James Bond: Blood Stone Launch Trailer


James Bond: Blood Stone seems to have rather sneaked up on us. Perhaps it’s going to shoot us with a silenced pistol. It’s out in only two days, and to commemorate this, there’s a launch trailer. It can be watched, with either or both eyes, below.

Badda-bad-dah-dad-da, badda-bad-dah-dad-da, BADDA DAH! BADDA DAH! Blewww-iiing.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    These bifocal videos will never catch on.

  2. Doeke says:


    But is the game any good?

    • icdragon says:

      You should bite the bullet and tell us wot u think.

    • Kyle Sylvester says:

      I bought the game and regretted it, seriously less than 5 hours of game play yet to try out the multi-player though. and the ending is retarded in my opinion

  3. jeremypeel says:

    This looks genuinely good, y’know. Ironic that the current Bond film limbo allows for the most convincing Bond game in absolutely yonks.

    Still find it funny that Bond seems to be twatting Sam Fisher repeatedly in these trailers. No wonder he tipped over the edge.

    • John Walker says:

      I was so going to make that joke, and then I got all caught up in spelling out the tune.

    • Zyrxil says:

      The trailer is fantastic. Gameplay videos are unfortunately much less impressive- Cover Whack-a-mole with unimpressive graphics and gunplay.

    • DrGonzo says:

      How does this look authentic at all? Maybe it looks a little Quantum of Solace like, but that was pants anyway. They don’t get that Casino Royale was so great because they got rid of 90% of the action.

      Can’t we have a talky puzzley game with a little bit of action?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I forgot to put sneaky too.

    • icdragon says:

      Don’t forget sexey.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      A sneaky talky gadgety game? Why do I feel like I’ve played one of those recently.

  4. CMaster says:

    Is that a ground-effect craft in there?
    Also, am I the only one who wants to see a slightly less shooty bond game? I mean, it should have shooty bits in – but a lot of what Bond does is investigating, not killing.

    • battles_atlas says:

      GEV’s are such an under-exploited tech in the action entertainment world. They are awesome, and Soviet, which makes them double awesome. I demand more GEV.

    • Monchberter says:

      Yep, first game i’ve ever seen a proper Ekranoplan in: link to darkroastedblend.com

    • DrGonzo says:


      I would love that too. I’m thinking more like Planescape, where the best option is usually to trick, talk, or sneak your way out of a situation but violence is an option.

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      I think MGS3 had a few tucked away in there.

    • stahlwerk says:

      World in Conflict had the MD-160, too (maybe only in the expansion).

      Actually that’s a funny thing with MGS 3. I hadn’t thought of it as an Ekranoplan, but the model is shown on the linked website, the VVA-14. Too bad there seemingly was only one prototype. (Snaaaake!)

  5. Bill says:

    Looks great; proooobably isn’t.

  6. the wiseass says:

    Ah that theme never gets old. The game looks very bond’ish, I just hope the story isn’t just one big quantum of solacian clusterfuck.

    • jeremypeel says:

      I genuinely loved Quantum of Solace. In every respect. It’s a film about a man who destroys everything he toches, and it’s the first time I’ve felt any kind of empathy – no, sympathy – for the character.

    • Rii says:

      Another fan of Quantum of Solace here. I love the post-Iraq nihilism re: the place of the United States and United Kingdom in the world. The exchange between 007 and Felix Leiter is beautiful: “I was always impressed with how you boys managed to carve [Latin America] up” / “Coming from a Brit I’ll take that as a compliment”.

      So …. Blood Stone. Is it my imagination or do the graphics look like those of a Gamecube game?

      Also, the next film should totally feature a dump truck.

    • mlaskus says:

      I liked it until Bond fell in love, it ruined the second half of the film.

    • Rick says:

      @mlaskus Well, you can blame Ian Fleming for that, given that the whole Vesper Lyd thing is in the original Casino Royale novel.

    • panther says:

      No you blame the screenplay writers for that. Things that work in books don’t always work in movies, and the screenplay writers are the ones who are making those shots

  7. AndrewC says:

    I like Bizarre! I also like that they used the real people’s voices. But what in the hell is that boat plane thingy near the end? It’s like when I used to build a Lego boat and just kept adding engines because I had more engines in the Lego box and why wouldn’t you keep adding more engines?

    • CMaster says:

      Looks like some kind of ground effect craft

    • TeeJay says:

      Some really good recent photos of the MD-160 LUN Ekranoplan – sitting rusting away in an abandoned Russian naval base: link to community.livejournal.com

    • AndrewC says:

      See? Far too many engines. It’s just silly.

      I think all Ekranoplans grow up all happy and excited until one day they look in a mirror and think ‘Oh God! I’m an Ekranoplan! Even my name is awkward and unwieldy!’ and then they go and hide forever in ex-soviet scrapyards.

    • ShineDog says:



      It’s a ground effect aircraft. It can’t fly more than, like, 10 feet off the water, but carries a boatloat of missiles.

    • nikos says:

      Someone should make a Stalker mod out of that shipyard + plane…

    • AndrewC says:

      10 feet! It’s a plane that can’t get over low walls! It’s the JRPG character of planes!

  8. Danboe says:

    Why. The. Same. Piece. Of. Music. In. Every. Trailer. D:

    • Jonas says:

      Be– because it’s the theme song of the franchise?

    • iainl says:

      Do you have another theme, a better theme, perhaps? From any series, not just Bond. There IS no better theme; why would you make Bond without blaring out the Bond Theme? Why, that would be the kind of rubbish Eric Serra pulled in GoldenEye, and that was BLOODY TERRIBLE.

      My only complaint about the trailer is that it looks like the driving bits are going to be tiny. And I want Bizarre to do lots and lots of driving in it, because it’s what they’re best at.

  9. jeremypeel says:

    There was a great Edge feature on this, looks like it’s on the site now:-

    link to next-gen.biz

  10. Kristian says:

    There’s never enough agent games ^^

  11. skyturnedred says:

    The combat reminded me of the Matrix game, Path of Neo I believe it was. I wonder how much of this game will actually be hand-to-hand combat, or will it still be mostly a shooter. Might be good anyways, in the sense they can do their own thing and not follow a movie plot.

    • EALouise says:

      I would have said Arkham Asylum, but there’s a traceable lineage there, they all have a really good flowing feel to fighting several people at once.

      Actually, one of my favourite moments in gaming was in Path of Neo: Kicking a guy into the air, grabbing his ankles, then swinging him head-first into a concrete pillar. Rubbish game, but beating people up is great fun.

    • Chaz says:

      Ah well it reminded me of that Jason Bourne game, and that was crap. Something like the Batman game would be good though.

  12. Evil otto says:

    They’ve NAILED the presentation of the game. If the gameplay isn’t too shabby, this could be a really fun title.

  13. Schmung says:

    EKRANOPLAN! Looks like the caspian sea monster no less.
    Still, you’d think in a Bond game they could spare the texture memory to do something with Daniel Craigs face – he looks like an action doll in that trailer. In fact, everyone does. Weird palsticy-face syndrome like a FIFA game from five years back.

  14. Dhatz says:

    apparently, that must be some kind of ekratoplane with rockets and bond is chasing it in a hovercraft. Would be awesome game if you get to level the highway with that dumpster on nitro(how does that combine with electric engines in wheels?),obviously it wont have the physx to do it, so its gonna be a fucken cutscene where only half of pillars get smashed. I would be satisfied if there was at least one of the cars that i actually get to drive(so it wouldnt classify as another Mirrors Edge/sam “bond” Fisher-Bauer genetic experiment)

  15. Gremmi says:

    I bought it on a whim on Steam yesterday as I’d just finished watching Casino Royale so had a Bond kick going on.

    It’s an okay game, but it’s handheld one-button-prompt action all the way. The first speedboat sequence you basically hold down accelerate and then press A when prompted to kill everything, don’t even have to aim. Takedowns, exactly the same, press a solitary button to effectively start a short cutscene of combat which you win. It’s visually flashy with little actual challenge, but I kinda like that in games sometimes, more like watching a decent action film than playing a game.

    It’s not a great port though – you can use a gamepad but the onscreen prompts still show the keyboard commands.

    Expect 6s and 7s at review, at a guess.

  16. Garg says:

    They should really get Remedy, the Arkham Asylum guys, to make a James Bond game. They always seem to make the Bond games FPSes, but I can’t help but think more of a fusion of action/stealth would be a more interesting way to go. They could also use the same engine, as that trailer looked pretty dated.

    • a oat says:

      cram it you huge bag of shit

    • Face says:

      @a oat: I love this comment. I have no idea why you’re so angry, but I feel that you’ve expressed it with flair. Sometimes a random inoffensive comment just needs a TOTAL SMACKDOWN. I strongly disapprove, yet find you strangely lovable, like a small but vicious dog.

    • fsagus says:


      I bet you a oat is one of the guys from the graphics team for Blood Stone. :3

  17. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    I hope the lighthouse exploding pistol made it into the final game.

  18. Man Raised By Puffins says:


  19. Sinomatic says:

    Does no one else think that his face and clothes look oddly (non-)textured or detailed?

    Can’t say I’ve ever likened Daniel Craig to Odo from Deep Space 9 before….

  20. Chizu says:

    I bought it yesterday on steam.
    I am actually quite enjoying it, but the faces are terrible.

  21. Mechorpheus says:

    This didn’t do so well on IGN from what I read, but there aren’t that many reviews of it, not even from EG. Steam reckons its ‘available now’, which is suprising.

  22. Navagon says:

    It’s just a damn shame that the full game isn’t much longer than that trailer.

  23. Brumisator says:

    From what some of my pirate acquaintances have told me, the game is 3-4 hours long and absolute rubbish.
    I’m not surprised, it is a film franchise after all.

  24. Reverend Speed says:

    Facial expression is lacking on Daniel Craig.


  25. mwoody says:

    Early reviews are very much not good, at least for the console version.

  26. westyfield says:


    I love ekranoplans so much.
    So much.

  27. kwyjibo says:

    Ekranoplans and secret bunkers? It’s all a bit cold war for the new Blondie Bond isn’t it?

  28. _Jackalope_ says:

    I suspect it will be as short as the Quantum game. That was a lot of fun but it has always been overpriced, even 2nd hand. I’d really like to get Blood Stone, the reviews aren’t seem to be fair and a lot seem to like it. Unfortunately it has Joss Stone in it which means I would have get a surgeon to pull the eardrums out of my head to be able to play it.