It’s Random Question Time, Again

I’ve got a random question for you, readers. I’d like you to leave your answers in the comments section below, if you would be so kind.

What games did you spend money on in October? Please list anything you might have bought, PC or console, budget or full price, DLC, subscription, or microtransaction.



  1. Angel Dust says:

    I’ve mainly been buying books this month (just got Franzen’s latest) but I have purchased the following:

    Fallout: New Vegas (Steam, full)
    Men At War (Steam ,sale)
    VVVVVV (Steam ,sale) & a few days later the soundtrack

    Possibly looking at picking up The Ball too.

  2. Benjamin says:


  3. sassy says:

    Disciples 3, $20USD

    Or if it counts Atari pack on gog for $31.90

  4. Jezcentral says:

    On Steam for a pittance:
    Monkey Island Complete Pack
    Killing Floor Bundle

    From Amazon for a pittance:
    Kane and Lynch: Dog Days.

    All for PC.

  5. innokenti says:

    Medal of Honour, Fallout: New Vegas, CiVVVVVVVVV, Minecraft, Batman AA, Age of Wonders 2 and Shadow Magic. All PC. I think that’s all… I think…

  6. Zenderos says:

    Red Faction Guerilla + DogFight on Steam.

    Both were on sale on Steam yesterday.

  7. SuperBladesman says:

    Trainyard and Cut the Rope apps for my iPhone…

    From Steam:

    Nimble, after seeing recommendations on here.
    Darwinia + Uplink (special offers?)

    Possibly AI War: Fleet Command and Men of War after articles on here, if said articles were published in October…

  8. Dawngreeter says:

    Continued my EVE subscription, bought an extremely discounted L4D2 four-pack on Steam and bought the original KotOR when the crazy Steam discount came ’round because I found out my girlfriend never finished it and that’s just crazy heretical.

  9. Obliter8 says:

    DeathSpank (360)
    Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
    League Of Legends points (PC)
    Enslaved:Odyssey To The West (PS3)
    Prince Of Persia:Forgotten Sands (PS3)
    DJ Hero 2 (360)
    Medal Of Honour (PC)
    Dogfighter (PC)
    Blur (360)
    Men OF War (PC)
    Titan Quest Gold (PC)
    Dead Rising 2 (PC)

  10. pierec says:

    VVVVVV and The Longest Journey. Shame I don’t have too much time for video games right now :(

  11. Rhade says:

    Monthly WoW sub. Nothing else this month that interested me enough to spend money on it, really.

  12. Urael says:

    Been quite a busy month in Real Life for me so all I seem to have bought are Aquanox 1 & 2 from GOG. Bought more in September but I’m still playing some of that.

    Very nearly succumbed to Steam’s sale of Red Faction: Guerilla on Monday past but my Steam aversion kicked in at the last moment.

  13. Joshua says:

    Just Dogfighter.

    And a DVD of the umbilical brothers for my kid brother.

  14. Dan(WR) says:

    PC: Dogfighter, Dead Rising 2, Tales of Monkey Island, Titan Quest, Temple of Elemental Evil

    Xbox: Lara Croft & The Guardians of Light, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

    I’ve mostly been playing Temple of Elemental Evil, which is a fine implementation of D&D combat, but a pretty pants game overall. On the other hand, I did have a fight with an Owlbear. AN OWLBEAR!

    I’m hovering over Guardians of Graxia at the moment. Any chance of an RPS Wot I Think?

    • Matthew says:

      You’re playing TOEE with the Circle of Eight mod, right? It’s utterly essential for fixing the game.

  15. Fashigady says:

    I don’t think I’ve bought anything since Amnesia, and that was last month

  16. WantOn says:

    Me and the missus bought Just Dance 2 yesterday.

    Please don’t hate me. We played it with my parents last night; haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

    Other than that, a WoW subscription. I haven’t been that impressed by anything out in the last month or two. Might buy Civ 5 at some point but it seems very similar to Civ 4.

  17. CommanderZx2 says:

    My October purchase are as follows;
    Fallout: New Vegas and Dogfighter

    Team Fortress 2 microtransaction:
    Polycount Pack, 5 keys, Brigade Helm, Camera Beard, Football Helmet, Mining Light, Officer’s Ushanka, Otolaryngologist’s Mirror, Prussian Pickelhaube, Pyro’s Beanie, Respectless Rubber Glove, Soldier’s Stash, Towering Pillar of Hats, Trophy Belt, Tyrant’s Helm, Vintage Tyrolean, Ye Olde Baker Boy

  18. Plasma Mate says:

    Steam :Civ 5.
    Gog :Evil Genius
    Other : Tidalis.

  19. dbdkmezz says:

    “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”, bought direct from the developers, so more expensive than the steam price, but I get a Linux version and Frictional get more money :)

  20. Spooty says:

    BladeKitten (Steam)
    Lara Croft (Steam)
    Tales of Monkey Island (Steam)
    Resubscribed to Warcraft after a year break
    Buying Dogfighter tonight.
    Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadowbroker (DLC)
    Dragon Age: Witch Hunt (DLC)

  21. Danda says:

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Fallout: New Vegas (Mr. Smith is WRONG!)
    Enslaved (PS3)
    Dead Rising 2 (PS3)
    The D&D releases on GOG (Planescape: Torment, etc.)
    Medal of Honor (PS3, + MOH Frontline)
    DogFighter (of course!)

  22. LegendaryTeeth says:

    Planescape: Torment, Minecraft, and Duels of the Planeswalkers – Complete. I usually grab the stuff on sale at Steam, but it’s been mostly stuff I already have or don’t want.

    Oh, also, an entire gaming PC.

  23. Om says:

    Braid from Steam. Minecraft was at the end of Sept

  24. Matthew says:

    Titan Quest Gold, Dogfighter and Puzzle Dimension, just yesterday, because of the crazy sales prices on Steam. That’s it. I’m way behind on my gaming as it is.

  25. James G says:

    An expensive month, and atypical somewhat.

    A Sony PS3 320GB with Move controller (New)
    Little Big Planet (New – Budget, Online Physical)
    Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (New – Budget, Online Physical)
    Bayonetta (Second Hand – Highstreet)
    £20 PSN credit (Reduced price, as yet unspent)

    Miles Edgeworth Investigates (New, Reduced, Highstreet)

    The Void (Green Man Gaming, Supercheap misprice offer)

    No subs (Except for RPS)

  26. Tim says:

    Lemme see:
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R – Shadow of Chernobyl
    The Ship
    DiRT 2
    And a couple of items from the TF2 store, for my shame.

    Dear me, my wallet is truly bare now.

  27. Danny says:

    Castlevania Lords of Shadows (PS3), Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition (360), Super Meat Boy (360), Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Xbox Live).

    Castevania Lords of Shadows = Second best game of the year!!

  28. woppyce says:

    Kitten Sanctuary

  29. Eamo says:

    WoW subscription.
    Broken Sword Director’s Cut bought from steam €9.99
    I also Ordered WoW: Cataclysm this month if that counts.

    All in all a pretty quiet month on the games front.

  30. Colthor says:

    Fallout: New Vegas
    Fallout 3 GOTY
    XBox 360 4GB bundled with Crackdown 2 and Forza 3
    (Wireless 360 controller for Windows)

    And tried to get Civ V for £2.35 but was too slow.

    So spent about £205, including the hardware.

  31. DJ Phantoon says:

    Minecraft as a gift for a friend, and Dead Rising 2. I’d have bought Super Meat Boy, but it’s not out yet because McMillen got hit in the head and thought Xbox was more important than the damn thing that Meat Boy was made on.

  32. de5me7 says:

    polynomial – £5.99 steam

    Gratutious space battles complete – £20 off Cliffski’s site

    Distant worlds £25 off matrix games

    all good games, but all about 20% more expensive that they deserve to be imo (i.e they are comparible in quality to some much cheaper games)

  33. wcaypahwat says:

    New Vegas
    WoW sub
    au$150 worth of stuff on GoG

    Monster hunter tri
    Metroid other M
    Dragonball picolos revenge

    Mass effect t-shirt
    Penny Arcade DVD and about six shirts
    playstation, snes and gameboy emulators for my phone

  34. Ryan says:

    Deathspank – 1200 Points
    Comic Jumper – 1200 Points
    Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition – 50 Pounds
    Dogfighter – 1 pound, 5 pence
    Red Faction – 1 pound 30 (?)
    Red Faction 2 – 1 Pound 30 (?)
    Outcast – 3 pounds

    And sadly, I couldn’t take advantage of the Civ V deal because I was one of the one’s who didn’t grab a code.

  35. Feet says:

    Age of Wonders: Shadown Magic

    Think that’s it.

  36. mod the world says:

    DogFighter for 1,35 european currency units.

    That’s it, i still have a ton of games to finish but no time.

  37. Goat says:

    This month for myself, though a couple of these were preordered earlier and released this month:

    Shatter Soundtrack/Theme/Concept Art (PS3)
    Dead Rising 2 (PS3)
    Fallout New Vegas (PC)
    Sonic 4 Episode 1 (PS3)
    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura (PC)
    Magic the Gathering Expansion Pack 2 (PC – the recent game of it on Steam)

    Ongoing subscriptions that may or may not have been charged this month but are still active:
    World of Warcraft
    Playstation Network Plus

    Some of those are for playing now, some were available cheap and are to be played in the future. As ever there’s a huge backlog that doesn’t go down even as games are finished.

  38. The_B says:

    Does what I plan to get for this week in October count as well? I’ve already paid for it anyway so…

    Lara Croft & Temple of I Can’t Remember (Steam)
    NBA 2K11(Steam)
    Enslaved – Journey to the West (360)
    Comic Jumper (XBLA)
    DiRT 2 (PC)
    Dead Rising 2 (PC)
    Sonic 4 EP1 (XBLA)
    Super Meat Boy (XBLA)
    5 Rock Band tracks (360)
    DJ Hero 2 (Game only, 360)
    Fallout New Vegas (PC)
    Professor Layton & Lost Future (DS)
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC (360)

    And then this week:
    Fable 3 Collector’s Edition (360)
    WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 (360)
    Rock Band 3 with Wireless Keyboard bundle (360)

    Didn’t buy but recieved through freelance work:

    Lego Universe (PC)
    Sims 3 – Late Night (PC)

    My wallet is going to be in a coma for most of November, I fear.

  39. Aubrey says:

    I’ve been frugal recently, but:

    Super Meat Boy (XBLA)
    Lottie’s Dungeon ( (Paypal)

  40. Olli T. says:

    Just Minecraft so far, but going to get The Ball and DeathSpank ASAP. Would buy Costume Quest if it was on the PC, hint hint.

  41. Darren says:

    Heagamonia (spelling) from GOG
    Nexus The Jupiter Incident from Steam
    Hearts of Iron 2 (EB Games)

    Yup, a budget month but good purchases all round though.

  42. Quasar says:

    Fallout: New Vegas
    Tales of Monkey Island
    Monkey Island 2: SE
    Planescape: Torment
    Serious Sam FE & SE HD
    Cut The Rope (iPhone)
    Axe In Face (iPhone)
    Mirror’s Edge (iPhone)
    Monkey Island 1 & 2 (iPhone)
    My regular WoW subscription
    A few pounds worth of stuff from the TF2 store

    May I ask what this is in aid of?

    Also, my captcha is ‘MMMM’. Tastiest comment ever.

  43. Matthew says:

    Also, my last ‘big’ game was Lara Croft and the GOL preorder, end of last month. Only did that because you got Legend for free with the preorder, which was the only (Crystal Dynamics) Tomb Raider I didn’t already have, and on Steam.

    I don’t buy games over 15€. Really, I don’t. That’s the limit. Actually, the limit is 10€, but very rarely I do go as high as 15€ (like when I get another game I want for free in the deal, making it actually 7.5). That’s 13 pounds, or 21 dollars. And I only buy games on Steam. ONLY ON STEAM, no retail AT ALL. For years now I’ve spent peanuts on my gaming habit, and my gaming library is FUCKING HUGE. Meaning, It’s over a 125 excellent (and many hardcore, AAA) games, and I will never finish them all for as long as I live.

    Truly, we live in a golden age of PC gaming.

  44. Dusk says:

    I have bought:
    The Passing L4D2 Xbox DLC
    Left 4 Dead 2 on PC
    Enslaved (completed then sold)
    Sonic 4 episode 1
    Fallout New Vegas 360 (I got a free copy on PC from work)
    and I would have bought Splatterhouse on 360 too but it’s been moved back, i’ve paid for it though so I ‘spose that counts.
    Whoa looking at that list i’ve spent quite a bit on games this month! In my defence some have been get, hammer through then trade in for the next one. =]

    Oh I nearly forgot Dogfighter! =P

  45. Chucrute says:

    Killing Floor PostMortem DLC 0.99 USD

    Steam Wallet Credit 5.00 USD
    which went into:
    Rocket Jumper (0.49 USD) TF2 Store
    Texas Slim’s Dome Shine (2.49 USD) TF2 Store
    Dogfigher (1.50 USD) Steam Store

  46. nk says:

    Steam :
    Borderlands DLC Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution
    Lara Croft & the guardian of light (preorder)
    Lost Planet 2 (preorder)
    Dogfighter (4-pack shot down price)

    Retail :
    The Witcher (budget)
    Devil May Cry 4 (budget)

    Busy month ! Have to stock that stuff for winter ^_^

    I would have bought Shank & Deathspank on Steam too, but EA decided not to release them in my country.

  47. Yka says:

    My Game of the Month (TM) : Fallout New Vegas

    No DLC, no subscription…

  48. Protagoras says:

    Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY at 13.60$ (sale)
    Borderlands GOTY 49.99$ (not at sale, felt that it was still worth it)
    Fallout Collection 19.99$ (pretty expensive, but totally worth it)
    MI:SE Bundle 14.99$ (again, could have waited for the sale, but it was worth it)
    Multiwinia + Darwinia +Uplink 24.98
    Left 4 Dead Bundle 10.19$
    Men of War: Gold Edition, Monkey Island Complete Pack 13$

    146$ so far, will prob not buy anything until the winter sales, got a whole backlog of games.

  49. James Brophy says:


    Brutal Legend €10 Excellent!
    the Saboteur €10 Lousy and Dark.. I mean muddy dark.
    Dead space €10 Good so far. Great sound design fun monsters.

    PlayStation Network
    Brutal Legend DLC X2 €10
    Costume Quest €7.40
    Assorted items for PlayStation home. €8

  50. Igor Hardy says:

    I’ve spent 3,5€ on Sublustrum (aka Outcry) adventure game.

    This is a version attached to a magazine which holds also some kind of “Dark (something) of Might & Magic” and some other full game I don’t care about, so technically I bought 3 games.