Electric Box 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

Blueprints are sexy.

You look like you’re working too hard. Or at least not distracted enough. Open Electric Box 2 by Twinkle Star Games in a tab and see what you can get done after that. It’s a browser-based The Incredible Machine-alike, in which you place a constantly growing pool of icons onto a grid to create a circuit. It starts off very simply, but quickly starts adding in lasers, push bots, canons, heli bots, drill machines… It’s very satisfying to complete each puzzle. Especially when they involve kettles. Cheers to Sam for yet another excellent tip.


  1. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Its a bit slow. I don’t think I like endless tutorial levels. Just let me play around with these contraptions. I might even figure out a way to solve the puzzle.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I played trough it, an be warned: There are some very non-intuitive ways you can use things, that the tutorial totally misses out.
      Like that when you move a sender or receiver after connecting, it will stay connected, even when outside of the original maximum radius.
      Or that you can still flip objects, even when the power is on.
      And that light goes trough everything, including all non-transparent things like the bots.

      It wasn’t fun for me, because I found it way too hard. In a very frustrating way. If I want to be frustrated, I go do some sisyphean undertaking, like placing 100 needles perfectly parallel to each other on a slippery table where every vibration of the table disarranges at least half of them, and each touching of said table is likely to cause such a vibration.

  2. Kirrus says:

    I’m very glad I started this at lunchtime. Else it could get dangerously addictive.. thanks :)

  3. netsukemonkey says:

    Pretty darn enjoyable – thanks for the link! I definitely was working too hard before you posted this. Thank god you reminded me that work hours are for being distracted by brilliant browser games…not doing work.

  4. Ian says:

    Played this the other day and, as with the first one, liked it until a point about what was probably about halfway through when I went, “Yeah, that’s enough.”

    Nothing wrong with the game, just not My Sort Of Thing enough for to be bothered to finish it.

  5. Shazbut says:

    Love it. It makes me feel like a genius

  6. llama says:

    What are you on about? There’s one and half levels of tutorial, and a few (very) occasional hints in the next few levels when a new concept comes into play. The whole rest of the game is letting you play around with things.

  7. El Stevo says:

    Last level is too hard.

  8. Lambchops says:

    Nice find. Cheers Mr Tipster Sam. One of those games where it just feels nice and satisfying to figure out the solutions.

  9. stahlwerk says:

    Thank you game, for stating the obvious ;-)

    Boy that last level is a tough nut.

  10. JohnS says:

    Well, one out of three isn’t so bad.