A Unclean Slate: White

This is a lovely, simple, violent, artistic idea, fairly well executed. White is a thing of horrible cuteness made by students at students at ENJIM, a French design school. Essentially, it’s an FPS set on a blank canvas. Patrolling this canvas are various little bug dudes who waddle about, getting into staring contests with each other and warbling to vague tunes. You are a shooter chap armed with a series of weapons, including a gravity gun for moving the little blighters around. Each weapon has a different effect on the bugs, which bleed their colour on to the canvas when maimed. A shotgun turns them into a splat, a machinegun will send them running, while bleeding out a trail of their colour, and the grenade thing just splatters them everywhere… You get the idea. As you kill, you draw. Hit Esc and you can see what you have drawn with the paint-gore of your victims. I suppose I should have drawn the RPS logo, but I will leave that to someone with more time, and less sense.

Oh, and my 360 pad messed with the keyboard controls. Stupid thing. Trailer below. (It’s free to play, too.)


  1. strangeed says:

    Bit heavier than I thought at 212mb. Looks like good fun though. Anyone with artistic talent about? All I’ll be able to come up with is rainbow genocide.

  2. Gabe Kotick says:

    You know what White needs? An item store.

  3. adonf says:

    Totally hijacking the thread here: Does the collective mind of RPS know if the pack called “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows” from MS that includes a controller and a USB-to-wireless adapter can be used with a second, regular 360 pad (as in 2 wireless controllers on the PC), and if the controller from the pack can be used on the Xbox ? I need a second controller for my console but I would like to use them on the PC too. Since this pack is way cheaper than getting a controller + an adapter there’s got to be a catch…

    /hijack and thank you

    • DarkNoghri says:

      My understanding is that the controllers are identical on the PC and Xbox. The PC version merely come with driver discs. That’s for the wired versions, anyway. I’ve not dealt with the wireless things before.

    • adonf says:

      Yes, I forgot a very important keyword “Wireless”, sorry

      I meant this one: link to bit.ly

    • Delusibeta says:

      AFAIK the Wireless 360 Controller for Windows does include 1 wireless receiver (that you plug into a USB port), but I think said wireless reciever can only handle one controller at a time (I *think*, I’ve never tried it). The controller should work on a 360 if you “register” the controller to the console first (hold down two buttons while the console is on).

    • AbyssUK says:

      I have two wireless 360 pads working on my pc via one usb wireless receiver.. they also both work on the xbox

    • Diziet says:

      The controllers themselves are identical. You can download the drivers from microsoft and either plug wired controllers into your PC or use the wireless adaptor. I bought the dongle thing on it’s own and downloaded the drivers, I’ve had zero problems with the many XBox controllers I’ve had. Best few quid I’ve ever spent on PC controllers.

    • adonf says:

      Thank you for your answers. I went ahead and ordered the “wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows” pack from Amazon for 35€, which means I get the USB receiver for 5€. Virgin Megastore had it for like 55€ so yay me !

  4. battles_atlas says:

    “Oi loiked it.”

    Louis Walsh, 1952-2010

  5. Mike says:

    Anyone else’s crashing when they try to run the game? I was looking forward to it as well :(

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Yup. No idea what causes it. It seems to install just fine, but on starting it crashes.

  6. blind_boy_grunt says:

    so is this a comment about games as art? =)

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      But is art a game?

    • BAReFOOt says:

      When you add mechanics, story and technology to it, it can be.
      The act of making art definitely is some kind of game though.

  7. Clovis says:

    Oh my! It has HEARTS for EYES! How can you shot it???

  8. Ravine says:

    I just want to point out that the name of the school is ENJMIN (Ecole Nationale des Jeux et Media Interactifs Numeriques – National School of Games and Digital Interactive Medias – yes this name is… well… bah, nevermind), as a former student of this school myself. On the topic of this school, it’s not just a school of design, as it gathers 50 students, in 6 “profiles” each year : game designers, producers, programmers, visual artists, sound designers and ergonomists.

    I guess they’ll come here soon to give more infos, as i warned them as soon as i saw this article on the homepage. And i congrat them again.

  9. Flaringo says:

    I can’t shoot these things. :(

  10. Brumisator says:

    “are you using a non-french keyboard”
    :’) bless you, sirs.

  11. mlaskus says:

    A very interesting idea. :)

  12. Sagan says:

    Awesome game. I’m going to send this to many people.

  13. abc says:

    The first “gun” (it”s also on the picture) totally looks like Painkiller shotgun weapon :)
    link to pics.ww.com

  14. Lambchops says:

    Very cute. nice toy to play about with for a wee while. Once you get over the hurdle of shooting cute ickle paint blobs it’s quite fun to see what patterns you can make by throwing them in the air and shooting them or making them bleed paint and chucking them about. Which just sounds horribly cruel now that I’ve written it.

  15. Neil says:

    I pitched this idea unsuccessfully a couple times (but as a 2D shooter rather than a FPS). Didn’t go anywhere, but another idea that I like better did get picked up instead.

  16. Alan says:

    Magnificent idea for a game, and looks wonderfully executed. Unfortunately the UDK won’t install for me. :-(
    “UnSetup has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

  17. Alex says:

    That was a lot of fun, and the music was great! I’ve listened to this on repeat about five times…
    link to bloupnbounce.com

  18. theSAiNT says:

    Impossible to play for me T_T

    There is NO option for invert mouse anywhere! Seems like a rather simple oversight that hopefully they will fix.

  19. Shiajun says:

    Just one question, and maybe it treads the fine line of PC elitism, but why on earth where you playing a PC FPS with a 360 controller having a mouse right there?

    Other than that, it’s been a blast playing this (har har). Seriously, I lost track of time just placing and killing the little cute critters where I needed them.