Star Trek: Infinite Space Announced A Bit

Actual footage.*

A browser-based Star Trek free-to-play MMO was just announced last night. Did you know that? I didn’t. But we all do now. It’s being developed by German team, Keen Games (who have previously made What’s Cooking? Jamie Oliver (if only that were a question and answer), and G-Force guinea pig-based movie tie-in), and published by GameForge. Neither of whom have gotten around to adding the game to their own websites. Which is always an odd choice. I’ve nothing to link to. There’s a trailer that I’m certain contains absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the game below.

I’m sure I’ve seen this footage before somewhere. Is it a major war scene from one of the movies/TV shows? Or have they built this for their project? Because if this is what the browser-based game is going to look like, we’re going to need a bigger browser.

So, what it actually is, will look like, and will involve, is a little vague. I suspect that’s because they don’t know either. A press release assures us that it will be tremendously accurate, and very good. Which is good to hear. However, the release is primarily a recruitment drive to get more people on board to develop the game. Literally the only information is that it’s in a browser, 3D, and free-to-play.

So, er, um.


  1. Chaoskilla says:

    The footage seen in the trailer is defenetly not from one of the movies or the shows. Looks like the developers made them just for the game.

  2. Mike says:

    Friends become foes. Enemies become allies. Friends remain quite good friends. Enemies remain enemies. Yep, I think we have all the possibilities covered there.

    • Rich says:

      Enemies forget what they were fighting about and slope off in either direction with an appropriately embarrassed look on their faces.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Enemies become enemies with themselves. Friends think enemies are enemies and make friends into enemies.

    • Jolly Teaparty says:

      Browser remains browser, game ceases to function. Best wait for the next Firefox update.

    • TH0TH says:


    • TeeJay says:

      Speaking of firefox… are any of these firefox add-on games any good:

      link to


    • TeeJay says:

      hmmm … of the 47 listed under games/entertainment the only real “game” is the tetris-clone (with an honourable mention to the add-on which checks when EVE Tranquility server is online”).

  3. Jorma says:

    I like the other Infinite Space better..

    (Weird worlds: strange adventures in infinite space)

    • Inigo says:

      Or the DS RPG, with a battle system that feels like paying rock paper scissors while line dancing. In space.

    • Lachlan says:

      Given SAIIS and WW were explicitly Trek with the serial numbers filed off (check the readme if you don’t believe me!), an “official” game along those lines would be a very good thing indeed.

      The show is all about pointing a huge starship at the unknown and jolly well Knowing it, SAIS captured that ethos perfecty.

  4. BooleanBob says:

    “Aaaahnd Bosh! Dollop ov olive oyl, smear myself with this cheeky spiced orange marinade, stick me own ‘ed in this avhen, and gor blimey, job’d s a guddun, Oi’m dead, shop at Sainsbury’s.”

    Tune in next time to see what the pupils of Astenwith Primary make of Jamie’s new all-cockney lunch menu.

  5. Thermal Ions says:

    One wonders what Cryptic and Atari think of this considering link to ?

    Can’t imagine they’re very thrilled, and likely are reviewing their licensing agreements and/or subscription options as I type.

  6. Feral_P says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. MozzerV12 says:

    I wonder (and hope) if this will be something like the old turn based strategy game Birth of the Federation, because I have been waiting for some kind of sequel to that game since forever.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      I was so crushed when my BotF disc cracked around the hub and would no longer work. Never could get hold of a replacement :(

    • MKharris says:

      My BotF disc did that too (actually it got stuck inside the drive somehow and shattered into a hundred tiny bits).
      BotF was fun, although cloaking was massively massively overpowered I recall.

  8. Rich says:

    Had an old Star Trek game on the Mac Plus about 20 years ago (or rather my dad did).
    You set course. You go to warp. You crash into a star.
    You set course. You warp to a new system. You get destroyed by Klingons.
    You then quit and go play Missiles.

  9. Koozer says:

    I remember the episode that screenshot is from. What have I become?

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Yeah I forgot Dr Pulaski was in the original series too. Dayum.

    • Koozer says:

      But wait! It isn’t her, but it’s the same actor. You momentarily confounded me until Wikipedea saved the day.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Yeah different characters but I’m pretty sure she played a docter. Don’t really remember that episode. Looks like she’s getting it on with Spock.

  10. DJ Phantoon says:

    Or maybe it’ll be like Starfleet Battles.

    It’s possible to dream, surely!

  11. destroy.all.monsters says:

    I’d hoped this was a follow on to Cryptic making CO free to play by doing the same with STO
    Pity. At least STO being free the fact that it’s crap wouldn’t sting so much.

  12. Chaz says:

    Awww! Why do Star Trek games always have to be based on the Next Generation stuff? I want one that is based on the original 60’s series, that would be far more cooler and would be more likely to get back to the series roots of space exploration and encountering strange aliens. Games based around the Next Gen series just seem to degenerate into space battles and shooting, whch just seems a really safe boring and unimaginative thing to do.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Yeah I always found the same thing. Which is odd because Star Trek only degenerated into a stupid sci fi blast fest when Roddenberry died a few seasons into DS9. A Final Unity, now that was a Star Trek game. Also Next Gen is the best series.

  13. Rath says:

    There was a statement about this back at the end of September that the game will be primarily DS9 focused. Which is nice. It’s about time something took away the sour taste of ‘DS9 – The Fallen’ and ‘Dominion Wars’. Not to mention Legacy. And Online. Oh dear.

    link to

  14. Mad Hamish says:

    I just watched the trailer. What the hell?Why is the galaxy always at bloody war? Since when has Star Trek been about war? Oh yeah since DS9 screwed it all up and pandered to the blood thirsty hordes who thought exploring space, solving peoples problems and getting out scrapes involving sub space anomolies was boring. Man this pisses me off to no end. I remember a time when Star Trek differed from other sci fi IPs. If Roddenberry hadn’t been cremated and half of him launched into space he’d be rolling like fuck in his grave.

    • BSG11 says:

      War (or the threat thereof) has been a recurring theme since TOS. You can’t have a show about a society dedicated to peace if there is no threat of war, because then said society wouldn’t have to strive and aspire for peace. Peace served to one on a silver platter is meaningless, at least as far as stories go.

      DS9 was completely justified in showing that war is possible in ST and that it’s a terrible thing even in the 24th century. One could argue that there was a lack of clear perspective on war in ST before that point, since while there were wars involving the Federation that were alluded to occur concurrently with TNG (with the Cardassians, the Tzenkati, at least one other whose name escapes me at the moment) and TOS/TMP (with the Klingons), they are never seen directly (though their result sometimes are).

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Exactly, there was talk of war, always the threat of war and it themed many episodes but it never degenerated into an all out galactic battle til DS9. I still like DS9 though there’s plenty of really well written episodes. As far as I know it was Roddenbery’s opinion that civilisations advanced enough to travel accross the galaxy would have evolved beyond territorial disputes and the petty bickering that’s common today. Of course the presence of war like or more primitive races tested this. But the federation was supposed to have moved beyond this, that was probably the most obvious utopian ideal presented by Star Trek. Which is why I always thought that Star Trek war games really made no sense. Someone should just make an new Star Control with the Trek Licence damn it.

      But pretty much all modern sci fi has gone this way. It’s no longer a way to put humanity under the microscope and examine ourselves. It’s pretty much just an excuse for bigger cg explosions. Good old hard scifi is pretty much confined to books once more.

      I realise that discussing Star Trek is what the internet was invented for, but bloody hell I’ve never felt like a bigger nerd than I do now.

    • BSG11 says:

      You have to remember that both war and peace are 2+ player games. You can be as peaceful as you want, but unless your opponent agrees (whether because they want peace as well, or because of a third-party superbeing enforced peace), you’re either going to get conquered or you have to stand up for yourself by going to war. That was essentially the Dominion War scenario, an opponent that the Federation can’t talk or intimidate into a peaceful settlement.

      Anyways, anyone else notice some sound FX peculiarities in the trailer? The Cardassian ships dropping out of warp made decloaking sounds, and I think some of those Defiant class flybys were making Star Wars vehicle noises (pod racers?).

    • amishmonster says:

      Yeah, the Defiants making podracer noises was a little weird. That bugged me too.

      I thought DS9 handled the war themes really well, actually. It helps that even if you remember all of the combat scenes the most, the actual Dominion War doesn’t really heat up until season 5. Other than that it’s all background for character development. You can criticize it for backing away from Roddenberry’s utopianism, but it’s hardly mindless space battles. Personally, I like DS9 because it shows the cracks in the “The Future Is Awesome” veneer, but that’s my personal taste.

  15. Por Kolt says:

    RPS appears to be a bit slow on the uptake with this! This news is almost a amonth old. As for those links your couldn’t find…

    Their main site: link to
    Announcement dated september 28th: link to

  16. DrGonzo says:

    That little trailer made me happier than the entirety of the latest Star Trek film.

  17. Papageno says:

    I have only one thing to say: Diana Muldaur (the one standing in front of Spock) was a babe.

    Yeah, she’s almost as old as my mom. So sue me.

  18. HoNoe says:

    .. and suddenly I want a porn of those two.