Game Club: Operation Arrowhead 6th/7th

Okay, so most of our games for this Game Club thing are going to be cheap or free, but there will be a few full-price excursions. One such is the first of our community-led evenings, which will take place on the Unofficial RPS Arma 2 server this coming weekend. To play on there you will need Operation Arrowhead patched up to 1.54, or whatever the latest is if BIS randomly release another one. The server can be found at “RockPaperShotgun – Unofficial edition” or, and there is a mumble server at the same address. Password for both the server and Mumble is: rumpus

The server crew will be operating some big, organised (as much as these things can be) operations on both evenings of this coming weekend, 6th and 7th of November, starting between 18:00-19:00 UK. So come join in, it’ll be friendly and fun. I’ll be along on the Sunday night, myself. There’s an ongoing forum thread about all this general shooty business here.


  1. DrGonzo says:

    What are the upcoming free and cheap games? I haven’t got round to picking up Operation Arrowhead yet so I won’t be able to join in on this one unfortunately.

  2. Bodge says:

    Good stuff sir, I look forward to seeing the masses on the server. If anyone that plays arma regularly knows of good solid, high player count missions please give a shout on steam group chat.

    See you at the week end.

  3. Nullkigan says:

    Shattered Horizons, that game that everyone loves to not play, is having a free weekend at the same time. Hopefully we can still drag people away for some fun in the woods.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah, I would like to play some more of it. Hardly played it at all. It seems great fun for the first couple of hours then I never really wanted to play it again. I think it would hold my attention a lot more with objective based modes.

  4. Jinx says:

    I’d love to join in the fun but live in the Pacific NW. Any options for the GMT-8 crowd? A US server perhaps?

    • Alikchi says:

      Speaking personally I’ll be in GMT-6 and able to play late into the night. Maybe we can get a few North Americans and some insomniac Europeans together

    • Fox says:

      I’m assuming “18:00-19:00 UK” is GMT time. That’d be 10am-11am PST which should be quite do-able on a Saturday or Sunday if you have weekends off, yeah?

      Unfortunately I don’t have the game myself. I bought Dragon Rising instead. Hello buyer’s remorse!

    • Alikchi says:

      No way am I waking up before 2 PM on a Saturday!

    • Jinx says:

      I can be up at that time on the weekend, but I think the bigger issue would be lag. Round trip to england would slow things up a touch. If there’s a server stateside that would work.

      Dragon Rising… ouch :)

  5. dartt says:

    Last RPS ARMA event was a lot of fun so I look forward to this one. See you Saturday!

  6. Stranglove says:

    Well, I’m hoping my copy of the game arrives by tomorrow, so I can get a couple of practise games in before the big game! I’ll be there.

  7. Shinya says:

    Excellent, haven’t had a chance to join in for ages, this should be a good excuse to hop on again!

  8. Brumisator says:


    • wengart says:

      More accurately

      enemy AT one one ZERO zero THREE SEVEN! fuck TWO IS down!

  9. El_MUERkO says:

    You guys need to add ACE & ACRE to the mix once you get comfortable, the direction voice comms and gunfire adds a boat load to the experience!

    • Alex Bakke says:

      Outside of events like this, we like to use Mumble; normally there’s enough of us to form a single squad without much confusion, if we need to we split into different channels with channel commanders to talk to each other.

  10. Skusey says:

    I’ve no interest in Dogfighter or Arma, but I’d just like to post a “more of this sort of thing” comment. One day I’ll join in with a game, but as I’m not sure what I’d like to play with you lot I have little to say currently. Just felt that you should know.

  11. Howard says:

    Would help if you actually picked a game that worked and all… (cue rant from Dominic in his usual, sad way)