Promised Land: Lionheart Gets A Demo

Reasonably entertaining, that was Lionheart. That’s what Quinns inscribed unto the chronicles of PC gaming, at least. But there’s no need simply to nod along to the worldly wisdom of Smith, because you can verify at least some small portion of his judgments with a splendid demo. You can expect to receive this pious sample of strategy game in return for 1.2gb of your bandwidth, which sounds like a fair trade to me.

Go! Download! And be merry.


  1. Thatidiot says:

    Quinns inscribed unto the chronicles of PC gaming the header image?

  2. MadeOfWaaagggghhh says:

    If this is as inferior as King Arthur The RPWG vs the Total War series then I shall be sad panda.

    For all their buggy releases and faults, CA have created a series that has so far been unmatched in realism, graphics and depth.

    • Nullill says:


    • JB says:

      *Kit Kat*

    • Novotny says:

      Bwahahahahah! Either you’ve never played a total war game or you’ve never played any other game.

    • MadeOfWaaagggghhh says:

      Played Shogun, Medieval 1, Rome, Medieval 2, Empire. No Napoleon yet and awaiting Shogun 2.

      You find me a single game that simulates formation, exhaustion, morale and physics as well as this in terms of grand scale combat.
      All I see is better or worse command&conquer clones and VERY poor attempts at grouping/formation like Kohan/Cossacks/KATRPWG and various others.

      TW series is as of yet the most realistic and interesting approach to land based big battles.

    • MadeOfWaaagggghhh says:

      Oh and not to forget that it actually matters when you flank someone/where you attack how in terms of vector(also: horse charge), how exhausted your troops are, what skills and traits your general has, what happens when the numbers are stacked for or against you…

      No other game has all of these come together in a single game, let alone manages to let you actually tangibly play to those features(i.e. take out general of vastly larger army => cause actual disarray).

  3. frags says:

    Downloading now! I felt the strategy map portion of King Arthur to be paper thin.

    • Navagon says:

      Well that’s probably why it wasn’t called King Arthur’s Strategic Wargame.

  4. The Promised Landt says:

    I don’t care about the game, but I like the title.

  5. Navagon says:

    Thanks! I would have most likely have got it anyway. But this will certainly help make the right choice.

    • Navagon says:

      Downloads. 2 dial up speed. 1 totally broke. I’ll wait for a Steam demo (even though I’ll be grabbing the retail version).

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