Fire It Up: Killing Floor Incendiary Pack

Reminds me of living in Manchester.

Tripwire has released the third free content pack for their co-op multiplayer zombie-shoot, Killing Floor, as well as a new 99p character pack, which is currently available at half price. 49p! That’s a bag of crisps. The Incendiary pack brings a new weapon and four new maps, as well as upgrades for the Firebug perk. Bonanza! A video of some professional-sounding people completing the West London level of killing floor awaits your judgement beneath.


  1. Dominic White says:

    Alec’s thoughts on the game were pretty much the polar opposite of mine – see my comments beneath his. Killing Floor is a great game, and well worth the money – especially now, as it has gotten some Valve-quality post-release support. Tons of stuff added since launch.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Agreed. I think it deserves another Wot I Think now it’s been hugely expanded. I’ve found it to be more fun than Left 4 Dead when played with friends who are a bit more casual.

    • Alec Meer says:

      My impressions piece is totally out of date. Kinda wish Quinns hadn’t linked to it :(

    • Ringwraith says:

      I only bought the game after the major update with Demolitions class, and playing with some people who had it before, (I really do mean that they played it too, with multiple perks at level 5), they mentioned how much better it had gotten. So it sounded like it’s not quite the original game anymore, probably like a smaller-scale version of the update-frenzied beast that is Team Fortress 2.

    • pepper says:

      I played it a year ago in the free weekend and bought it about half a year ago when it was half price. Well worth the money, and in general the killing of the zombies is more satisfying then in L4D. Although L4D is better on the COOP side of things.

    • westyfield says:

      Am I thick or has the link been removed? From your comments I take it Alec was not keen on KF.

    • MadMatty says:

      Yeah a great game, agreed!
      I´ve played this more than L4D- the game´s animation is slightly woefull sometimes, but somehow i just have more fun playing this.
      Good news is i got spare parts for my stationary computer, and its gonna be running again before friday. Figure i´m gonna boot this up and see if i cant get my commando up to lvl 4 – only about 200 of the invisibles left too shoot.

      The video didn´t seem to display the new content? but then i was just skipping thru it.
      The gore and the slow-mo “bullet time” was really the icing on the cake for me – love that part.
      It´s even possible to get more bullet-time as you advance in levels. Music is good aswell.

  2. Sam says:

    Fantastic price model. Release free content and support it with optional aesthetical extras. If you don’t own this game go and buy it!

  3. Centy says:

    Hmmm Steam has Killing Floor for cheaps and MW2 seems to be on SALE for more than I paid for it on release day well done Tripwire showing you have more business sense and a better game.

    The new weapon actually is brilliant it means a Firebug can keep going through longer rounds rather than burning up all his ammo early and having nothing of his own to defend himself with. New skins are well worth it too although not as good as previous packs in my opinion.

  4. The Great Skratsby says:

    Loooooadsamoney, grab it while it’s hot lads.

    It’s a damn fine game, though I have some bias – being a fan of it since the first mod release.
    At the moment it is a far more robust co-op multiplayer [i]survival[/i] (wave based) shooter than either Left 4 Dead is.

    If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s well worth the dosh.

    Though on release even I was a bit put off by the lack of content. How things have changed.

  5. Mac says:

    Is it still actively played online – I guess i’m basically asking, if I buy this today will there be people to play with in a weeks time?

    • Dominic White says:

      There’s been no shortage of players any time in the past couple of years. Doubt the reserves are going to dry up now, especially as they’re still supporting it.

    • frymaster says:

      put it this way, my community had to password-protect its server because it was always full

    • chazzar says:

      yes it is very active. considering how old it is whenever i make a server within 3 mins or so it would be capped. its totally worth the money :) hope this shiz helped

  6. mistabashi says:

    Agreed, Killing Floor is great fun, if a bit ‘rough & ready’. It has some of the most satisfying weapons in an FPS, and the slow-mo feature which a lot of people complain about is great most of the time, there’s nothing like taking off a few zombie heads all at once and it really does save your hide sometimes.

    That said, I can see why some people wouldn’t like it, and as with all co-op games your experience will very much depend on the people you’re playing with (teamwork really is essential in this game even on normal difficulty). But I have found that the class of players on random servers in KF is actually pretty decent, and when you have a solid team the game is immense fun.

  7. L4RK1N says:

    its the kind of game that has endless amounts of replayability, trust me, ive logged over 150 hours playtime on it.
    The difficulty curve and perks help with that, as you start on easy with lol level perks, but once youve got them up to say lvl 3 or 4, you move onto hard an suicidal difficulties, and that is very frantic gameplay, but the fun kind. XD you should get it, i thoroughly recommend it

  8. Antsy says:

    Right, its downloading now. I better like it, or I’ll impotently shake my fist, and stuff!

  9. fuggles says:

    Awful, terrible game and the one I’ve most regretted buying…possibly ever. Doesn’t help that it sits in my steam list and I can’t get rid of it, seriously just looking at that icon fills me with the worst consumer regret and thus bitter anger. Wish I could get a refund or just scrub it from my list somehow. It’s nothing like L4D, so don’t presume that if you like that you will like this – I would hold out for a free weekend or play it around a friend’s house first. Heck, if it could be done, I would give you my copy, solving two problems at once.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      You’re right about it being nothing like L4D (and a fool for thinking it was anything like it in the first place just because it had “zombies” and guns), but wrong about pretty much everything else. It’s in fact way more fun than both L4D games combined.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      To each his own. I enjoy Killing Floor a lot more than L4D2.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      And I’d like to state for the record that that is a FACT of SCIENCE and not an opinion, gentlemen.

    • Balhazer says:

      Haven’t even considered a second chance opportunity for KF? When I played it, it was brutal, I couldnt make anysense of anything, nobody was helping me and I died FAST… a lot!!

      I almost quit!.

      But there have been 3 updates for FREE up to today, but the major change has to be the way the game is played. You cant go bashing there only aiming front, you cant go solo (you can but wait until u are dammed good), you really have to think and learn how to play… all over again.

      Later I found that if the people dont chat much, is ’cause there is simple NO time to do that (I dont have mic), you are constantly challenge from everywhere… running out of ammo and pondering… do I heal or do I change my clip?.

      And you gotta keep moving or bunker (but it needs teamwork).

      At the end the most importan thing is that you enjoy the game, it’ll great to c ya around, I use the same nick, BALHAZER

  10. DiamondDog says:

    Have to say I laughed when a friend of mine suggested spending actual money on this. Then I found out you can weld doors and that changed everything. I’m a sucker for any game that lets me play out that siege mentality feeling. Had so much more fun with this than I did with L4D, not that L4D wasn’t enjoyable but it felt a bit light on content after playing Killing Floor. Certainly the price lets you skim over some of the rough edges, but it’s also got a bit of charm to it. It all just seems to work.

    Haven’t played it in a while but new maps is a good excuse.

  11. Lounds says:

    49p for a bag of crisps, where you buying your crisps maaaate?
    Where I come from its like 30-40p

  12. Dominic White says:

    In addition to a growing number of official maps, there’s a ton of unofficial ones, usually geared towards gameplay outside the usual ‘six guys vs waves’ style.

    There’s is a whole world of difference between a 6 and a 50-player server. 50 guys Vs 2500 undead. You end up with whole firing squads, lines of rifles trying to cut the zombie horde down to size before it gets too close. And then a fleshpound breaks through and suddenly your formation is in shambles and there’s something with knives for arms wanting to give you a hug.

    • Wilson says:

      @Dominic White – Sounds awesome. How many of these kinds of servers are there and how laggy are they? I’ve got the game, and I’m looking forward to going back to it.

    • Dominic White says:

      Plenty of servers of all kinds. For a B-list game, it has a really large playerbase.

    • mlaskus says:

      Whaaaa? I have never seen such a server. Are those available through in game server browser? I haven’t played the game for a long, long time, even though I love it. I got put off by masses of glitchers. Literally every game I joined had 2+ guys glitching somewhere. Were the map glitches fixed?

    • Dominic White says:

      Megaservers were up since about a month after launch. I recall once seeing a 100-player one. Just open up the server browser and have a poke around.I see five such servers populated at the moment.

    • MadMatty says:

      hmm not seen them either, and i´ve put around 30 hours into this sofar.

  13. Jad says:

    A question about the community: are they welcoming to newcomers? I notice that there is no singleplayer, not even bots (unless this has changed?), so the first time I play online will be totally new. Which sometimes can be a problem for co-op games with a heavy team focus. If I screw up will I get yelled at (“Weld that door!” “What button do I press?” “Lrn2Play, noob!”)?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      There’s a single-player, as in just you against one player’s worth of zombies, which is fine for screwing around in a bit to learn the maps/weapons. Aside from that the community is generally very nice, especially if you mention you’re new and don’t do stupid things (running into bullets on FF servers, running off on your own).

      You can’t even unintentionally steal money by finishing monsters off anymore since they changed the way money is awarded to be based on on how much damage you did to a monster.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I have never had any issues with the community. They are pretty nice. It’s friendlier than L4D for sure.

    • suibhne says:

      @Scuba: that’s not necessarily saying much. The L4D community is a horrible collection of cretins and arseholes.

    • Jad says:

      Are you guys playing L4D in Versus mode? While they’re not all perfect, I’ve found the people in Campaign to be surprisingly nice and friendly. I’ve heard that tensions run much higher in Versus, since the “wining and losing” factor is much higher there. I spend no time on it because L4D campaign scratches my shooting-hundreds-of-dumb-AI itch previously handled by Painkiller and Serious Sam quite expertly.

      Anyway, if I find any time to play it this weekend (unlikely, work has been kicking my ass), I’ll look into KF.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @suibhne: Well l’ve never ran into anybody who complained in Killing Floor about anybody’s performance. Can’t say the same for L4D. So it’s leaps and bounds better.

  14. shaydeeadi says:

    there is a single player but there are no friendly bots so you will be learning the hard way, I found everyone to be friendly and helpful on the co-op, so get a feel for the controls and jump in.

  15. Berm says:

    Very fun game. Never played L4D ever since this came out.

  16. ScubaMonster says:

    I checked out screens on Tripwire’s site. Did some things get a graphical upgrade? Or am I just hallucinating.

  17. pkt-zer0 says:

    Cool stuff. The patch changes are quite subtle, but still nice. I haven’t tried the LAW yet, but it looks like it’s not a completely useless weapon anymore. Damage-based money gain is also cool for public servers.

  18. Balhazer says:

    KF is a truly great game, I did buy it a couple of months ago and still play almost every 3 days a week… I also had left2dead2 and ain’t seeing any action since purchase! (no realism, just running like noobs, and no scare whatsoever… needs a Fleshpound or two)

  19. noobnob says:

    I’m one of those that is always keeping an eye on Steam stats, valuable stuff. And it’s funny to see how, to this date, Killing Floor has over 2,000 people playing at peaks and all of those AAA-titles quickly dipped to the sub-1000 category after a couple months, sometimes even weeks.

    Well, time to buy it I guess. Lots of content has been released so far and Tripwire seems to be commited to keep updating the game despite their size and other projects in the works (looking forward to RO: Heroes of Stalingrad).

    • Dan says:

      Yeah you are, and so am I.

      I like this game because it’s creepy, cooperative, and deliberate. It’s not the frantic mess that L4D is all the time, but when things get tight you need to work hard to get out of it.

      Good stuff, especially considering that at full price it only costs $20.

  20. Happ says:

    If you just go randomly server-hopping, the players are usually nice, if disorganized. Been playing since January and I’ve only run into maybe a half dozen asshats.

    Mind that you may get yelled at if you join a Hard or Suicidal difficulty game while using a low-level perk (say 0-3). This is because the health and number of enemies scale with the player count, so you’ll just be making things significantly harder if you can’t carry your weight.

  21. Alejandro says:

    The game is excellent and provides long hours of entertainment, I recommend it for anyone wanting to play with friends or just hang out, as a suggestion, I wish the game had more voices, because there is only one, even I could record a pack of expressions and send to them, but do not know if this is the problem or if they have not thought of that.

  22. jonfitt says:

    $9.99 this weekend on Steam. It might be worth a whirl if it’s still as active as people claim.
    I chose to play L4D over this at the time, but have nothing against it on principle.

  23. Dan says:

    This game rules. It’s a game that should be at or near the top of any list describing how to do co-op correctly.

    Seriously, though, the player in that video is terrible.

  24. Nick says:

    Got a great deal of fun out of this game, I do wsh it had the other game modes of the mod though, but I doubt it ever will.

  25. Nicholas says:

    Personally myself, I really enjoy both KF and L4D 1 (and 2). But as for the atmosphere and feel of the games, KF is definately more “spooky” and more horror than L4D which at times seems almost comic (with all of the hilarious things that can be said by the survivors). KF also as any player already realises, has the ability to weld doors which adds a whole new level to the game play over L4D, allowing you to barricade yourself inside farm houses etc or to funnel those incoming zombies into your waiting death traps. Another good thing about KF is that there is the whole perk system which rewards you with bonuses for playing the game, something that it has over L4D at times as sometimes there seems little point to L4D as you aren’t always getting something out of it. Killing Floor is a great Co-op game which has had significant improvements implemented FOR free since it has started and is worth the money if you like horror-survival games. If you’ve ever played Unreal Tournament 2004 you might enjoy it as it uses its engine so the gameplay and graphics at times is quite similar. If your not into scary, then its not for you. Anyhow, well worth trying, and if your unsure, try it before you buy it, it is worth the money if you are into this sort of game.

  26. dethtoll says:

    Somebody please, please, please give me a reason why I should care about this game? I keep having my asshole friends give me shit about not wanting to play this, because the original mod’s developer is really quite the colossal motherfucker. When the original version of Killing Floor came out I was amazed and impressed- the whole thing was awesome. But the second version threw out everything I liked about KF and made it decidedly less interesting- and also had some stupid, stupid design decisions. I expressed my concerns and the mod maker went fucking berserk on me, getting basically everyone he knew to dogpile on me because how dare I malign his precious game because he’s the next fucking Gooseman. So when I saw that KF had been turned into a commercial game I decided there was no justice in the world; unfortunately, I’ve some asshole friends who have the game and give me shit for not wanting to play just because of what happened with the original mod maker.

    Except why the fuck would I pay money I don’t have for a game I don’t want?

    So please, tell me- is it any better than the mod version?

    • Hulk Handsome says:

      Well I WAS going to buy this but now I’m not sure because I don’t like to support assholes.

    • yourgrandma says:

      i was a huge fan of the mod version as well. just about everything is improved from it… i really dont get the hate

  27. cloned says:

    Anyone knows if this game supports offline lan support ( using offline steam mode ) ? End of the month we will have a lan with 20 people but no internet at the location. And sadly it seems that L4D2 doesnt support it….

  28. ROFLGASM says:

    damn it i bought the l4d’s when they were on sale and if only saved my 10$… :(

  29. Yghtdsf says:

    Is that video an accurate depiction of the gameplay or a joke ? Playing on some server with 50 other guys against 2500 zombies sound pretty awesome, and I’ve only heard good things about Killing Floor, but that video looked… Well, let’s just say I don’t think I can enjoy a game that plays like that.

    • Just another guy. says:

      Mate……….if you had 50 people on your team……… would be fighting more like 25,000 zombies………..a round……..

    • Just another guy. says:

      Oh and lets just say that if you gave the people in the video a real gun, they would most likely shoot themselves in the foot rather than at a zombie. It plays much funner than that.

  30. DarkLiberator says:

    Its an awesome game for sure. I have 300 hours on this game and still going strong. The support community is very friendly and helpful compared with other forums I’ve seen. (Devs posting in trheads in response to problems)

  31. chazzar says:

    i fucking love colouring!
    i also like turtles.
    killingfloor is de shizney

  32. Ted says:

    I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit recently and have found out since that there is a Killing Floor audio bug under 64 bit operating systems that causes frequent BSOD making it pretty much unplayable. This has been a known bug for years, and Tripwire haven’t done anything about it, along with not fixing much of anything with this game aside from the very minor updates they put out once a year when they need money.

  33. DonSprague says:

    They appear to have a pretty hard time on an easy map with a difficulty of ‘normal.’

  34. Tempus says:

    I have to say, those gents are quite possibly some of the worst players I’ve ever set eyes on.

  35. Some guy says:

    I get bored by this game, playing only 1 month. Because only one gamemode — analog of Survival from Left4Dead (least popular gametype in game). Even on maximum difficulty, however, it’s much easier than Survival from L4D (except when you have 100% friendly fire, which has only .5% of all KF servers; and admin will ban you permamently after you teamkill him accidentally).

    I bet people would not play more than one week, if there were no perk leveling up and achievements.

  36. KF-King says:

    Killing Floor is great, and I really like the new update. It is much funnier to play with more tactics to chose between. Before this update, FB was a pretty useless perk, but now it is way better and funnier to play with. The only thing I really, really miss in this game is more achievments. More hard achievments. Maybe achievments at the new maps. Can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be. But besides that, I love to play the game. I hope they continue to update this game sometimes. :-)

  37. Just another guy. says:

    Is this guy a failure or is it his first time playin? Cuz I didnt see one headshot…..maybe learn how to aim and you might like the game.

  38. 1233456 says:

    Yes it is still very popular