Fantasy Star: Dragon Age 2 Wobblecam

Thanks to some tricksy Russians operating out of the Igromir Game Expo,there’s now in-game footage of Dragon Age 2 doing the rounds. You can watch it below. It’s the same level I played at the GamesCom expo that made me very nervous indeed, and is (I think) the opening of the game. Click on through for a little bit of dialogue, a little bit of cutscenery and a whole lot of combat.

As you’ll see, it’s very much Dragon Age meets Mass Effect, with what I feel is one key difference- Mass Effect 2’s combat was designed with a weight and pace that made it feel believable in the context of the rest of the game. When your crew picked up guns and started shooting, the swap back to walking and talking was relatively smooth. The immersion held.

With Dragon Age 2, you’ll see a much more Fable-like, hack’n’slash style in the animations that I’m not sure suits Dragon Age at all. The game seems oddly polarized- I thought it was trying to be a gritty, grimy fantasy epic? Swords and shields bouncing off one another, mud and blood, all that stuff. Anyway, see what you think. The footage moves back and forth between a rubbish gamer playing a mage and a better one playing a warrior.


  1. Nallen says:

    Why so nervous? You’ve probably written about this and I missed it…

  2. ynamite says:

    ^^ look at the video … how can you not be nervous? Looks like Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance. Which isn’t a good thing.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Dark Alliance had a block button. Also, co-op. :(

    • Drug Crazed Dropkick says:

      Hey! I liked BG:DA!

    • Simon says:

      I liked it too, come to that. I massively preferred the PC versions, obviously, but Dark Alliance was very fun once it got going.

    • ynamite says:

      I never said I didn’t like DA, I had a lot of fun with both to be exact. But Dragon Age is (supposed to be) a different kind of game …

      I was hoping it would be more like Baldur’s Gate, than Dark Alliance.

    • Okami says:

      Dark Alliance was a very decent 2 player hack&slash on ps2. This actually looks worse, the combat feels way more ‘floaty’ and lack DA’s impact and weight.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, Dark Alliance was good. This looks like a low-budget hybrid of Jade Empire and Dynasty Warriors, without any of the real strengths of either.

    • mwoody says:

      Protip: when talking about Dragon Age and Dark Alliance, ‘probably shouldn’t use acronyms.

    • Thants says:

      DA is crap compared to DA.

  3. qeloqoo says:

    It’s not Dragon Age meets Mass Effect but Dragon Age meets Korean Buttonmashers. Suited for just under 15yr old, your average kiddie crowd should be pleased

    • Dominic White says:

      No, this looks very bad in comparison to free-to-play Korean button-mashers.

    • DrazharLn says:

      I think the Vindictus folks are proud of their physics engine, just a feeling.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s the Source engine – physics stuff going on all over the place is par for the course.

    • noobnob says:

      Korean button mashers have high production values these days…

    • disperse says:

      I think the Vindictus folks are proud of their breast jiggle physics engine, just a feeling.


  4. Bornemannen says:

    This is footage from the crapbox version which, at least according to the devs, will have a much more action oriented gameplay than the PC version. Of course, no PC gameplay has been shown yet so you never know….

    • Rinox says:

      What’s worse is that even the graphics look worse than the original DA, which I doubt is going to differ that much between the PC and Xbox version. :-( Well, unless they’re making two completely different games with the same name obviously. Which is…rather unlikely.

    • Cormac says:

      I don’t understand why people keep saying that the PC version hasn’t been shown yet. That looks EXACTLY like the PC version. Quin will probably confirm that the PC & xbox versions hardly differed at GamesCom. I guess its possible that the demo build for the conventions has no relation to the final products, but I doubt it…

    • Bornemannen says:

      They haven’t shown the PC version anywhere. All they have shown is the XBOX version which is why everyone (or at least everyone that is interested in the PC version of DA2) is a bit annoyed and cranky.

      However, a Bioware employee posted this on the official forums last night:
      “I would say that if you enjoyed DA:O on the PC, you will probably enjoy DA2 on the PC. They are not radically different games. It’s certainly more responsive and, in some cases, faster – but you can still pause, issue tactical orders and then unpause to let your party carry those orders out, much like DA:O.”

      So it would seem that at least the combat is going to be completely different on the PC and console versions.

  5. JKjoker says:

    i watched this yesterday, it looks awful, i love how “more action oriented” means “same old wizard-running-away-in-circles action” but with a shittier camera

    looks like the witcher 2 is going to kick the snot out of it

    • Huggster says:

      Yup, undoubtedly Witcher 2 will be better written as well.

    • 9of9 says:

      I do love the contrast in the Witcher 2 and Dragon Age 2 footage being almost next to each other in the news. I still feel like the first Witcher pretty much blew Dragon Age out of the water, I just really hope that CD Project will have the marketing funds to match hype and general public awareness to a similar level as Dragon Age.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      We haven’t seen the games released yet, so I may be a bit quick to judge, but I like how next year looks like the year of the underdogs for RPGs at least. Guild Wars 2 (to my eyes) looks a lot sweeter than the more big budget (?) The Old Republic or Final Fantasy 14. Witcher 2 looks sooo much visually better, smarter and more mature than Dragon Age 2 so far it’s just silly.

      In the Gothic supernatural MMO area we have two underdogs fighting for marketshare – CCP’s World of Darkness, and Funcom’s The Secret World.

      What else is there… oh yeah, and Age of Decadence will of course outsell Mass Effect 3, and get better reviews, but that goes without saying!

  6. cw8 says:

    Sure that’s Dragon Age 2? Not Dynasty of Dragon Age Warriors?

    Still waiting for the PC gameplay. If it’s the same as the action-packed rubbish above instead of Baldur’s Gate strategic/tactical gameplay, I guess I get to save money.

  7. Andreas says:

    Considering this is the Xbox version, and A YEAR from release, you people are being far too cynical far too early. The Xbox version of DA 1 was pretty average as well.

    Also, judging an RPG on combat alone is a bit mental.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      It’s out in March, man.

    • Roman Levin says:

      Half a year, actually. And considering that you’re going to spend at least half of the time fighting, the combat is actually a pretty important part of it.

    • Andreas says:

      Oh, fine, 6 months. I could have sworn it was November.

      Fine, it does look pretty sucky. But control yourselves people. Everybody was saying that about Mass Effect until they played the damn thing.

    • cw8 says:

      It still boils down to whether you enjoy action or FPS games. Some people simply don’t. I do play action and FPS games, I played both MEs but can’t be bothered about them, threw them aside after completing once. Boycotted Fallout 3 etc.

    • Red Avatar says:

      Except ME1 didn’t have a prequel and was a game on its own AND ME2 nerfed combat in such a way that ME1 is by far the better game of the two.

      This is a straight SEQUEL! It’s not a side game like Dark Alliance. Even if I was a console gamer I’d think it sucked so why on earth are they so ignorant to still try to please a crowd that doesn’t need pleasing? They’ll end up disappointing everyone. The game can be the best RPG game ever but if it has crap combat which takes up half the game, people will still think it sucks.

    • EaterOfCheese says:

      They’ve changed from a tactical rpg to what appears to be hack and slash. Combat does matter in a RPG, as it’s part of gameplay, and this is a significant shift.

      Imagine if Gears of War switched from real-time action to a pausable-action queue system, or if the CoD series adopted VATS.

    • Bluebreaker says:

      Actually gears of war is not like that?

      “Oh look my screen is flashing red, lets hide behind that cover till it stops. Ok it stoped, lets see if something changed… no, foes are still sniping from that cover”

    • Jimbo says:

      It’s out in 4 months (supposedly), which is only about 16 months since Origins came out, plus they’ve released Awakening and other DLC in that time. Just doesn’t seem like this one will have had long enough in the oven.

      In fact, it almost feels like they assumed Origins would be rejected by the market even before it came out, and that they’d already decided the direction of Dragon Age 2 based on that assumption. I suspect they were quite surprised by how well received Dragon Age was, especially by console gamers, many of whom had no prior experience at all with this style of RPG.

      It isn’t just RPS readers who are a bit dismayed by the direction this seems to be heading in – I’ve seen plenty of console Dragon Age players expressing similar views. For most people it doesn’t seem to be a case of whether Dragon Age or Mass Effect’s approach to RPGs is ‘better’ – it’s a case of ‘let Mass Effect be Mass Effect and let Dragon Age be Dragon Age’.

  8. Cronstintein says:

    The problem with the first DA wasn’t the combat system so much as the combat pacing. Too many weenie fights instead of fewer, more challenging fights. This looks like a badly designed beat-em-up. For that style of play you’re MUCH better off waiting for the next diablo.

  9. Po0py says:

    Well, it has to be pointed out that that is the Xbox 360 version of the game. Which is why I am reserving judgment.

    I remember seeing early versions of DA1 and those were terrible. Poor animations and glitchyness all over the shop. Turned out allright in the end, didn’t it.

    • Urael says:

      If you think bad writing, horrible acting and graphical parity with games four years older than it is “turning out alright in the end” then I want whatever you’re smoking.

    • Azradesh says:

      I don’t think there was anything wrong with the writting or the acting. The plot however was very stale. As for graphics, well I don’t give a monkey’s nut about that, give me Planescape or BG2 any day.

    • sfury says:

      DA1 didn’t disappoint me that much, but as a “spiritual successor of BG2” was pretty underwhelming. And this… I know it’s mostly just one battle but from the looks of it things aren’t going well, combat is getting even shittier.

    • dysphemism says:

      I didn’t feel the plot was stale at all — in fact, I thought that was one of the highlights. Granted, everyone’s going to have different opinions, but you really didn’t find the world they built to be interesting in the least?

      Personally, I was quite taken with it. The relationship of the Templar order (who might either be noble warriors or substance-addicted zealots) to the mages (whose very existence invited demonic possession) was, I thought, especially well done.

  10. coldwave says:

    Compared to first Witcher swordplay looks cartoonish and simply bad.

    • Huggster says:

      Also compare the character models to the Witcher 2.
      Graphics aren’t everything I know, but if your making a ME2 high fantasy game at least crank up the ass shots in lycra plus rackagge a notch or two.

    • Roman Levin says:

      And of course souvenir cards of the characters you bed. That’s what really sells in fantasy RPGs today.

    • EaterOfCheese says:

      Have to agree. Animations look like they’re out of a stylised/camp kung fu film… Wrong game, wrong asthetic, dudes.

      Maybe the Dynasty Warriors criticisms are on the money and they’re going after the asian market – I suspect western RPGs don’t fare that well in Korea/Japan/China, for example (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), just as JRPGs don’t exactly print money in the west.

      Too late to change, I suspect, but never say never…

    • EaterOfCheese says:

      Have to agree. Animations look like they’re out of a stylised/camp kung fu film… Wrong game, wrong asthetic, dudes. Too late to change, I suspect, but never say never…

      Maybe the Dynasty Warriors criticisms are on the money and they’re going after the asian market – I suspect western RPGs don’t fare that well in Korea/Japan/China, for example (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), just as JRPGs don’t exactly print money in the west.

    • Po0py says:


      What game are we all talking about here?

  11. Duffin says:

    Looking at that footage wouldn’t Kite Age be a more appropriate name?

    I’m reserving judgement until I see the pc tactical view in action, though they have already stated that this won’t zoom out (or up) as much as the tactical view in DA:O, which was just about high enough to give you a good view of the battlefield.

    Another thing pissing me off about this game is that the original created a pretty nice story and some interesting characters which were very well set up for a sequel, yet instead they chose to wind up a 50ish hour game with crappy DLC – I’m thinking especially the Morrigan one.

  12. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    Oh good crap that looks mediocre. Fable indeed. Hopefully this is just the console-toy version, though.

    If you look at the inventory and skill progression screens on the bioware blog you can see a more familiar PC style toolbar sitting at the bottom of them. Which eases my mind somewhat.

  13. Dominic White says:

    I’d just like to point out that almost nobody who played the 360/PS3 versions of Dragon Age likes how this looks either – they may have had slightly nerfed difficulty and a different camera angle, but it was the same game outside of those two changes. Can we drop the ‘hurrr console-toys’ bullshit for a minute? This just looks BAD, and would look bad on any system.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      >we drop the ‘hurrr console-toys’ bullshit for a minute

      But you can’t deny that Bioware have said outright that the poor reception of DA 1 on console was a problem, and they announced they were going to move the next game to a more “visceral”, “cinematic” and “action” oriented title because “that is what console gamers expect of a great game”.

      I know you don’t like when we accuse console oriented titles of being “dumbed down”, but sometimes it seems the publishers and developers agree that this is in fact what is needed to sell?

    • Dominic White says:

      Poor reception? It sold more than Mass Effect 2, and those sales were primarily from console players.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah Dragon Age sold more than Mass Effect 2, and they’ve said it sold pretty significantly more on the consoles. Which is why they decided to take the game in a new direction.

      It’s not because they were trying to counter-balance anything on the console market, it’s because it sold better on the console market.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      @Dominic, subdeii

      Last time I had a discussion about this, I tried to track down the numbers. All the “Dragon Age sold better than ME2” articles I could find, including the RPS one, seemed to reference a single article, which compared the sales numbers of ME2 when it had barely been out for a month or so (and maybe not even released yet on all platforms?) with the total sales numbers of DA.

      But if you have hard numbers that say otherwise, fair enough.

    • subedii says:

      Yes but most games actually sell the vast majority of their copies in their first month, if not their first couple of weeks.

      The numbers we’ve got to go on are the only ones that Bioware released, and they show Dragon Age outperforming Mass Effect 2. If that changed, we don’t know about it.

      Even assuming that Mass Effect 2 did sell better, over 3 million copies isn’t what anyone can or should classify as a “poor reception”.

      As an aside, on of my big quandaries with whenever sales stats are brought up is that people assume if it didn’t sell Gears of War or Modern Warfare territory that this is somehow indicative of bad sales.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      @Dominic, subdeii

      Seems you were right, DA sold best after all.
      link to

      Anyway, my “poor reception on consoles” wasn’t with regards to sales. It is something Bioware themselves have said, and I believed it was about reviews and gamers reacting negatively due the UI being unwieldy on consoles and the engine being not fully optimized. It felt too much of a “shoddy port” from the PC, apparently.

    • mrmud says:

      As far as I know DA did not sell more than ME2, I dont know where you are getting that from (although it would be cool if it was true). It did however sell more than ME1 seeing as what the Biowarians said was that it was their best selling game to date (before ME2 was released).

    • subedii says:

      I can see what you mean then. The first game was clearly designed with the PC in mind (IIRC it was going to be a PC exclusive at first, then PC with a console port happening months later, then finally it ended up shipping simultaneously).

      This game though? Well they’re clearly gearing it the other way, and I am wondering how that’ll affect the PC side.

    • subedii says:

      That was directed at Lars, who helpfully also provided a link which addresses mrmud’s issues.

  14. kororas says:

    It does indeed seem a lot worse that i had expected which makes me sadface, why did they change the style? Surely i wasnt the only one who like DAO?

    Definatly going to be relying on the PCGamer review for this before i even consider getting it. No preorder this time :-( :-(

    • Rinox says:

      Unless it gets unanimous reviews praising the game for being a revolutionary masterpiece in the days before release, pre-order is a no no for me as well. (and yes, I have a habit of preordering and loved DA1 – it looks that shit).

  15. Skusey says:

    That doesn’t look good. Hopefully the PC version will be really different. Could happen.

  16. KingCathcart says:

    I played this same level at the Eurogamer.

    It plays pretty much exactly the same as the first game except that this feels a bit more connected when you hit an action button and the animations are better. Other than that exactly the same.

    Also the Mass Effect style conversation wheel is an improvement.

    Keiron palyed it straight after me so might also be able to comment.

    • KingCathcart says:

      Expo -1
      Same x3


    • DrazharLn says:

      Please, more details. How was it not nob?

      It certainly looks quite nob.

      And how was it like DA:O?


    • KingCathcart says:

      It feel’s very much like the offspring of Mass Effect and Dragon age.

      The menus and conversations (your character speaks + coversation wheel) look and fell like ME along with the pace and the drive of the story/narrative.

      I’ve only play DA:O on Xbox and like here the demo was on Xbox too. However the controls where exactly the same as the original, including the action wheely thing.

      You are essentially doing the same thing as DA:O- flicking between party members and selecting ablilites that have cooled down as apropritate. The key difference is there is that the animations are faster and the cool downs a touch quicker. It makes for a more responsive attach process and I hesitate to suggest that it feels much more responsive and, in my opionion, much more rewarding than the action in the first game.

      My big complaint is that the terrain on this early level looks absolutley awful. It’s like you are fighting on Mars. I also didn’t try the inventory so cant comment on that.

  17. Lobotomist says:

    How can that crap (DA2) even be mentioned in same sentence with Witcher 2

    • subedii says:

      Well for starters they’re both (ostensibly “mature” and “gritty”) fantasy RPG’s getting sequels next year.

      For another, we also don’t know whether DA2 is actually going to turn out well or not from grainy footage of a work in progress copy of the 360 version.

      And finally, we don’t actually know how well Witcher 2 is actually going to turn out either. Heck, we don’t even know whether or not it’s going to be hideously buggy on release like the first game was.

      We wait and see. Bioware don’t typically churn out bad products.

    • Rinox says:

      Yeah…I wouldn’t call any game Bioware has made in the last 10 years ‘mature and gritty’. I was hoping ME2 would be gritty, but it turned out that it was almost impossible to lose party members (let alone die yourself) unless you sped through the relay thingie without any preparation whatsoever and making the worst kind of choices (‘Mordinn, man the guns! Grunt, you’ll be the tech expert!’ or something). Major disillusion.

      Having said this, I liked or loved most of Bioware’s games and have bought them every time. But they don’t have anything on the Witcher in terms of ‘mature and gritty’, and since DA2 has to conform to the AAA standard of ‘GOD PLEASE DON’T OFFEND ANYONE’ this veerrry likely won’t be any different soon.

  18. Bascule42 says:

    This isn’t just Kite Age, it’s Kite & Hide Outside AI “Action” Area Age. This is; Oh Lets Make The Game An Action Beat ‘Em Up Age. This is; Less Bugs And Development In A Button Mash Game Than One With A Turn Based Combat System – Therefore Less Development Costs Age.

    This is ‘kin EA AGE.

    I did enjoy the hell out of DA:O and DA:A, even popped my DLC cherry with Wardens Keep etc. I wasn’t that much into it that the above footage is going to throw me into a pique of fanboy rage….but that thing above looks one of the worst sequels/reduex/follow up titles I have ever seen. That includes Godafather Part 3, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier & Load by Metallica.

    If it wasn’t for APB, I would predict DA 2 will be the epic fail of ’10/’11.

  19. Torqual says:

    Ah this is prober turn based gameplay, yes indeed. A worthy successor of Dragon Age. Not.

  20. Fergus says:

    I’m still holding out to see some footage of the PC version. If you’ve played DA:O on the Xbox, you’ll know it looks pretty similar to what this looks like: garbage.

    However … The Quinn worries me because he says he’s played it, and that there’s actual direct control of your character’s attacks, if I’ve read right. That’s just … wrong. It’s not Mass Effect, it doesn’t need to be Mass Effect. Just fix what was wrong with DA:O and make a better game instead of trying to make it into a carbon copy of your other successful franchise.

  21. Mac says:

    What a shame … I really enjoyed DA and Awakenings … the rest of teh DLC was shite mind.

    However, this just looks like any other 3rd person console game on the market … what a wate of a potentially great IP.

    The stick twirling of the mage is just horrendous … fingers crossed that this is not the game they deliver to PC, but i’m not holding my breath.

    Time to cancel my pre-order and wait for a few reviews first I think.

  22. X2-Eliah says:

    I bet Gandalf never juggled a staff like that. What rubbish.
    In any RPG – everyone who plays a mage/caster essentially wants to be Gandalf, or “Ýoung Gandalf With the ‘Tude”. If you make mages act like circus monkeys on show – do stuff that wisened bearded men with more power in their eyebrow than in a firestorm can’t possibly do – then you are NOT doing the right kind of fantasy RPG.

    And the swordsmen are flashier than a DJ in 70’s disco, that’s just not right. Swords should clash against each other, scrape at armour, have weight on swing, draw blood, not display ‘freaky’ discs of white light and swing like plastic toys.

    Overall, the animations seem way, way worse than those of DA:O in case of swordsmen, and just plain dumb in case of mages.

    The environment design of that level is something I don’t even wish to talk about, it’s so amazingly horrid.

    • Face says:

      Animators do love this “dynamic” movement in this generation, yeah? Me, I really don’t like it when my character spins in a circle while fighting. Does it work? Is it necessary? No and no. And whether the viewer is actively annoyed by it or not, it undermines the seriousness of the setting. Watching the caster spin around that way to deliver her fourth “shot”, over and over again, is really ridiculous. Maybe it’s stylish once, and maybe it’s suitable for an extremely flamboyant character, but otherwise it really shouldn’t happen. Combo animations, ugh!

      In other words, give me Return of the Jedi style swordfighting over Star Wars prequel-style jumping and spinning. In other, other words, Demon’s Souls, not Force Unleashed. Style should be subservient to skill.

  23. jackflash says:

    This does, indeed, look quite rubbish. And the screenshots of the inventory and character sheet on the Bioware blog look ripped straight out of ME2. I know ME2 got very high praise on this site, but I can’t stand that game. Granted, I haven’t finished it yet, but from what I’ve seen it consists of (1) lots of black and white dialog choices that have no subtlety at all, (2) a very gears-of-war-style hold down the trigger and get in cover combat system, and (3) a real dearth of stats. And we know PC gamers love stats. At least I do. There’s practically no real comparison between weapons and armor in ME2, from what I’ve seen. You start with weapon X, you can “research” weapon Y, which is better than weapon X in every way, and it’s this boring progression with little real choice about what you take into combat. Ugh. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about the game. It’s a digital movie with minimal player interaction, if you ask me. What I loved about DAO was how it really did bring back the Baldur’s Gate style tabletop feeling at times. Sigh.

  24. 0mar says:

    I don’t get the love for Dragon Age, especially on the PC. The story was the most cliched, trope ridden mess I’ve ever played. The two or three bits of original story (eg darkspawn, the maker) were handled poorly. The story was simply boring. Go here, solve problem, repeat until endgame. The combat system was atrocious; all it took was getting the 3 or 4 overpowered spells and you could easily solo anything in the game. It was like playing the game in God mode. I don’t know what everyone else was doing, but I easily ripped Nightmare on my first time through with something like 5 deaths. With the proper spell selection, the game is simply not challenging.

    Don’t even get me started on the expansion. Ugh, that was the worst dollars I’ve ever spent. It’s like Bioware’s retarded cousin made the game. The little charm that existed in the first game was entirely missing in the expansion. The save game file changed 1 conversation in the entire game. The characters you grew attached to in the first game are entirely missing. The plot makes zero sense and is even more cliched. IMO, Awakenings should be a lesson to all developers on how not to do an expansion.

    • bleeters says:

      Given your distate for the first, I’m curious why you bought the expansion at all.

  25. jti says:

    What’s with all the anime kind of staff handling? She was a mage, not a ninja or is there something I’m missing here?

  26. squareking says:

    The header image reminds me of Will Rock. Haha.

    • Lambchops says:

      Thanks for reminding me of one of the worst games I’ve had the misfortune to play!

  27. simonkaye says:

    We should all relax a bit. Dragon Age’s main strengths were (in order):

    1. Fantastic NPC characterisation and writing with deep, branching interactivity
    2. High levels of protagonist choice-ramification in the game world; a feeling of urgency and importance
    3. Nice twists on some fantasy tropes, a nicely worked out new game world.
    4. Decent tactical challenges with crunchy BG-style combat.

    Now, all we know from this video is that 4 MIGHT be in peril… on this early demo… on the XBOX version. Give me more of 1-3, as has been promised, and I’ll still play the game with great joy.

    • Mac says:

      Take away 4 rather than build on it and you just have a 3rd person hack and slash game like many other clones out there …

    • Jeremy says:

      I wouldn’t consider Diablo or Titan Quest the pillars of story driven gaming.

  28. CapsAdmin says:

    What’s the controls like? Is it just like mashing one button or are there any combos like in your everyday hack and slash game? (if hack and slash is the right term. if not I’m talking about controls like in Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2)

  29. Isaac says:

    Combat in Dragon Age: Origins was clunky and ugly. There was that weird lag you get from a turn-based game pretending to be realtime, which gave it a very insubstantial Guild Wars vibe. I really enjoyed the 1st Dragon Age, but I think the combat was the weakest link(that and the creepy mannequin protagonist). Whether or not the new combat will be an improvement, I really don’t know …

  30. Olivaw says:

    You uh

    You guys know that apparently the start of the game is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than how the rest of the game will look and play, right?

    Because that’s what a bunch of previews have said.

    • X2-Eliah says:

      Really? The animations will be completely different?
      The Ogre models won’t use that retarded ape thing?
      Mages won’t twirl staves like cheerleaders?

  31. Wooly says:

    Good gravy! So much cynicism!! I’m not really sure why. Bioware’s track record (at least for me) has been impeccable with the exception of Neverwinter Nights. Seriously, this is like the build up to DAO all over again with wailing, boycotts, and rending of garments. Lets just wait and see how it is before leaping to conclusions, shall we?

    • TariqOne says:

      It’s sort of the teenage deal where any major release is lampooned and well in advance here. Any 8-bit indie cobbled together by a shut-in is hailed as groundbreaking.

      Still the best PC-games site around, but it jumped the snark a while back. My advice is to keep a bushel of salt grains on hand now.

  32. Jezcentral says:

    This console gameplay reminds me a lot of Hellgate: London. Not so utterly-dire a thing. It was okay, just very one-dimensional.

    I want to see how the conversation trees do. That’s the Dragon Age make-or-break for me.

  33. Victor says:

    So.. much… disappointment…
    Can’t… take it… anymore!

  34. Mut says:

    You got your Dynasty Warriors in my Dragon Age. It’s only the console version, though, so maybe there’s still hope.

  35. teliach says:

    Everysite, forum, blog, comments say the same thing, is really hard to find at this point anyone that is happy with the direction DA2 is taking, why did they felt the need to make such drastic changes to a game that was by all meassures a great success.

  36. Flakfizer says:

    Dumb Actionfest : Oversimplified

  37. Pianosaurus says:

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EA.”
    And my captcha: EAF5

    They’re out to get me!

  38. bakaohki says:

    Thanks EA for sparing my eyes (judging by the comments).

  39. kutkh says:

    Also played this at the Eurogamer Expo (a few times, actually – I kept re-queuing throughout the day to see if it would get better) and I really, really don’t know what to think. I loved the first game (sue me, okay?) in part because my expectations were low after its god-awful ad campaign. This feels like the game those adverts were actually for, and that’s pretty much the sum of all fears as far as my hopes for the franchise are concerned.

    I’m usually keen to rise above the normal “meddling publisher” conspiracy theory stuff, but this utterly reeks of it. BioWare managed to slip a bit of charm through the cracks in ME2’s corporate veneer, though, so there’s still hope. There’s always hope, right?

  40. heh says:

    “When I heard Dragon Age’s combat was becoming more action-oriented with the addition of a Mass Effect style third person camera and direct control (but retaining the option of ordering and equipping your party), I was all for it.”

    Yeah, Quintin really needs to stay away from reviewing WRPGs.

  41. Danarchist says:

    Dragon age with VATS could be funny, god I can imagine the nerd rage that would cause. Might even crash all the internet server farms around the world.
    Myself I like my rpg’s more strat less splat, and I have plenty of action games to get my splat from