“Look At That Shit”

It is, as you probably haven’t been able to avoid, Black Ops O’Clock at midnight tonight. In time-honoured fashion, I will be shooting some dudes then writing some words about shooting some dudes on the morrow, but ahead of that let’s not forget Call of Warfare Duty 2 Modern, the game the seized the hearts and mind of a hundred billion men. What passion, indeed, it inspires.

None more so than the excitable gentleman below. His commentary is, to use his own vernacular, a biblical piece of work. Straight-up beast, even.

What a piece of work is a man, eh?

A few of my favourite quotes:

A straight up beast! Look at that beastin’!

They should make a patch for Sandy Ravage.

He gets stuck on that Volvo but that don’t matter.

These ill-equipped soldiers are… humidified.

How the fuck can you combat the uncombatable? You can’t! How many more lives does he have to end? Just give up!

Son, son you better run quicker. Save your own life!

That’s a thing of beauty people. He beastified so bad that the server got interrupted. That is straight-up beastifying, people.


  1. Drug Crazed Dropkick says:

    Its hilarious.

    “He died, but its alright. You’d better make it count motherfucker, better make it count”

  2. Magius Paulus says:

    Last word: Epic…

  3. Shakermaker says:

    That was straight up beastin’.

  4. Mike says:

    In fairness, he is pretty good.

  5. Olivaw says:

    I have been humidified.

  6. Clovis says:

    Lulz, reminds of watching my brother play this and World at War. He kept yelling something about “Marty Dom”. It took me forever to realize he was mispronouncing “martyrdom”, just like guy in the video does.

  7. Stijn says:

    And he makes it his last one because that’s… what he does. Look at this shit.

  8. Rei Onryou says:

    Double kill my ass, that’s a triple kill! GET IT RIGHT GAME!

    And then this dumbass is so scared, he shits his pants and kills himself. Look at that dumbass, runs into his own claymore. OR GAYMORE!

    Saw this on PC Gamer yesterday. I’d watch replays if they were all commentated as epically as this!

    • Ted says:

      there are a lot of replays like this on the youtube.

      this said, I’m happy because MW2 is a PoS game, (they tuk our servers) whereas black (bro) ops is going to be much better

  9. westyfield says:

    “sees this dumbass trying to drink a cup of coffee, and he makes it his last one, because that’s… what he does.”

    I love this so much.

    • GoodPatton says:

      My favorite quote. We need this guy as a commentator for everything in life.

  10. Imxset21 says:

    Those were the best six minutes of my life.

    I’m pretty sure my liver exploded.

    • DevilSShadoW says:

      absolutely positively this 100%

    • Thecreeperskg says:

      I was beastified so bad, that I can no longer process urine thanks to violent kidney explosion while laughing!! Look at that shit!!

    • XxMr. Happy =D FacexX says:


  11. RogB says:

    ‘straight up beast’ is an epic tag that demands to be used more often

  12. Evil otto says:

    Tonight, millions of people will wait in front of their local gamestores for a game abbreviated as CODBLOPS. Hmm….

    Video is epic though….

  13. Vandelay says:

    Sandy Ravage, the arch-nemesis of Leroy Jenkins.


  14. Toby says:

    What a traitor. I remember him bashing the 360 and forming the brotherhood of the PS3. And now this? He is playing with a 360 controller. TRAITOR, BURN HIM ALIVE AT DAWN!

  15. the wiseass says:

    Is RPS turning into Kotaku?

    • thatman says:

      Do you lack any sense of humour?

    • the wiseass says:

      Depends on the kind of humour :) I’m sorry if this sounded a bit harsh. I’ve had a bad day and one white Russian too many.

    • Dao Jones says:

      No such thing as one too many, good sir. :)

    • RogB says:

      I havent seen any unrelated pervy images of japanese ladies in some tenuous link to it being ‘game news’. Yet.

      Brian Ashcroft = sad lonely waste of space.

    • televizor says:

      It’s Brian Ashcraft and, yes, he has a tendency , no, make that obsession to post japanese sex stuff as gaming news.
      Although I saw a picture of his wife (Japanese) and man, she’s one fine %#$)%doesnotcompute%($@
      But yes, Kotaku is turning more and more into a joke of a gaming site. Have you seen their review format?

  16. coldwave says:

    This is hilarious, one guy learned how to use x-box controller and now he is unstoppable.

    Impossible in a team-based PC game, on a decent server.

    He is always moving straightforward and never even looks around.

  17. Alaric says:

    Sure, he can do it on a kiddie console, but you know what I’m wondering? How would he perform against some good PC players.

    • Josh says:

      Agreed, long live the PC spirit…I think were a dying breed.

    • murdock says:

      Yeah I think PC players are a dying breed… consoles are popular because you spend less money on a console and (they think they do but PC is better) get (almost) the same graphics as PCs and easier gameplay (aim assists etc)…
      PC ftw

    • dman says:

      he play on pc and wipe ass on that too.

  18. Red Scharlach says:

    But… but… but.. He’s playing on 360! I thought this was a PC site.

    P.S. Saw an LP of Black Ops. It’s very dire. If any of you want to know what you’re getting into and make an informed decision: link to gameanyone.com

    • Loshon says:

      Yeah, the 5 hr SP campaign is a bit shabby, but who really plays the Treyarch games for anything but the spectacular zombie mode? Additionally, as I never played Modern Warfare 2, the multiplayer will seem like a pretty big leap from Modern Warfare for me as far as content and visuals go.

    • Red Scharlach says:

      I’ve only found the Call of Duty games worth a scratch for their single-player campaign myself, and even then, that’s a matter of playing it once or twice and being done with them (And admittedly, the first Modern Warfare hasn’t aged very well at all and its sequel was an exercise in Ian Fleming style excess – that still had some game design to it, mind you), so I was reassured to find out I’m not missing out on anything at all.

      Of course, I imagine the reception for it will be stellar because reviewers have come to love games that all but play themselves and daft uninspired plot twists, but that’s the way of the vidcon world.

      Really, David Goyer should stick to writing Batman movies.

    • murdock says:

      sorry to be the one to tell you, but ive played BO on a PC with max out visuals and they dont stand out much from MW2 ;)

  19. Sideways Beast says:

    It’s not humidified…he says humilified.

    • monkeybreadman says:

      But surely getting your moisture slowly removed is humilifying? I’d be humilified, very even

      I want this guy following me around

  20. Chizu says:

    “It is, as you probably haven’t been able to avoid, Black Ops O’Clock at midnight tonight.”

    Unfortunately, not any more it seems.
    With steam now saying 7am last I checked.

    Valvetime is slowly engulfing everything.

  21. coldwave says:

    This is hilarious, one guy learned how to use x-box controller and now he is unstoppable.

    Impossible in a team-based PC game on a semi-decent server.

  22. James says:

    This fine gentleman is certainly getting his money’s worth.

  23. pissant says:

    oi where’d me poll go I wanted an RPS-brand dog thong

  24. thesundaybest says:

    There is some straight up, honest-to-God, truthing going on in that video.

    You get hung up on a Volvo? It’s ok.

    Don’t drink coffee during war – it will be your last.

    Only bitches run into their own Claymores.

    • Bret says:

      Or, as professional soldier-manshoot comentators call them, in a strictly technical sense “Gaymores”.

  25. MountainShouter says:

    Just sit back and enjoy some funny commentating and stop turning it into an excuse to complain about the legitimacy of him playing on 360.

  26. phlebas says:


  27. kupocake says:

    Ok, this is going to make me look really white and middle class but… this reminds me of the interludes on The Score. You know, the Fugees album.

    Goddamned white-trash rural Essex upbringing.

  28. poop says:

    really digging this dude commentating on him playing MOH, great job RPS!

  29. Noterist says:

    Make it count, son, you aint gonna get many more o’ dem.

  30. Vinraith says:

    It is, as you probably haven’t been able to avoid, Black Ops O’Clock at midnight tonight.

    I’m oddly pleased to say I had no idea it was out tonight.

  31. Quasar says:

    Anyone want to see this guy commentate on a Starcraft match? I do.

    I also want to see him commentating football. And cricket.

  32. Juror #9 says:


  33. HeavyStorm says:

    STRAIGHT ON MAN, this mothafucka is unstoppable.

    Really, the last shot without reloading was incredible.

  34. Kandon Arc says:

    Seriously IW, when is the Sandy Ravage patch coming? The Beasting has gone on for too long

  35. Noterist says:


    • Noterist says:

      RPS is loading a bit slow. Apparently this tab didn’t reload when I click “reply” to someone before I came back to it to type “This”.

      You’ll just have to guess who I was agreeing with.

    • DMJ says:

      @Noterist: I thought your “this” was more of an existential comment highlighting our inbuilt need to gain the support and understanding of others.

      Stripped from the substance of the comment which it affirms, it echoes hollowly, like a life wasted; the haunting accompaniment to the clacking of ten million keypresses and five hundred thousand clicks.

    • Drug Crazed Dropkick says:

      Or maybe he was talking about boobs?

  36. Dominic White says:

    Who does this clown think he is? His commentary-fu is weak.

    He ain’t got shit on Yipes, best commentator in the fighting game scene:

  37. seras says:

    looks pretty sketch to me

  38. pupsikaso says:

    This video insults my sense of skill as a PC FPS player.

  39. Gary W says:

    Well I never, it’s El Presador doing something apart from trolling Xbox 360 owners on Youtube.

    In other news: I just finished watching Black Ops play itself. Its not as good as Dragon’s Lair.

  40. PleasingFungus says:

    This video is straight-up beastifying.


  41. oceanclub says:

    Honestly, if this guy commentated on sport, I might watch it more.


  42. Meneth says:

    “It is, as you probably haven’t been able to avoid, Black Ops O’Clock at midnight tonight.”
    I was doing well until you told me :/

  43. suibhne says:

    Just fyi – that’s CoD4, not MW2 (which I assume you were referencing with “Call of Warfare Duty 2 Modern”).

    • Alexander Norris says:

      No, that is very much MW2 in the video in Alec’s post.

    • monkeybreadman says:

      Its MW2 with the Stimulus map pack which had old maps in, yes thats right

    • pupsikaso says:

      Really? They look and play identical. What the heck did the sequel add?

    • thatman says:

      No, it’s a COD4 map played on MW2. Thankfully there weren’t any AC-130’s in the first Modern Warfare…

    • Kryopsis says:

      Call of Duty 4 did not have a SPAS-12, the Predator missiles or the A-10s.

      The video itself was hilarious, though. Great commenting. If Football were like this, I’d watch it more often.

    • pupsikaso says:

      “Call of Duty 4 did not have a SPAS-12, the Predator missiles or the A-10s.”

      So… they added some weapons, some maps, removed dedicated servers and 90% of customizable settings and called it a sequel?

      Oh right, they sunk dozens of millions of dollars in marketing to relaunch the same damn game but “optimized” for consoles because the first didn’t do so well on the consoles.

  44. Alexander Norris says:

    How can I not link to this and this?

  45. Starky says:

    Make it count son, make it count.
    You better make it count.

    I Declare these as new RPS memes along with “what a shame”, and other such phrases.

  46. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    There’s a feeling between a patronising smile and ‘that’s actually pretty funny’, which is what I’m feeling.

  47. Hidden_7 says:

    This was truly a delightful video.

    On the overall subject of Call of Duty love, I got to say that I’m frankly baffled by the excitement these games generate.

    I’m not commenting on the quality of the games. I personally dislike the multiplayer, but I understand other people quite like it, and that’s fine, different preferences. I enjoyed the MW1 singleplayer, thought World at War and MW2 where fairly weak, though amusing enough to play through with a friend. Some people quite like these games, and that’s fine, I’m not questioning that.

    What I’m curious about is the excitement over each new version. There are a couple of co-workers of mine that have been incredibly excited about Black Ops for weeks. To the point where today at work they were each debating whether they would go to the midnight launch so they could get the game, take it home and play it until they had to go to work at 6:00 am.

    This sort of dedication is to play a multiplayer game (because really these fans are largely interested in the multiplayer; the single player is a fun diversion for a few hours) that is, if World at War and MW2 are any indication, largely the same as a game they have already been playing for 3 years. I get that they like the basic MW MP game, what I don’t get is why they are so excited to pay $69.99 for a game that is so similar to one they already play on a regular basis. I consider myself fairly game savvy, but I literally cannot tell the difference between a game of MW2 and MW1 being played. The only way I can discern that WAW is different is because it’s WW2 skinned.

    Sure, I expect them to buy this game, absolutely. It’s the new Call of Duty, and they love Call of Duty. I expect them to buy it because everyone else will, and they want to be where all the action is. But I also sort of expect them to be somewhat annoyed at the imposition of HAVING to buy it. The subtle changes and tweaks to the formula surely can’t be worth full new console game price, and even if they are, it is mind-boggling to me that it is a price gladly and enthusiastically payed.

  48. Pantsman says:

    Oh my god.

    He was playing with a joypad.

  49. BobbleHat says:

    I don’t know if this makes me racist, but I’m enjoying the video less now that I know the commentator isn’t black.

  50. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I hope Bastion ends up something like this :P