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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Conflicting Interests

Uh oh, one of the discounted games this week had John on the payroll. I didn’t even want to feature it in the bargain bucket, but he threatened send a clown to blow me up if I didn’t*. Still, I’m standing up to his demands that this week’s selection just be his game listed 5 times, so here’s a variety of cut price computer gaming fun. For more cheap gaming goodness, use your nearest web browser to have a look at Here are the deals:Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars [The Directors Cut] – £4.99/€4.99/$4.99
More like Broken Calculator: Shadow of the Inaccurate Currency Conversion. I gather that Walker was in charge of deciding whether or not to rip off his fellow countrymen, and (with a wicked cackle) he said “THE POUND IS EQUAL TO THE DOLLAR IS EQUAL TO THE EURO”**, so direct all of your pricing anger towards him. This isn’t a temporary sale, it’s a permanent discount from it’s previous price of 10 currencies, so you have plenty of time to ponder the purchase. It’s certainly one of the classic pointy clickers, and you get to go to all sorts of interesting places and click on some lovely things.

Puzzle Bots
Steam – £3.49/€4.49/$4.99
Direct from the dev – £3.95/€3.78/$4.99
Woe is me, I thought that this would be a lovely game to play on my netbook because of the very low hardware requirements, but I didn’t realise that it needs 640 pixels of height to work, and my netbook has only 600, so beware on that front. Never mind, I’ll give it a whirl on my desktop later. This is another perma-discount, not just a fleeting offer. It’s both a robot game featuring puzzles and a puzzle game featuring robots, with lovely bright graphics, and you get to toy with the weak fleshy humans. Wadjet Eye games were also kind enough to send me a few Steam codes to pass onto you lovely folk. Shoot us an email at explaining why you should get one in exactly 26 words. Usual competition rules apply. They’re also going to be giving out codes via twitter next week.

Anuman Bundle – £22.90/€25.74/$35.92
Continuing the unwritten rule of GOG promotions, they must contain as few games I have played as possible. Strangely, their library seems to be missing most of the games that made up my formative years of PC gaming, and the ones they do have never seem to go on promotion. Here’s a list of names of games that I have not a clue about, but they’re cheap, and you lot are more than knowledgeable enough to tell me which ones are particularly worth attention.
Includes (and individual pricing):
Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99
Haegemonia [Gold Edition] – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99
Iron Storm – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99
Megarace 1+2 – £1.90/€2.14/$2.99
Megarace 3 – £1.90/€2.14/$2.99
Still Life – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99
Syberia – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99
Syberia 2 – £3.18/€3.58/$4.99

GTA: San Andreas – £2.49/$3.75
I have no idea if this is available in countries other than the UK and the USA, and after spending 5 minutes trying to find out, I got bored and gave up. Yes it’s from the deeply deeply flawed Microsoft GFWLGOD, but it’s also pretty cheap, and if you’re in the mood for accurately simulating prostitute homicide, then you can’t go wrong with GTA. The game itself isn’t actually infected with GFWL (I think, can anyone confirm or deny that for me), and in theory, since it is pretty old now you won’t have to worry about updates or patches. Whilst we’re on the topic of Microsoft, what do we reckon about their recent talk of making a competent digi disti service? More hollow chatter, or are they perhaps going to deliver this time? I’m going to remain cynical til my final breath, but it could be interesting.

Deal of the week
Batman: Arkham Asylum [Goatee Edition] – £10.20/€17/$13.60
That’s goatee, as in the type of beard. This has actually been available for slightly cheaper than this before, but it was region restricted to just the UK. Arkham Asylum is the story of a man who’s parents got killed by crime, so he decided to punch crime in the face until it couldn’t kill anyone else’s parents. His quest for face punching takes him to an Asylum filled with baddies, so *spoilers* he punches them all in the face. It’s bloody good, Mark Hamill’s Joker steals the show as far as the voice actors are concerned, he’s always trying to make the Batman snap, and he even takes to scaring his own thugs for a bit of fun. Alec’s Wot I think is here and demo is here.

Also of note:
Not quite sure what is going on with this one, but Civilization V for £2.35 [UK Only]. I managed to get it for that price, but then some other people have been saying they did not receive a serial, but then more recently everyone has been saying that it is working. The retailer is certainly reputable, and not some sort of con merchant, and the keys are provided by Ztorm, a Nordic digital distribution firm who presumably have a deal with 2K or Valve. I’d say go for it, you’ll either get the game for £2.35, or get a refund afterwards. It is UK only, but ripe for data smuggling (although you can only buy one serial per account).
Jim continued his excellent run of talking about deals before they are available. Come Monday, DogFighter will be £1.05/€1.50/$1.50.
Cliffsky’s gone and done what several RPS commenters have requested in the past, and bundled all the DLC for GSB together at a discount. It’s £8.07/€7.74/$9.99 for all four DLC packs.
A game called “Numen: Contest of Heroes” is only £1.60/€2/$2, but I know nothing about it.
Darkstar One, an Elite inspired space trading and shooting game that a mate of mine enjoyed on the Xbox, is £3.59/€3.99/£3.99
UKers might want to go ahead and get Diablo 3 preordered now for just £22.97. They won’t charge you til it comes out anyway, and you can always cancel if you change your mind.

Remember to regularly check to find out what’s cheap in the world of gaming.

*may or may not be true.
**also may or may not be true.

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