Mod News: Fluttering By

One thing that so many sizeable mods lack is good art design. You can be a technically accomplished mod-maker, crafting levels to a ludicrous level of detail, but if there’s no aesthetic backbone to that craft then things begin to fall apart quickly. Which is why Butterfly, a Crysis mod, is exciting me so much with its simple but striking visual motifs. Read below the jump for some news on that, as well as a host of other mod-related gubbins from across the week.

Something interesting is afoot at Butterfly HQ. Butterfly’s an absolutely gorgeous-looking Crysis mod which I’ve mentioned before, but which was sadly put on the back-burner a little while ago. Its developer was working on something separate, but now it seems he’s setting about turning that into a to Butterfly itself. I’ve not quite established what this means in terms of making the full version of Butterfly a reality, but this thing is looking equally beautiful and exciting.

Also in Crysis land, someone’s making a Crash Bandicoot mod. Which is always something I’ll get behind. The team has released , which look just a little bland considering Crash’s colourful heritage, but the mod seems to be coming along nicely. The developers even opened the floor to the community to come up with ideas for levels, which is an interesting idea. This is the one they’ve chosen to integrate into the game.

Finally, I’ve been quietly keeping an eye on Thanatos, a Half-Life 2 mod which – for my money – could go either way. This week the team have released some pictures of one of their critters, a sort of cute, one-eyed dude called Fobos. I like the idea behind Thanatos, certainly – an ambitious blend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Oblivion and Doom – but am still iffy about the team’s ability to pull it off, especially as the level design looks a little sub-par.

Man, people got irritated about this one. 1187’s a single-player Half-Life 2 mod that’s been in development forever, and always looking pretty exciting. Its developer issued a likely release date, saying he’d do his best to hit it. He didn’t, and everyone started shouting. They’re mods, people! Ordinary folks are making them in their spare time! But yes, it’s out now, and downloading for me as we speak. Word on the street seems to be that it’d be fantastic if it weren’t a bit broken at the moment. Let’s hope its team keeps on patching as the weeks go on.

Still on HL2, the first part of Overheid is out. This is to be a lengthy episodic mod following a new Resistance member in City 17, split over seven maps. The first is out now, and is admittedly very short, but absolutely marvellously crafted single-player Source stuff.

Also, Space Hulk! I just love saying the name “Space Hulk.” This is, of course, an adaptation of the Games Workshop game of the same name, prodded into the Dawn of War II engine. Here is where you’ll grab it from.

A delightful dev got in touch this week to prod me in the direction of ScoreDoom and ScoreDoom ST, both of which received an update this week. They’re Doom mods – one for single-player, the other for co-op – which add a fully-fledged scoring system to the game, and there’s an additional add-on pack that provides new enemies and power-ups. Version 2.9 of ScoreDoom and its add-on come with 30 new monsters, among other things. Here‘s where you get it.

Then there’s a Project Reality update, something always worth talking about. The new version is altered in an astonishing number of ways, including a tonne of minor tweaks as well as the addition of new vehicles, weapons, maps, and even a new faction. Project Reality has always been one of the more popular Battlefield 2 mods, and I can only imagine this update – which brings the mod to version 0.95, closing in on a final release after more than four years – will keep the buzz going. Grab the update here.

Meanwhile, back in Half-Life 2 land, Empires hit version 2.28. Empires is a splendid hybrid of FPS and RTS, and a genuinely interesting class-based multiplayer game. This version modifies some weapons, updates some maps, and does something with parallax occlusion mapping, whatever the great heck that is. Some business with shaders, I think. Grab it here.

Over at PC Gamer, Tom Senior’s being lovely, doing a whole load of round-ups of the best mods for a few different games. The Total War series, for example. Or Civ V, or Fallout 3. I’ve done one for Left 4 Dead, which I imagine will be online at some point.

‘Til next week, lovelies.


  1. Tei says:


    /* shameless plug */

    I have created a forum for Minecraft modders here.

    Theres a lot of fun mods for Minecraft already…. Like one to mount mobs, and another to stack mobs

  2. Rich says:

    Expecting a Cease and Desist for the Space Hulk game in… 3… 2… 1…

    • DrGonzo says:

      I think it’s been around for about a year now. So I wouldn’t think so. As it’s a mod for a game that includes Space Hulk maps, it would be a bit strange too.

  3. Brumisator says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to play the two HL2 mods straight away.

    • Brumisator says:

      Wow, Overheid is less than 10 minutes of gameplay. Why the hell did he release this underwhelming, linear mod without even any custom content so soon?
      Welp, gonna play 1187 instead.

    • Rich says:

      Presumably he’s doing a non-Valve and actually going to release the next episode in a month or so.

    • Brumisator says:

      I wasn’t exaggerating when I said 10 minutes. If he can crank out this much content in a month, surely he could have pushed back the release by another month or two so we can at least get 20-30 minutes worth in one sitting?

  4. Web Cole says:

    Hurrah for the Project Reality mention. We love you Lewis!

    It really is a brilliant update, with such additions as player controlled mortars, thermal imaging, the German faction (G36 ftw!) and 4/5 new maps! Its a bit buggy right now, but there’s already been a hotfix only 4 days after release :)

    • TheLordHimself says:

      How many servers/players are there for Battlefield 2 and this mod these days? I’m a bit bored of BFBC2, is it worth going through the awful install and patch process for Battlefield 2 to try this out?

    • Captain Morgan says:

      You can check out how many people are playing PR at any given time link to

    • Web Cole says:

      Its definitely worth checking out if it sounds like your thing. And yeah, there’s always a few full servers up. During the day you’ll maybe find 4 full servers and a few almost full, in the evenings something around 9 full servers and perhaps even more on weekends.

      PR Spy will tell you what servers are up, although right now (3PM BST) I count 9 basically full servers, which is pretty busy for a weekday afternoon.

      If you do give it a shot you should read the manual: link to and if you have any further questions there’s always helpful folks on the forums: link to


    • DXN says:

      Woah, holycrapupdate!

      I periodically drop back into PR for a month or two, and its always a worthwhile experience. Absolutely one of the deepest, hardcoriest mass-fighting experiences to be found, and the community is surprisingly good at usually making it work.

  5. Boris says:

    Regarding Empires 2.28, I don’t think parallax occlusion is in yet. Is it? I don’t get any parallaxing occlusion goodness when I run it at least. Think it might be still to come.

    They have however messed around with the weapon scripts, result being one or two pops will take you out. From pretty much ANY weapon. Even the scoutroffle. Hiding, hermit bastards on mountaintops everywhere can be heard screaming of joy.

  6. Suddenly says:

    Holy crispy christ, how many monsters does scoredoom need?

    Downloading it now purely based on that

  7. Saul says:

    Lewie, your confusing messed-up Crysis mod links are only equalled by the Butterfly-guy’s poetically confuzzled English. Brain ‘splode.

    • Lewis says:

      I’ve bugged Jim about the link brokenness. Not sure what’s happened there, and I don’t have the CMS permissions to edit it myself.

  8. Gareth says:

    Cheers for ScoreDoom plug Lewis.
    Just to clarify, the add-on pack itself adds up to nearly 300 new monsters, but the 2.9 update to it adds another 30 :-)

  9. DrGonzo says:

    I’m excited to play Civ 5, yes five, as Boudica.

  10. Gareth says:

    The monsters and extra power-ups are deliberately Doom-like (& not 3-D rips) and are optional, but recommended ;-) Also you can tailor the add-on content with a simple ini file and add/remove whatever stuff you don’t like or think fits.

  11. wazups2x says:

    Fake Factory’s Cinematic Mod 10.9 will be released very soon!

    Here’s the new trailer: link to

    It’s going to be amazing!

  12. ezekiel2517 says:

    I demand a deep look into Europa Barbarorum, else I will kill a kitty. I have ample of stray cats around to get my hands on one.

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  14. The Dark One says:

    The camera sway when side-strafing in that 1187 video reminds me of that old pre-restart Half-Life trailer.