TF2 Introduces The In-Game Mann Co. Store

So with the biff and swish of an amusing comic, a reason to use the Steam Wallet is born: The Mann Co. Store. It’s going to allow players to trade TF2 inventory items in-game using their Steam Wallets. So hats and stuff can now be sold off or purchased for real cash. Here’s another thing: “Additionally, community contributors will receive a percentage of sales on items they’ve created!” Ooh, you say. Hmm, I mutter, my beard aflutter.

What does it mean? And why? Well it doesn’t look like it will change the game much, aside from people being able to get the kit they want for cash. It seems to be a way of generating a bit of extra cash with purely cosmetic items, essentially allowing the completely capitalist Valve Corporation to have a reason to keep developing TF2’s free updates, aside from being nice. FAQ here. Also PCG point out the prices. That’s a pricey knife.


  1. EthZee says:

    Interesting concept. I’ll stay tuned to see what happens.

    Also, entire playerbase is babies!

    • Skurmedel says:

      I prefer to be called an infant or perhaps little grasshopper.

  2. Vinraith says:

    They should sell some kind of sparkly flying horse you can ride, I bet they could charge a lot for it.

  3. Rick says:

    Et tu, Valve?

    I understand their rationale for this, but I’m not getting myself into a situation where I’m paying for TF2 items. At least by making the same stuff craftable means it shouldn’t turn into the “haves” and “have-nots”.

  4. dave says:

    I… im sorry im so apathetic to the whole thing its taken me 5 hours to type this. Even then i feel as though it was far too much effort

  5. Beam says:

    I’m… surprised VALVe would do a microtransition ANYTHING at this point.

    And before you jerkoffs go into you”B-b-b-but they’re not FORCING you” and all that other hogwash, I know. That doesn’t make this any better, this is a whole new low for them. With the rate hats drop and everything, this is almost strong-arming you.

    • Obdicut says:

      I find it hilarious that people are using language like ‘strongarmed’ about this update.

      I looked over the new weapons. I don’t really want any of them. I definitely don’t want to wear any of the sets, except maybe, maybe the soldier’s one. And because I’ve been playing TF2 for awhile– I can craft everything I need for it other than the hat right away. And I just heard that hats will now be specifically craftable, too, so I can probably do that.

      Buncha whiners.

  6. jackflash says:

    I totally lost interest in TF2 when it became an MMO. Bummer it’s going even further in that direction.

  7. lafinass says:

    Am I the only one that isn’t overlooking the obvious?

    What happens in every single game that has persistent in game items that can be traded between players? A secondary market springs up around selling the items to people willing to buy. The ONLY way to effectively combat this is to set up an official store with fixed prices.

    Ignore their financial motivations, if they had done trading without a store you’d have seen ebay listings inside of a week and we’d all be getting random steam invites from “Hats 4 sale! Cheap!”

    • Znea says:

      Exactly this, by creating an official store with official pricing Valve precludes crazily priced items through secondary markets.

    • Ganders says:

      1. The solution to this is not to create a trading system at all.

      2. The solution to people feeling the need for a trading system is to not intentionally create a system where players have to grind for items. Which they did, undoubtedly with this possibility firmly in their minds.

      Regardless of your opinion on microtransaction-fueled games, see the bigger picture.

  8. DethDonald says:

    So all the items you can buy you can also get by just playing? Right?

  9. Legionary says:

    Seems to me people are happily deluding themselves about Valve’s reasoning. There was absolutely NO third party market for TF2 items prior to this update. The destruction of such is absolutely not a reason it was introduced.

    If you want to make up some excuse for this which doesn’t paint Valve as a nickel-grabbing microtransaction vendor, then knock yourselves out and I hope it makes you happier. But sadly you’re currently grasping for nonexistant and illogical straws.

    Valve have introduced microtransactions because they haven’t tried it out yet, that’s all there really is to it. Do you guys not remember Gabe et all talking to PCG about how they like to experiment and see what works? TF2 just happens to be the game they’ve tried it on because it’s the one game of theirs mostly likely to see successful microtransactions and because it has the most goodwill amongst the gaming press and amongst gamers at large.

    I am hugely disappointed in Valve over this. I had thought they had taken a moral stand over ‘DLC’ being free; the idea that supporting the game was its own reward in that it drove continued sales. Whether it provides in-game benefits or not (and it does — the drop rates are so low that people buying these packs will have in-game advantages months or years before those who rely on drops) the fact still remains that Valve are now attempting to wring profit from people who’ve already paid for their game.

    Yes, Valve have supported TF2. And yes, it’s been fantastic. But it’s been fantastic because that’s what EVERY company should do. I don’t feel like I owe them any slack, and nor do I feel that they’ve somehow “earned” the right to price gouge for items.

    This is the moment that Valve jumps the shark. Remember it well. The last major good guy producer now openly views its players as sources of income. Is this the day that the games died?

    • Deacon Lowdown says:

      when L4D turned out to be unfinished, I forgave Valve. I figured they would support it like they did TF2. When that turned out not to be the case, and L4D 2 came out, I forgave them. I figured every company makes mistakes.

      after this I’m going to find it very hard to trust valve.

    • Starky says:

      They did finish it though, and they are still supporting it – maybe not to the insane levels that TF2 enjoys like everyone expected – but honestly that was a stupid expectation really. One fairly innocent dev quote and suddenly it was written on stone in blood that valve would offer freebies for that game every few weeks until the end of time.

      I agree that L4D2 was too soon, but it was an improvement in almost every way when it comes to gameplay – and they are supporting that.
      Still I said then and still say now they should have offered a 25% discount to owners of L4D1 (lowering the cost to expansion pack price)… though anyone with any willpower whatsoever waited until the first steam deal, which only took 2 months or so dropping the price to below what a expansion costs for most games.

      I also call bullshit on Valves support of TF2 is what “every company should do”, Valve’s support of TF2 was nothing short of mind bogglingly generous (especially for a game that was stupidly good value at launch- though I still remember people whining that the Orange box was too expensive back then, because Valve was going to sell it $10 cheaper as the black box and was ripping people off…), and it is basically only thank to the success of Steam that Valve have the luxury to be able to do so – no other company would, except maybe blizzard.

      TF2 was grown into a full priced stand alone game in terms of value – but was sold for people at 1/3rd that – I’m seriously shocked valve has not tried to earn more from it until now.

      If valve was my company I’d have had them work on a single player component and then sold it as a bolt-on to TF2 for £20 ($30) in fact I’d wager that they probably are – though it may be part of TF3.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      There was no secondary market for TF2 items before this because it was impossible for there to be a secondary market. There was no way to trade items between accounts. The possibility for a secondary market hasn’t existed until this update when trading was introduced.

    • Berm says:


      Nah, this is the day the PC community turned indie and found a lot of awesome games there that easily rival any published game.

      Fully agree with your post though I saw this coming a long way away.

  10. Araxiel says:

    I thought “well, that’s not that bad. I mean, Valve know what they’re doing…I know they know it. I mean, they’re Valve. They’re going to be reasonable and do the right thing. They love their community, they’re supporters of mods and…stuff”, I was even thinking about buying the soldier bundle.

    I looked at the pricelist:

    24,97€ for the soldier bundle! (3 items)
    17,49€ for a frigging useless single fucking hat?!

    What were they bloody thinking?! This is outrageous! And it’s really hard to get me upset about some DLC-esque stuff. This is insane. It’s even worse than the Wow-Pegasus-thingy for 20$. Atleast you have to buy it to get it. But the TF2 items drop randomly and can be crafted. I’m really shocked about the prices. I thought a hat would be something around 1€ and a weapon maybe 1,2€

  11. Navagon says:

    I’d like to think that this would damage Valve’s reputation more than it would benefit them financially. But unfortunately there are a ton of hypocrite gamers out there (especially on Steam) so I think that the actual outcome will be both damaging to their reputation and lucrative. People will bitch, but that won’t stop them buying into this.

    Buying Valve games used to be a matter of just trusting them to add a significant amount of content after release. So you didn’t have to bother about the fact that it only had four maps to begin with. Then that kinda went out of the window. Now I have to wonder whether the game’s going to get monetised too? Wonderful. I’ll be extremely cautious about buying another one of their games now. Which is a shame.

  12. Mystic Smeg says:

    You can craft some of the new weapon sets.

    Direct hit and some metal = The Black Box
    Buff Banner and some metal = The Battalion’s Back Up etc…

  13. Matt says:

    Horse Armor 2.0

    I feel like the high prices were set to prevent everyone and their mother from jumping on the buying bandwagon. This way the barrier is high enough that only the rich and/or foolish will take the plunge.

    • Deacon Lowdown says:

      Yeah that’s totally fair. To avoid a rush of the new weapons, overprice them so only rich people or people with no fiscal responsibility can get them! They’re not overpriced so that the game will still be playable, they’re overpriced so Valve can milk as much out of this as possible.

    • CMaster says:

      Much more likely they are overpriced so they can do an “awesome sale” later.

  14. Pijama says:

    Well, what the fuck mr. Newell?

    “Micro”transactions are way out of what one would expect of Valve…

    Pretty shitty move there.

    • Pijama says:


      They could use the money to improve Steam or whatever. Or charity. Dunno. But for experience? That sounds like “for the lulz” to me. =D

  15. pupsikaso says:

    Is this a joke?

  16. Deacon Lowdown says:

    Yeah, I’m not going to pay good money for cosmetic bullshit. Or even useful bullshit, for that matter. Honestly, maybe if it all came in a pack for like 10 dollars, but 20 dollars for each bundle? It’s ridiculous.

    Also, what is this ‘dueling minigame’? I don’t want people interrupting me and bothering me while i’m trying to play tf2 with a request to play a stupid minigame.

    I can appreciate that Valve needs money (although I thought Steam was taking care of that) but honestly this is a really bad idea.

  17. FunkyLlama says:

    Uninstalled, and good riddance. Cunts.

  18. Kid A says:

    Sure is over-reactions in here. They’ve implemented trading, so theoretically, no-one will need to buy ANYTHING as long as they have a friend willing to trade. As far as I’m aware, everything can be crafted/drops normally. People with money to burn can buy their side-grades or cosmetics and get exactly what they want. Valve are a trustworthy enough company, and the only way third-parties are going to be able to make any money is by creating/botnetting literally thousands of accounts, all of which would need a paid-for TF2, and grinding drops to sell on cheaper – which is going to be pretty unviable as a business model, given how long it’d take to accumulate and sell a decent stock of the rarer/more expensive stuff.
    The majority of the people complaining will NEVER use the shop system. Therefore, they aren’t being shoe-horned into using the Steam Wallet, and it won’t affect them beyond jealousy/scorn for those who have used it to get MacGuffin Set X. If these people really care that much about a few hundred kilobytes of data that translate into a digital hat on a digital character… well, it says a lot about them, whatever side of the argument they fall on.

  19. Starky says:

    That is the bottom line isn’t it KidA, people are complaining because well, they like to complain.

    THis move will have no impact on them unless they choose to let it impact them. They can still get the weapons from drops, crafting or trading, no one at Valve is forcing them to buy them. As Valve has said the only things you can not earn in game are a few utterly cosmetic only items. Anyone who -needs- a vanity item that badly should be milked for every penny they can, a stupid tax.

    I think some people just have this inbuilt hatred of micro-transactions, and frankly I think valve has spoiled it’s customers, and too many of them do indeed act like spoiled brats.

    One thing I disagree with you on Kid, is that 3rd parties would be non-viable – they’d be very viable if Valve had not set up their own shop. I think you’d be shocked at how low the costs for such a item grinding set up would be and how quickly it would see a profit – especially for very rare items that people might be willing to pay high values for. Hell hack duping methods might be found (just like runes in Diablo 2), at which point you’d be laughing.

    • Starky says:

      I should be clear when I am saying many Valve customers act like spoiled brats, I’m no so much talking about anyone in this thread (though there are some over reactions) but more the reactions on the steam forums – which are almost as bad as battlenet forums for the crybaby whiny man-children that occupy them.

  20. SquareWheel says:

    I’ll take my Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and leave, please.

  21. Miker says:

    I have something to say to the people who keep on telling everybody that all the items can be obtained through playing the game. Yes, that is true.

    But have you considered how poorly thought out the drop system is? If you want to craft the new items, it takes a weapon + a reclaimed metal. That’s 19 items right there (apologies if I’m wrong), and let’s not forget the cap on dropped items each week. By far and beyond the easiest way to get a new item you want to play with is to buy it. If you want the new items in TF2 without paying, you’re at the hands of the drop system. Which is completely random and capped.

    Not exactly a fantastic system, if you ask me.

    • UW says:

      Have you played the game since the update was implemented?

      Everyone is trading. Constantly. If you play the game you will get items, maybe not the ones you want but you will get items. All you have to do is say “Does anybody have x item to trade?” and someone will say “What for?” and then you tell them what you have. This would be incredibly unreasonable without the trading system but now that it exists getting the item you want is not going to be difficult at all. There will be forums and websites dedicated to trading in-game items with people.

  22. ChampionHyena says:

    PC Gamers: We’ll Complain About Anything

    Bang-up job, gents.

  23. Deostr says:


    Looking at my steam stats, I checked the number of hours that I put into TF2.

    505.4 Hours. 21 Days, 1.4 hours. Of continuous playtime.

    I bought the Orange Box for $30. That means that I spent $10 dollars on TF2.

    If I had known how much enjoyment I got out of playing this game, I would have spent far more. I have already put some money into my steam wallet.

  24. Ace says:

    This is honestly pretty stupid. Don’t experiment on things that most people don’t like… I don’t really know of anyone who actually LIKES the pay for extras deal. I play a decent amount of League of Legends and I’d be a hella lot happier if it was a paid game and there weren’t any gimmicky skins or whatnot.

    And those are just skins, at least Riot has enough sense to make sure their microtransactions don’t give players ingame benefits.

    Also: who gives a fuck about hats? Hats are stupid.

    • UW says:

      The business model wouldn’t exist if nobody used it.

      It does and it’s ridiculously successful. All your statement shows is that you and your friends are not a cross-section that represent a wide spectrum of society. People will buy this. I won’t, to be honest I’m in the same camp as you, but to say that nobody likes it and nobody uses it is a completely different thing. The reason so many people are adopting this business model is that it is tried and true. It does work. Very well.

  25. Sinomatic says:

    I don’t see what all the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth is about.

    Yes, micropayment systems have generally been awful in the past FROM OTHER DEVELOPERS. Now forgive me if I sound like some rabid Valve fangirl (I’m not), but how about we wait and see how they handle this before deciding Valve have a) ruined TF2 and b) heralded the end of gaming as we know it? Nevermind the fact that they’re allowing trading as an alternate route to paying or waiting for drops…

    From what I can see, the only people who are really going to be affected in any meaningful way by this are the greedy and impatient. You don’t need whatever they’re selling.

  26. 411570N3 says:

    Having a large number of the same weapon means you could get these items hilariously easy, as long as you have at least one item of the correct class and one item of the correct slot that you are willing to sacrifice.

  27. 411570N3 says:

    Actually you can still do it with tokens.
    So that’s
    2 identicals or of the same class for the scrap.
    3 of the same slot for the slot
    (+1 of the slot you want if the three weren’t in the right slot)
    3 of the same class for the class
    (+1 of the class you want if the three weren’t in the right class)
    So 8 if you’re optimistic. 10 if you’re semi-pessimistic. 20 if you’re super pessimistic and expect to get the standard unlockable.

  28. Asskicker says:

    Exactly, nothing to worry about.

  29. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    This whole thing is a load if horse armourbollocks. Valve will make a lot of money from the people who are willing to pay £4.99 for a weapon, or £17.49 for a fancy hat. (I’m not among them; I recently paid £50 for a fancy hat, but not in the game).

    Imagine how rightly annoyed you would be if you’d just bought a meal at a restaurant, enjoyed it, and the waiter had the boldness to ask if you might like to also buy a dessert—starting at £4.99? Then he tells you that it’s even a one-time use only! I’d be frothing at the mouth!

  30. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Dick Move Valve.

  31. Monchberter says:

    Toys out of pram again RPS readers. It’s not even a mandatory system.

    If anything the only thing of slight annoyance is the way you need complete set including a hat to get the bonus effect. As many people have pointed out, weapon sets are not the best combinations, but i feel that this does add an unneeded level of complexity.

    As for cash payments, it’s your call whether you do or not. If you’re that impatient, then that’s your problem.

    Valve, carry on.

  32. Clovis says:

    The items that cost a lot are the items that were not made by Valve. The money goes to the original developers, and Valve wanted to be sure those devs got paid well for their hard work.

  33. Urael says:

    I know it’s wrong…but I do love listening to the sound little hearts make when they finally – FINALLY – break realising Valve doesn’t love them in the quite the same unwholesome lobotmised way they love Valve.

    Saxton Hale is right to feel the contempt he does for his customers. Although, c’mon: hippies? Again? Unoriginal stereotyping much? I thought Valve hired ‘Writers’…

    • Dominic White says:

      It was well established in the last Saxton Hale comic that he has a deep, personal loathing of hippies. Always protesting his animal deathmatches, untested experimental superweapons and borderline-homicidal employee training exercises.

      What do they know about business, huh? HUH?

    • Urael says:

      None of which invalidates my point. Having a justification for it doesn’t save it from being a desperately hoary cliche.

  34. Berm says:

    I will also add to my previous post on the other page: With this update a few more PC gamers will turn indie, turn console or simply leave gaming. How many however is up to debate but that it made people go in all of those 3 directions is be a certainty, I think.

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      And those people are apparently ridiculous and won’t be missed. (and won’t be welcome in indie games if they bring their silly attitude that they deserve *everything* for free with them)

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      No, that’s not even the problem here. You can get all these items for free. You just can’t get them all, instantly. That people are willing to uninstall a game they previously (presumably) enjoyed over this is insanity and hopefully they stop playing videogames entirely.

    • Berm says:

      From what I’m seeing in the Steam forums and other misc forums around the web, I think there’s a lot of people really angry about this, much more than what those who defend Valve think, the real number seems pretty large, I would go as far as to say it has definitely split the whole community almost in half.

      I wouldn’t mind the update or the store, people are free to get what they want, if not for the set’s bonuses and the need to have the hat to have the bonus, plus the prices. Those two things shows me Valve is now pretty much like any other publisher, monetinize the hell out of everyone.

      Don’t underestimate the amount of people who are angry at Valve over this and may drop Steam, it is far bigger than many think if all the main PC forums and clan forums are any indication.

      Either way it’s safe to say Valve has fallen from grace, they are no longer the saints many portrayed them to be,

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      Did you even look at the set bonuses? The soldier is maybe the only one that is worth going for because the weapons needed for it don’t cripple the class.

      And there’s no way to say how many people now view Valve as “fallen from grace.” People always overreacted to TF2’s free extra content updates that Vavlve never had to make in the first place. TF2 is still going strong.

      Like I said, if you can’t keep perspective on this, stop playing TF2. Do us all a favor.

    • Berm says:

      Problem is, I’m having more than enough perspective. And I do hate both fanboys and haters in equal measures, I just call things for what they are. And Valve is right now a monitizing company like all others. Doesn’t stop me from playing TF2 thank you very much but I can see where the haters come from. It doesn’t matter that the bonuses are are sidegrades, all the weapons there are anyway, but having a hat to complete a bonus is bad all around.

      This has hit Valve in reputation, no doubt about that. Those who aren’t keep perspective of this are the Valve fanboys and the haters, those of us firmly standing with both feet on the ground do know that Valve may have won a lot of money out of this, and they did and will, but they took a serious hit to their reputation. Haters gonna hate, fanboys will be fanboys but the real impact will be with those who were indifferent towards Steam and Valve, and that’s perhaps the biggest share of PC gamers on Steam, and will not look at this in a good way.

      Just stating the facts, whether you or anyone likes it or not. Most of the people like me who were indifferent to Steam and Valve and couldn’t care either way now care in a more negative than a positive way.

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      Can you show me the “facts” that demonstrate “most of the people like me who were indifferent to Steam and Valve and couldn’t care either way now care in a more negative than a positive way”?

      Like a fairly scientific poll or something? Should be easy to do if we’re just stating facts, right?

  35. w says:

    Listen up, lads. No need to worry.

    There always was a way to get equipment “ahead” of everyone else – idling. The only difference is that now idlers won’t have to idle, they will just pay Valve, who will happily take their cash. Less idlers, more money for Valve. Deal of the century! All else remains the same.

    Carry on, nothing to see here.

  36. Huw Dawson says:

    I’m happy with this update, all things considered. The recolouring and renaming are worth a pint of Guiness, and the rest is meh.

    Valve were sensible with a lot of it – you can’t craft things you’ve bought, the drop/achievement system is still unchanged. The Polycount pack is horrifically overpriced, but I’m going to go play the game a couple of hours a night and I’ll find enough junk to get the Reclaimed Metal required for the stuff I don’t find by default.

    My only complaint is that the best three hats in the game (the Pile of Hats series), which can be worn on any class and are bloody hilarious, are as cheap as they are. Granted, everyone who owned a Pile of Hats now owns a Vintage model, but I never got a vintage one and now I’ll not have any way to tell people I found the item ordinarily rather than dropping money on it. :|

  37. Berm says:

    BTW, is it me or after the update TF2 now has a lot of new bugs, like the death glitch? This update has broken more stuff in TF2 than almost any previous one.

  38. FuzzyKitty says:

    I want to see the long term effects before I make any judgement. Not theoretical effects. Actual ones. I feel if more people relied on observation and curiosity to changes rather than act solely on impulse, we’d all be a bit happier.

    All I know so far is that while on a server last night, a very generous admin showered us with gifts and now I have duplicates of old items that I can’t craft of trade. This begs the question – Which item to I use? The vintage one or the gift one? I figure the gift one will make me smile more when I look at it, knowing that I only have it because of a generous person I’ll never meet.

    As a consumer, I’d personally rather pay 10 dollars (or nothing, in LoL’s case) for a game with optional microtransactions for things I’ll earn along the way than 50 dollars for the same game with only the over-time earning system.

  39. Jonathan says:

    Well, I’m sure glad I converted all my unwanted items into scrap metal and class tokens. :/

  40. Araxiel says:

    ‘Half Life 2: Episode 3’ will be released in multiple pieces. For every level you’re going to have to pay, and if you don’t have the time to play the levels, you can even buy already played levels. So you have no disadvantage in comparison to player which play Episode 3 a lot. Oh and of course, you can buy hats for Gordon Freeman.

  41. CommanderZx2 says:

    It appears that unlike most people here I work for a living and so can afford to splash out on what seems like cosmetic items. Sure a vritual hat may cost quite a bit, but that’s nothing compared to what someone may spend on a pair of sunglasses, shoes or perhaps even a razor.

    Call me a fool or whatever but I just bought the pack and every single hat that I had not yet found in the game, came to around £98. I joined a game server and almost everyone in the 32 player server also had bought the pack and possibly other items.

    Therefore the conclusion is quite obvious the people who want it are buying it and then playing the game, leaving only the moaners to complain about something they don’t want online.

    PS: I would be playing right now, but my usual group of servers are down for power maintence on their end.

    • Serenegoose says:

      How much did that feeling of self superiority set you back? Does your ego hurt as it strains your skull to breaking point?

  42. Monchberter says:

    Never overlook the sheer altruism of spending £15 to gift an entire server of your choice with a shower of items. Everyone now loves me. :)

  43. Peanut says:

    link to

    Think many users here would appreciate this if you don’t already know of it.

    As long as you have 6 random items to make a reclaimed metal and an extra corresponding item you can make pretty much any Polycount item that actually matters.

    It’s not going to take YEARS to get all the items without buying them, and if you really are low on reclaimed metal, you can always just prioritise the better weapons, because frankly some of the new items seem terrible, situational or not different at all (Sydney Sleeper, Darwin’s Danger Shield, Battalion’s Backup, Holy Mackerel) while others seem quite decent (Shortstop, Degreaser, Blackbox, Your Eternal Reward).

    • TCM says:

      Holy Mackerel is worth it for the giant FISH KILL message that appears in the textbox.

      Also, it lets everyone know how many times you hit your opponent with it.

      It is the ultimate humiliation griefing weapon.

  44. museum says:

    Wow, that server of yours sounds like a great place!

  45. Theory says:

    If this email is to be believed, Valve are already having second thoughts about the system.

    We want players to have long-term goals such as the Polycount hats, and making them too easy to get, such as through the Mann Co Store, is not fun for anyone. We find trading for and finding items is a lot more fun than outright buying them.

    But can it be believed?

  46. Ganders says:

    It’s the farmville business model. The intentional creation of a grindy, addictive system to obtain pointless, digital trinkets made with minimal effort, and then the offer of paying for those trinkets after you’re hooked. Also, enticing you to get friends into the habit, and to gain sympathy by gifting these digital trinkets, which are not dependent on any kind of supply, to other people.

    It’s perfectly well documented how this relies on psychological manipulation and utter contempt for the “customer”.
    From this thread you can tell people are already spending dozens and hundreds of pounds on this stuff. There are people saying that Valve only did this to prevent black market fake hat trading, that they’re doing it for your benefit, after creating this environment. Some are apparently oblivious to the long-term planning involved in these things.

    Valve has adopted zynga’s business model. Finding this to be an unsavoury fact about the company that is in full control of all your steam games is apparently equal to being a crybaby.
    Well, of course it is, because the videogames are, precisely because of things like this, a more indefensible waste of time every day.

    • Ganders says:

      p.s. the fact that not everyone gets taken in by it is no defense. You may not be getting sufficiently manipulated, but they’re certainly trying.

  47. superfacto says:

    Well GF TF2 and a big “You are a douch bag” to valve
    i’ma go play cod
    Atleast their designers know that they are assholes

  48. -[B.G.O]-Bonk! says:

    I WANT ALL UR HATZ!! :D how long do u have to be off ur computer to get weapons once ur back on becuz i found this vid and he said that u cant play every day :(
    btw i cant get any weapons fr sum reason

  49. SLeigher says:

    You guys are really over-reacting here, the only thing that is even marginally wrong with the new system is that you need the hat to complete a set for the bonus. I won’t be buying any of the items as i’ve already crafted the ones i really want and should find/craft/trade the rest in the next few days. This doesn’t force you to buy items, all it does is allow you to buy items rather than show a little patience. So stop crying!