Bloody Good Deal

UPDATE: Codes are yet to be sent out, while we investigate an issue that means they don’t work in the US. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon and codes will go out later today.

You! You there! In the trousers and/or shorts and/or skirt and/or leggings and/or underwear! Do you want to buy Bloody Good Time for half-price? That being the latest game from Outerlight, makers of respected Half-Life mod The Ship. This one’s Source-based, so all pretty and stuff, and features Murder Most Horrid at the hands of warring wannabe film-stars. It’s a ‘toonish slasher pic, essentially. Details here.

Alas, it may be Outerlight’s last too, as the studio is apparently clinging to life by a thread whilst it waits for royalties to arrive. If you feel like chucking a bob or two their way and/or want to play their comedy assassination multiplayer game, you might as well do it at minimal expense to yourself. To whit, by saving 50% off the Steam version of the game (though you have to buy it via Ubi’s webshop, confusingly) – which means you get it for £2/$2.50 rather than £4/$5.

The first 900 readers to fill out the below form get a code. You should also click-forth to see what the game’s like, if you don’t already know. I.e. don’t snaffle discount codes that could go to someone else if this ain’t your kind of thing, greedy.

So, do you want a bloomin’ code or don’t you? Just do this.

Update: all over! Sorry/thanks/you’re wonderful.

It’ll be shut down once we hit the magic 900. We did have 1000, but the first 100 have been duly sent out to RPS subscribers, because they’re the most wonderful people in all the world.

Here’s some more videos for you, too:


  1. Alexander Norris says:

    I’d’ve applied for one of these if I hadn’t already bought the game at full price. Curse your tardiness, Mr Meer!

    That said the full price is so cheap that I don’t really mind having paid it.

    • Bhazor says:

      But then I really can’t begrudge those guys getting an extra £1.50 from me.

    • terry says:

      Especially since they’ll be needing the bux :-(

      Fun game, bought it at release.

    • DrGonzo says:

      This isn’t an indie game though is it? So our money doesn’t go to Outerlight, it goes to Ubisoft. Or have I got that one wrong?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      As far as I understand, Outerlight are getting royalties off the sales anyway, and it’s pretty much the only way they might survive.

    • Theory says:

      Outerlight only start getting money after they’ve paid off all the funds Ubisoft gave them upfront. At £3 a pop…well, I bought it.

  2. Alex Bakke says:

    Apart from the joy you get from supporting a wonderful website, you get early access to offers like this. Go subscribe!

  3. Lewie Procter says:

    Was The Ship a HL mod? The version I played was a source game, but I could just be an ignorant fool not aware of it’s GoldSrc origins.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Yes, it was originally a GoldSrc mod, and was then remade on Source.

  4. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    Jim, you must schedule a couple of nights of this for the RPS game club!

  5. Xeon06 says:

    I have already bought it at full price, and I must say I am quite disappointed. The Ship is probably my all time favorite game, but this one just isn’t up par with it. I also liked The Ship’s old style better than this cartoonish movie thing. At least it is cheap, so I didn’t lose that much money.

  6. Matzerath says:

    FYI, the framerate is better (at least for me) than what’s shown in the gameplay video. Also, it’s a good game! Sort of a car-less Twisted Metal where you have to use the bathroom every once in a while.

  7. Paul Moloney says:

    I got my code, hurrah.

    But I can’t see where I enter it in Steam, boo. I’m on the “Review and Purchase” page, and there’s no code field. Neither is there one on the previous “Payment Info” page. Help?


    • Tiktaalik says:

      I can’t work it out either :/

    • qrter says:

      You probably need to enter it through the “Activate a Product on Steam” option in Steam. Which makes little sense, if that’s the case, but okay.

    • Tiktaalik says:

      Sadly that doesn’t work :(

  8. SquareWheel says:

    But I just bought it…

  9. Salazaar says:

    I’m somewhat confused, I’ve got the code (thanks!) but I can’t see where I’m meant to enter it within Steam…?

    • Navagon says:

      In the Steam client there’s a menu option Games. Click that then it’s the second option in that menu.

    • Salazaar says:

      Not the activation code, the discount code, like Paul above. Can’t find anywhere to enter it to get the discount when purchasing the game…?

    • oceanclub says:

      Hi Navagon,

      That option – “Activate a product on Steam” – is only for activation/serial codes, not discount codes. I tried it anyway _just_ in case, but no go.


  10. phuzz says:

    I am not currently wearing any clothes at all and so I shall not be requesting a discount code.

  11. Fumarole says:

    Thanks RPS.

  12. Sinomatic says:

    Yep, I’m lost as to where to put the discount code in Steam too.

    The only place I could see you could put in a code was on the paypal page (that didn’t accept it).

  13. Shadow Aspect says:

    I too am at a loss as to the whereabouts of the discount box.

    Can’t see it on the website or via the client.

  14. DeepSleeper says:

    So is this multiplayer-only, or is there single-player of some kind too?

    • Jay says:

      They have a single player vs bots. It’s the same as multiplayer. No campaign or anything. Achievements work in either mode, though.

  15. oceanclub says:

    Maybe the hunt for the discount code field is part of the game. It’s actually an arty confrontation piece showing the FUTILITY OF CONSUMERISM or something.


  16. mod the world says:

    No code! Is life punishing me AGAIN?

  17. Mccy_McFlinn says:

    Surely I can’t have missed it already? It had only been posted for a few minutes before I shoved in my details…

  18. Eric says:

    As amusing as it is that the code comes with its own “find where to enter the code!” mini-game, I’d very much appreciate a walkthrough.

  19. rezolver says:

    A good ‘hold-me-over’ until The Party is released.

  20. Vandelay says:

    I bought this at the weekend when it was something like 10% off the already very cheap price. Never really played the Ship (i have a memory of running around the game in a single player mode or maybe an empty server – might have been a demo), so can’t really compare, but I do find myself a little disappointed with the execution of this game. It is a little to deathmatchy and not stealthy enough to really pull off the feel I think this game deserves. It would be nice if you could also have some interaction between those that aren’t your quarry or hunter, to encourage some backstabbing. Instead, you just aimlessly walk around bumping into people, until you find someone you can kill or you get killed yourself. I briefly played, so maybe I haven’t learned the complexities yet, but there just didn’t seem much to do.

    Great idea, just not convinced by the execution.

    • Pobblepop says:

      You can pickpocket players that aren’t your target and also nick their stars with the video camera. This does mean that they can attack you, but once they hit you can attack back so it can make for some fun tussles.

    • Vandelay says:

      Had another quick game tonight and actually enjoyed it much more. I still can’t really see it being something I would play too heavily, particularly considering there not being that much content, but I could see myself dipping in and out of it. Definitely worth the very cheap price.

      I’ll certainly be up for some RPS game club next week.

  21. Eggy says:

    Don’t die Outerlight…don’t break my heart ;n;

    you’re so much better than that OTHER scottish studio.

  22. Sunjammer says:

    I’m incredibly frustrated with Outerlight for giving The Ship formula another go and failing, yet again, absolutely miserably to make an experience -that is actually very cool once you understand it- intuitive in the very slightest.

    I feel like a dick sometimes for suggesting this, but if Troika “deserved to die” for making wonderfully ambitious games that were utterly technically broken, then certainly Outerlight “deserves to die” for making wonderful high concept games that ask for a disproportionate investment from the player from the joy you get out of it.

    How this game plays, no matter how fun it is/isn’t, is almost irrelevant when you consider how many buyers are going to be utterly bewildered by the game for the total duration of their attention span.

    Outerlight and certain other developers need desperately to understand the power of “the hook”, and how important it is to get players hooked early. There are so many ways you can get players into something, and Outerlight have done NONE of them. It’s almost shameful.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Your points are right. But from what I’ve read it’s Ubisoft who deserve to die. They apparently cannibalised Outerlight, it sounds as though they went into the deal looking to take the studio so they would work on the new Assasin’s Creed.

      So maybe that will be the game that The Ship never managed to be.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Your points are right. But from what I’ve read it’s Ubisoft who deserve to die. They apparently cannibalised Outerlight, it sounds as though they went into the deal looking to take the studio so they would work on the new Assassin’s Creed.

      So maybe that will be the game that The Ship never managed to be.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I don’t know what I did there sorry.

    • TheLordHimself says:

      You posted the same thing twice!

    • Wolfox says:


    • Cedge says:

      Oh, come on, Sunjammer. It takes a few minutes of investment to learn the concepts of the game, yes, like any non-completely-generic-deathmatch multiplayer game. What aren’t they doing to make the game easy to learn? Heck, The Ship had the entire dedicated tutorial mode, which worked perfectly to introduce you to the skills you needed for MP, I think.

    • Sunjammer says:

      It’s a more complex game than The Ship, and throws you in bare naked. You can play the game solo for ages and not have any idea what the bottom left gauges do.

      It’s a miserable experience for beginners and you know it.

    • Lilliput King says:

      “So maybe [AC2:B] will be the game that The Ship never managed to be.”

      From what I’ve played of it (DRM woes aside) I reckon it will.

    • Oak says:

      I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the game, Sunjammer, but you’re wildly overstating how unintuitive it is. What’s more, there is a “How to Play” button on the main screen, staring every new player in the face. It’s just a slideshow, but it explains every game mode as well as all the bells and whistles on the HUD.

    • Sunjammer says:

      I’ve had a great experience with the game so far. But I am the only person that I know that has played the game and enjoyed it / got it, mostly because i know how The Ship plays. Coming in dry, I’ve seen so many friends simply not bother, which makes me feel fucking stupid for recommending a game to them that they didn’t enjoy.

      Nobody is saying it’s not a fun game. I’m saying it is giving itself a bum rep by not offering a proper god damn tutorial. You can not offer this many rules and expect players to just randomly get it, not even with a slideshow rundown of the modes.

      It’s simple: Outerlight have made a game that is relatively complex and esoteric, and they offer a muttering, mumbled explanation of how the game works. It’s just stupid.

    • NightKid says:

      And people like you, Mr. Sunjammer are exactly why I stick to PC gaming.

      Outerlight gave us the exact and essential amount of information we needed to understand the game without literally holding our hands through. If you can’t even be bothered to take a little time to get the gist of “How To Play” and game mechanics via single player then, please by all means, eff right off back to your watered down and shallow console experiences.

      On a more positive and personal note from moi, this game is bloody hilarious and friggin brilliant.
      That is all.

    • DiamondDog says:

      Not sure what consoles have to do with anything. The game is also on the Xbox 360 and those damn ignorant, slack-jawed console players are getting the exact same experience as the enlightened PC gamers.

      Personally I didn’t have much trouble with it. I never played The Ship (to my shame) so I’m not sure if having played that game gives you an extra edge in terms of gameplay. Is there much similarity between the two?

      I’ve seen a few people shot down for suggesting a game could be a little more accessible to new players and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t have to be to the detriment of the game. As long as you look at Fable as the perfect example of how not to do it.

    • NightKid says:

      You are missing the point completely. I’m not saying that it isn’t accessible but quite the opposite, matter of fact. And I’m also stating that only doofuses who don’t bother to take the time to learn and reference the instructions properly would say otherwise.

      Regarding the console version of the game, the lack of dedicated servers alone is proof enough let alone auto aim and all that bull. I should perhaps clarify that I’m not criticizing all console gamers but those who have assimilated so deeply into Microsoft’s watered down systems that they too, have become rather watered down themselves.

  23. KindredPhantom says:

    I couldn’t find where to enter the code either and ended up paying full price for it after going through the process of looking for the code entry screen.

  24. Kast says:

    Waiting for me code (or to see if I get one), but I expect it’ll work when put into the voucher/code/etc box displayed when purchasing through PayPal. The last screen before the purchase is complete has this text box directly below the item’s price.

  25. Clovis says:

    OK, so now I’m trying this from Ubi’s website. Invalid code.

    • Eric says:

      Yup, I get “Invalid Promo Code” on Ubi’s site as well.

      So far, I must confess to being unimpressed, even if this will in theory save me the cost of a not terribly good sandwich.

    • Tiktaalik says:

      Worked fine for me on the Ubi website

    • Salazaar says:

      Successfully bought on Ubi’s site and activated on Steam.

    • Clovis says:

      What screen were you on? I’ve added “Bloody Good Time” PC (Electronic Dowload) to my cart. Under that is a box that says “promo code”. I input it there and get invalid code.

      Based on the above impressions, I’m thinking I might not want to continue. Giving even a little money to Ubisoft makes me a little queasy.

    • Tiktaalik says:

      That’s where I put the code in and it worked. Odd.

    • Gundato says:

      Same, as far as the invalid code.

    • Kirill says:

      I got the invalid code error as well. Maybe it only works on the UK store?

    • Sinomatic says:

      Not meaning to rub it in or anything, but for information’s sake: it worked fine for me on the ubi site (and the subsequent steam activation worked too).

      Also, thanks RPS! (I didn’t say that earlier and I felt bad)

    • Eric says:

      Kirill, I think you’re onto something with the “UK Only” idea. When I click the link that they’re now sending out to subscribers, I get a “redirecting you to your country’s store page” message and the store homepage rather than a product page for Bloody Good Time.

      Kind of a mess, all this. Not, in fact, a bloody good time. ;)

    • Clovis says:

      Yeah, it’s probably a UK/US thing; I’m in the US.

      I give up, so here’s the code for someone else to use: wtwtpxmba

    • Reddin says:

      That code seems to work in The Netherlands at least.
      Haven’t actually ordered with it though since I’m still patiently waiting for my own code, just wanted to test with it to see if I could actually use the codes that they’re giving out here.
      So it’s still up for grabs :-)

  26. Eric says:

    Yeah, I followed Clovis’s steps and got the invalid code error.

    • Eric says:

      This was supposed to be a reply in the above thread.

      Curse you, convoluted comments code.

  27. MacQ says:

    Subscriber here. Didn’t get the email.

  28. Shakermaker says:

    Got this as a gift last weekend. Kinda enjoyed it, but the game feels a bit clunky and rushed.

  29. Toby says:

    Hnnng, I want this. I loved the ship. Even though it’s a steal at the moment I can’t buy anything online at the moment. Still, support them people! They really deserve it, The Ship was amazing.

  30. abhishek says:

    Is it only the subscribers who have gotten their keys so far? I’ve been checking my inbox for a while now and no key for me :(

    • Eric says:

      If it makes you feel any better, the codes aren’t actually working for many of the subscribers who did get them. ;)

  31. markcocjin says:

    Dear Last Man on Outerlight,

    Release an SDK. I know evil Ubisoft stated in their EULA that no part of the software be added to or modified but let’s just keep that between the two of us Mr. Last Man on Outerlight.

    We’ll promise to grow your game with insane maps and game tweaks. It’ll be our little secret.


    Source Engine Mod and Mapmaking Community

  32. Unaco says:

    “You! You there! In the trousers and/or shorts and/or skirt and/or leggings and/or underwear!”

    Ha! I was naked.

  33. Fatbubba says:

    Didn’t get the code either even though someone I forwarded the link to did. I’m kind if hesitant to enter my details again, but perhaps something went wrong?

  34. TenjouUtena says:

    I suspect that the codes only work in the UK, as the code I had does not seem to work either.

    • Eric says:

      Yeah, I’m a teeny bit surprised that they haven’t updated the post with this info yet, since folks have been saying “hey, these don’t work” for hours now. But I suppose those who wanted it have long since either gotten it or given up, what with how fast these dang internets work.

      Wonder how many of the codes got wasted by giving them to US-ians who can’t use them. :(

    • TenjouUtena says:

      Yeah, I would gladly give mine to someone who can use it if it’s confirmed that it’s not supposed to work for me.

  35. KindredPhantom says:

    Since i bought it on steam due to the confusion i find myself with a spare code. If anyone wants it reply here or pm me on the forums and i’ll give you the code.

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Here are a couple of codes, the first one i got as being one of the lucky 100 subscribers the second i got from a e-mail from ubisoft.




    • Matthew says:

      Thanks mate.

  36. Samuel Erikson says:

    Another filthy Muur-kan here with a code that I can’t use. If you’re interested, email me at BobJones3456789 [at] gmail [dot] com First come, first serve, and all that.

  37. Reddin says:

    Ok, so now Ubisoft has taken my money, then served me an error and their site is broken to the point that I can’t login, and I have yet to receive anything :-(

    Also, apparently I did claim the code posted above in some way, so if mine ever comes through I’ll post it here.

    • Kleevah says:

      Guess their shitty webshop is overloaded or something.
      I can login, but for the last couple of hours it’s just been stuck saying “Processing serial number or unlock code”. Paypal has moved the money too, so I really don’t know what the hell it’s waiting for…

    • Reddin says:

      Via some loophole I have managed to log in, and apparently my order is stuck waiting for payment, while the money was transferred immediately..
      It truly is a shitty webshop by the way, and while I appreciate the 50% off, I will avoid it in the future.
      I probably should have listened to my instinct and given up when I found out I had to go via Ubisoft.
      Oh well, I’ll see what costumer support has to say for themselves tomorrow I guess..

    • Kleevah says:

      Just a heads up that I finally got my key now. Took almost a day, but it worked fine and activated on Steam with no problems.

    • Reddin says:

      Still nothing happening here :-(

    • Reddin says:

      Still haven’t heard anything from Ubisoft, starting to get annoyed now..

    • Reddin says:

      I just received my code and it registered with Steam fine.
      Unimpressed with the costumer service though, still not a single mail from them, and waiting 3 days for a download code just seems dumb.

  38. Wulf says:

    Hmm. I was too late for this, but I might pick it up for the £4 anyway. It’s not like that’s a lot, and it seems a laugh. I rather liked The Ship, after all.

  39. Delusibeta says:

    Hmm… I missed The Ship, and I’m worried this game will have a rapidly disappearing multiplayer population. Plus, I’ve got/bought four single player games recently, so I’m kind of bogged down in terms of PC gaming at the moment.

    • Oak says:

      It costs a pittance and is healthily populated at the moment. If you get a weekend’s fun out of it, you’ll get your money’s worth.

  40. LionsPhil says:

    Is there some law about how videos for this game must make it look like a terrible FPS full of people who aren’t really paying attention? :/

    They’re really, really failing to market it here. The clever is hidden.

    • Dave says:

      Freeze on 4:35 and have a partial answer to your question. The user’s ping is 44; everyone else’s: 0. The user is playing against bots, essentially guaranteeing a boring gameplay video.

  41. cnorsl says:

    Ubisoft’s site isn’t working for me, so I’m releasing this code into the wild:

    I’ll buy it on Steam anyway since I loved the Ship and $4.50 is cheap.

    Thanks for trying, RPS!

    • Johnny deBris says:

      Thanks! I had filled in the form yesterday, but never received a mail – used your code and it seemed to have worked! (from the Netherlands, btw…)

  42. Wisq says:

    Turns out these codes are specific to the Ubisoft U.K. site. Or at least, not accepted on the Canadian site. And Ubisoft insists that you use your local site.

    Of course, if you get yourself a U.K. web proxy, lie about your country on the billing address, and pay with PayPal, you can get the discount anyway. Not that I would do such a thing.

    (Mind you, by that point, the savings are a bit slim.)

  43. alice says:

    In the unlikely event someone is reading this far down and is looking for a code, please take mine as I am a dirty American who is not worthy of such savings: 288z86m4x

  44. MrEvilGuy says:

    I just payed the full amount. This is the first video game purchase I have made in 4 months.
    Let us hope I will have some fun!

  45. Alec Meer says:

    Codes haven’t been sent out yet (except the first 100 to subs) – I’m waiting to see if we can get them to work in the US before we do so. Sorry about that confusion, we weren’t told they were Euro-only. I AM ANGRY. There’s a good chance it’ll be fixed, though. Bear with me.

  46. aB says:

    Code works in Sweden.

  47. Ab says:

    Code worked in the Swedish Ubisoft store.

  48. oceanclub says:

    Worked in the Irish one too.


  49. Tom OBedlam says:

    I couldn’t get UBI to work in the UK. my code is m73ujmym7

    How much fun is this game, eh?

  50. Mahmoth says:

    Sure, hook me up.