Crossing The Borderlands: Gearbox Tour

It's not true! He follows three people. Possibly as a result of this video.

Yeah, this might just be funny enough to warrant a post. G4TV has gifted the internet with a comedy tour of Gearbox Software, which seems to be the only way we ever actually get a tour of a developers’ studios these days. Still, nevermind. Jokes! Acting! Randy Pitchford talking about Borderlands 3! It’s all after the jump.


  1. Brumisator says:

    Hey, anything to delay DNF just a bit further!

    • BAReFOOt says:

      *Pushes a pitchfork trough the Linux fork into the Pitchford*

      Aaahahh… that’s better…

  2. AndrewC says:

    So what’s the under/over on the ‘gayest hetero’ thing being a subversion of masculine norms, or just another gay joke?

    • Fraser Allison says:

      Just another hateful gay joke.

      Yay videogames culture. *sigh*

    • Lars Westergren says:

      “Did you just insult me?”

      Yes. Calling someone gay is a very grave accusation. The liminal space between our social constructs of masculine and feminine must be protected.

  3. Flaringo says:

    Ah, I knew I know the music from somewhere! It’s that guy with the hat and the keyboard, from youtube!

  4. James G says:

    And only now have I just realised that the guy is NOT called Randy Pitchfork, which is a shame, as that would be a fantastic name.

    • MD says:

      Heh, I had that same moment of disappointed realisation a while back. I’ve chosen to overcome it by pretending his name is in fact Randy Pitchfork, and various authoritative sources keep typo-ing it.

    • MD says:

      Italics mistake! I’m not quite so creepily excited as to italicise all those words on purpose.

  5. Mr_Day says:

    I think the only reason we have these videos is so that the developers can show off all the cool junk they have in their offices.

    Not that I am jealous or anything.

    But I am.

  6. Tei says:

    Gearbox has managed to make no-shitty DLC’s. That alone is achievement. But also has made Borderlands, killing the idea that levels sould stop people from having fun. Nice company.

    • mlaskus says:

      “Killing the idea that levels should stop people from having fun?”

      I’m not sure what were you trying to say. The leveling did not stop people from having fun? I thought that poor leveling was the game’s biggest flaw. Still, I love the game, it is ridiculously fun in multiplayer. I just really didn’t like how the leveling was handled.

    • Dominic White says:

      Seriously. The first time I played multiplayer, I was foolish enough to join someone five levels above me. I died instantly, one shot. Respawned, died, respawned, died.

      Gearbox insist that there’s no need for level-scaling, or sidekicking, or anything that would easily fix this problem.

    • Tei says:

      Is not a perfect system lalala, happy happy, rainbows and lolipop.
      But is not the old system, where you are locked out of your friends, for weeks, and you have to work hard to be able to play with your friends.

      In borderlands, in a few hours you are like level 20, or something. You level really quick. A few levels don’t really mark all the difference. You can kill mobs level 10 with your level 6 character.
      You can join your friends in a different range, and just by the leeching XP you soon will be somewhat same-level.

      But I am a min-maxer, so maybe I know what to look forward too in weapons and mods (shield!!), so maybe the experience is different for me than other people.

  7. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Well, that was nice.

  8. TheLordHimself says:

    I know I’m just being a troll but I didn’t see much comedy…?!

  9. Seamus says:

    Well, at least Anthony Burch was in there.

  10. Jason Moyer says:

    Brothers In Arms 4 Please.

    • Torgen says:

      Hell’s Highway didn’t do so hot, so I don’t think we’ll see another BiA for a while.

    • Nick says:

      And it was pretty awful to boot.

  11. Truck says:

    That music. That host. Those jokes. If they’re trying to keep up the facade that gamers are socially awkward weirdos then they’re doing a great job!

  12. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Not. Funny.

    In fact, this makes me not want to buy their games. A bit. Just to make sure nothing like this will ever appear again.

  13. The Tupper says:

    Wasn’t it Randy Pitchfork that killed J.R. Ewing?

  14. ShaunCG says:

    Oh, you joyless grouches. Listen, it’s a good two months before you have to steal Christmas, so simmer down.

    This was entertaining enough to raise a smile or two. And good comic timing. Even if, you know, frowns for the gay joke. Wouldn’t call it hateful but Lars above is spot on.