Big Fish, Little Fish, Valuable Box: Depth

'Hi.' 'Hey.'

I guess John was a bit down on Medal of Honuur. Nevermind! Here’s a first personly experience RPS can get behind.

Under development by a bagful of ex-modders and level designers, Depth is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that recreates the timeless struggle twixst man and shark. One team controls speargun-equipped divers, and has to recover a priceless artifact and take it back to their ship. The other team controls sharks, and must eat them. The shark players also can’t see very well, but can detect motion, and can smell blood from miles away. Ooh, and there’ll be classes, too. Big shark, perhaps? Skinny shark. Fast shark! Hungry hungry shark. But enough of my wild conjecture. A trailer released back in August is after the jump.

I should also point you towards the screenshots here. They’re wonderfully moody. I’ll absolutely be bringing you more info on this as soon as the team release it.


  1. MrEvilGuy says:

    That music is adrenaline-risingly epic.

  2. DevilSShadoW says:

    can you accidentally run into a old underwater city and after getting experimented on by insane people get turned into a drill-finned supershark? That shoots underwater fire from his gills !

  3. Optimaximal says:

    I was hoping this screenshot was going to be the view of a recent eaten diver being slowly digested alive (killcam-like), but it seems to actually be the first-person shark view.

  4. A Bomb! says:

    Reply @ pun-thread

    What a shark.

  5. Pinky G says:

    Wow, this looks excellent! Cant wait.