TF2 Introduces The In-Game Mann Co. Store

So with the biff and swish of an amusing comic, a reason to use the Steam Wallet is born: The Mann Co. Store. It’s going to allow players to trade TF2 inventory items in-game using their Steam Wallets. So hats and stuff can now be sold off or purchased for real cash. Here’s another thing: “Additionally, community contributors will receive a percentage of sales on items they’ve created!” Ooh, you say. Hmm, I mutter, my beard aflutter.

What does it mean? And why? Well it doesn’t look like it will change the game much, aside from people being able to get the kit they want for cash. It seems to be a way of generating a bit of extra cash with purely cosmetic items, essentially allowing the completely capitalist Valve Corporation to have a reason to keep developing TF2’s free updates, aside from being nice. FAQ here. Also PCG point out the prices. That’s a pricey knife.


  1. Schaulustiger says:

    I bet the content of my non-existing Steam wallet that this will unleash a huge shitstorm all over the Steam forums.

    I find it a clever way for Valve to investigate new payment methods and I have absolutely nothing to say against it. I’d love to check it out, but apparently “the Steam servers are too busy to handle your request”. Well, I can wait.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I’m watching unfold on an IRC channel right now. Class updates have shown that while the theory is that new weapons are just different to play than the base ones, not better, they’re not great at balancing this, so the “buying an advantage” problem rears its ugly head.

      There are also rumourings of some items which you can only buy, not craft or find, and things that make you immune to Sniper headshots. Allegedly from here.

      I can only assume Valve are wearing a massive trollface right now.

    • Wipa says:


      Stop spreading rubbish sonny Jim.

    • Theory says:

      The things you can only buy are entirely cosmetic.

    • TCM says:

      Q: Will I have to spend money to remain competitive?
      A: No. Any items affecting gameplay, and even most purely cosmetic items, will still be obtainable simply by playing the game.

      Q: Did you adjust the drop rates for existing items?
      A: No. We haven’t made it any harder to obtain existing items through gameplay.

      salient quotes from the FAQ

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      @ Lionsphil: Whats this about rumours? All the items (plus their attendant bonuses) can be found here, while the FAQ seems to cover most queries.

      As for the headshot immunity, the wording (“The wearer cannot be killed by headshots”) suggests to me that headshots will reduce the headshot recipient to 1HP if they are struck by an otherwise lethal shot. But we’ll see how that shakes out in practice.

    • LionsPhil says:

      You all seem to have missed the part where Valve know full well this is the kind of thing which will happen.

      Also, sniper anti-headshot kit, along with the other sets: link to

    • Zogtee says:

      Ah, where would the online gaming communities be without their regular Valva drama, conspiracy theories, and sissyfits? I bet the GOG general forum is bursting right now.

    • Zogtee says:

      Valva, eh? Make that Valve.

    • TCM says:

      The weapons in that kit have far better synergy with other weapons than each other.

      Beyond that, what idiot is going to be headshooting snipers? That is what spies, soldiers, and etc. are for. The set bonus is worthless, except to pathetic worthless 2fort snipers who only snipe other snipers, who will LOSE THE ABILITY TO MAKE A HEADSHOT EITHER WAY.

    • jonfitt says:

      I thought that “not being able to be killed by headshots” could mean that shots to the head count as body shots and therefore aren’t headhots, but it does suggest that you will be immune in the cranial region. That’s a rather severe addition.

    • DarkFenix says:

      I like how Lionsphil conveniently ignores the fact that to gain headshot immunity the sniper has to give up his primary method of killing, ie. headshots.

    • LionsPhil says:

      …and instead gains the jarate effect at full line-of-sight range, making him an assist machine. This is a team game.

      God, you lot. I’m not even saying THIS IS THE END OF TF2 YOU CAN BUY INVULNERABILITY NOW. I’m saying Valve must surely be aware of the kind of idiocy storm that this kind of stuff can whip up (see: this subthread) and must be trollfacing so hard at the Internet ruckus they’re kicking up that they’re going to get face cramp.

      Although it took a lot longer for this article to reach three pages of comments than I expected.

  2. Gunrun says:

    I bought a team based FPS, can I get a refund now that the game has fully transformed into a grindy korean MMO?

    • haircute says:

      Bless your heart!

    • noobnob says:

      The worst grinding experience you could ever possibly have in this game is achievement farming to unlock weapons, and that’s not even hard. Everything else is cosmetic.

      I don’t see how the comparison applies, even as a joke.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Could always go back to Team Fortress Classic. When was the last time you conc-jumped, or infected the enemy team with deadly and contageous diseases?

    • skinlo says:

      I’m missing the part where its grindy, Korean or MMO.

    • Harry Williams says:

      You wont be able to unlock the new weapons with achievements, so, I have to agree, it is sounding more and more like a Korean MMO with every update lately. Ah well, i dont play TF2 much anymore so im not complaining.

  3. Freud says:

    Imagine the shitstorm if this was an Activision game.

    • schokakola says:

      Activision would sell maps, make weapons non-craftable/non-dropable and wouldn’t pay the creators of the community content.
      Justified shitstorm right there.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Activision would also have fired/chased away most of the dev team by now. Oh and the game would have been shit to begin with.

  4. CJohnson03 says:

    I think it’s very interesting that the transactions can go both ways, and you can actually sell stuff for credit in your steam wallet. Veeeery interesting.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Can you? I’ve seen the announcement and FAQ (and the two hidden pages), but I didn’t read that anywhere. Where’s that from?

    • abhishek says:

      Any credit that content creators get into their Steam wallets are still basically the same as store credit. Unless there is a way to actually extract real money from the wallet, all the money from the sales eventually goes to Valve. The content creator gets some free shit in return on Steam though. Not too bad really, especially since I imagine that people who make items for TF2 will probably be frequent Steam (store) users… but still…

    • Lukasz says:


      but you can gift games to people for real money. they pay you 20 bucks for 25-30 dollars game and you use your steam wallet credit.

      nothing like second life where you could make a living but you can make some extra cash. or at least never buy a game again.

  5. rose says:

    freud: the shitstorm on this will be monumental. and rightly so.
    what a terrifying turn of events.

  6. Ben Laserlove says:

    Oh god, the internet is exploding. I love it!

  7. CaptainCaveman says:

    Once again, I would like to remind that corporations have one single aim and that aim is making money. Valve was never your friend and will never be your friend.

    • Malkar says:

      This is only strictly true if it’s a publically-traded corporation. Valve is not.

      Charities are ‘corporations’.

    • CMaster says:

      And once again, you are wrong.

      Privately owned companies (such as Valve) can be about whatever the hell they want. In Valve’s case it appears that what they want is to make good, successful games, and earning plenty of money to afford their huge staff and long development times are part of that. But I could find you dozens of small companies that have other aims that making the maximum amount of money they could do.

    • cliffski says:

      Well said. Positech Games is a corporation, but its just me and 2 cats, and not done purely for money. If I wanted money, I’d have kept working for Datastream in the banking sector.

    • Dozer says:

      Cliffski – please, please, PLEASE send me a link to the Companies House register (I think that’s what it’s called in the UK), or the appropriate equivalent if you’re not British where you’ve registered your cats as co-directors of your company. PLEASE.

    • FunkyBadger says:

      Datastream? Jeebs, Cliffski… a lucky escape…

      As said above, private compaies, corporation or no, have no legal duties (beyond those of care) to anyone.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Cliffski, does this mean we’ll be seeing lolcatspeak (whatever it’s called) in your upcoming games?

    • DarkFenix says:

      I think we now need a race for GSB who’s ships are all giant space cats complete with eye lasers and claw missiles (possibly a centrally mounted hairball cannon too).

    • CaptainCaveman says:

      I see some people just can’t handle the truth.

    • Ozzie says:

      I’m sure Frictional Games also has only in mind to make as much money as possible.
      That’s why they develop such risky projects as Amnesia.
      Wait, what?

  8. noobnob says:

    Q: Will I have to spend money to remain competitive?
    A: No. Any items affecting gameplay, and even most purely cosmetic items, will still be obtainable simply by playing the game.

    All you need to know.

    • radomaj says:

      Hats are rarer and harder to craft than weapons. Hats complete sets. Some of the sets give flat bonuses without downsides. That’s all you need to consider.

    • noobnob says:

      Set bonuses are the only thing I am against of. The idea of the shop itself is fine.

    • TCM says:

      The set bonuses are (mostly) balanced by the fact the weapons in them are not synergistic with each other, but would work well with DIFFERENT weapons.

    • Fumarole says:

      Please stop using the word synergy, I feel like I am in a sales meeting. Bleah.

  9. James G says:


    Bit surprised by this move. While the micro-transaction model is becoming more commonplace, I still tend to associate it with the more scammy end of the gaming spectrum. I’m sure Valve realise the extent of shitstorm that will be kicked up over this decision, but if I understand their current modus operandi its to bite the bullet, throw lots of shit at the fan, and see what sticks; meanwhile my modus operandi is to mix metaphors to produce a thoroughly disgusting image.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      I like your M.O.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      I dunno. The model worked pretty well for Just Cause 2, where you could buy kind of insane weapons for just $.99 or packs of three for $2.99. They also did deal days for them, where weapons or vehicles were only $.49. They are a way to extend the value of the game without being too intrusive.

    • James G says:

      Yeah. I almost said I hadn’t got any micro-transactions stuff, then remembered the JC2 weapons.

      I think there are additional issues with multiplayer games. You either end up giving a competitive advantage, or you end up making things that are only cosmetic, one risks damaging your bottom line, the other cuts in to the number of people interested in the micro-transactions themselves. Opening up ‘new playstyles’ is another possibility, but that sort of thing is going to be incredibly difficult to balance, especially in a competitive FPS. I suppose MMO’s have been at it for a while with their expansion packs, imagine if players could unlock the Worgen in WoW for £2.50, rather than having to buy an expansion pack.

  10. Pabswikk says:

    Awwww Mr GrumpyGills thinks the world is all doom and gloom.
    I’m theoretically against cash shops, but it’s become pervasive. At least Valve have a record so far of being a relatively honourable business. Who knows, maybe this won’t be all bad.
    Maybe valve ARE our friends :o

  11. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    My intial reaction can be summarised thusly: “Ugh!”

    On further reading though it doesn’t seem quite so bad given that items will still drop in the normal way as well as being hhngh…micro-transactions.

    Q: Will I have to spend money to remain competitive?
    A: No. Any items affecting gameplay, and even most purely cosmetic items, will still be obtainable simply by playing the game.

  12. qx says:


  13. stahlwerk says:

    having not quite fully understood what the fuss is about, I just want to say that comic is ace.

    Nice jab at jazz guitarists, Saxton’s right, they’re only one step above hippies. And we all know hippies hate stairs.

  14. UW says:

    I’d like to be angry but Valve have put such a huge amount of time into this game and all of their others that I really just can’t. I just can’t.

    All of their DLC and updates up until this point have been utterly free and so lovingly crafted, always involving the community and just having a whole lot of fun in the process. They deserve this. If I could let this fly with anyone, it would be Valve.

    Especially because I won’t be spending a fucking dime on it. Ever.

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      And the best part is you don’t even have to!

    • UW says:

      Exactly! =]

      I always thought randomly finding the items was way more fun than using them anyway. It’s like people who download completed game saves… it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts.

  15. CapitalDave says:

    I can’t really see why anyone can have any (lasting) problem with this, sure you will be able to buy items… but you can earn them all just by playing the game anyway. It’s a shortcut for those with a big enough wallet to bother, without inhibiting those who don’t have said wallet.

    Seriously guys. What’s the issue?

  16. Vague-rant says:

    So… Steam Wallets eh? Seems odd for Valve to only introduce this special micro payments for one game. Admittedly might be something that they intend to allow other developers to make use of… but I suspect they’ll be reluctant to do so. So what does this mean? Maybe we’ll see micropayments for Alien Swarm?

    (I know you can use the steam wallet to buy games but there’s no advantage for this over regulaar buying so I’m guessing there are bigger plans afoot)

  17. Toby says:

    No wonder I couldn’t start Mount & Blade Warband anymore. The steam servers are getting hammered.

  18. Koozer says:

    I was fine with this right up until I read about those item sets. They’re just wrong.

  19. Squizz says:

    It sets a president IMHO. The quotes from the FAQ about remaining competitive are a bit of a non-starter. From my own personal experience actually getting a random drop takes many hours of gameplay. I’m certainly not guaranteed a drop every time I play so to collect a whole set would take many weeks/months/years to acquire through traditional means.

    Valve’s TF2 has become one big experiment for them trying various things, at least that’s the impression I get from the recent PC Gamer interviews. I hope through whatever profit Valve get from this latest experiment that they realise their reputation as a game developer that releases many free updates they don’t get blinkered into micro-transactions as their future. The reason they have so many TF2 players is because of the free updates, hopefully they won’t be idiots and ignore that.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Sorry to nitpick, but that’s ‘precedent’, not president.

  20. Araxiel says:

    I like the part where it says “This game is not avaible at the moment” and “Connect to steam to see your backpack”. I prefered part is the “Mann Co. Store is closed at the moment”

  21. Tei says:

    If this works, then people will be able to buy games WITH HATS.

    This change everything.
    Or not.

    I am not really interested in TF2, is not my taste of TF.

  22. pakoito says:

    They made TF2 into LoL. HELLO DOTA2!!!

  23. Flappybat says:

    Despite the good intentions and the excellent behavior of Valve so far I fear that the monetization of games will really step up over the past few years. DLC is pushed within weeks of a games release (Mafia 2 as a recent example), maps are no longer free in the most popular FPS games and even MMos with a monthly subscription fee are adding item stores (Champions Online, Star Trek even World Of Warcraft!).

    I appreciate DLC can let developers do more content they might have never been able to push but Activision and Cryptic are successfully pushing a future with poor value for money.

    • Fwiffo says:

      It was bound to happen as the production costs and profits of games rose. Just choose to support with your wallet what you like, agree with or believe in. This *is* what you do with everything else you buy after all.

  24. Dominic White says:

    Yeah, just to spell things out:

    A: If it has stats on, it can be found just by playing. Same as always.

    B: Getting the items you want will be a lot easier now as you can trade with other players. Have three of a weapon you don’t like? Trade them to people for better guns. Or hats!

    C: The only ‘shop-exclusive’ items are purely cosmetic. If you want to pay top dollar to play pretty dolly dress-up, you can, but it’s not going to make your guns any shootier.

    Valve have been releasing honking great addons for TF2 for the price of ‘free’ for ages now. And they’re continuing to do just that to this day, only you have the option of dressing up all fancy-like if you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

    Personally, I don’t plan on paying a penny. It’s a first-person game. I don’t care what my character model looks like!

  25. Flimgoblin says:

    OMGZ! You can buy a hat instead of playing for hours and hours and hours and hours and hoping you get lucky.

    End of the world.

  26. Araxiel says:

    I like the part where it says “Lodout not avaible- could not connect to steam” and “The Mann Co. Store is currently closed”

  27. Blandford says:

    I’m ok with this.
    Seriously, people are shitting themselves way to much over this kind of stuff.

    And yes, if it was any other company then I would call them sell-out assholes. But this is Valve, and I’m a hypocrite.

  28. Lilliput King says:

    Suits me. I was so bored with TF2 I assumed I’d never launch it again. There’s a fair bit of new content here, though, which in my situation is simply a couple more hours for the £8 or whatever I paid for it all those years ago.

    I can understand people feeling differently, but I have difficulty imagining that the game would be somehow better off without these intrusions. The vast majority of multiplayer FPS have run out of players by this far down the line.

  29. The Dark One says:

    I like that the reason Valve hasn’t dropped the entry price and made the game entirely free-to-play is because they still want a barrier to cheaters getting back in quickly.

  30. airtekh says:

    I don’t really get the anger people have with the micro transactions.

    These new buyable items won’t grant their owners an extra edge in combat, which is crucial for maintaining the balance of the game. It’s just for people who want to have a cool new hat to wear, and are willing to pay for it.

    In my view, it’s win-win for everybody: Valve gets a bit of extra cash; the players who want to buy stuff, can do so; and the people like myself who just play the game because it’s ace, still have their lovable War Themed Hat Simulator (now with 50% more hat!).

    • jonfitt says:

      You know you can also buy all those new weapons, and the only other way to get them otherwise is to get a random drop (or trade, duel etc. we’ll see how effective that is).

      The new weapon sets also seem quite powerful. For the short term future they will give players with money a boost as they can do things others can’t.

    • Ganders says:

      I just gained 10 gigs of hard drive space out of this, so I’ll consider that a plus.

  31. Wooly says:

    This, gentlemen, is how you do a MMOFPS.

  32. Araxiel says:

    And it works…

  33. jonfitt says:

    Ok, I freaked out when I thought you could only buy the Polycount pack. But if you can find those and the “items” then that’s not to bad.

    To the Bat-Idle-server!

  34. Skurmedel says:

    It’s 24 players in a small space, hardly MMO.

  35. neolith says:

    It’s dead, Jim.

  36. Johnny X says:

    Welp I’ve finally uninstalled after having it rest on my hard drive, I looked at the weapon pack and not only do you kinda have to purchase them (or wait 6 months and never get them because you’ll instead get 500 flare guns.) All the items are pretty random unbalanced and generally dumb ideas that break what they had. They had a beautiful game before this which was balanced very well and then they went and screwed it up. This is it, I’m done with TF2, I can’t take this game anymore. It seems Valve can do wrong.

    • skinlo says:

      I need a river. Cry me one.

    • Miko says:

      Six of those flare guns (or 3*2 of any other weapon you don’t need) plus one specific weapons (FaN for the peppergun, Jarate for the milk, etc) will get you any Polycount weapon you want.

  37. A-Scale says:


  38. Sagan says:

    I think if I ever go back to playing TF2, I will play on the classic servers. I have no idea what half of the stuff that’s in the game now even does. And they just keep adding more stuff. Just browsing through the new items, it looks like knowing what they do is an important part when playing against them.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      But updates make the game fun again. I never would have played 900 hours if The Pyro pack, Medic pack, or spy pack were never released.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Arthur: Define ‘fun’.

      Personally, I think it’s a bit odd to have an fps with such a system. Why have drops at all and not make decorative things available from the start? That’s not fun, that’s an intentionally annoying mechanic to keep people playing (and now paying). Also, it’s wholly unnecessary to have such things in the game at all.

  39. Nick says:

    Heh, the anagram your name reference is pretty funny.

    • Vanderdecken says:

      “Hot Anal Sex”. Hmm, this raises questions of whether Valve had made that a possibility originally. Man, they plan ahead.

  40. KillahMate says:

    If this means we keep getting completely free updates for a three-year-old game that is brilliant and fun… I think I can stomach some people having better hats than me. I know this makes me less of a man, but I’ve already made my peace with that.

  41. DMJ says:

    But the dress-up DOES serve a function.

    The thing I like about TF2 is that it is an instant feud generator. Very shortly after I join a battle I am emotionally invested in it. Having to aim at someone to find out who they are is impersonal and artificial. Being able to recognize someone by accessories is a much more natural way of building an instant personal rivalry with someone on the opposing team.

  42. Qwijibo says:

    To all the people saying the items that can only be purchased wont affect game play I would like to remind you of one thing:

    “Golden wrench drops are random”

    Just because valve says something doesn’t make it true

    • skinlo says:

      They were random, ‘pre calculated’ random, not on the fly random like most people expected it to be. Valve did’t actually lie though.

    • Qwijibo says:

      Can’t find the exact quote, but I think it was something like “everytime time you craft you have a random chance of getting a wrench,” which was not true.

      Also the engie update day one page says that there was “no per-day limit on the number of golden wrenches found.” How can that be true if the drop times were pre calculated?

      Looks like Valve was not being honest to me. It seems to me that Valve has slowly been changing over the last year or so, and they are moving away from the Valve I love and admire.

  43. sexyresults says:


  44. Jad says:

    A Question: When, exactly, did this whole weapon-unlocking, pointless-shit-gathering, non-core-game-mechanics-cruft begin infecting multiplayer shooters?

    So when I was young I played single player games like Monkey Island and two-player console games like Contra. Then I found Quake1/QuakeWorld in 1998 (somewhat late) and I became a multiplayer fiend. For five years I primarily played online shooters: QuakeWorld and Half-Life Deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike Beta and Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament and Day of Defeat and even some time in Halo 1 PC & BF:Vietnam. Then I kinda burned out and switched to single-player FPSes and RPGs and other SP games. The only real multiplayer shooter I’ve put much time into since then is Left 4 Dead, campaign-only, which has a pretty non-standard structure, and Quake Live, for some old-school nostalgia.

    The point is: In those thousands of hours I poured into those FPS multiplayer games over those five years I never once unlocked a hat. Or a weapon (other than the per-round CS system). I never leveled up my character. I never went grinding for achievements. I never got rewarded for a “killstreak”. I never crafted or traded or paid for an item, cosmetic or not.

    Man, what was I doing all that time? Oh, right: I was playing the game. I was shooting guys. I was capturing flags. I was picking up weapons of my fallen foes. I was working as a team. I was dominating in a deathmatch.

    If Epic released a Hat Mutator for UT ten years ago I would have asked: does it change the gameplay in interesting ways, like the Runes Mutator? If not: who gives a shit? UT was about shooting people, not playing dress-up.

    Just, seriously: what the fuck?

    • jonfitt says:

      I have pretty much the same history with games that you do, although I started multiplayer FPS games with Doom1 and never stopped. The first game I played with unlocks was Battlefield2, and I have to say it improved the game.

      I put countless hours into CS (from 1.0 onwards) and the last game I played was pretty much exactly the same as the first. Whereas playing Battlefield 2 I can vividly remember the first time I got to use the G36A or the Barrett. It inject new life into the game and gave you a reason to try and achieve high scores beyond just a desire to win.

      Now the difference was, they weren’t exactly better, just different, and you didn’t need to do anything stupid to get them, you just needed to have scored enough points in your “career”.

      I don’t like the sense of grind, the thought of micro transactions giving people an advantage, or stupid achievements for unlocks, but in principle I think progression in multi-player FPSs is the future of the genre.

    • jonfitt says:

      Oh, I also don’t think the BF2 system was the best. It was too hard to get to the higher echelons (although you could choose any unlock at each stage). Actually I think Modern Warfare does a pretty good job of continually dropping tweaks without making you feel like you’re outmatched or having to grind.

  45. RichPowers says:

    TF2: brilliant team-based FPS spoiled by the inclusion of way too many poorly-designed gimmicky items whose functions are ineffectively communicated in the game. For example, how are you supposed to know when a player has an item-set buff? You can’t. Seems to go against the original design philosophy of the game — THAT’S what bothers me, all the silly items, not the microtransaction stuff.

    Some of the updates have been brilliant and entertaining as hell, but I’d pay money to remove all the nonsense like “no head shots!” or “immune to fire damage when equipped”.

  46. Berm says:

    Well, regardless of whether you like the update, don’t like it or are indifferent one thing is certain, there will be a lot less players playing it now due to outrage and that is bad news.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Unlikely. Remember how much rage their was over L4D2? Remember how many people said they’d boycott it? How many actually did?

      Most people are incredibly hypocritical, they’ll moan, complain and generally take up arms against anything they don’t like then a week later they’ll quietly line up with everyone else for their fix again. I can’t see anything more than 10% of the whiners quitting, possibly less, and let’s face it those who actually rage over this enough to quit are the dregs of the community who we frankly don’t need anyway.

    • Berm says:

      Some would say it’s the other way around.

  47. RagingLion says:

    The reason for this? Valve’s experimenting again. Trying a new business model. I say this based on the recent PC Gamer interviews which were very enlightening in terms of understanding Valve’s thinking.

    • airtekh says:


      I totally agree with you.

      The reason Valve are doing this is purely to see what happens when they do it. It has nothing to do with money whatsoever. They want to see what sort of a reaction they get.

      I loved Tom Francis’ quote about Valve being scientists among businessmen. It’s so true, and very much applicable here.

  48. Dominic White says:

    Just reminding people that there are quite a few ‘pure’ servers out there that run just the basic class loadouts. No special weapons, no surprises. The game is hugely moddable, too. If it’s not to your liking, find a server that is. Don’t whine or throw tantrums saying that you were forced to uninstall because this patch (which just came out an hour ago, so how the hell you can judge it is beyond me) has apparently ruined the game.

    • bjohndick says:

      Are there servers that let you play with ALL the unlocks?
      (That are VAC protected)

      If there is not, I do not believe the game is moddable enough.

  49. Film11 says:

    The prices are certainly… high.

    £29.99 for the items from the polycount update.
    Up to £11.99 for a hat.
    Up to £3.49 for a weapon.

    I don’t think Valve have quite got the grasp of microtransactions yet, like they never really grasped episodic releases.

    • Shakermaker says:

      The pricing is indeed off the scale. As they are the prices are waaaay too high. I have no problem with paying 2,50 for hat, maybe 5 euro max. But 17,49 for the Fez or that ridiculous no headshot croc helmet? Nowai.

    • Dominic White says:

      Those prices, while high, are pretty much standard for this kinda stuff. They’re largely there solely for people with way more money than sense.

      Keep your sanity – just ignore the store, and play the game normally.

    • Shakermaker says:

      I can’t vouch for my mental sanity if I can buy a Prussian Pickelhaube for 5 euro.

    • Theory says:

      £30 is a discount, too. The pack is normally $135 (can’t access the store to check in pounds).

      That and paying a dollar for each duel minigame thing just about sums this whole idea up. It won’t affect me, no matter how abhorrent it is, but it does make me feel guilty that I’m playing a game with this kind of shite in it. :-/