Phew! It’s My Yearly Mouse Update

So, after last year’s discussions, I went for the now-out-of-production Razer Diamondback, on which the laser has just failed. In truth it was a bit of a relief, because I never fully adjusted to it, and I felt it was too low-budget for a man of my exotic stature. Time for something new, clearly, and the newness I’ve just received is the Logitech G500. An expensive move on my part, but it feels good to rest my gentle hand on such quality. The tiny weighted cartridge, which you you can add a series of 4.5g and 1.5g weights (“I say, this mouse is 27 grams too light!” etc), is clearly ludicrous, but I rather like the on-the-fly DPS control and the gears for the mouse-wheel. If I were some kind of hardware reviewing guy I would say that it was robust, with high long-term ergonomic suitableness.

The Razer faithful (RPS chum Tom Nullpointer) have already chastised me for not going for the 17-button Naga, but that was too much thumb for me. It’d be like having a mobile phone for a mouse, or something.

What are your hands fidgeting with, readers?

UPDATE: the G500 makes a barely audible high-pitched whistle. Odd.


  1. K says:

    I have a Razor Diamonback. Why? Because I love its shape and couldn’t care less about the buttons. Can someone tell me which newer Razor mouses (that is the correct plural, take that, grammar nazis!) have the identical symmetric shape?

  2. Langman says:

    MX518. Obviously.

    Is it even worth considering any other?

  3. Web Cole says:

    I have the crappiest, plasticy Microsoft thing you’ve ever seen. For shame.

  4. Darkflight says:

    @skotch My Habu started doing that recently after 3 years, seems its a fault with the Copperhead which the Habu is based off of iirc. Got an Imperator in August which is really nice.

  5. Nero says:

    I’m using my second Logitech MX518, the first one’s left mouse button broke (had to push it very hard to register) and bought another MX518 because I just love this mouse. Best one I’ve ever used.

  6. Rond says:

    I’ve obtained an Oklick Hunter (aka Ozone Smog) laser mouse this summer. It’s got DPS-switch, cool big wheel with horizontal clicks, 1000Hz USB, 7-color LED and some more useless stuff like that. If only it would be cordless.

  7. gryffinp says:

    Still got my Logitech MX Revolution. That thumbwheel redefines games for me. I literally cannot play team fortress two correctly without my mouse. And I mean literally. I have it so that moving the thumbwheel forward selects the primary weapon, back selects the secondary weapon, and inward selects the melee weapon. Whenever I’m not using the Revolution, I end up flopping my hand at the side of my mouse trying to switch weapons as I die horribly.

  8. rak0ribz says:

    I just can’t bring myself to buy one of these, as I feel that, as long as they were designing a gaming mouse, they should’ve named it death.adder for added videogame authenticity.

  9. Jakkar says:

    Good old Razor Diamondback. Over three years old. The rubber feet have fallen off; I’ve not noticed. The mousewheel really is a wheel now, it basically just spins freely. The grip coating on the mousebuttons is just.. Shiny.

    .. It still does the job, I can still score a smooth headshot, and I love it.

  10. Brulleks says:

    Yup, Steelseries Ikari for me too, under orders of PCG’s hardware guide. It’s like an extension of my hand, except it, erm, can’t pick stuff up.

    Used to use Logitech MX mouskies, but the last model I tried had zero friction and I never got used to it. I’m sure pro-gamers love that kind of thing, but I found it uncontrollable regardless of speed settings.

    • Brulleks says:

      …and that, of course, was supposed to be a reply to wviperw.

  11. Chiablo says:

    For those who complain about having a weights tray in their mouse… why not re purpose it like this guy did…

    link to

  12. Vodka & Cookies says:

    Steelseries XAI if you’ve ever used a Microsoft Intellimouse or Explorer laser 6000 the XAI is what you get to replace it. Microsoft even seem to have erased the corded laser 6000 model from their own website.

    You do need to change the mouse pad though the MS mice work fine on glass surfaces the XAI becomes hyper sensitive so I recommend a cloth mouse mat at default settings.

    I’ve been using click scroll wheel mice for so long I cannot use mice with the free wheel which is now on just about ever mouse out there bar specialty gaming mice so thank god the Steelseries XAID is a clone of the laser 6000 in form factor too.

    I spent hundreds on replacement mice trying to find the right one

  13. catharsis says:

    I love my cheap, old Dell rolley-ball mouse that came with a boring home pc package from 10 years ago. I bought six replacements several years ago in case they stop making them and I’m still on number #1. I love the smooth feel of the el-cheapo rolley mouse. The action is comfortable and reliable. I bought a few expensive laser gaming mice but didn’t like them and got my money back. I suppose I played too many years with the old school mouse to ever change. I use the inverted settings for all my games too.

  14. Radiant says:

    I have an mx518 for a while; it’s ok but the teflon stickers fly off at the slightest provocation.
    Also it is the same colour [weird silver leopard print] as an ex girlfriend’s underwear.
    So there’s that.

  15. Dingo says:

    I have a 10 Euro optical mouse from Logitech. It’s made in China and I don’t know what’s its name, but it works flawlessly.
    Never really understood why I should pay 100 Euro for a mouse… but then, I don’t earn my monies with FPS games. ^_^

  16. Javier-de-Ass says:

    it’s all logitech g9 here. best mouse ever. g9x actually

  17. Nilokey says:

    Good choice in mouse Jim, I myself bought the same model earlier this year and I have to say I’ve not looked back since.

    Its a very handy mouse for gaming, especially games that require vehicle and infantry shooting, as when need be I can turn up the sensitivity while gunning (usually games turn down sensitivity for them) and then turn it back to medium for infantry aiming.

    Its also very nice for browsing, free wheeling the mouse wheel button has become an interesting sport seeing how far I can scroll down a page before it stops. Also browser back and forward buttons are a god send.

    Say hi to the little red man for me!

  18. Rhalle says:

    Having owned several early Logitechs, Diamonbacks, Copperheads, a Death Adder and a G9, ironically, I am now on my first Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.

    The Puretrak Perfectglides are in the mail, because the default IE 3.0 feet are terrible and really suck.

    And while the tracking is stunningly good, the mouse wheel is mediocre and the build quality is a tad cheap.

    If I were still a WoW player, I would definitely have a Razer Naga.

    If I were going to buy a new mouse today it would be the Mionix NAOS 5000; other possible contenders would be the Steelseries Xai, Razer Lachesis and Saitek R.A.T.

  19. sleepygamer says:

    Razer Lachesis. Fantastic mouse. Saving my way to a Mamba, though.

  20. Pete says:

    They’ve stopped making the Diamondback? Oh MAN. I’ve got three of them – one for work, gaming, and iMac. Such a narrow, light, accurate mouse. My favourite, even if 3/4 thumb buttons are useless.

    Very, very tempted by the Mamba though. Finally a gaming-quality wireless mouse.

  21. Jerricho says:

    I’m still with my Logitech VX Nano. I love it such that I have one for work too. That weighted scroll wheel makes ALL the difference.

  22. Kelron says:

    I like the size of Razer mice but I hate their website with all their “1337 gamer” shit.

  23. CilindroX says:

    Sidewinder X8 here too, really comfy with it … but truth to be told, can’t wait for an excuse to jump on the G500 bandwagon

  24. mordac says:

    Another mx518 user here, although I am on my second one at the moment. I was quite sad when my original 1600dpi one gave up the ghost, but I got something around 3+ years out of it.

    But it is seriously a good mouse–you don’t have to think about it ever, it just does what you want it to. It’s got enough buttons to make your life a lot easier, but not so many that you have to think about what button you should be pressing. Pair it with a steelseries qck+ and you’re good to go!

  25. Surgeon says:

    I’m still kickin’ it ultra bong-handed with the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 for southpaws.
    Begone foul RSI!

    • kitchendon says:

      That Evoluent vertical setup looks rather comfortable, I think i might give one of those a try. Hard to tell the size from their promo pics, though. Would be nice if it was a bit on the large size.

      I like my Logitech Performance MX, but it’s just a tad small. I’ve ordered some silicon putty to try and make it a bit more comfy in spots.

    • Surgeon says:

      My mits kind of sit between gigantic shovel hands and tiny child hands Don, and it’s a good fit.

      I’ll see if I can take a more accurate promo pic for you when I get a chance tomorrow :)

  26. plague says:

    CM Storm Sentinel Advance. I must be the only person in the world using this mouse, but I love it.

  27. Gunsmith says:

    I have never rated pheripherals with gaming bling as a selling point,

    I dont need 4,000,000 dpi or 264 configurable buttons to kick arse, my MX revolution is fine. :)

  28. wcaypahwat says:

    I got the G9x, by accident. I was slightly disappointed that its a dark silver, not black, like the original.

    My old G9 had some loose wires so kept cutting out, and my G15 conked out around the same time, so i snached up the new mouse and a G19.

    Can’t get the LEDs to match the same shade of blue, though :(

  29. nobody says:

    A trusty very old MX510 (the father of MX518), overclocked with 500Hz USB speed. :)

  30. BooleanBob says:

    Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000! Highly recommended*!


  31. Taillefer says:

    Why is the high-end gamer market so full of hideously ugly things?

  32. warthog2k says:

    Same here – bought two, use the older one for rattling around in my laptop bag (replacing standard issue corporate ballmouse). Suits my big paws and never given me any trouble.

  33. Nallen says:

    When my MX518 screwed up I got a G500. Very happy with it. Is the G500 expensive then? my flatmate got it free from work. He get’s everything free from work, like our entire powerline network, 1.5Tb of network attached storage, iPad etc etc.

    Lucky bast.

  34. Kyle says:

    I bought a Logitech Performance MX for a going away to University present, and I must say that I love it.
    It’s wireless, so no cables lying around, it’s large so it fits my oversize hands, and the things like the flywheel and thumb-button-to-choose-from-your-active-windows-switcher are just a bonus.

    In my opinion, anyone short of FATAL1TY or however you spell his name who rails on about wireless mice reducing your score per minute due to lag haven’t tried a decent wireless mouse yet.

  35. Joe says:

    Logitech G9. And one of these: link to

  36. PetitPrince says:

    G9. But I got it for free after my G7 died. I still miss it, and I wonder why no one at Logitech redid that two-battery-and-one-always-charging thing. That was pure genius.

  37. CMas says:

    Logitech MX620 here. Does a good job, aside from when the batteries are brand new, range seems to be really short. For those (few) talking about their cheapo mice etc all I can say is that personally, I find good (as in comftable and responsive, not gaming 10 million DPI) contact points really improve your all around gaming experience.

  38. Yka says:

    I HAD a logitech mouse (the former version of the G500) : too bulky for me.

    I changed for a Roccat KONE and it really shines. It fits perfectly in your hand. You can adjust the weight. Enough buttons. And good look. Anyone else has got this one?

  39. Inglourious Badger says:

    Why a TRUST MI-2500X with a crack along the top where I got really annoyed with my team in Football Manager once.

    I think it cost about £2 and is so light it feels like it’s going to fly out your hand when you move it but I can confirm it is robust enough even for Sir Alex Ferguson himself, I expect.

  40. TheMagic says:

    Trust the pc crowd to make hundreds of comments about small rodents.

    Mine’s a vole

  41. Jad says:

    Microsoft Intellimouse Optical (even less fancy than you guys with those Explorers!).

    This thing is — Good Lord! — NINE YEARS OLD.

    That’s pretty cool.

    Probably should get a new one, but it still works, and I’m comfortable with it…

  42. RobH says:

    I’m on a good old Logitech G5, which moved to a couple of years ago after having a MS Sidewinder which just seemed too large. However, I’m lusting after the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 which has a fully customizable width, length, height, and weight.

  43. Freud says:

    I started using an Evoluent Vertical Mouse five years ago and I have since never had any ache in my arm no matter how intense gaming sessions I have. Granted, it is slightly less suited for gaming than smaller mice but it works well enough. And once you started using one, regular mice just feels weird.

    • Surgeon says:

      I totally love mine Freud.
      I use one at home and at work.

      It took a bit of getting used to for gaming, but after no time at all I was back up to speed playing Bad Company 2.

      And I see there’s now a v4, and this time for lefties like me too seeing as we missed out on v3.
      Woo!, and indeed, Yay!

      link to

  44. Lizardman says:

    +1 for MX518. I’ve had mine for a good few years now too, it’s probably my longest kept piece of gaming kit, so I can’t fault it.

  45. DrGonzo says:

    I’ve tried lots of gaming mice. Various Razor’s and other expensive options. I still swear by my basic Microsoft mouse. It only has two standard buttons and a scroll wheel but nothing beats it.

  46. Vodkarn says:

    I have a Razer Abyssus (link to

    My criteria for a mouse is that it is: Responsive, lightweight (RSI prevention), easy to clean, and doesn’t have 188903 buttons I accidentally hit.

    I love it, it’s probably the best mouse I’ve ever owned, and I had an MX300 for… 9 years? (I bought two, but only needed the first one)

    • DrGonzo says:

      My Razor had a lot of issues. The drivers were awful. At first my PC was bluescreening until I uninstalled the Razor ones. Then in the end the scroll wheel stopped being able to spin as it came out of alignment, then finally I couldn’t click it either. It was really comfortable feeling though, just really badly made it seems.

  47. Ben says:

    Had a Logitech MX518 for a long while now, cannot fault it in any way and recommended it to plenty of people as a comfortable gaming mouse. My thumb is appreciative of the perch!

  48. TooNu says:

    Razer Deathadder here. I have a Razer Diamondback PLASMA EDITION!!! aswell. The missus has a Razer Deathadder to. It is the mouse of awesome.

  49. The Pink Ninja says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, mousie! :3

  50. SpinalJack says:

    I have a Logitec G9 Laser, works and feels great, took out all the weights though cos my feeble hand got tired after using the heavier set up for long periods of time