The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 46: Angry!

Well, Rage-y. id Software’s Tim Willits faces a panel of RPS readers (the same ones who fired teeny quiz missiles at Splash Damage’s Ed Stern last week) to talk Rage.

And only Rage. Honestly, when I set this up I presumed those guys would want to ask a bunch of stuff about Doom and Quake and Wolfenstein and Commander Keen. But nooooooooooooooo, they only wanted to know about the shiny new thing. FINE. You know what? FINE.

Here you are. Here’s your podcast. Due to me being essentially incompetent it starts about 30 seconds into proceedings – really sorry about that. Wireless Show business as usual (i.e. introductions and muttery British games journalists) will return whenever the next episode is.

Alternatively, you can download it from here. Again,instaiTunes support still ain’t working properly at the moment, but I vvlieve you can manually add this feed to it to auto-grab episodes from now on.

There’s also the option of watching the talk, via Echoey Gillen ShakyCam MegaVision:


  1. Axez D. Nyde says:

    I managed to hear the podcast while watching the muted show. I am awesome.

  2. Chris D says:

    Does Quinns look that sinister in person?

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      Nope, he looks friendly. Although I think I saw his eyes shining bright red when I looked away for a second.

  3. Muzman says:

    What was recording the video? (I don’t mean the Kieron Unit. I mean the actual machine)

  4. AndrewC says:

    Can I ask what the reaction of the audience was to all that shameless complimenting the guy did at the start?

    • Tom OBedlam says:

      Personally, I felt really uncomfortable at the insincerities. Also, when he was said how surprised he was that we don’t whoop and cheer in the uk, I had a bit of an inward groan. Seemed nice though, not at all interested in his game when the most innovative idea they have is time trial racing…

  5. arioch says:

    It really feels to me that every ID game since Q3 is more of a tech demo than something I am supposed to enjoy… After his answer to the question about “What part of the game do you enjoy the most” I cannot really see any reason to doubt that this trend will continue… :(

    • BAReFOOt says:

      You only found out about this just now? ;)
      ID is a weird company. All they produce, is tech demos with the exact same shooter concept behind it. And yet they don’t license their engine. (As far as I know.)

      OK, Stroggs and Hell Demons are pretty cool, but… I wonder how they are able to survive… Solely on the hype factor?

    • blind_boy_grunt says:

      Who told you this? id always licensed their engines, admittedly the doom3 engine had only a few games made with it (one of them is strangely enough brink) and they open source their old engines, usually some time after the release of their newest engine.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Weird. I always thought Quake 3 was their most obvious tech demo. Doom 3 was a fun game, whereas there was no game in Quake 3.

    • stahlwerk says:

      RTCW, Call of Duty (1 & 2), MOHAA, Alice, Jedi Knight: Outcast and Academy, Star Trek Elite Force 1 & 2… all use the Q3 Arena engine.

    • drewski says:

      CoD2’s engine was developed in house at Infinity Ward.

    • Manley Pointer says:

      I heard that even the more recent CoD games relied on a version of the Q3 engine that IW had modified in-house.

  6. teo says:

    For the love of god, if you take the effort to arrange, record and post something like this please take 30 seconds to add proper ID3 tags

  7. Lewis Denby says:

    Star of the show: My housemate calling me about Glastonbury tickets on 10.30 in that vid, and the look of absolute disgust on my face for not switching my phone off.

  8. Bobiroka says:

    RE: The issue with iTunes: I think you’ll find you have an invalid character somewhere in your feed… if you send it to me I’ll have a look for you… I offer not just out of charity, but because I’d damn well like these shows to be delivered into my my iPhone as they happen!

  9. The Dark One says:

    Cool, I understand their texturing stuff a little better now. I have no idea what kind of math needs to happen to make it work, but the game basically streams all the textures required at just the necessary resolution to make everything look crisp, right?

    • disperse says:

      I might be far off here, but I always assumed it was simply the texture-version of the Nemesys GigaSample technology:

      link to

      i.e. Stream textures as needed from disk instead of loading them all into memory.