It’s the weekend, and as usual all the digital distributors are slashing their prices to tempt you to part ways with your cash. The Bargain Bucket is your guide to what cheap games are cheapest and worth your time. Remember to regularly check for all of your cheap gaming needs. Who needs piracy when games are this cheap?

World in Conflict [Complete Edition] – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49
Jim hearts this one, especially when playing against other human beings, as is evidenced by his positive Euroview.

Stick to the multiplayer and play as part of a team and you’ve got one of the PC’s finest gaming experiences. The assault, tug of war and domination game modes provide enough variation that you’re forced to take on a slightly different play style for each (the Battlefield-like Domination is what I prefer, I must admit), which means there’s always scope for getting a little better at your game. It seems like a truism that playing against other people is always more interesting, but the difference is particularly stark here. No matter how polished and impressive the single-player campaign has become – or how hardcore, given that Soviet Assault introduces another tier of difficulty – other human players are always a better opponent.

RPS coverage here, demo here.

VVVVVV & Trine – £6.95/€7.62/$9.49
A pair of wonderful platformers, that are great for very different reasons. Trine is a lush fantasy sidescroller, where you can swap in realtime between three different characters, who’s abilities you’ll need to use in a physics puzzley solvey fashion. There’s the big bloke with the sword and shield, the thief lady with a bow and arrow, and the magician who can insert physics objects into the level, and levitate blocks. Then VVVVVV, which….well I’m sorry. I’m sorry to anyone I’ve ever recommended this to. It’s fantastic, it’s really good, but it’s equally infuriating. VVVVVV successfully removes random chance from the equation, all that determines your success is your own platforming prowess. When you get stuck, it’s because you’re not good enough at it yet. Keep at it though, you’ll get there eventually. Probably.

Supreme Commander 2 – £5.10/€8.50/$5.10
The “Infinite War Battle Pack” is also down to £2.38/€3.40/$3.40.
Alec judge this to be worthy of praise when he Euroviewed it:

This will split the Supreme Commander 2 fanbase in two. The game’s made enormous compromises, but it’s also brought in a superb sense of mayhem and variety. On the one hand it’s a shame that it’s going to leave much of its intended fanbase cold, but on the other there’s nothing especially wrong with the first game, so stick with that if you don’t like the sound of this. It hasn’t aged particularly, and no-one else has stolen its thunder yet. There is absolutely no reason why it and its sequel can’t co-exist, providing two related but critically different strategy flavours. Supreme Commander 2, after all, is an RTS about choice – that might as well apply to the game itself too.

Sounds worth a punt to me, and Gas Powered Games have been working on it since then. RPS Coverage here. Those are some bizarre regional pricing discrepancies between the game and the DLC.

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West & Shattered Horizon – £9.99/€12.49/$12.49
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49 (also available as a 4 pack for £3.75/€5.62/$5.62 each)
Shattered Horizon – £7.49/€9.99/$9.99 (also available as a 4 pack for £5.62/€5.62/$7.50 each)
A pair of multiplayer centric human killing simulators, with vastly different settings. Lead and Gold is Cowboys of one colour fighting the other coloured cowboys, either in straight deathmatch, or collect the gold, blow up their thing and a few other gametypes. Good fun, and the rifles are rather nice. Shattered Horizon takes us to infinity and beyond, as a team of spacemen fight with another team of spacemen. In space. Aside from having a rather swish HUD, the biggest thing setting Shattered Horizon apart from other similar games is that there is no gravity, and there is no up. It’s disorientating enough that you have to think about your movement quite a lot, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can pull off some great manoeuvres. Both are free to play this weekend, so you can have a dabble before parting with your cash. I wonder if we’ll ever see the developer of the next pick’s Cowboy game ever end up on the PC box.

Deal of the week
Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City & San Andreas – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49
Or individually:
Grand Theft Auto 3, PC – £1.49/€2.49/$2.49
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – £1.49/€2.49/$2.49
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – £2.49/€3.74/$3.74
Three entire 3D megacities for you to do whatever you want in, as long as it fits within the incredibly rigid mission design. I jest of course, you do get a bit of freedom in these games, I just always felt that they would have really benefited if the sandbox design of the world also applied to the missions. If instead of being given a mission that told me to go from A to B, stand in a specific place, and shoot a specific person at a specific time with a specific gun, why not let me tail them across an entire city, and let me decide how I want to kill them? If you played these on a console originally, they are a lot prettier on today’s super computers, and a fiver for the entire pack is a great price. The first two games are still available as freeware here. Did anyone pay attention to whether Rockstar are still providing outdated versions of their games on Steam? After removing the most up to date, but NOCD cracked versions. Last I heard, some people were still having audio issues with, I think, Vice City.

Also of note:
Men of War [Gold Edition] – £8.38/€9.58/$10.48
DotEmu Promo
Don’t mention Darkfall – £6.29/$7.49 (EU/USA)

And finally:
You lot have opinions right? I’m sure I’ve seen evidence of this in the comments section in the past. Over on SavyGamer, voting has just opened for the SavyGamer Awards 2010, where we are collectively praising and scorning the best and worst value Retailers, Publishers and Developers. Have your say now. is your constantly updated guide to all that is cheap in gaming.


  1. stahlwerk says:

    GTA < 4 doesn't appear for me in the "german" steam store. Am I doing something wrong? Hell, GTA San Andreas has an USK rating of 16. Why can't I buy it*?


    *) this is more bickering on principle than anything else. I don't really need this game right now, due to RL time constraints.

    • FuryOfTheAxe says:

      You can’t kill people in Germany. Thats a well know fact.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      You can’t buy it because Steam has no credible means of verifying your age, which means it’s not allowed to sell certain games in Germany.

    • Wahngrok says:

      Strange that. You can however get GTA4 from Steam in Germany. So age verification has nothig to do with it.

    • SPEz says:

      It’s the same in Australia, and it makes me very sad as Vice City is my favourite of all the GTAs, but I’m stuck with GTAIV :(

    • sassy says:

      you just beat me to the punch SPEz. It makes no sense why they aren’t available in either country but that’s just how it is. Also vice city is my fave as well, the city is just so fun and the soundtrack is great.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Well, theoretically they could verify my age by the “postident” procedure offered by the Deutsche Post logistics group. They’d hand my customer information to DP, I’d show my ID-card to DP, and DP would then identify me and tell Steam that I was allowed to purchase 18+ and indexed software.
      Or accept verification via the new digitally signed ID-cards that were introduced last week.

      But noooooooooooooooooo. Only “reduced violence” versions for germans.

    • Carra says:

      They need to a modernized version of the Leisure Sweet Larry tests.

    • Radiant says:

      Which way does a vagina go?
      This way | or this way – ?

    • jsdn says:

      Depends on the position.

    • Nethlem says:

      @Alexander Norris
      Has nothing to do with age ratings…
      If steam would give a crap about german age ratings/laws they wouldn’t sell any games at all in germany.
      Even games that are rated for 6 years old by the USK need an proper age verification to be sold.

      All age ratings are mandatory, not just the highest ones. Too bad valve thinks you can break laws halfway… selling games without proper age verification but at the same time forcing germans to buy the censored versions of games like they actually follow the law.

    • MrCoffee says:

      It’s not a germany thing, i can’t buy any of the GTAs except the Liberty City episodes on steam and im from Argentina, i bought Supreme Commander 2 just fine tho great deal.

    • Carolina says:

      It happens with all Rockstar games, except for GTA: Episodes from Liberty City. As far as I know, they’re unavailable in most regions outside the US.

    • bill says:

      no rockstar games in japan either…. :-(

      I wonder if they just forgot to turn them on, like the other guys..

    • 12345 says:

      Well, then germans just need to pirate uncensored versions…

  2. NArwhaly says:

    i tired out lead and gold this weekend and have to say its alot better then i thought! id tottaly suggest it to any one!

  3. Gregory Weir says:

    Darkfall shows as $7.49 for me in the US.

  4. Spoon says:

    That Darkfall price for USA is $7.49.

  5. noobnob says:

    Nice torrent, but perhaps it should list the rest of the offers from the GamersGate sale. Some games are passable, but there’s EVE, BC2, C&C: Red Alert 3…

    • LostSoviet says:

      My comment got eaten by spam, so I’ll make this short:

      a) BFBC2 and C&Cs are not deals, they’re permanent price drops. Don’t rush to pick them up.

      b) I have a blog where I track digital distribution deals. I’ve tried posting what I’ve found here, but my post keeps getting marked as spam and eaten.

  6. Lewie Procter says:

    Added the Darkfall price, cheers.

  7. frenz0rz says:

    Wheres the torrent link?

  8. Ravenger says:

    Black Ops PC £29.99 from Tesco online if you use the £5 off pre-order code CODPreOrder-1

    Makes it 25% cheaper than the direct download for Steam. Silly isn’t it when you can get a game on release cheaper via retail even when it’s a Steamworks game and requires Steam.

    • tees says:

      It gets even better here in Poland – the retail price for a boxed copy (including a Steamworks key, of course) is 119 PLN – that’s pretty much exactly 30€, 50% of the Steam price! And there are some retailers specialized in Steam keys, who just send you keys via e-mail and usually have better prices. Currently the best trusted offer I found was 108PLN, 27.50€, 46% of the Steam price!

    • frymaster says:

      yup, it’s an accepted fact that if a game will activate on steam, you’re probably best off buying it in the shops. It’s probably something to do with RRP and the publishers not being allowed to undercut their own reccomended prices (even if all the shops do)

    • invisiblejesus says:

      I suspect it’s also due to pricing here in the US; unless a game is really old or on sale it doesn’t usually drop below Steam’s prices in the stores. I suspect our dirty colonist game publishers are probably just looking at US store prices and not paying as much attention as they should to European retail.

    • blunders says:

      And for American users, you can get 20% off the game (or any others that cost $49.99 or more) on Direct2Drive by using the coupon ‘bigsavings’. The coupon’s fine print claims that it doesn’t work on unreleased titles, but several others and I have already used it on Black Ops without a problem.

  9. jameskond says:

    Thanks for the upload! I love Reloaded torrentz! lol.

    Nice title bro ;o

  10. mod the world says:

    Seeed pls!!!!!!

  11. Jugglenaut says:

    Anyone else notice that the link for Darkfall in the US ends in darkfallus? Seems to me like they could have put a few more seconds of thinking into that url.

  12. Arathain says:

    On Supreme Commander 2: It’s fascinating how a game that can be so similar in mechanics and appearance to the first Supreme Commander can be such a different game. I found that the more I played it, and the more I was able to see it as its own thing, the more I enjoyed it.

    This has been helped by the really excellent post-release support it has had. It’s decently balanced, and they hired an AI coder from the community to make huge improvements to the skirmish AI. I do like the research tree thingy, and there are lots of fun toys.

    The campaign is still rubbish, though.

    • pupsikaso says:

      “…and they hired an AI coder from the community to make huge improvements to the skirmish AI.”

      Ooh, thanks for the tip off. I was almost tempted into buying it for that cheap.

    • Ringwraith says:

      How is that a bad thing?
      That surely means that the game is getting improvements.

    • Dominic White says:

      Some people have weird hangups about ‘non-professionals’ being involved in games development. These people are commonly referred to as ‘morons’.

    • Noterist says:

      “They hired someone who had proved his chops in AI more so than the in-house guys”

      After having read some poor reviews I bought this game on the cheap thanks to the AI improvements, new skirmish options and changes to the way the economy works (and update on the original Supreme Commander).

    • Vinraith says:


      Funny, the exact statement that put you off is the first thing I’ve read about SC2 that makes me want to buy it. A developer acknowledging a problem with their game, finding someone in the community who can fix it, and paying them to do so? I’d like to see more of that.

    • Arathain says:

      You’ve confused me, pupsikaso. There was a guy who was doing some clever AI mods. They hired him. With GPG’s resources, he was able to totally overhaul the skirmish AI in a way that made the players happier, and won general applause. I’m given to understand it’s some of the best RTS AI out there right now. What’s the issue?

      I would further note, for Supreme Commander players put off by the economy changes to the sequel, that you no longer need to pay for your queues up front- costs for units and buildings are deducted when building commences, and if the resources aren’t there construction will begin when they become available. This is actually a very nice hybrid of the two games, that allows large or looping build queues, but makes it easy enough to correct if your flow of units stalls due to high resource demand.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Hmmm, becoming tempted.

    • pupsikaso says:

      Sorry, I’ll try to explain what I meant. Seeing that statement gives me the impression that the game was released in a shoddy state. And given GPG’s reputation, that’s not hard to believe. For a player that is completely outside the Supreme Commander circle (not having played the first, and generally not liking Total Annihilation to begin with), how do you think this looks? It’s not about them hiring someone from the community. No, I’m all for rewarding people for their hard work. It’s about it appearing to me that the developers have no confidence in their own coders to whip the AI into shape. And then why should I have any confidence in their game myself?
      It gives the game a very bad impression.

    • Dominic White says:

      So, fixing issues implies lack of confidence, to the point where you’ll avoid buying games because of it? How many PC games have you bought, by the way? Because multiple patches are pretty much order of the day on this platform.

    • Arathain says:

      AI’s bleedin’ hard. There are a very few folk who have a knack for it. I tend not to hold bad AI against a developer unless it actively breaks the game.

      It’s a really fun, pretty, polished RTS with a lot of very nice toys and a willingness to dish them out. It’s got some clever ideas that work well, but it’s not perfect. Do you like the idea of future-tanks supporting laser-spitting behemoths across battlefields populated by smoldering wrecks while fighters chase bombers overhead? Give it a go.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I think it should also be mentioned that they have improved the economy and building is now more similar to the original. As in, you can plan out your base without having the funds to build it, still not as good as the original, but improving.

      Is the DLC worth getting?

  13. BeamSplashX says:

    Why sell Lead & Gold alongside Shattered Horizon when they could be combined into one game?

    Shattered Lead & Gold Horizons: The Space Cowboy Years

  14. Clovis says:

    All the Sims 3 products are half off on Impulse. So the full game is $19.99.

  15. invisiblejesus says:

    Direct2Drive’s offering 25% off everything other than preorders with the coupon code bigsavings. Not as good a deal as the usual Bargain Bucket stuff, but it applies to new games. Just used it to grab FO:NV.

    • mwoody says:

      It should be noted: you must spend “$49.99 or more,” according to the ad. Still a decent deal on stuff too new to be discounted, but I still can’t make myself pick up Civ V with black Friday and the inevitable holiday Steam sale coming up.

    • blunders says:

      I made note of it further up in the thread, but the coupon absolutely does work with preorders, despite what it says.

    • blargh says:


      Stays $60 for me. Did they fix it or something?

  16. Antlia says:

    I pirated Minecraft few weeks ago. Today I bought it.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I didn’t buy it today, but I did the same thing as you. But shhh, we aren’t allowed to exist! We’re nothing but a lie!

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  18. medwards says:

    Raptor: Call of the Shadows is part of the DotEmu promotion above. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid, although today I think I might find it rather tedious having played Strikers 1999 and similarly spastic shooters. I would, however, be happy to hear the recollections of anyone who remembers Raptor more clearly than I.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I’m playing it at the moment and it’s just as good as I remember. Biggest problem is that the mouse controls are a little iffy, or at least I don’t like them, and the 360 controller support is crap, the deadzone means if you move the joystick in the slightest at all you ship moves. Other than that it’s amazing and well worth the price.

  19. Arglebargle says:

    You know you’re totally niche, and completely out of any of the main streams when you look at a list like this and realize you wouldn’t take the trouble to get or play these games even if they were free.

    Sad to be a picky eater….

    • Oak says:

      Considering how many good games are on this list: yes, it’s downright depressing. You have my sympathy.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Too niche for VVVVVV? That must be awkward. How many games can you actually play?

  20. Nick says:

    I was going to purchase GTA:San Andreas from the New Zealand steam store, but to no avail. Even though I’ve seen it exists through proxies, I’m off to the pirate bay.
    It’s a nice day for a white wedding.

    • Telke says:

      hello, fellow NZer! Yeah, loving how only GTA4 appears on the Steam store for us.

      Also liking how (I wasn’t planning on puchasing it, but anyway) the Darkfall-us deal is blocked for us, despite it being an MMO with only EU and US servers. nice one, Impulse.

  21. DevilSShadoW says:

    i think this torrent will get nuked
    the scene is just touchy like that

  22. penhat says:

    So, this is embarrassing, but I realized I don’t really want Bloody Good Time (the discount from the other day.) My grubby fingers were too…grubby! Here’s the code: