Self-Indulgent Birthday Minecraft Cake Post

I'm gonna eat ya little piggy.

Just to say, my girlfriend is best of all the girlfriends.

But I’m also convinced that there must be other game related cakes that people have had and, ideally, photographed. So post links below, and I’ll magic them into images in the comments. Thus we will win at the internet.

Unless no one does, and then I’ll look stupid.

NB: The cake was designed before the announcement of the new biomes. An update to this cake will be made available from November 1st.


  1. wvanh says:

    Here’s wishing you a happy birthday Mr. Walker. Here also, is a picture of a not-birthday-related Greed Corp. theme cake made specially for the launch of, well, Greed Corp. obviously. That’s right, a hex strategy cake!

    • Hippo says:

      When is the PC-version coming, BTW?

      Also, happy birthday John. :)

  2. Ur-Quan says:

    The cake is a lie.

  3. Matthew says:

    Happy birthday man. All the best.

  4. KingCathcart says:

    Happy Birthday John.

    Pus: Oooh, look at all the pretty pictures in the comments thread!

  5. Colthor says:

    That’s a brilliant cake :)

    Merry Birthday, John!

  6. Dottyboi says:

    Sure, but does she [sing like an angel?]

    Happy birthday John! :)

  7. JonWood says:

    Finally, the chance to (try to) win a comment thread.

    This is my wedding cake:

  8. Rostov says:

    My then girlfriend made me this little thing last year!


  9. Davie says:

    A thing of beauty.

  10. Robert says:

    Happy Walker’s day!

  11. Navagon says:

    I would wish you a happy birthday, but with a girlfriend that awesome happiness is assured. Have a good one, mate.

  12. malexmave says:

    Happy Birthday, and awesome cake. Now you just need to start trolling your girlfriend because the update is too slow, and you have an acurate impression of the MineCraft-Forums.

    Oh, and a spawner tool to spawn torches on top of the cake ;-)

  13. golden_worm says:

    Joss Ackland’s spunky backpack.

  14. JurassicPork says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Walker

  15. Gunnar says:

    Happy Birthday to you, sir!

    Plus, awesome cake :)

  16. digitdaily says:

    Groom’s cake :D

    • blind_boy_grunt says:

      so is that you being between a rock and a hard place? ;)
      Before it’s too late: Happy Birthday

  17. Durns says:

    I’m so very happy that you’ve found someone so awesome Mr Walker – congrats!

  18. MJS says:

    I had a buggy boy birthday cake years and years ago, to me it was and always will be the best birthday cake ever. I’ll go see if I can find a photo to scan.

  19. Pinky G says:

    link to

    Starcraft cake competition.

  20. BobbleHat says:

    Only semi-related, and slightly overshadowed by the other cakes in this thread, but the missus is still awesome for doing this, putting up with my geekiness and my bi-weekly gaming nights.

  21. BobbleHat says:

    Hmm. My awesome cake picture seems to have gotten lost/eaten. Also Happy Buffday John.

  22. jonfitt says:

    Happy Birthday John. Marry that girl.

  23. Nallen says:

    I don’t know. Where do you find this these women. Lucky beggars.

  24. Fumarole says:

    This was a triumph!

  25. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    I’d feel a bit short changed with that cake. I know blah, time, blah, effort, blah. But the cake itself is a bit flat, not much actual cake

  26. Gerbick says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr J Walker. Significant others who bake masterpieces are a real find, well played!

    And how about a Mario Galaxy cake, with extras:

  27. tourgis says:

    My first ever post here is to say:

    Happy Birthday John

  28. LionsPhil says:

    Best article on RPS this month.

    Even if RPS continues to insist I am not a human.

  29. Doches says:

    A glorious birthday, indeed. One of mine, from (several) years ago:

    Weighted Companion Cake

  30. Hendar23 says:

    I need a constant Minecraft newsfeed. I propose that RPS now dedicate itself entirely to simply talking about Minecraft.

    I find myself looking forward to Halloween for the first time since childhood.

  31. DieselVan says:

    Some cakes celebrating games we made…

    Burn Zombie Burn! Cake

    Top Gun Cake

    South Park Cake

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  33. masonluraa says:

    Fantastic birthday cake design.

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