Fresh: Box

Relax your pretty head after after all the big-publisher drama below with some dreamlike puzzling, chaps. Box is a simple, one-note browser game, simply a matter of arranging puzzle pieces so they push and pull in the right direction simultaneously.

It’s the right balance between sleepy and challenging for my tastes (my tastes being ‘it’s 9pm and I’m knackered’), but it’s not huge on variety. Sometimes, that plum doesn’t matter. Play!

(Thanks to Matt K)


  1. Brumisator says:

    …if they’d only shifted the main menu one pixel sideways, it wouldn’t say “dick” instead of “click”

  2. brio says:

    i didnt found it that hard. the only level i needed to think a bit and try out a while was the big maze with 2 dots….

  3. Matt says:

    I am not sure if there is any skill to this game, it seems like I just need to take whatever moves are available to me (Got to lvl 9).
    Of course this is a problem with a lot of videogame puzzles these days. Eliminate impossible and clearly unhelpful moves then take whatever option is left. You’ll reach the solution without really having to think much about the puzzle.

    • Bob Bobson says:

      It can be shown mathematically that if a level in Box is completable from the current position then every move you make leaves it in a completable position. Ie, you can’t get stuck, no matter what you do the solution is there (aka Monkey Island syndrome). This does mean random experimentation will win in the end which is a shame in a puzzle game, but a restriction of the core idea.

  4. stahlwerk says:

    I like it. The last two levels were not as hard as those before, but it was quite satisfying, nonetheless. However, I will not spread it to most of my friends, simply because it lacks instructions.

    • brog says:

      does it need them?

    • stahlwerk says:

      Good question. I didn’t need them, since after 10 wildly placed clicks or so I had “figured it out”. But I have played computer games for 20 years now, so I kind of know my way around puzzle games. Yet I know many people whose first impression would be frustration instead of intrigue.

    • Hydrogène says:

      The lack of instruction is part of the puzzle, and part of its charm, I feel.

  5. Pani says:

    Not a big fan of this one. Usually like your flash puzzle game posts but this reminded me of the many many kongregate flash puzzlers that come and go and remain obscure.

  6. Josh W says:

    I feel like I’ve played this mechanic somewhere before, but I can’t place it..

  7. Alexandra says:

    It’s somewhat like the 1985 Famicom game Binary Land.