DCS A-10C: Warthog Beta Open To Pre-Order

The Warthog is the best of the planes. No fancy dog fighting, no high-altitude serenity, just a giant gun and loads of missiles for tearing open stuff on the ground below. Boom! And what better subject for Eagle Dynamics’ next DCS game? (They of helicopter fun times, Black Shark.) Lashings of detail on this new simulation can be found here. Some fancy sim toys in there, including a sprawling mission editor. Even more enticingly, you can get your hands on it now via pre-order, as the store explains here.


  1. Brumisator says:

    If the joystick I ordered a month ago ever arrives, I’ll definately get this game.

  2. The Dark One says:

    This is a real plane. Not some namby-pamby next-gen air superiority aircraft that can’t fly through rain cloud for fear of ruining its stealth-enabling paint.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      Of course the stealth plane does not have to fly much, since it frags your puny Warthog from so far away, that it would not even be on its radar, if the stealth would go away. ^^

      Also, a Warthog is about as bad to steer, as a B-52. Which is really saying something.

    • Brohiem says:


      I don’t think you’ve ever actually seen one in action, and I know you’ve never flown one, so really your opinion is about worthless. Also, the A-10 is about as fine an example of spot on engineering as you can get. It’s designed to destroy hard targets on the ground, and does so with brutal efficiency.

    • dragon_hunter21 says:

      The warthog is designed to do three things.
      1. Destroy tanks.
      2. Take as much abuse as a tank and stay in the air.
      3. Be as badass as humanly possible.

      It does all of these- especially 1- without missiles.

      Can your namby-pamby stealth aircraft do that?

    • Santiago says:

      @Barefoot, the Hog does not carry a radar, and it’s as easy to fly as a cessna, only it can do aerobatics.

  3. Rich says:

    I really ought to get World in Conflict at some point. I don’t so much want to fly these, but I would like to unleash them.

    • Fumarole says:

      World in Conflict is a most excellent way to let slip the hogs of war.

  4. MonkeyMonster says:

    Bullets the size of milk bottles… that is all :D

    • tomeoftom says:

      Those things are just violence.

    • Fumarole says:

      Any opportunity to link to this is welcome:

    • Jhoosier says:

      Fumarole: That was amazing.

      I used to be a big plane buff/ flight sim guy back in my childhood, because that’s what my dad was and that’s what sort of games he played. A-10 was hands-down my favorite plane. You know it can fly with half a wing and an entire engine missing? 21-foot gun, pilot sits in a titanium bathtub.

      This might have me playing flight sims again, at least this one.

  5. MeestaNob! says:

    I’m sporting a Massive Want-On for this.

    I need a new joystick. What should I buy for this?

    • Hogni Gylfason says:

      I’d recommend a nice HOTAS. Thrustmaster and Saitek are a bit pricey but hefty and very good. Logitech has some offerings but look, wierd.

    • harald74 says:

      I went to the Thrustmaster site, and it presented – on the front page – an A-10 replica HOTAS setup. It’s a sign!

    • Spork says:

      Oh god. That joystick…so beautiful…
      Looks like I’ll be remortgaging the cat and hanging out on street corners to pay for it, but it would totally be worth it.

      To anyone worrying about specs, supposedly if you could run BS you can run this with no problems.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Is that Thrustmaster set out yet? I’ve had “iffy” results with them over the years due to build quality, but maybe the newer stuff is better. For the last few years I’ve been using CH gear: a Fighterstick, a Pro Throttle and their pedals:

      link to chproducts.com

      The CH stick isn’t a perfect replica like some other HOTAS setups, more of a general-purpose rig that works with many different flight sims. Build quality is very good, so it will take lots of abuse. The programming utility works well under Windows XP and 7. Don’t spend too much on the joystick and throttle quadrant though, because the other accessory you really, really need for this sort of thing is TrackIR:

      link to naturalpoint.com

      Seriously, you need this. :)

  6. Ravenger says:

    I’d love to play this,as I really like the A10, but it’s another game with limited activations. Oh well, I’ve got a massive gaming backlog, so just as well really.

    • UsF says:

      Is this true? Got a link/confirmation? :o If it is, I might skip that one, too.

    • Richard Clayton says:

      Indeed. I really liked the look of Blackshark but having maxed out my 5 activations on Flaming Cliffs I will not purchase from them under the current DRM restrictions.

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      seems like you can revoke activations this time. and there are 7 or 8 activations total

    • TimA says:

      You always could get your activations back. Works just fine with Black Shark.

      Also, holy crap I am excited about this, downloading the beta right now. Going to be easily the greatest modern combat flight sim yet made. Time to dust off the TrackIR.

  7. UsF says:

    Can these games be played with more simple joysticks, like the MS Sidewinder FF2 that I got?

  8. Morte says:

    the drm for blackshark was a nightmare worsened by my own idiocy during a PC rebuild meaning I wasted activations etc. They have a pretty robust stance in enforcing this drm also.

    But it’s an A10, I’ll almost certainly get this, but not an early adopter this time.

  9. Mattias says:

    Hmm. The most important flight sim since Falcon 4 Allied Force?

  10. tigershuffle says:

    yeah……….have some!!
    ……….you naughty opposing forces from a non-democratic unspecified region

    anyone remember the original A10-tankbuster game on pc (possibly Amiga?)

    love the sound of that gatling chain gun thingummy wotsit

  11. Nallen says:

    Christ, my CPU doesn’t meet the recommended spec. Think I better get overclocking.

  12. squirrel says:

    Recommended system requirements: …… CPU: Intel Core i7-970

    a bit crazy, isn’t it?

  13. EBass says:

    Never the biggest flight sim player, but A-10s are my second favorite aircraft of all time. Prob won’t get this but I’m looking forward to Maddoxs Battle of Britain.

  14. Pigeonreaper says:

    The Warthog in that game is DELICIOUS. Line of Soviet tanks? BRRRRR-DDDDDDDDD-AAAAAAAAAAVVVVVP! Not anymore there’s not !

  15. Alan Smithee says:

    A-10 “bad to steer”? Don’t be silly. The A-10 is one of the most maneuverable aircraft out there. It just operates at low speeds, which is perfectly suitable for the job it does.

    • Alan Smithee says:

      Argh! Meant for Barefoot.

    • jackflash says:

      Not really. I mean, it’s got good maneuverability for close air support, but its turning rate is twice that of the F-16 – which is very capable at CAS in addition to air combat. Calling it one of the most maneuverable aircraft out there just isn’t accurate.

    • Alan Smithee says:

      Fair enough. This all hinges on what maneuverability is. The F-16 may have twice the turn rate, but its also got twice the turn radius.

  16. BooleanBob says:

    This reminds me – what was the last anyone saw of Tim Stone? I do hope he hasn’t gotten trapped behind a 15-monitor setup, or lost on a TA exercise in the Yorkshire Moors.

    Perhaps a trail of hachette introductory issues could be laid, leading back to RPS Towers?

    • tigershuffle says:

      oooh…….TA exercises on NYMoors……..happy days.
      Night out in York………….shooting at Strensall Barracks and FIBUA training next day

      gotta love those pre-’90 cold war days :)

  17. vatara says:

    I was really excited about this…but limited activation DRM and $60? No thanks. Hopefully they don’t drive themselves out of business with the idiotic DRM crap.

    • Arclight says:

      Not so bad, really. 8 activations, 10 deactivations and I don’t think you’ll get to much hassle asking for a reset.

      Normally I’d agree, but for the most accurate sim ever to appear on the market, I’ll gladly make an exception. Did the same for Blackshark and even with several reïnstalls I haven’t even used half of them.

    • iax says:

      The Steam version of Black Shark ships without the Starforce protection according to this post. Unfortunately, it was not available in the UK at the time of that post, but maybe it is now?

  18. Kryopsis says:

    The reason the requirements are high is this:

    • Nallen says:

      Looks pretty sweet. Partly tempted to splurge on an expensive joystick/throttle setup, although I think a part of me would die if I did.

      Captcha: auzm

  19. Andy_Panthro says:

    Anyone remember A-10 Tank Killer?

    I loved that game…

    link to mobygames.com

    • pastinople says:

      I never played the original, but put many a hours in the cockpit of Silent Thunder.

      Great fun.

    • tigershuffle says:

      I mentioned it a bit earlier………. loved it.

      Also used to see A10s over head in my teens (lived in the sticks in E. Yorkshire)

    • Zenicetus says:

      Yep, that was a fun game. The world you could fly in wasn’t very big, but it was fun dipping into those river valleys for sneak attacks.

  20. Jambe says:

    link to youtube.com

    ’nuff said.

    Excited for the sim am I.

  21. chris says:

    Black Shark is on Steam UK for £30.00 :-)

  22. Flatfingers says:

    Ah, the A-10. A Warthog flight sim using today’s graphical power is the one game that could make me blow the dust off my ancient joystick to see if my current rig still offers a compatible port. (Hmm. Something about that sentence… never mind.)

    The A-10 holds a special place in my heart. I grew up just outside of England AFB, home of the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing where Warthog drivers were once trained. We used to love driving down the highway watching A-10s weave over us, treetop-high. And later, when I learned what these bad boys could do (and got to play the excellent “A-10 Tank Killer”), I liked them even more.

    That’s not to say I don’t have personal reasons for also liking the F-16 and a certain modern stealth aircraft (which really is that effective at range). But the A-10 is and always will be special.

  23. Matt says:


    Been waiting for an A10 sim since, well, since I didn’t have the money to buy A10 Cuba! back in high school.

  24. Perry says:

    I played the old A10 game in 1990 during the Gulf War. I was super ill and had a nasty fever. I was in and out of reality and remember the game giving me nightmares and pseudo-flashbacks. It was awesome – like a week long acid trip.

    Can’t wait for this game!!!!

  25. fivesixpickupsticks says:

    This gives a great perspective on this monster machine:

    link to familyfriendsfirearms.com

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Judging by the sigs on that forum, I hope you weren’t referring to its fans.

  26. motas says:

    I need a Crack or serial for it..