Phew! It’s My Yearly Mouse Update

So, after last year’s discussions, I went for the now-out-of-production Razer Diamondback, on which the laser has just failed. In truth it was a bit of a relief, because I never fully adjusted to it, and I felt it was too low-budget for a man of my exotic stature. Time for something new, clearly, and the newness I’ve just received is the Logitech G500. An expensive move on my part, but it feels good to rest my gentle hand on such quality. The tiny weighted cartridge, which you you can add a series of 4.5g and 1.5g weights (“I say, this mouse is 27 grams too light!” etc), is clearly ludicrous, but I rather like the on-the-fly DPS control and the gears for the mouse-wheel. If I were some kind of hardware reviewing guy I would say that it was robust, with high long-term ergonomic suitableness.

The Razer faithful (RPS chum Tom Nullpointer) have already chastised me for not going for the 17-button Naga, but that was too much thumb for me. It’d be like having a mobile phone for a mouse, or something.

What are your hands fidgeting with, readers?

UPDATE: the G500 makes a barely audible high-pitched whistle. Odd.


  1. Tyranny says:

    Deathadder for me too. I never really think about it, so it must be doing everything right. I like the pulsating blue glow, but I really like that it’s just black, unfussy, with very clean lines. The Gentleman’s mouse!
    I got mine for more than £25, you did well Vague-rant. Like John Peat below, I think it’s always worth investing in a good mouse. The difference it makes even to just browsing can be incredible. That goes for keyboards and monitors too. Basically your interface to the machine should be as pleasant to use as possible.

    That’s why I don’t think these data-spikes inserted into the spinal column are really going to catch on.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve just got a microsoft sidewinder (the original not the new X ones) and it’s awesome!!! On clearance in PC world for £30!!!!
    I had a razer pro solutions before which was good but this is another level. It’s got metal vertical page up down buttons so you don’t hit the wrong button which I did all the time on the razer. Dpi buttons with lcd display, metal scroll wheel, adjustable weights (with case that doubles as a cable anchor), macros (including quick turn) and different feet to suit different surfaces.

  3. MadMatty says:

    Any “dad” mouse will do, unless its really crappy or something.
    Used to have a Razor Boomslang, also with realtime DPI adjustment, tho it turned out to be of lesser use. These days i dont care that much.

    I used to play Counterstrike religiously, and our team actually got to 40th position once on clanbase- had to play 3-4 hours a day to keep warm, and i needed a very precise mouse for the fanatics we were facing at that time. Actually, the high DPI turned out to be overkill, and i left the mouse at a comfortable 1/10th sensitivity i think.

    Extra buttons are a bonus, unless you click some by mistake, with your vice like death-hand grip (comes from heated Counterstrike matches).

    • MadMatty says:

      oh yeah, time for a quick E-peen:
      i had 50,000 registered multiplayer kills on clanbase, the real number probably tripple that :D

    • MadMatty says:

      I think the very high DPI for mice might be more usefull these days, as were playing games at much higher screen resolutions.. does that make any sense? you´re still aiming for pixels and such.

    • MadMatty says:

      theres something called GAS: gear aquisition syndrome:
      link to
      usually hits computer games players with more money than common sense…
      If you wanna BUY yourself an e-sports advantage, i´d suggest getting a better graphics card (ATI for the win this time ´round)….
      But then you´d only be playing agaisnt people at your income level.
      Wanna fight like a man, try the oldschool version of Counterstrike!

  4. Richard Beer says:

    I can’t believe nobody’s got the Roccat Kone. It’s a fantastic mouse. Sometimes I change the colour of the LEDs!

  5. GC says:

    I replaced my MX510 with a MX518 (which has big glide pads so less prone to unstick) and love the speed control, though I’d like finer increments…

  6. Alexander says:

    I got that one to replace a decaying microsoft one; after having experienced a bunch of razers (and I’m not partial since I’m using one of their keyboards) and considering them rather mediocre built I am surprised by this mouse. It’s feels solid, works beautifully. Not such a heavy gamer anymore though and I doubt you’re going to do any DPI switching in-game since the screen(wtfponies?) for the profiles is on the bottom of the mouse.

  7. Kos says:

    I have a simple rule. If it has buttons under the thumb, it’s not my mouse. Simple.

    I don’t click with my thumb. I grip with my thumb. Whenever I held a mouse with thumb buttons, I felt uncomfortable.

  8. crooon says:

    Being a guy who’s spent 500USD+ on mice, and tried most, I’ll just come out and say it:

    Qpad 5K or Mionix Naos 5000. That is all.

    Commence agreement or unfounded ignorance, your choice.

  9. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    No one normal should be reading this comment thread anymore, but since my post a page before was apparently eaten raw by angry Internet men, here I go again: I have used a Stinger by Cyber Snipa for 2 years, and find it very nice. I used to have a MX518, which was nice, but found the Stinger a bit of a step-up.

  10. The Head Geek says:

    I recently picked up a Logitech MX518 and I absolutely love it. The ability to change DPS on the fly becomes second nature after a short time. It’s great for gaming, and also doing graphic work (since you can get very precise when needed).

  11. Sixxor says:

    I’ve had a few in the last 10 years or so!
    First was an MS Intellimouse Explorer 3, which I loved but it wore out (sticky left click).

    I then got a Logitech MX700 which along with the wearing out with sticky left click again, the charging contacts stopped working unless I rammed it down really hard, and even then it would sometimes stop charging part way though so it would then die again really quick.

    Then I had a Logitech G7 whcih eventually developed the same problems as the MX700 so I gave up on Logitech after that.

    About 4 years ago, I bought a Razer Deathadder, and I love it so much that last year I bought a second one for home gaming and now use the old one at work which is still working perfectly.

    I tried the Razer Imperator the other day and I really like the feel of that too, so that might be my next purchase when it comes to replacing one of my Deathadders.

  12. geck0_k says:

    G9x + SteelSeries I2 = Sex. smooth mouse movement, adjustable weights and 2 interchangeable bodies. I love this combo, it’s well worht the price.