16. Him says:

    IG? I’m going to put a shout out for the Adeptus Mechanicus. Given that their Codex is due for release around the same time that DOW2:Retribution was mooted for release (March 2011) the two would fit together nicely.

    • Shubb9 says:

      That just makes me pine for a proper Adeptus Titanicus game, the Warhound that crops up in either the Space Marine or MMO trailer that I saw recently just makes the longing, er, longer

  17. Choca says:


  18. SF Legend says:

    Zoats died because the squats poisoned their zoatibix.

  19. Unaco says:

    I remember Zoats! And some of the older Tyranid/GeneStealer creatures as well. I think Zoats were removed or forgotten about because they didn’t really fit with the Tyranid race that has emerged over the last 10-15 years (20 or so years ago, I don’t think there were Tyranids, just Genestealer cults). Zoats were essentially slaves of the Tyranids/Hive Mind… but the Hive Mind doesn’t do slaves these days… it just consumes and then produces new creatures, using features/genetics from the things it consumes. I think there are 2 stories as to their demise… either, they escaped from the Hive Mind, which didn’t appreciate that, and so devoured/destroyed them… or, they were the vanguard of the Tyranid appearance and conflict with the Imperium, the Imperium went for a bit of the old Genocide, and effectively wiped them out. I haven’t read any of it, but I think in some of the recent 40K novels, and the newest Codexes, there are mentions of Zoats… they do still exist, but their numbers are small.

  20. Rick says:

    Boomer! at 0.36.

    Press right mouse to shove back before shooting.

  21. Patrick says:

    I never really thought of Dreadnoughts as having a personality before Thule.
    I guess this will do the same thing with Wraithlords, and I’ll feel bad about killing them. Maybe with killa cans, too? And chaos dreadnoughts?

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      I think (according to one of the 40k wikis) the wraithlords are robots with an Eldar soul popped into it. Which is sort of different but also very similar to the Dreads except the space marine in question isn’t fully dead when he’s popped into a Dread. So I don’t know.

      From Dawn of War (I) I always thought the Dreadnoughts had some personality but I never played as Eldar so I don’t know about the wraithlords.

    • bleeters says:

      Chaos Dreadnoughts thank you occasionally when destroyed in DoW2. It’s a little unnerving.

  22. Laurence says:

    The main issue with GFWL is that for many people it won’t let them sign in in-game. I am one of the many people who bought this game and haven’t played a second of it because of a GFWL bug that Microsoft have yet to solve. *HINT HINT*

  23. jeremypeel says:

    I wish Relic would make the Eldar genuinely mysterious rather than cheesy-mumbo-jumbo like they have done previously. They just need to sketch them a bit more sparsely, maybe go through their scripts and end all of the sentences half way through.

    So “Brothers and sisters, be damned!” becomes, “Brothers and sisters, be!”

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      It doesn’t help that any time they’ve been in DoW they give plenty of exposition to each other about why they’re doing what they’re doing.

      I mean yeah, the player would want to know why he’s ordering them around to complete objectives, but you probably can’t have any mystery about a faction in a strategy game where you can play that faction. Unless you never tell the player why he should accomplish certain objectives.

      Which seems like it would be hard to pull off.