For Keeps: Dungeons Gets Beta Sign Ups

It’s not Dungeon Keeper, but it dungeon keeping. Dungeons is being published by Kalypso, and it looks like it might scratch a rather specific itch. Our resident Dungeon Keeper aficionado posted some tentative thoughts about the game here, and I can now point you guys towards the beta sign up for the game over here. Definitely worth applying for this one.


  1. frenz0rz says:

    Damn, hope this one lives up to expectations.

  2. Meneth says:

    It’s worth mentioning that for some reason the sign-up is limited to these countries: USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
    Since Norway isn’t on the list, I just went with the UK instead.

  3. mark says:

    So, everybody lives in those locations?

  4. Inigo says:

    Having read the Q&A threads on the forum, I’m reminded more of Overlord rather than Dungeon Keeper.
    The “NOOO WHY ISN’T THIS A DUNGEON KEEPER CLONE WHAT ARE YOU DOING” threads are a bit of a giveaway, too.

  5. Heliocentric says:

    Apparently, its more like theme park than dungeon keeper due to mechanics which revolve around letting hero’s get happy by letting them achieve small victories before squashing them like bugs and then torturing the happiness out.

    My only worry is that the evil voice of your prompter wont be sufficiently good.

    “Your dungeon is on an incline, angry creatures cant play marbles”

    • frags says:

      Yeah this is what I got from previews more than Dungeon Keeper. It’s like a Disney Land for fantasy heroes.

    • Frye says:

      That sounds quite nice actually.

      As long as i get to send them to their demise after they had their fun, that is.

    • Berzee says:

      Sort of the like “The Dark Lord of Derkholm” except there you have to make them feel like they’re in real danger and then trick them into thinking they really killed The Dark Lord at the end.

  6. KngShango says:

    What i always wished from a DK3 this fails to deliver. Taking the concept further instead of repeating it.

    Full three dimensional digging à la Homeworld but with dirt. A bit a dwarf fortress in 3D and playing the evil guys.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Full 3D in space isn’t too bad, its mostly empty.

      Underground full 3D is a headache.

  7. Artist says:

    Unfortunatly a combination of Kalypso/Realmforge will not be able to deliver something that can live up to a DK3 renewal! Both are renown for mostly shallow gameplay, so they seem not to be able to “dig deep enough”, so to say, hehe!

  8. Fergus says:

    They’re taking a huge amount of crap already from fanboys who think they’re making Dungeon Keeper 3. When they’re not making Dungeon Keeper 3. They’re making their own game which draws inspiration from it.

    Why can’t you judge the game based on what it is, rather than what it’s not, nor not trying to be?

    • Artist says:

      Fergus, I think you should have noticed that its no coincidence that Dungeons is largely associated with Dungeon Keeper! You can be sure that its a part of their promotion for this game! They already draw too heavy on the success of the DK franchise. Im also sure that it will be a part in its demise. Let time tell the true story, hehe.

    • Collic says:

      Um … Well, to be fair one of the beta sign-up questions is ‘ Have you played Dungeon Keeper before?’

      I’m not saying there aren’t angry internet men frequenting their forums, but the game isn’t exactly trying to distance itself from the Dungeon Keeper games.

  9. Eclipse says:

    graphically I find this game butt ugly, looks way worse than Dungeon Keeper 2 even without thinking that DK2 is now quite old. And if it plays like Theme park, I’m off :\

  10. DJ Phantoon says:

    What’s with the tits on the woman demon on the sign up screen? Are they a secondary attack? I guess she’s a succubus that can’t run fast?