Watch4Free: Battlefield Play4Free Footage

Coincidentally, that's the face I pull the entire time when playing an FPS game.

Who’s excited about Battlefield Play4Free? I’m not, but only because as Ben Cousins, Senior Producer of EA Dice says, “It’s much more aimed at a traditional First Person Shooter fan.” Me? I like contemporary first person shooters. I like to scald myself by taking fat bites from the endless chili pepper of innovation. Battlefield: Even Better Destructible Terrain, that’d be the game for me.

Below you can watch the first in-game footage from Play4Free, as well as hear Cousins talk about what they’re doing with the game, why they went free, and why that might be a pretty good idea.

Bang! Bang! Come join me in the lukewarm waters of Manshoot Lagoon. Did you forget your bathing costume? Oh. I guess you have to leave. This isn’t Deviance Lagoon, dude. There are rules. I don’t want your kalashnikov floating around, inches from mine. Nobody does.


  1. Maykael says:

    Hardcore Battlefield: Play4Free for the hardcore gamers who want to game in their breaks from hardcore games.

    • Shakermaker says:

      What does that dude even mean by that? That this is a casual game for hardcore gamers? Or that it is a hardcore casual game?

      Also, does he mean hardcore Manshoot Lagoon gamers or is this aimed at the hardcore Indie Lagoon crowd.

      Questions, questions ….

    • Someone says:

      He said that about Battlefield Heroes, ie. they were expecting a major casual audience, but surprisingly they also got quite a few hardcore gamers too, thus telling them that even though a game is free to play, with micro-transactions, it will still attract hardcore gamers, even though it’s different from the multiplayer model we see in other games (everyone has the same chance, not just the guys with the money).

    • GoodPatton says:

      So is it Casualcore or Hardcasual?

  2. I says:

    can i haz pr0ne naowz?

  3. teo says:

    Battlefield with big maps again? Sign me up!

    • Choca says:

      Or not, they actually modified the old school maps to make them smaller :D

      Isn’t that great ? :D

      Also the game is boring and ugly, but hey who’s judging.

  4. Varcynal says:

    Same classes as BFBC ??


  5. Brumisator says:

    Going back to beore they ruined the franchise… after all, this could be a good idea.

    • Heliocentric says:

      And then retroactively ruining it.

      Big bad frown.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      They totally ruined the franchise by releasing the best version of it.

  6. Thiefsie says:

    for those in the know: link to (Aussies that is)

  7. Potajito says:

    Someone jumping and shooting in the first 10 seconds… SAD FACE!

  8. baekgom84 says:

    This may be old news but in Korea currently there is ‘Battlefield Online’ which, from what I can tell, is almost the same as this version. It’s basically Battlefield 2 with a few alterations and more flexibility in terms of buying weapons, vehicle upgrades etc.

  9. DW40 says:

    Glad to see they included bunny hopping in the demo video, as that always looks better when it is “more realistic”.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Yep. Very first guy we see is bunny hopping (CHECK!).


      Now all we need is a heap of people with no real investment in the game (It’s P4F: CHECK!) so they are more likely to be random scumbags and/or griefers.

      They we’ll add the hackers. Wont be long.

      So yeah, I’m on the edge of being completely sick of the manshoot and this game has just helped push me out of the lagoon that little bit more – for which I should probably thank them.

  10. Bluebreaker says:

    really hate these: enemy killed +50

  11. megaman says:

    This demo does not look like BF2. On sight of an enemy, every true BF2 player would have done the dolphin-dive and placed a headshot before hitting the ground. :p

    • SprintJack says:

      No real BF2 vet would play it with controller.

      Just saying.

    • Chiburger says:


      Erm, he was playing on a PC. You didn’t see the big ol’ “PRESS SPACEBAR FOR PARACHUTE”?

  12. the dolphin diver says:

    I’m only looking forward to this just to hear a new Battlefield theme.

  13. LST4R says:

    We figured that cigarettes were mostly being smoked by a new audience, and while that’s true we found that they were also being smoked by the hardcore drug audience in between their hardcore drugs.
    A hardcore druggie will smoke say, cannabis in their bong, until they get bored of that and will then light up a cigarette and maybe smoke that for a while. We’re filling up more drug moments of the day for these hardcore junkies and we find that really exciting.

  14. Brian Manahan says:

    I’ll be excited if this game has hats.

  15. Metal_circus says:

    Super hardcore gamers.

  16. TheLordHimself says:

    Jets, helicopters and fix the insane latency with BFBC2 and I’ll play this. Not sure about the customization crap though?

    • Tom says:

      insane latency? I think you need a better interweb provider

    • Bungle says:

      Tom, check your ping next time you’re in BC2. That’s what he means by extreme lag.

  17. Bald Space Marine says:

    This guy should be a salesman not a “producer”. He’s like a politician, he managed to talk for almost 2 minutes and didn’t really said anything except buzzwords.

  18. Gary W says:

    DICE’s finest hour was the “Graveyard” table in the Amiga version of Pinball Dreams. It’s been a long, slow decent into hell since then.

  19. Dick says:

    So only thing that carries from BF2 is the map and everything else is just a rehash of the godawful Heroes and BC2 games?

  20. Metalfish says:

    This certainly doesn’t look terrible. Still, can we get some more info on that incredible red orchestra game soon?

  21. ARMLESScorps says:

    im a super super hardtrash core gamer, wtf am i meant to play inbetween my breaks from the free2play hardcore games which im playing to take a break from my super hardcore games? and wtf am i meant to play when im asleep. I want a sleep based super hardcore game from this guy so that I can play 24/7 and i want a getpaidtoplay uber hardcore game for when im away from the free2play hardcore games. Also i want a game that I can play that doesnt look shit, which I guess he cant provide me with.

  22. Conor says:

    I would prefer we got the Korean free Battlefield game. That looks fun. Supposedly 100 players and everyfink.
    This however. Eh.

  23. Wootles says:

    Wow, why can’t they just put out battlefield 1943? This looks like a hunk of junk. I enjoyed BF2, but to go back and just experience the exact same thing with minor updates and new flashy graphics. I’m sorry it wasn’t that long ago and my nostalgia for the game hasn’t gotten quite that far. Show me something new and original, please!

  24. Dreamhacker says:

    Two things hit me:

    1. Is the guy behind the screen using a fricking gamepad? That is some crazy inaccurate shooting and the others aren’t much better.
    2. The flag on the square is in the wrong place! HOW DARE THEY MESS UP KARKAND! :P

  25. Noterist says:

    I’d really like to know whether this is using the Frostbite engine like BFBC2.

    If so then count me interested. BF2 was fantastic, but the shooting feels a little wonky compared to more modern shooters. If they’ve gone and made yet another engine then who knows how it’ll feel to play.