Mod News: Where’s The Scares?

Halloween’s a-comin’. What a great opportunity for grand updates on the hundreds of millions of horror mods in production, huh? Which is presumably why I’ve only found one piece of spooky news all week. Mod community? I am disappoint. Nevertheless, here’s a round-up of the most interesting mod-related gumph from the past seven days, and a picture of a pumpkin lantern to make up for the lack of scares.

Let’s get frightening, then – if only for a minute. Demons Vs Humans has a new video to show off as the mod gears up for its release. It showcases some of the delightful fun you can have playing as a human, kitted out with weapons and a flashlight. The team’s also looking for a bit of help in a few areas, to tidy things up before it reaches a fully releasable version. If you can do any of this stuff, perhaps you’d like to get in touch.

Meanwhile, in Crysis Land, Butterfly: The Prelude has some new screenshots and information. It’s looking absolutely spectacular – which, admittedly, will be largely down to the Crysis engine itself, but there’s a lot of artistry going on here too. Also, I want to go here please:

And here’s some sad news. Portal: Awakening, a Portal mod which was looking splendid, has ceased development. It’s a bit of an odd one, too, its developer posting an abrupt and frustrated message on ModDB, saying: “I’m done with this project, we don’t have enough time to work on this mod and some people are hating on the mod […] it just went too far.” Yet as far as I can tell, feedback on the released media was absolutely wildly positive. A curious shame.

All I can find this week comes in the flavour of a Civilization V mod called The Hundred Years’ War. As you might expect, it covers the events of the Hundred Years’ War, depicted in two different custom scenarios. Here it is.

Half-Life 2 mod Modular Combat has hit version 2.0.4. It’s a roleplaying shooter based in the Half-Life universe, and this update adds a new Vortigaunt model, a brand new monster type, and fixes a bunch of bugs. The mod also has a new lead designer, delightfully known as Mr. Wallet. Mr. Wallet!

Also in HL2 updatey-news, Overwatch has released its second major update. Featuring updated visuals, new player roles and NPC abilities, and a voice commands menu, it can be grabbified from the official website.

Over in Dawn of War II land, Killteam has hit version 1.71, which – um – probably makes some changes? I’m not sure, since other than some stuff about when a boss fight happens, the ModDB post coinciding with the release mainly talks about new additions for the upcoming version 1.72. Nevertheless, here is that post, and here’s a link to the download.

And BattleGroup42 has seen its first update in over a year. The team-based and historically accurate Battlefield 1942 mod now has a whopping 26 new vehicles, a whole cornucopia of updated maps, a bunch of new weapons and a complete new army. Goodness! Here’s where to get it.

As promised, a picture of a pumpkin lantern.

‘Til next week.


  1. Matthew says:

    Obligatory mention of Black Mesa, Dear Esther.

    Now that that’s done with, have you guys considered a retro section? Not necessarily here, but maybe on UserCreated. Plenty of games have had plenty of excellent mods come out for them before the site existed to mention them, and that Best Mods Ever thing you did really only covered the tip of the iceberg. For instance, best mods for the original Doom 1/2. There’s a meaty subject.

  2. trooperdx3117 says:

    I just thought I might mention for anyone who has Oblivion that a group of guys on the Bethesda forums are making a halloween themed dungeon mod to be realised on Halloween
    link to

  3. MadTinkerer says:

    If you haven’t played it yet, the brilliant released-just-a-couple-months-ago HL2 mod Nightmare House 2 has your spookiness needs covered. Brilliant from start to finish, and something you absolutely should not play if you already have or are worried about developing a fear of:

    medical facilities
    vengeful ghosts
    enclosed spaces
    going mad and attacking the wrong people
    other people going mad and attacking you
    bizarre inhuman creatures that are like Fast Zombies way creepier
    corridors changing shape when you’re not looking
    and plot twists

    • P7uen says:

      Well I don’t really need to play it now do I.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      But you should. Trust me on this. If you’ve ever enjoyed a really well written scary movie (like Scream or the first Saw movie), you’ll like NH2. It’s the good kind of horror, not as intense as the Penumbra or Amnesia games, at least until the finale, but much more cerebral. Yes you’re in an insane asylum and there’s zombies, but there’s a lot more going on than just that, and the best parts I deliberately left out so not to spoil things.

      Well one tiny spoiler: I loved this game from start to finish, but I think the bit with the mannequins was my favorite. They’re just mannequins. It’s not like in Bioshock where some of them are disguised enemies. They really are just mannequins. And this knowledge will not help you. It’s like if Alfred Hitchcock invented the Companion Cube. Creepiest clever Source engine trick in a game full of creepy clever Source engine tricks.

    • P7uen says:


    • supdude says:

      could you sperg any harder?

    • gerafin says:

      I tried playing Nightmare House 2, but I had to stop when I realized approximately 75% of the scary sequences I played through were lifted straight from the original FEAR (which wasn’t a very scary game). Like, using the same exact level layout as FEAR had, and their own version of Alma. Maybe it got better after that, I can’t say, but that lack of originality sent off warning sirens.

    • Jahkaivah says:


      Differance being that F.E.A.R was a good action game with forced horror sections, Nightmare House 2 was a good horror game with forced action sections.

      Heck none of the stuff that was lifted was even original to F.E.A.R (a creepy girl in a horror game for crying out loud), but lifting tropes from everything else in the genre doesn’t stop the mod from doing a bloody good job of it.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Wot Jahkaivah said.

      Also, if you actually play it through to the end the differences between NH2 and F.E.A.R. become much clearer.

  4. JC Denton says:

    link to
    have you guys mentioned this EPIC mod yet?

  5. Smasher006 says:

    Just a comment on the Portal Awakening bit, there was actually a surprising amount of hate for it from other portal communities or mappers, due to the fact the lead ‘Developer’, didn’t really have that much to do with the actual creation of the mod. His reputation was already tarnished from the currently infamous ‘po_edit’, which despite it making it’s way into PCGamer and being fairly popular too, was also despised by Portal mappers due to the amount of people creating and submitting the .sav files onto websites and claiming them to be well designed maps when instead they were what could only be described as horrible shadows of hammer made maps.

    A mixture of this and an impatient mannerism to people working on it brought the mod down and he eventually must have gave up.

  6. Curry says:

    Does anybody know if battlegroup 42 is actually played online? There’s hardly more than a handful of bf1942 mod servers left. Seems a bit of a waste if noone’s going to play it.

  7. Ignorant Texan says:

    NWN Diamond Edition has just been released on GOG. Any recommendations on mods, y’all?

  8. pipman3000 says:

    enough about good mods lets talk about shitty ones.

    new vegas has only been out for a week and theres already tons of sex and slripper armor mods just in time for the mod that gives every woman in the mojave wasteland massive tits!

    christ the fallout/elder scrolls mod community is awful

    • Unaco says:

      I hope that’s just the crossover of Fallout/Elder Scrolls Mod community. I used to be quite active in the Morrowind and Oblivion modding scene, and they were largely OK… like any community, there was some drama, and a lot of people asking for Naruto mods for Oblivion. But never anything like you mention… maybe because it was mostly done through the Bethesda forums, and they didn’t really like anything too salacious. Would be a shame if it’s all gone downhill. I might even check the TES forums to see what it’s like.

    • Matzerath says:

      The major New Vegas mods are waiting on the ‘New Vegas Script Extender’ to be released. I didn’t think it would happen at all, as Steam encrypts their games, making major modification impossible without breaking rules — but apparently Steam is cooperating the NVSE team and letting them make a special .exe!
      (That’s what I read recently, anyway.)
      Until that, and the Mod manager, expect mostly texture mods, and big boobies.

  9. Jerkstore says:

    Posted 2 hours ago by YellowApple (“lead dev”) on Portal Awakening’s ModDB page:

    Well, well. The mod is back.
    I didn’t know people liked it that much, so ok it’s back for you guys.

    As was said in the reply to that comment, seems like the devs just wanted some attention.

  10. Lucas says:

    Fallout New Vegas mods from that I’m using:

    MTUI (improved PC interface layouts, but adds a dialog box texture you can disable)
    centered 3rd person camera (farther zoom out)
    Fallout 3 running animation restored
    Re-Animated (animations and idle loops)

    and not using: URWL for lighting changes (its too extreme and nights are too dark, even with the brighter nights version), Interface Revelation (Fallout Tactics textures, causes some delays opening containers and things), d3d9 perf fix (does nothing for my 9600GT), and Darnified UI (not finished and not on the Nexus site).

  11. wazups2x says:

    Fake Factory’s Cinematic Mod 10.9 was just released!

    Video: link to

    Official Site: link to

  12. ganellon says:

    surprised to not find any references to the release of one of the best mod for crysis yet:: Call of the Fireflies

    link to

    (just look at the screens and the trailer , you will download it seconds later)