Tribes Universe Requires Testing Folk

Tribes Universe is now open for alpha testing applications. Here’s the message from Hi-Rez: “We are very proud and humbled to be carrying the banner of the Tribes Franchise,” said Stewart Chisam, Executive Producer of Tribes Universe. “Because the game will be focused around huge battles on huge landscapes, we need a solid group of very dedicated testers that can help us from the games’ earliest stages to validate the scalability and performance of the game, while also helping tune and refine gameplay. We look forward to starting Alpha testing early next year and will certainly be providing much more information over the coming months.”

Head over to the site to sign up.


  1. Baka says:

    So, a public request for “alpha” testing, huh?
    Are they trying to dampen testers’ expectations because beta tests are mostly renamed demos with nearly complete, bug-free gameplay nowadays?

    • Tssha says:

      That’s why if you ain’t dedicated, you shouldn’t even apply. You’ve gotta believe you’re helping to make the game better, that you’re in it for the game it can be on release. Then you’ll be able to put up with the lack of features (and crash bugs, and terrible performance, and lack of balance…).

      And if anyone starts telling people it’s crap just because it isn’t “demo beta” quality (like the last beta they took part in), I’ll personally tell them they’re an idiot.

    • UltimateGrr says:

      It’s a “public” alpha, because they need to test server stabilty under a load. It’s one thing to test satbilty with staff, but when your staff isn’t much more then 50-60 people, it’s a little hard to test the strain. 500 players, loaded into about 5-6 different maps, ought to give a better showing of where the server stands.

  2. Memphis-Ahn says:


    I loved the Tribes games. While I’m not expecting this to be anything like them, I am -cautiously optimistic-.

  3. Longrat says:

    Oh boy, signing up for yet another game testing Ill never be accepted to!

    • Collic says:

      Don’t worry once you eventually get into a few closed betas it snowballs, and you get accepted for more and more of them. Just keep trying :)

    • Hurion says:

      Does it really? Because I’ve been in about 10 closed betas now, and it’s still a crapshoot for which ones I get into.

  4. LieutLaww says:

    it took me 5 mins just to fill out previous beta testing experiance lol so that means they wont accept me :p And i read they want the game to be more like Tribes 2 so thats me interested straight away the amount of hours i played that game and helped run a server for it is unreal.

  5. Nallen says:

    inb4 screaming fanboys writing off the game because they don’t know what Alpha means.

  6. patricij says:

    Within six months?

  7. Darren says:

    Awww man :(

    I played Tribes when it first cam out. Played it to death. Was in clan and we played in the Australian/New Zealand league. It was fantastic.

    I have no beta testing experiance and I never got to play Tribes 2 because I could not afford the upgrade for a computer to play it. Ach well :D

    Here is to hoping that this turns out to be a great game.

  8. rocketman71 says:

    Tribes Universe needs no testing folk. What it needs is respect for the brand.

    Tribes is not a fucking MMO.

    • ErikM says:

      It could very well be a fucking MMO. It might even be good if Hi-Rez learns something from their, in my opinion, failure with Global Agenda.

      Here’s to them making it a good game! And here’s to old Tribes players who don’t dismiss the idea immediately because it’s not the game from 98!

    • Janxer says:

      What you need is to lay down on the cynicism. It might be good. It might be great. Or it might suck.
      In any case, let’s wait and see.

    • sender says:

      Tribes players were made prematurely cynical by Tribes 2, which sold on initial promise but lost most of the uniqueness of the original. To be honest, I always thought a more complex, “worldy” matching system was what Tribes 1 implied and lacked; pair that up with classic gameplay and you’d have had a juggernaut. Which this one won’t be.. but I’m curious to see what it is.

  9. DragonSix says:

    We all know what happens when someone tries to make a Tribes games with unreal engine… It wont end well.

  10. Ozymandias says:

    I’m curious. How do you make Capture the Flag or Rabbit into an MMO?

    • cassus says:

      You don’t make capture the flag or rabbit into an mmo, you go for zone capturing instead. Planetside style. At least that’s what I’m hoping they’re gonna do. Territorial conquest and stuff like that. Global Agenda didn’t work out so well as an mmo, as it was just a lobby/hub where you could join maps.. And .. yeah.. Could just as easily have had a server browser instead of that hub. TF2 does pretty much the exact same as global agenda did, and it’s not considered an mmo.

      Really hope they make Tribes Universe an actual competitive pvp mmo.

  11. fsagus says:

    They need a solid group of very dedicated testers for alpha testing. Yeah, that’s why developers PAY PEOPLE to do this. Seems like they’re just trying to save some cash by getting free QA to me.

  12. WindowsGamer says:

    Any other |HV| vets around?

  13. Nexven says:


    Base/Annihilation player here
    Running LPCs into other players
    vgx vge