It’s Random Question Time, Again

I’ve got a random question for you, readers. I’d like you to leave your answers in the comments section below, if you would be so kind.

What games did you spend money on in October? Please list anything you might have bought, PC or console, budget or full price, DLC, subscription, or microtransaction.



  1. badvibration says:

    Hmmm… well over the past weekend i bought Pathologic. Before that i bought Minecraft and VVVVVV. I think before the month is over I shall buy Fatale. There you go.

  2. Tyler J says:

    FIFA 11 (xbox)
    RDR Undead Nightmare DLC (xbox)

    Waiting a while before picking up Fallout: New Vegas.

  3. Petrushka says:

    USD 5.99 for Temple of Elemental Evil on GOG. End of list

  4. Oneironaut says:

    Lara Croft: GOL – $14.99
    Disciples 2 Gold- $4.99
    Numen: Contest of Heroes: $2.00
    Red Faction games: $9.97

  5. Magwich says:

    I paid for 2 Eve Online subscriptions and bought Minecraft Alpha. That’s it, I’m super poor.

  6. Frozenbyte says:

    Didn’t buy a thing! SC2 and TF2 are all I need.

  7. Easydog says:

    I bought ‘Dead Rising 2’ and ‘Red Faction:Guerilla’ and pre-ordered ‘Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition’ for PC.

    I bought ‘Enslaved’ and pre-ordered ‘Fable 3’ for xbox.

    Good month :)

  8. FunkyBadger says:

    Men of War

    Hmmm, thought they’d be more steam stuff there…

  9. Wowza says:

    Minecraft and Dogfighter.

  10. RobH says:

    Icewind Dale Complete from
    Civilization IV bought at the store.

  11. skutbag says:

    3 quid on Defense Grid DLC

  12. Sjacob says:

    Outcast and Blood II on GOG.
    Dark Void Zero, The Blackwell Legacy and Blackwell Unbound on GamersGate.

  13. ben says:

    also shadow broker dlc for Mass Effect 2.

    And that mis-priced Civ 5 download on coolshop, but I don’t think that counts as they ended up giving me money.

  14. Satchel_Charge says:

    VVVVVV and The Ball for me

  15. cowthief skank says:

    Men of War Gold (on Steam sale)


  16. RyePunk says:

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    Borderlands: Klaptrap Robolution
    NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer
    Cladun! This is an RPG

  17. Redd says:

    I didn’t.

  18. matte_k says:

    A four pack of Dogfighter on Steam, to present one to a friend for his birthday, L4D2 in the Sacrifice promo, and i think the full season of Tales from Monkey Island from Telltale in a sale for “talk like a pirate day”? Or was that one September? I can’t remember…

  19. wererogue says:


  20. vader says:

    Lara Croft: Guardian of light (steam)
    Minecraft (2 copies – one for a friend)
    Deathspank (steam)

  21. Max says:

    I bought the new Lara Croft game (it’s not actually called Tomb Raider). Great coop.

  22. robot21 says:

    I bought minecraft…and that’s it (although I did buy a PS3 and Demon’s Souls about two days before October hit).

  23. brulleks says:

    Just Cause 2
    Red Faction 2
    Titan Quest Gold
    Bejeweled (ok, that was free)

    Aaaaand Windows 7, as I managed to get it discounted with a University email address.

  24. Steve says:

    Got NBA 2K11 on Xbox 360, and it’s the greatest sports game ever made. I mean, seriously.

  25. Kloreep says:

    Looking at my receipts, it looks like it’s been an all-GoG month:
    Incredible Machine Pack
    The Longest Journey
    Master of Magic

    All motivated by sales… I’ve already played half of those and don’t know when I’ll actually be playing any of them. :)

  26. Cal says:

    A bundle of points (6900) for Lord of the Rings Online. $50
    Demigod from Impulse. $6
    Baldur’s Gate, Arcanum, and Planescape Torment from Good Old Games. $23
    Cut the Rope, Peggle, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and NHL 2K11 from iTunes. $5

    All on some type of discount except Cut the Rope (I think).

  27. eclipse mattaru says:

    I got New Vegas unlocked, but I had it pre-ordered a while ago so it might not count.

    I did shell out cash for the first Fallout at GoG (for myself, to play at work), and bought Air Forte, Puzzle Bots, Drawn: The Painted Tower and the Tales of Monkey Island series for the little lady.

  28. jaheira says:

    Medal of Honor
    F1 2010
    Puzzle Dimension
    Metro 2033
    Dogfighter ‘cos Jim told me to.

    And Lair of the Shadow Broker which was the best ME2 DLC by miles

  29. Coillscath says:

    New Vegas, and I don’t regret it for a second. It’s everything Fallout 3 should have been.

  30. iQue says:

    Minecraft (finally decided to buy it, after spending too much time in the free mode)
    And preordered Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    Haven’t bought anything else really, because everything I’m really looking forward to seem to have been pushed up to 2011. :(

  31. Montoli says:

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and, um, er, Pokemon Soul Silver.

  32. Dao Jones says:

    Batman (Steam), both versions of Lips (360, I wanted new mics for Rock Band 3!), Dogfighter (Steam), The Longest Journey (GoG), Outcast (GoG), Syberia (GoG), Arcanum (GoG) and some others I forget and will remember after I enter the captcha. :)

    Also, I bought two games for my Android phone, if that counts! Fruit Ninja and Reckless Driving.

  33. Tyraa Rane says:

    Well, I’m unemployed at the moment, so I’ve cut down on my spending quite a bit. Nothing bought on Steam this month; sales haven’t appealed, and the holiday sale’s starting to cast its long shadow.

    GoG, though…couldn’t resist a couple of sales and their new D&D additions. This month I’ve picked up Icewind Dale Complete, Still Life, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, Blood, and Blood II: The Chosen. Those were all on sale except Icewind Dale. Even when I was employed, I always wait for sales. ‘Cos I’m cheap, and my backlog’s massive as it is.

    I buy retail/non-digital pretty rarely these days. Steam’s sales FTW, and quite literally the only electronics retailers in town are GameStop and Best Buy–GameStop doesn’t cater to PC gamers very much, at least not around here, and every time I go into Best Buy I see titles I can get for $10 – $20 cheaper on Steam. I buy games from Amazon occasionally, usually when I’m ordering something else and they’re a decent enough price–haven’t bought from them in a few months, though.

  34. Sprint says:

    Tales of Monkey Island – Steam sale
    Metro 2033 – Steam sale
    Fallout New Vegas – Steam full price and pre-ordered at the start of October.

  35. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    [Steam] Dogfighter €1,35
    [Steam] Batman Archam Asylum €17,-
    [Steam] Guild Wars: Eye of the North €10,04

    Full Price:
    [Manconomy]Buggy Team Fortress Gifts, two keys, duel €27,94 (I justify this by saying I’m paying for the continued development of TF2)
    [] Mass Effect 2 DLC: Shadow Broker, Kasumi – Stolen Memory, Overlord Pack (1920 Bioware Points, or actually €20,91, 1280 Points remaining)

  36. alice says:

    I am going through a “not spending money” phase so I did not buy anything….

    ….except Minecraft, since my guilt for not giving Notch my money while continuing to play offline single player from the free weekend overtook me.

  37. DarkNoghri says:

    Sam & Max 203: Night of the Raving Dead (free, does that count?), Dogfighter 4-pack, Total Annihilation. That’s it for October. Which is kind of odd, as I usually get more than that. Either the sales weren’t as good, or my trying not to spend money is actually working.

  38. SnallTrippin says:

    Sword of the Stars Complete, some transport tycoon game, Evachron Mercenary, Left4Dead 1/2, Arcanum (Even though I have the CD somewhere) that’s all I remember.

  39. Eternal_newbie says:

    Ai War : The Zenith Remnant
    Ai war : Children of Neinzul
    Metro 2033
    Dogfighter -4Pack
    Tales of Monkey Island -Complete pack
    Achron -Pre order
    Total annhilation commander pack
    Planeswalker –Only game I regretted buying
    Planescape — 2 copies (one for friend)
    Minecraft — almost 2 copies, but I realised I’d already bought a copy for myself

    All but two of these have been on sale or had some other discount
    All but two are on either steam or GOG.
    Based on steams records I have played for about 10hrs during the last month

  40. amishmonster says:

    Red Faction: Guerilla on Steam and Enslaved for 360. I bought Minecraft right after the free weekend, so I think that was pre-October.

  41. DrBomb says:


  42. icupnimpn2 says:

    Sam and Max Season 3 – $9.99?
    Psychonauts $4.99?

  43. Shaz says:

    All PC (I don’t play console games):
    Fallout: New Vegas (hard copy), Mass Effect 2: Shadow Broker DLC, Overlord II (off Steam), Torchlight (on sale off GamersGate), Dragon Age 2 pre-order (though since I haven’t actually ‘purchased’ it yet, I suppose that doesn’t count).
    Hubby purchased Starcraft II, but I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet.

  44. Justin says:

    Super Meat Boy and Costume Quest on Xbox Live Arcade,
    AI War and Dogfighter on Steam (because you people said I should),
    Fallout: New Vegas on PC.
    Oh, and Halo Reach.

    All up, maybe AU$120 (thanks, eBay).

  45. DerangedStoat says:

    hmmm off the top of my head:

    F1 2010 (Steam pre-ordered)
    Men of War (Steam sale)
    Planescape: Torment (GOG)
    Titan Quest Gold (Steam sale)

  46. Anonymousity says:

    If only people bought this many Troika games when they were still around, of course they weren’t patched then…

  47. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Ohh.. lemme see. *rummages around email receipts*

    In order, I bought…

    Interstate 76 Arsenal (
    Planescape: Torment (
    Deathspank (Steam)
    Puppy Games Ultrabundle (Puppy Games)
    Back To The Future (pre-order, Telltale)

    I also was given a copy of Guardians Of Graxia by a lovely, lovely man.

  48. Ranneko says:

    I haven’t made much in the way of purchases. Not had much time to play and also been waiting for the aussie dollar to hit parity with the US to use as an excuse.

    I bought:
    – Gunboats
    – Dueling Mini-Game
    – The Tank Buster
    – Rocket Jumper
    – Buff Banner

    Have yet to try the Dueling Mini-Game though.

  49. Jambe says:

    New releases I snagged via Steam:

    AI War: Children of the Neinzul
    Age of Wonders Trilogy Pack (awwww yeeeah, etc)
    Axel & Pixel
    Big Brain Wolf
    Deathspank (with Shank, as a bundle)
    Diamond Dan
    Doc Clock
    Fallout 3
    Lego Universe
    The Ball

    Then I bought the Dogfighter four-pack and gifted three copies. After playing I tried to buy the four pack again and it refused because I already own the game. Apparently it’s a Steam issue…

    And no, I generally don’t splurge like that unless there’s a mega-sale going on. It just happens that my birthday was on the second of this month and I had some “yay I’m older” cash to spend.

  50. Improvidence says:

    I haven’t bought any games this month, nor anything gaming related. Last month I picked up VVVVVV, but nothing since then. I’ve had backlog to work on.