Phew! It’s My Yearly Mouse Update

So, after last year’s discussions, I went for the now-out-of-production Razer Diamondback, on which the laser has just failed. In truth it was a bit of a relief, because I never fully adjusted to it, and I felt it was too low-budget for a man of my exotic stature. Time for something new, clearly, and the newness I’ve just received is the Logitech G500. An expensive move on my part, but it feels good to rest my gentle hand on such quality. The tiny weighted cartridge, which you you can add a series of 4.5g and 1.5g weights (“I say, this mouse is 27 grams too light!” etc), is clearly ludicrous, but I rather like the on-the-fly DPS control and the gears for the mouse-wheel. If I were some kind of hardware reviewing guy I would say that it was robust, with high long-term ergonomic suitableness.

The Razer faithful (RPS chum Tom Nullpointer) have already chastised me for not going for the 17-button Naga, but that was too much thumb for me. It’d be like having a mobile phone for a mouse, or something.

What are your hands fidgeting with, readers?

UPDATE: the G500 makes a barely audible high-pitched whistle. Odd.


  1. buedi says:

    I have the same one and I love it. I think I got it when Microsoft first brought it to stores. I must have bought it back in the last century, or maybe somewhere around 2000 / 2001. So it´s at least 9 years old, yes. And I hope it never dies. AFAIK that was one of the first mice at that time with an optical sensor and more than 3 mouse buttons.
    Good peripherals last forever, like my Acer Keyboard does (15+ years), my Cherry G3000 at my Office (15+ years), my IBM Model M (15+ years) and my IBM Model A from 1983 or 1984.
    Sadly you only know after 10+ years if you had spent your money on a good piece of Hardware or not :-(

    And when you know it after all those years, it´s very unlikely that it´s still in production. But the Intellimouse Optical still seems. Great! :-)

  2. DF7 says:

    Like most Southpaw gamers, I remain a loyal Razer user.

    • Zyrxil says:

      Can you really call it loyal just because almost no one else makes ambidextrous mice?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I have a basic Microsoft Optical Mouse and it’s ambidextrous. In fact I think most Microsoft mice are.

  3. Omega Xi says:

    Not the only person in the world ^_^ Although I’m a little surprised that almost no-one seems to go for this mouse, I really like it. Being able to switch between 4 different DPI settings on the fly is really handy. It’s a shame the lights inside it aren’t a bit more customisable though, I kind of hoped that someone would reverse engineer the firmware for it and try to make something that lets you have more control over the lights. I’m guessing though that no-one with that kind of knowledge owns one since I so rarely hear people mention the Sentinel at all.

    • Omega Xi says:

      Reply failed for some reason -_- Was replying to Plague who was talking about the CM Storm Sentinel Advance.

  4. killmachine says:

    all that logitech fans…. i bought a mx1000 a couple of years ago. it was freakin expensive for a mouse, it was like 80euros. after one year or so middle mouse button only worked when i smashed my finger on it. a bit later left+right mouse button didnt work properly.

    a very good friend of mine had the razer deathadder and i liked the blue glowing thing. bought it a few month later. til now im not disappointed at all. really nice feeling, minimalistic and …. i like the blue glow. :)

  5. Max says:

    Had two G5’s and now got a G500, very happy with it.

  6. irongamer says:

    My MX 500 sensor has started to go out. If I try to move the mouse down it the point keeps popping back to where it had originally been before I started to move it. I cleaned the whole thing but no change so I started hunting for a new mouse.

    I was curious about the Cyborg R.A.T 7. After reading a bunch of comments I decided it may not suit my small hands. I checked out the various Razors and others. In the end I just settled for the MX 518. Still waiting for it to arrive.

  7. Polysynchronicity says:

    My mouse says Gateway on the top, Logitech on the sticker underneath, and has two buttons and a scroll wheel. It works fine and I got it for free!

  8. Mall3k says:

    Logitech G5, getting up in the days – but still being faithfull and giving me the joy i need from a mouse.

  9. skinlo says:

    I’m currently on a Logitech RX250. Cost me £8 from Amazon brand new. I bet all you people with £50 don’t get 5x more kills than me :P

  10. Limes says:

    Steelseries Xai, couldn’t recommend both it and SS’ tech support enough (bought an Ikari, hated the shape, got a change up for the equivalent of £10 i.e RRP VERY quickly)
    Previously had a deathadder, which may slightly edge the Xai in terms of comfort and scroll wheel, but not in weight, sensitivity, customizability, or it’s overall feel of quality, the Xai feels very well put together.

    Xai is also driverless, LCD on the bottom is overkill though.

    Can no longer recommend Razer post tech-support. A complete refusal to repair my DA or offer replacement parts ensured they wont be getting my business again.

  11. suibhne says:

    On my third MX518 now, after an MX510 before it, and I have another MX518 waiting in the wings (purchased on a recent Newegg sale) for when this one kicks the bucket. I can’t imagine a better mouse, really. Except for the lack of weight configuration, I suppose, which is one of the really primo additions of later Logitech models.

  12. Aganazer says:

    I used a Razor Naga for 8 months and didn’t like it much at all. About 2 months ago I upgraded to a Logitech G500 and its much much better IMO.

    Logitech mice are simply the best. I thought the grass might be greener on the Razor side, but I was wrong.

  13. Phil H says:

    After at least 4 years of ownership, my MX518’s mousewheel stopped registering down scrolls a few weeks back, so for a change of pace I’ve now got a Razer Mamba and it’s been nothing but silky smooth for me (in wired mode, Win7 Pro-64). We’ll see how it stands the test of time.

  14. BizSAR says:

    Anyone that has not had an opportunity to try the R.A.T. 7 mouse is selling themselves short. Easily the best gaming mouse ever made. Maximum PC agrees with me: link to

    I loved my G9, but the R.A.T. 7 beats it hands-down.

  15. Jez says:

    I had a G500 but soon realised that the Thumb buttons were shit, hard to press and very undistinguished. The rest seemed okay, but meh… Then I went for a G700 for Wirelessness and still have it, although that’s going to have to go. It’s painful to use, the weight is fine, but I’ve always been happiest with a simpler mouse… going to go for a Mamba, I think.. Something small, solid, fast and wireless. Wired FTL.

  16. Azazel says:

    G5 for teh games – my mx510 has been relegated to Work PC mouse duties.

  17. klo3 says:

    I bought the Steelseries Xai because i needed a precise corded gaming mouse for DA:O which for some reason lagged with my DiNovo. I liked the simple design and wanted to support a smaller brand.

    The feel of the material is nice but the mouse feels too light for my tastes. The ambidextrous design makes it a bit too small for my manly mans hands. The mouse is precise, i guess, on mySteelseries aluminium mousing surface. One of the selling points was the driverless architecture were you save the settings with a program directly on the mouse hardware thus eliminating the need for a driver on your comp. This architecture is most obviously noticed when i happen to have it plugged in my laptop where it slows down the booting process during bios for about 15-20 seconds.

    Overall i’m not fully convinced if its worth the high pricetag, and if i needed a new mouse now i think i’d go with one of the Logitechs mainly because of the physical design.

  18. Faxmachinen says:

    It’s still easier to move your fingers than the whole mouse when you run out of “surface space” though. Also, you don’t actually have less surface space, since even an El Cheapo trackball has much higher sensitivity than the equivalent optical mouse. It just takes a while to aquire the necessary precision. I can do 180° turns by spinning my trackball one quarter of a revolution.

  19. Feet says:

    Another mx 518 user for 3 years here. It’s good, I have never thought to trade it in for something else.

  20. scalywg says:

    i miss my old wingman…
    I wish someone would release a kickass new ball mouse for luddite gamers like me…

  21. Warduke says:


    Pete, you can order replacement batteries for the G7 on Logitech’s website. I got an additional two last year for $10 delivered. I’ve never had to use them though. My original 2 batteries are going strong still and I get a full day of use out of each one.

  22. SuperNashwan says:

    My MX510 is still going after something like 6 years. The adhesive for one of the feet gave out and I forgot to glue it back on before I lost it but other than that it’s as good as it ever was. When (if) it breaks I’m pretty sure it’ll just get replaced with a 518.

  23. SH4RKY says:

    Rev 2 G5. Sublime.

    Might try and source another as a back up, dont fancy the freewheel in the G500. Friends g500 wheel broke and i had a MXrev that had the same issue. Dont really trust that freewheel design anymore.

  24. WindowsGamer says:

    Admit it, you all just Ctrl-F’d all 3 pages to see if your mouse was mentioned! Ok, so did I. And it was, a few times… the Razer Imperator (laser) has great tracking and on-the-fly DPI switching, but the mouse wheel is already feeling flimsy after 2 months. Also, the mousewheel click has a frustratingly high degree of resistance.

  25. Nootrishus says:

    Steelseries Ikari laser mouse. Don’t think I will ever look back.

  26. terry says:

    Microsoft Comfort Optical 3000 – same as the last five years.

  27. zacaj says:

    Logitech MX Revolution. Best mouse Ive ever used, liked it so much I have a stack of 5 in case they break. I should be set for life.

  28. Vitamin Powered says:

    I’m using the previous version of your mouse Jim; the Logitech G5. Occasionally glitches a little (mostly due to flying from London to Melbourne and back again in my luggage), but apart that she’s a fine mouse.

  29. somedude says:

    After owning a number of intellimice, and eventually coming to the conclusion that they were not particularly compatible with my wrist for pain-free work, I switched over to a Razer ProSolutions mouse (which is basically a Diamondback with slightly more professional branding). It’s lasted close to as long as all three of my intellimice put together, and it’s great for work, and okay for gaming (use it mainly for RTS gaming).

    My first love for FPS gaming, though, is another mouse that is generally rare to see, one dubbed the PistolMouse (put out by the possibly defunct company MonsterGecko). It basically looks like a pistol controller propped up on a huge mouse base, and while it looks quite unwieldy, it’s surprisingly sturdy and actually very nice to play with – the feeling of actually holding a gun and pulling on an actual trigger to shoot in FPS games makes them feel much more immersive, to me at least. Also, since you hold it like a pistol with a vertical grip, it works a lot like the vertical-style ergonomic mice, and it’s helped enormously with reducing wrist pain for my long gaming sessions. Of course, given that I’m apparently one of the very few people who love the thing, it was pretty much a commercial flop. The plus side, though, is that a bunch of places are still trying to unload their remaining stock. This means they sell for about the price of a budget mouse nowadays, so I bought up a bunch of backups on the cheap to replace my original if it ever breaks.

  30. Shakermaker says:

    On my desktop I use a Razer DeathAdder. I have owned it for over two years now and even though I treat it very poorly it has yet to fail me. Perfect shape for my hand, big side buttons and as others have mentioned the pulsating logo is a useless but cool feature. The only gripe I have is that the main buttons are just a tad too responsive. I would have liked it even better if clicking would require just a little more effort.

    I also recently bought a Logitech Anywhere for my laptop. As the name suggests it works on basically any surface. It is even responsive on the fold-out tray tables you have in airplanes. While not a proper gaming mouse (and cordless) it does the trick well enough, especially when on the road. It has the perfect weight, perfect size (for a portable mouse that is) and the perfect click. Also very nice is that the wheel can toggle between free spin and increments. That is feature every mouse should have imo. Highly recommended in general and a must-have for heavy laptop users.

    • Vague-rant says:

      Razer Deathadder here as well. I agree completely! Perfect except for those sensitive, sensitive buttons. I rammed some tape under the LMB to ease its sensitivity (after alot of trimming it formed a makeshift spring). It worked, and was barely noticable externally but I felt like I should learn how to use the mouse I spent 25 quid on (took me ages to eventually convince myself it was worth it for a mouse that wouldn’t break after a few months).

  31. A-Scale says:

    I have giant bear claws and enjoy my Logitech G9. It’s a far superior mouse to anything Razer produces. If you too seek a mouse to fit your giant hands, go with a G9 rather than G7 variant, which didn’t fit my hands at all.

  32. LeavingLasVegas says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The MX518 is a great mouse. HIghly durable and highly functional without being complicated.

    • John Peat says:

      Thirded – no weights (gimmick), no extra buttons (you won’t use or or you’ll get banned for using em!!) just a nice sized, smooth running mouse which should last eons…

  33. Auspex says:

    I genuinely cannot believe how many comments this post has produced. I’ve never given a shit about computer mice: am I the weird one?

    • John Peat says:

      A good mouse is a fantastic investment – you don’t have to spend a fortune (MX518s are EU25/£25/$35).

      I fix PCs and I never fail to be amazed at the SHIT people use – like it would kill them to get something which WORKS!

      Mice with too-short cords, mice with sticky buttons, mice with NO SCROLL WHEEL (like having a PC powered by COAL!), mice with actual balls which stick all the damned time (and have 3 tonnes of skin inside them) – I mean The History Channel called and wanted to do a feature on these people…

      It’s not like gaming keyboards (which are largely gimmicks – he says typing on a Sidewinder but it WAS cheap!!) – a decent mouse helps everything you do from browsing, art progs, video editting and – of course – gaming…

      JOIN US!

  34. Adventurous Putty says:

    I’ve got my loyal MX 600 mouse from forever ago. It’s never failed me, even for years, and although the bottom is a bit scraped up it still works like a charm with the wireless keyboard it came with. Truly a godsend, and not just for gaming either — I love being able to have a Google button that immediately starts a search for highlighted text in a new tab. Awesome functionality. It might be out of production nowadays, though.

  35. Kadayi says:

    Being of the leftie collective I’m using a rather dated Logitech G3. Though I am tempted at some point to buy a Lefty Razer Death Adder .

  36. DevilSShadoW says:

    I have yet to find anything that van even come close to my Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse

    • John Peat says:

      I’ve seen one of those and nailing a giant pink cock to your forehead might have a similar effect in ‘style’ terms…

      Gratz for getting anything made by Saitek to last more than 1 week past the end of any warranty tho – that’s rare…

  37. Grey_Ghost says:

    I’m using a Razer Orochi as a wired desktop mouse.

  38. Blackberries says:

    Razer Diamondback I got in 2005, still going strong.

  39. John Peat says:

    One thing I’m noticing here is that a few people have gone over to the darkside and switched to wireless…

    Don’t get me wrong – no wire is amazing but I’ve NEVER used a wireless mouse which didn’t have lag and which, as a result, was useless for gaming.

    No just the cheapies – I tried a high-end Logitech and it had as much lag as most of the others. The simple fact is that a wireless mouse needs a little CPU/resource on your PC to work so when it’s busy/hectic it might just have to wait a – there you go, no action…

    How do these people live with themselves – an extra core in the CPU just to cover that?? :)

  40. Eddeman says:

    I’m still using an mx500 after 7 or so years, still works perfectly. Only 2 of the mouseskates are left, but I have no problem using it with my 15 year old mousepad (I was using it with our Pentium 75 mhz). I dread the day when I have to replace either of them.

  41. Radiant says:

    apropos of nothing what’s the best mouse to avoid tendon strains?
    I’ve avoided it [touch wood] but was wondering if it’s because I exclusively move the mouse using my fingers and a planted wrist with a high sensitivity or whether it’s my trusted MX518?

    • bonjovi says:

      been playing FPS’es for yonks, never had a tendon strain.

      I’m using my whole hand to move a mouse, tried to learn to use only fingers but I find moving whoel hand much more confortable as i don’t ahev to support my fingers hovering over buttons.

  42. Chorltonwheelie says:

    I’ve got a lovely little silver Philippe Starck designed number.
    It seems to be wearing out after 6 years use and that makes me sad.

  43. Renk says:

    On my Desktop i use my old Logitech MX310. It’s held up at least 5 years now and through 3 computer builds. Hell, it was used when i got it XD. If i ever need to get a new mouse, i see no need at all to stray far from Logitech.

    On my laptop, i use a Trackman. For one, it’s much easier on the wrists and whatnot, but also very space friendly as it can be used just about anywhere.

  44. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    Razer is a risky option, it seems. 1-year warranties, terrible tech support… This fun video absolutely drove me away from Razer’s Lycosa keyboard: link to
    I was also pretty depressed by their latest newsletter, urging me to “wipe that smirk off the noob’s face” by investing in one of their stupid wristbands. Seriously, if I’m using a wristband while playing an FPS then most probably the noob is me, getting all sweaty and confused because of my unending deathstreak.

    Anyway, in spite of the appalling name the brand elected, I’ve been happily using a Stinger by Cyber-Snipa (chuckle) for 2 years now. It’s got pretty much everything covered: it’s high and ergonomic, the weight system actually makes a difference to the point where I’ve actually felt adding in or removing just one weight made the mouse feel better, the rubber sides are amazing, there’s on-the-fly DPI switching, but toned down to meaningful levels (400/800/1600/2000) instead of ridiculous 5600 twitch blasts and instantly identified by a change in the scrollwheel’s colour, and best of all it looks fun (the bright-red cord makes the fiancee happy – no, not like you’re thinking – really, stop that!)
    I went to it after getting tired of my second MX518 (my dog ate the first one’s cord – what is it with everyone in my home obsessing about cords?). It felt like a step-up, honestly, although the MX581 is fine.

  45. Matt says:

    I’ve got a Logitech G9 Laser. You can tell it’s better than all the other mice mentioned because it has the word “Laser” printed on the heel and the phrase “Gaming-Grade Laser” printed on the underside.

    Also: 4 buttons, multiple profiles, rolly/clicky mousewheel toggle, weight tray, etc. etc.

  46. Angryinternetman says:

    I’d love to have a gaming mouse that doesnt go clickety click when I press mouse buttons.
    I own MX 518, btw.

  47. Ben says:

    G500, and its really not too expensive if you get it at the right time from, say, newegg.
    but while I’ve always agree’d that the weight cartrages are kinda silly, I have found throwing a little extra weight near the back did make the mouse feel a little better (nothing I’d pay extra for, but notable). I picked it because its the cheapest one that had an excellent DPI. also, love the software independent macro, etc.

  48. Ozzie says:

    I always go for the most cheap mouse available. As a result they never last long, but I really love the last one I bought, the Genius Netscroll, eh something. It lies well in my hand and the buttons are satisfying to click. The mouse wheel is also well usable as a middle mouse button.
    It looks like this:
    link to

  49. Halbyrd says:

    Went with the Razer Imperator myself. Would have loved to get the Mamba instead (two more buttons, 1000hz polling over RF), but my wallet wouldn’t support the cost. $130 for a mouse? Yeesh.

  50. bonjovi says:

    Had razer copperhead for about 2 years, however it’s drivers/software did not like my pc. i had to unplug , plug after each reboot. but the mouse itself server me very well.

    replace id with g9, which i’m using over 2 years now and it’s the best one yet. i stripped it off any weights (lost them actually). my only bug with g9 is that it’s cabe although very durable got ripped off it’s protective skin on the edge of my desk (i wouldn’t call it bad design, i probably shoul dhave prevented it XD.

    copperhead’s cable did not rip on the same desk probably because it beeing smooth causes no friction with the edge of the desk.

    both mices awesome to use in FPS, woul dbe very happy to get either as a present! :-) (this time securing the cables ;-) )